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Talk Cyberpunk

Bring the Cyberpunk.png to Fallout 4! Suggestions on this page are not exclusive to Cyberpunk 2077. A little history on Cyberpunk, it was a table-top role playing game that began in 1988. It introduced Night City, based in California, USA, inspired by Blade Runner (1982).

Core mods

The environment of Blade Runner set the tone for Cyberpunk, Ghost in the Shell (1989), and even elements for Total Recall (1991). Philip K. Dick was the inspiration for Blade Runner and Total Recall. In fact, Total Recall 2070 is based in a Blade Runner universe. Total Recall is also an intelligence perk in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]


Armor and weapons

Check out Niero's other mods.



Bring some old school Cyberpunk elements back!



Ikaros adds a new playable race to the game.

See how Ikaros works. Complete new start up at the beginning of game. Check out Vtaw mod conversions for different Ikaros body styles and accessories.


This Tactical Wetsuit requires 3BBB and its core plugins.



Ghost in the Shell

Motoko's core mods

Ghost in the Shell is included on this page because it is considered cyberpunk. Check out more Motoko mods.

See also

Similar to the Ikaros mod concept, Another Life also gives you a different start up at the beginning of the game, behind a story line of being a synth clone.


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Mod Organizer 2

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