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I recently released an update to version 1.2 of my mod Fallout Tactics Redux.  Something I did differently while working on the update was to keep a detailed log of all the changes I made to the game, which turned out to be helpful to me in keeping track of things as the project took several months.

That log is included in the mod's documentation, but I decided to also post the log separately since there are folks interested in looking at that material specifically.  But there seems to be some problem with the original place I posted the log, the webpage has been unavailable for 24 hours, so I'll post it here as well for reference.

Changelog for Fallout Tactics Redux version 1.2 by Endocore, September 2015

--"Bugfixes" means a problem in the original game was addressed.

--"Modifications" means I added something new to make the game more fun, or changed something novel I previously added. Many cases are grey areas. For example, when restoring lost original content that could never be expressed due to palpable bugs, often this content also isn't fully developed so I have to write some or even most of it myself.

--"Things that make you go 'hmmm'" are internal Phoenix engine problems that cannot be fixed, or general enigmas regarding the game. I typically mention them so folks will understand it's a waste of time to report these issues as bugs, since nothing can be done to address such issues.


--Bugfixes: Found a removed a number of bad actor and trap entities on various maps.

--Bugfixes: A changed version of bos.exe is now included that fixes the venerable Sniper Perk, which has never worked correctly in FOT. Credit for this fixed file goes to RobertHouse. According to him, the exe also fixes some compatibility issues with Windows 7 and Windows 8. I also added a harm reduction change regarding burst fire to the exe, thanks to TwoEyedYum and our Russian FOT cousins. The latter addresses the "burst fire that misses invariably hits someone else" problem. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the other problems associated with burst fire (that it's not resolved as a volley, etc) because these were considered "features" rather than bugs by Microforte, and are deeply embedded in the game's code. I also used a change from the Russians that allows music to continue playing during world text displays since most of those don't have significant voice-acting associated with them. If you'd like more information on the specific changes made to bos.exe in Fallout Tactics Redux, visit

--Modifications: Springfield is now just a regular mission, without any "secret bonus" nonsense. The player must complete both Mardin and Springfield before moving on to Bunker 3. There is no longer any need to modify bos.cfg to make Springfield appear, nor will any modifications of bos.cfg affect Springfield in any way. End-user friendliness aside, this also fixes the bug with General Dekker's speech if the player went to Bunker 3 without first doing Springfield.

--Modifications: In response to player feedback, the range of all pistols was decreased by about twenty-five percent to help better distinguish their tactical usage from sub-machine guns.

--Modifications: Another new approach to random encounters. There are now no random encounters at all directly around the missions, allowing unimpeded travel for those who dislike distractions. If you want to farm random encounters for experience or loot, roam the barren wasteland away from the cities. I also got rid of almost all the "easy" encounters, so expect some fierce battles in random encounters (especially as one travels westward). There's unfortunately no other middle ground on this issue-- the choices are to elimate random encounters entirely to avoid getting five or ten per square, or to implement what I've done here. The revised, tougher random encounters should offer plenty of xp to earn level-ups-- despite what appears to be an unfixable bug which limits random encounter xp to a fixed value that is not reasonably related to the number of enemies actually appearing. As in the standard game, robots and mutants will not appear until progressing to the appropriate point in the mission structure narrative (all bunker triggers were modified accordingly). Since I consider this problem now solved, I removed the free xp training switches from Bunker 1 and Bunker 5-- but anyone who wants them back can find alternate bunker maps in the "cheats" folder of the extra stuff files of the mod. I also addressed the "enemies have no ammo in random encounters" matter, though perhaps more remains to be done on that count.

--Modifications: A few specific weapons were tweaked, per suggestions from players. Big Guns were not changed from the previous version, however, because they're working the way I want given my overall philosophy of how the game should play. --Bugfixes: Fixed wasp-stinger so it is now usable as a weapon, as apparently intended.

--Modifications: Added more enemies to many missions to increase the challenge level.

--Modifications: Examined every mission and checked the level of all enemies, making changes whenever appropriate. At a minimum, enemies now are at least the level of the mission number (e.g. Mission 8 = minimum Level 8 opponents). In other words, the game is now much harder as enemies in later missions have good marksmanship and skills-- the change is particularly noticeable in the Reavers, who now have sufficient skills to be effective their deadly energy weapons. One unexpected way this levelling changes the later maps is that enemies now seem much better at detecting sneaking characters, so you may have to be more cautious and spend more skill points to be effective at stealth. In my testing, characters need approximately twenty additional percentage points in Sneak to remain stealthy when close to enemies compared to Redux 1.0.

