Yurop was a promising total conversion mod which is now sadly dead. The gallery is archived at NMA


What it's all about

Just before the outbreak of the war which reduced the most of the world to the scorched wasteland, one space ship took of with few dozens of scientists on the board and set course for the nearest star, Proxima Centauri. Crew slept for tens of years of interstellar voyage in special hibernators. But... something went wrong... terrible wrong. Some of us are playing for living, some of us living for playing, some of us are working, some of us are studying, we are of the various ages, sex and in some cases of different species, but we have one thing in common. Love to the FALLOUT. Although we still hope INTERPLAY will publish game with the proud name of FALLOUT 3 (for which we already are saving our money), we decided we'll not sit idly by and wait. Thanks to the many utilities, especially from the great TEAM X, and now thanks to the official editor from Black Isle we have the means. Thanks to our love we have the motivation and desire. Now we just need time and effort. All combined means that one day we will release the FALLOUT:YUROP. Fallout:Yurop is going to be the total modification of the Fallout 2. We want to change almost everything. Only one thing and especially this one thing will be the same: incredible atmosphere and gameplay of the original Fallout, at least we hope so. Although the Yurop will take place somewhere else (guess where :o) than the original Fallout (so we won't mix up somehow with Fallout 3, which will be released one day, please, pretty please), the entertainment will be the same and we hope we'll preserve the great atmosphere, which made Fallout a legend. It will probably take some time, probably a lot of time, before we'll fulfil our megalomaniac dreams and planes, but we WILL MAKE IT! We are now hard working on the first chapter of a long story, which will show player something he never played before. Wish us luck, so we can finish our dream RPG and share this dream with you.

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