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Map/Town Editing Instructions[]

Notice that when you load a game Fallout lists the area you're in as well as the location within that town? Well Fallout's maps are divided into Areas and then into Maps.



All maps that are part of a town should be added to the data\data\maps.txt file.

Example entry:

 ; [Map #] - New maps will have a # greater than 150 ( > 150).
  [Map 146]
 ; This is the map's name/title.
 lookup_name=City Encounter 8
 ; This is the map's filename without the extension.
 ; The music file to be played in the map without the extension.
 ; These are the ambient (background) noises you hear at random intervals
 ambient_sfx=gntlwin1:25, gntlwind:25, gustwind:10, rattle:15, rattle1:15,
 ; Determines if the map stores information about its condition after you exit.
 ; Determines if dead bodies age over time. 
 ; This determines if you can rest at any of the three elevations on the map.
 ; Maps may include up to three different elevations.  Default is "Yes"
 can_rest_here=No,No,No  ; All 3 elevations
 ; Random start points on the map, usually for random encounters.  By default 
 ; Fallout will use the start locations defined on the map itself.
 ; random_start_point_# - label for the random start location
 ; elev:# - elevation the player starts at.  Usually always 0.
 ; tile_num: the exact tile number the player appears at on the map.
 random_start_point_0=elev:0, tile_num:17692
 random_start_point_1=elev:0, tile_num:22105
 random_start_point_2=elev:0, tile_num:20510
 random_start_point_3=elev:0, tile_num:20890
 random_start_point_4=elev:0, tile_num:23503
 ;End of Map Section



Now for the actual town itself - data\data\City.txt


 ; [Area #] This defines the area's number.
 [Area 02]                ; This example would be Klamath
 ; The name of the Area, in this case, Klamath
 ; The location of the area on the world map.  The origin (0,0) location is in the 
 ; upper left.
 ; Defines the area's initial state.  If a map is "On" it is visible on the World Map.
 ; Vault 13 and the Ghost Farm would be "off" since they only become available after
 ; the game scripts makes them visible.
 ; The size of the map circle seen on the world map.  "Large" would be a circle the size of
 ; any of the major cities' circles (New Reno, Klamath, Modoc, etc.), "Medium" cricles   
 ; lesser locations like Vault 15, the Raider's Hideout, etc.  "Small" circles are for tiny 
 ; locations like the Ghost Farm, the Toxic Caves, etc.
 ; The Town's graphic file index.  This is the graphic you see when you re-enter a town 
 ; and are able to choose what section you want to appear at.
 ; The index of the graphic used for the area's blue and white label on the far right of the 
 ; worldmap.
 ; Locations of the sections/towns the Area contains.
 ; entrance_# - label for the section
 ; On/Off - The available locations the player may choose to move to when first entering the
 ;          town.  Usually there is only one "On" so when the player enters the town for the
 ;          first time, he/she will appear at that location in the area first.
 ; #,#      Where the town/zone's triangle will appear on the Area's graphic after the 
 ;          has entered that zone.  Put -1,-1 if you don't want a triangle to appear.
 ; MapName  The name of the town/map to be placed at this location.  See the map section 
 ; #,#,#    Unknown at this time.

 entrance_0=On,309,203,Klamath Downtown,-1,-1,0
 entrance_1=Off,155,264,Klamath Mall,-1,-1,0
 entrance_2=Off,-1,-1,Klamath Rat Caves,-1,-1,0
 entrance_3=Off,292,315,Klamath Trapping Caves,-1,-1,0
 entrance_4=Off,-1,-1,Klamath Grazing Area,-1,-1,0
 entrance_5=Off,-1,-1,Klamath Canyon,-1,-1,0
 ; Oh but get this:  You can't add your own new Towns, the game will crash if you do.  
 ; You can replace one of the existing towns, or even one of the Towns that never actually
 ; show up in the game e.g. EPA, The Abbey, etc.
 ; End of Town/Area Section


Modifying Names[]

If you want to modify the map names they are stored in text\english\game\map.msg. The town names are stored in text\english\game\worldmap.msg.

____________________________________________________________________________ This document was written by Tarantul (, member of TeamX R&D group ( Translated by Dr.W95( Revised by Xotor (

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