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Ok, keeping this short and sweet, my goal for this game is to create a hardcore gamesave for Fallout 3 since there is no hardcore mode like that which is in Fallout New Vegas.

The latest update is that if I were to remove all of the hud- in particular... the info displaying your health, ammo count and the enemies located, the pipboy wouldn't work and you wouldn't see nothing. So for the time being, this sadly isn't something I can do....

But everything else works great.

These are the differences from the vanilla game, compared to this gamesave.... 1. changes to the player making the game more difficult...intake of more damage and radiation for example... 2. more customized player homes... 3. more enemies and traders 4. adding back cut content from the game...(you have to find them yourselves, but most of them are within the custom player homes which you have to find as well... 5. redoing the interiors of certain cells which won't start any quests are trip any activation lines... (For example, when entering/ exiting certain areas in the downtown DC area, you will trip some fights between the BoS and the super mutants...which I will avoid if possible, or the bartender slave getting his head smashed in.....which will happen when you get within a certain distance of Ymir in Paradise Falls.)

The link is here and I'd highly recommend you to at least try it won't regret it. Hellrazordirty ([:Please support me by downloading my Ultimate Hardcore Fallout 3 Gamesave ] [:here]) 05:25, December 25, 2012 (UTC)