[Last Hope mod tutorial]

Some basic stuff about palette: Fallout 2 supports *.frm files which are picture files used by *.pro (object). *.bmp and *.gif are used for conversion into *.frm using 8bit FO2 palette. The good thing is that almost every *.jpg image can be converted into 8bit *.bmp, with some loss of quality though. I've tried a few fan-made programs to convert palette from 24bit to 8bit and decided they are irrelevant comparing to Adobe Photoshop (i use version 7.0). But if you really need precision the simplest solution is windows "Paint" or "Paint Shop Pro" (i had no problems with these in the past).

In download section there's a Fallout2 palette file with *.pal extension because i used various palette files which i downloaded and non of them worked. Remember, this palettes can be used with every program that supports color mode changing (RGB, CMYK, indexed, multichannel). For conversion to fallout 2 palette you'll use indexed mode (Photoshop users).

So, how to convert picture to fallout 2 format (fallout2 palette):

1. Edit the picture you want to add

2. Open with some more powerful picture editing program (photoshop).

3. Select color mode:


4. Load palette file:


5. Save the picture under another name because it's now in 8bit color mode. 6. Convert *.bmp to *.frm with appropriate program ([frm converter]).

If you don't know how to get working fallout2.pal or .act palette you can do the following:

1.Extract color.pal from master.dat using [one] of these utils. Then, you can use any picture editing program that supports palette changing to convert your graphic work to 8-bit .bmp before making new .frm. You can make your frm files with [Frame Animator] which is fast and can use both .pal and .act palettes.

2.Second way to get palette file is to convert any of frms from master.dat\art to .bmp. Then edit .bmp with Photoshop for example

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