--Modifications: Added many new minor items, mostly fluff to help players form unique characterizations for each of their soldiers. For example, "The difference between Hannegan and Randall is that Hannegan likes to read the green Cat's Paw, but Randall like the blue one." --Modifications: Since the original sprites and entries in items.txt already existed, I added rat pelts and brahmin horns. Komodo pelts were already present. However, these items should be strictly viewed as fluff. I'm guessing the reason Microforte didn't add them originally is that since there's no way to have entities spawn an item on death, animal parts would have to be "carried" by critters, and thus could be pickpocketed-- which is ridiculous, of course. Therefore, please do not report as a "bug" such things as "Dude, when I killed a giant rat, I didn't get a pelt! WTF?!?!?"

--Modifications: Player can now take vehicles into even more maps where they were previously barred. In cases where the vehicles can't effectively proceed into the mission areas, exit grids were added near the spawn points. Added fort gate in Mission 11 to accomodate vehicles.

--Modifications: Toughened up vehicles even more significantly than last time. I always find myself leaving them behind while my guys do the mission on foot, because the vehicles get destroyed too easily. What's the point of having vehicles in the game, and having numerous perks related to their use, if all the vehicles are ever used for is hauling around loot? Hopefully players who would like to experiment with vehicles will feel more confident now in so doing without save/reloading. Using vehicles adds an exciting element to the game. Macomb may seem the obvious example, but using the APC at St. Louis during the whole mission rather than clearing off the battlefield first while the vehicle is left behind (since the destruction of the APC results in mission failure) brings a thrilling element to the map-- one genuinely feels one is fearlessly rushing forward in a desperate effort to save the wounded members of Talon Squad before they are wiped out.

--Modifications: Added many new sound effects, some replacing original sounds that weren't very good. For those interested in such things, the new M2 and heavy sniper rifle sounds were post-produced from some clips I found on YouTube of guys firing a real fifty caliber machine gun. There were also a number of original sound effects that weren't working properly in all circumstances due to case-sensitivity errors in the file-names. I found and corrected most of them, but I may have missed a few.

--Modifications: Raised Mutant racial maximum AG to 10. They could barely use their heavy weapons. Also raised expressed strength, perception, and agility of all mutants, reavers, and robots to make them better opponents in the later game.

--Modifications: Set 40mm grenade launchers to use explosion and sound effect by ammo type rather than weapon type to allow flexibility for future expansions. --Modifications: As I understand others are working on projects to fix bugs in the original game, I've started adding the prefix "FOTR" to triggers I either added or significantly altered. This way folks can more easily discern what's going on in each mission's triggers. However, since most of the huge bugfixes were in Redux 1.0/1.1 when I was neither keeping records of changes nor using this notation system, modders will still have to closely compare all triggers in Redux with the original missions.

--Modifications: I couldn't think of any sensible reason why random and special encounters ought not have minimaps, so now all random and special encounters have minimaps.

--Modifications: I changed my mind on energy weapons. Now lasers do fire damage, and plasmas do energy damage (before it was vice-versa). Also, all laser weapons were changed from short to long type (before, only robot lasers were set to long) to simulate a consistent delivery of steady damage over the whole of their firing range. This should satisfy those who thought lasers were ruined in the last version of Redux.

--Modifications: I increased the damage of all weapons using the Melee skill by twenty percent, to compensate for the fact that they're not compatible with the Slayer and Silent Death perks (unfixable bugs). --Bugfixes: Snake Spear description says it's poisonous, but it wasn't doing any poison damage.

--Modifications: Toughened up most robot damage resistances. Their original game settings seemed like they were made of plastic instead of metal. Also, most robots had zero DR/DT to gas, which is silly since they don't breathe; these values are now at high levels for most robots. As consolation, the xp kill value of all robots was increased by twenty-five percent.

--Modifications: Behemoths now use DU ammo by default (except the one in mission 22, because that would just be cruel). This ammo is non-lootable. Their weapon was also changed from "burst" firing arc to "cone" firing arc so instead of mostly missing, they mostly hit everything in front of them all the time. The Behemoth weapon sound effect was lame, so I embellished it. The Pacification Bot weapon was changed from energy type to gas type plus poison. The reason for this is that Pacification Bots usually hurt more robots than humans, but since I made all robots mostly immune to both gas and poison, this should no longer be the case. Before, it was in fact common to see a Pacification Bot destroy itself with its own weapon, which was just silly. Also, Behemoths and Pacification Bots now get bonus perks to keep them from getting knocked unconscious, which seemed to happen with great frequency before. If you see a Behemoth coming, you may want to just run away from now on-- unless you're in your own tank, and then you'll probably have one of the more entertaining battles in the entire game. Be careful, though-- on rare occassions I've seen a Behemoth destroy the Tank in one shot when the Tank was at full hit points. The tank can usually take down a Behemoth in three or four shots.

