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Wiki page layout concerns layout and design specifically for this Fandom wiki which may not be applicable to all other wikis, including Nukapedia.


This Wiki is a modders' resource for modders to showcase their mods or give ideas for modders to develop new projects. Mods are either created for Creation Club, or are available for free. Mods are also developed by private teams, and are not always officially aligned with Bethesda. To date, there are millions of new mods for the Fallout universe, and it is impossible to create a wiki page for each mod. Because mods are not always lore or canon specific, certain Wiki page layouts may not be appropriate. Mods typically target a very limited and narrow array of game objects, and thus may not always include quests, characters, and creatures in one mod file.

Titles and subtitles[]

Descriptions and use of mods are typically limited to one website page. Non-immersive mods do not always give all of the information needed about a mod. Therefore, the wiki page layout should be very simple and only accommodate the limited features of the showcased mod. The wiki page should only reflect titles and subtitles that can support content. If no content can be supported, unnecessary titles and subtitles should not be included on the wiki page. Stacking titles while lacking descriptive content to support those titles frustrates Wiki audiences, especially if those titles are not applicable to the mod.


Where necessary, please link to Nukapedia using the following link template: {{fo|}}. We do not want to recreate pages that are already existing on our sister site. Example: {{fo|Pip-Boy}} links to Pip-Boy.

Sourcing and references[]

Our wiki pages should at least reference the modding website that the mod is featured on. Because mods are typically unofficial, this fandom wiki allows flexibility to have unsourced content. Mods do not always come with Survival Guides. Content about a mod may often only be obtained by gameplay and is not always verifiable. You could place a tag at the end of a piece of information, such as: [ verified ], if you agree with the playthrough.


You can tag the top of a wiki page with {{Talk}} to begin a talk page for any article. Become familiar with Vault-Tec Labs:Policy and Vault-Tec Labs:Simplified ruleset before engaging in a qualified argument.