Vault-Tec Labs

Good To Be Back

So, here we are Vault-Tec Labs. It's 2015 and Fallout 2 still has a thriving community of enthusiastic modders churning out new content nearly 17 years later. In revisiting the wikia (with some luck remembering my login info here and on many other Fallout sites) I've quickly come to the realization that many beloved projects that have long since disbanded and left their works in the dust of internets past never backed up their progress on here, nor do any of the active, long-running mod endeavors have a properly formatted environment to archive their progress on.


Although the wikia has been pushed by a vigilant few as the holy beacon for modders to publish any and all resources related to modding the old titles, there is still much work to be done to clean it up. More permanent foundations are being laid down to keep it current and an overall preferable place to chronicle such a lively community's work. And given that wikia should continue to host all of this wonderful information for us free of charge (albeit plastered with ads), it'd be a shame not to maintain. I have returned to at least unify the formatting of page names, categorical organizing and raise my sword to all things grammar-related. As one man with little free time, I'll do what I can. But as the last active administrator to veer his head around here, I believe it falls on me to recruit new members to run this bureaucracy.


If you believe you spend enough time on this wikia and are versed in wiki syntax, have a good enough grasp of the English language, and have a fiery passion to see that everything this community produces gets archived away for future generations of modders, then please contact me about being promoted to an administrator.

Anything Else?

Long ago, Dude101 and I tried hyping this neat little addition to the wikia known as the Custom Art Repository. Since it was implemented, the repository has remained quite bare. Measures were taken to make sure that advertising your custom art on here would take maybe 5 minutes of your time, but there had to be an active admin around in order to upload your .FRM files properly. I'm here to remind anyone who might like to have their work displayed with a sense of permanence that we'd still love to host it!

And so, let us raise our mugs of nuka-cola to getting this place back on track for glory!

File:Bottle.gif -- Ghouly89 (Talk) 05:25, February 19, 2015 (UTC)