--Modifications: Humanoid robots now use blade attacks instead of kicks as their unarmed defaut, since blades use less AP. However, some of them still kick (depending on override assignments in the map editor).

--Bugfixes: Changed ammo usage on squirt gun from 5 to 1. By design, the squirt gun does not score many critical hits (for example, if you have the Sniper perk the squirt gun won't show much benefit from the perk).

--Modifications: Added sound effects for squirt gun and cattle prods.

--Things that make you go 'hmmm': In turn based play, when using the First Aid or Doctor skill during combat your medic must have fewer AP than he needs to use the first aid kit or doctor's bag. For example, if Stitch has a use cost of 8 AP for a First Aid kit, if he has 8 or more AP he can't use the First Aid kit. He will appear to use it, but will do nothing-- he will repeatedly play a "use item" animation and no healing will occur. If he has 7 AP or less, everything will be fine. This is an engine bug that cannot be fixed. If you need to heal someone and have more AP than the healing item requires, take a few steps back and forth to lower your available AP first. I've known about this bug for a long time, but in thinking about the matter recently I now think this problem makes the "Stat" perk (which in the past I've had my medics take multiple times) useless-- if using a medical kit is going to take two turns no matter what, how many APs remain on the medic's second turn is usually of little importance.

--Modifications: Replaced "female fail screen" with image from the original failed_female.bik. --Modifications: If you've done any mapping of your own using the Redux fileset, be aware that I removed some tiles from the folder "core\tiles\Requiem\wastes-maker" and redistributed them to other folders to accurately reflect their authorship. In other words, if you used any of the tiles in question, you'll now have missing tiles in any maps you made and you'll have to update your work. Sorry for the inconvenience, but these custom tiles are now organized in a much better way. I also reorganized the custom sprites (in sprites\items\EC) because I added so many this time that one folder became unwieldly-- so again, be aware that if you've used the game editor to make new entities in a Redux campaign, you'll have to check the paths of sprites on those items.

--Bugfixes: Got rid of problem with texts from terminals in missions and bunkers recorded in the PipBoy as being stated by something called "." (period); they should all have a proper name now. If I missed any, let me know about it. --Modifications: Quartermaster no longer sells 6mm weapons, wrenches, crowbars, or plungers. This is part of the ongoing process started in earlier versions of Redux to simplify the confusing array of nearly-identical weapons found in the original game. Eventually, these weapons will be removed from every map as well, but I haven't hunted them all down yet.

--Bugfixes: Random encounter map Y23 had a hut with a roof that didn't pop.

--Things that make you go 'hmm': The Flamethrower weapon always gets two attacks for the price of one, and the second attack always does no damage. I studied the entity, and don't see why this would occur, so this issue is getting filed under the 'unfixable bugs' category.

--Things that make you go 'hmm': All consumable items (food, drinks, drugs) do not display an AP cost in when placed in a character's active item slot, yet they have a use cost of two. There is no known way to fix this problem.

--Modifications: Added more custom portraits for main characters. I'm assuming most players already have portraits they want to use, and make their own, so I haven't done too much on this point. One problem is that existing FOT portrait packs tend to have too many flashy real-life celebrities, which detracts from an immersive gameplay experience. Certainly I do use celebrity pictures for portraits in some cases, but unless the npc is meant to portray themselves in a comedic cameo role I usually utilize obscure or else anachronistic 1950s celebrities hardly anyone is likely to recognize. I heartily welcome any portrait contributions, especially of mutants and deathclaws, with only the following stipulations:

a) most of the original game artwork has characters looking directly into the camera, so no "looking off into space" portraits

b) it's a war game, and the folks are supposed to be soldiers, so we don't need any more portraits of beauty queens or weaklings

c) on the other hand, military-themed portraits should not include gear such as helmets or uniforms, since they almost certainly won't fit the game setting and will not match other portraits depicting people in uniforms or armor.

d) During play the portraits are pretty small, so artwork should focus on close-ups of the head rather than attempt to show people from the chest up. A lot of guys who make female portraits like to use a longer perspective to show the ladies' cleavage, but let's be honest-- the images are tiny, so it's no loss to stay focused on the face and it makes for a much clearer image. In my opinion, professional athletes are among the best choices for FOT portraits.

The portrait format is 75 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, greyscale, png format, with a dark background of a flat, uniform color. High-contrast, low gamma images work best, since the game automatically adds a shocking amount of brightness to all portrait images. Areas approaching whiteness in a portrait will be shining so brightly in the game that this usually hurts my eyes when looking at them. Once upon I time I felt differently about this white background issue, but I suppose I'm just getting old.

Many additional portraits that could be used for custom characters can be found in the Fallout Tactics\core\gui\char\notyetused\ folder. They're all named "unusedman**.zar" or "unusedwoman**.zar" and are not currently used in the game (they're for future Redux expansions). Copy any you'd like to use in your game to \core\gui\char, then find the files "male.txt" and "female.txt" in the folder Fallout Tactics\core\tables and add the filename of whatever portrait you'd like to use to the appropriate text file (male or female). Images in the zar format can be viewed using the programs "Game Resource Viewer" and "Redviewer," both available at many old game-modding websites.


--Modifications: Some of the recruits, especially in the first group, had only one optional trait (a few had none).

Fixed. --Modifications: Ghoul recruit Frank's biography says he's a doctor, but he didn't have any medical skills tagged.

--Bugfixes: Increased BOS rank of Mother Deathclaw to delay her availability in the recruit pool, which should prevent the oddity of speaking to her on the Bunker 3 map while she is also currently in the player's squad. Unless the player grinds for years on random encounters and then takes the Brown Noser perk, this should be the end of this problem.

--Modifications: Slightly improved prefab character portraits. Since I don't know an alpha channel from an aardvark, I got rid of the mysterious blue color in the background by simply replacing it with black Improved some other recruit portraits as well, either by editing them or replacing them with something better.

--Things that make you go 'hmm': The "auto-levelling" system for npcs is a source of numerous problems in the game, all unfixable. One of these problems affects ghoul recruits who have the 'Fear the Reaper' trait. The way this trait works is that there is a small chance at each level-up that the ghoul who has the trait will drop dead instantly. Therefore, when recruits are auto-levelled while in the recruit pool, there is a chance you may end up with a dead recruit in the recruit pool. The only way to prevent this would be to not assign 'Fear the Reaper' to any ghouls, but since it's a ghoul-specific trait to do so would be eliminating one of the interesting or distinguishing characteristics of ghouls. Players should simply be aware of how to avoid auto-levelling of recruits: exit conversation with the Recruits Master and speak to him a second time. In other words, if you talk to the Recruits Master and see a dead ghoul among the recruits, end the talk and try again-- they won't be dead anymore.


--Modifications: Added two new Special Encounters, "Field Clinic" and "Goo Pond."

--Bugfixes: Another different approach to resolving the "found all Special Encounters crash" bug. In almost all cases, players should no longer have to switch .cam files mid-game. The trade-off is that the player probably won't be able to uncover all the Special Encounters in a single game anymore, but since most of them are silly anyway I don't think this is much of a loss to prevent mayhem and lost hours of gameplay due to crashes-- particularly in Tough Guy games. Here's the deal: there are ten accessible squares flagged for Special Encounters, and there are 32 Special Encounters. Sometimes one can hit four SEs per square by getting the corners-- but players who ALWAYS do this will now screw themselves by going over the limit, and will have to use DON'T GO FOR FOUR PER SQUARE. I can usually only manage to hit 3 SEs per square, so 10 times 3 = 30 = under the limit. Anyone who hits 3 SEs or less per square will therefore never encounter the "found all SEs crash" bug. Also note that these new SE squares are in different locations from the original SE squares. If you're a player who just plods through the middle of every square, you'll probably now only find ten or fifteen SEs per game-- and the good news is, all four of the traders will certainly be included in those ten, plus one of the new ones I made, as well as some of the better original SEs like "Canadian Invasion" and "Deathclaw Liberation." If you try to maximize SEs (remember, don't try for more than 3 per square!) the results will be somewhat random due to the way the engine calls the next encounter (based on the listed position of previous encounters in that particular square). However, all the nontrivial SEs (Pitch Black, Grimm Brothers, PipBoy) should show up when maximizing due to the way the list is constructed. I did indeed get all 32 SEs in my test games, and the squares were too full to get any more (in each case one more was needed to incite the crash condition), so I'm satisfied that this fix will work in all cases except for the inevitable wise-guy deliberately trying to break the game. is still included as a back-up plan for such ne'er do-wells.

--Bugfixes: In SE Trader 3, citizens are no longer ethereal (they were trying to sneak) and vendor's skin color was changed to match his portrait.

--"Things that make you go hmmm...": I simply don't understand the Brahmin Armor SE. Are the turrets protecting the cow, or keeping her prisoner? I addressed the "can't loot NE turret" issue by moving it slightly, though since the turrets die after one shot there shouldn't be a reward anyway. I also restored the brahmin to waypoint movement, so the turret may accidently blow her up. Note if she lives and you simply must have the brahmin armor, if you shoot her yourself the main character will lose reputation as in the original game. I also fixed the description of the armor, so it will no more say "No description available" after one leaves the Z19 map.

--Modifications: In the Uprising SE, if the BOS soldiers die for any reason at all the player will lose a tremendous amount of reputation. This is to discourage planting mines near them, using ultra-stimpacks on them, etc, in order to loot their miniguns (presumably to sell). The latter won't work now anyway, as I also made the miniguns unlootable. --Modifications: Used entity signs instead of tiles in Invasion Recreationists to clarify what's going on for the player's benefit. Also slightly enlarged exit grid. --Modifications: Enlarged exit grid in PipBoy SE.

--Modifications: In Redux 1.0, I fixed a bug in the Deathclaw Liberation SE relating to a rare case where Janet might survive the Deathclaws' fury. However, while testing this I apparently forgot to turn back on the Deathclaws' hostility to her. Fixed.

--Bugfixes: Brahminator should no longer be "Wounded" when the map starts.

--Bugfixes: Riddick from the Pitch Black encounter was mostly fixed last time, but he could only appear as a recruit in Bunker 3. I expanded his consideration to all bunkers, so this should hopefully be the last we ever hear of any more problems with being able to recruit Riddick. Just keep in mind-- he has to reach the exit grid to be available later. If Deathclaws are attacking, he'll go fight them instead of heading for the exit grid. Therefore, wait and let him reach the exit grid before you start fighting the Deathclaws.


--Bugfixes: Resolved a number of bad scripts that contributed to "duplicated recruits in recruit pool" errors, mainly in Bunkers 2 and 3.

--Modifications: Got rid of controversial Metal Armor for sale at Bunker One vendor Kain.

--Modifications: Added more conversations with Lizzie in Bunker 2 regarding Barnaky and his mental health.

--Bugfixes: In Bunker 3, slowed pace of Mother's walking around because it was too hard to click on her to chat. --Bugfixes: Fixed conversations with Shauri in Bunker 3. She was supposed to have different lines depending on whether the player spoke with her previously at Bunker 1, which required making a new CVAR in mission 1.

--Bugfixes: Fixed broken floating text for Mayor Eastwood and Jakob in Bunker 3. Added new windowed speech for Mayor as well, otherwise she probably shouldn't even be present if the player can't interact with her.

--Modifications: Quartmaster sells more ammo of 50 cal, 7mm, and explosive rocket types. He no longer sells miniguns, since they are both silly as a concept and ineffective in practice (due to the game's burst fire damage calculation problems), and are gradually being phased out of the Redux entirely.

--Modifications: In Bunker 1, I got rid of the useless holodisk on the probe droid and the useless terminal by Jess, as they were potentially confusing for players. --Modifcations: Peck the Mechanic, Kerr the Merchant, and Bradley the Ghoul in Bunker 2 no longer gamble. Someday, all npcs who gamble will no longer do so, due to the gambling bug which cannot be fixed by any means (put up no stakes of your own, then just keep clicking 'gamble' until you get a critical and win).

--Modifications: Added Science terminal to Bunker 3. It's a multimedia terminal, so you can't wander off too far or it will stop (though it can be reactivated). I wanted to add a 1950s civil defense movie as well, but I was having trouble with the Bink tools (I got audio but no video output from an avi after conversion to bik), so maybe next time on that count.

--Modifications: In Bunker 3, Tandi now disappears along with Shauri and Tiduk, since they're all in the same squad.

--Modifications: In Bunker 3, added brief dialogue with Elliot and Lancelot. As with the Mayor-- if these npcs had nothing at all to say, why were they in the bunker in the first place?

--Modifications: Kerr, Midas, and Hyland no longer gamble in Bunker 4.

--Modifications: Paladin Mathers now disappears before Newton is assigned, since it's sort of frustrating to be unable to offer her any information afterward.

--Modifications: Gave Caldriss random floats in Bunker 5. Mechanic in Bunker 5 no longer gambles. --Modificaitons: Fixed Tiduk's dialogue in Bunker 5. There is now a variable to check whether the player met Tandi in Bunker 3 before he relates her story.

--Modifications: One ScribeNet article in Bunker 5 of Redux 1.1 was a placeholder until something better could be written. This was the chapter from Mackay's Extradordinary Popular Delusions. Now replaced with something more appropriately military-themed, but anyone who really enjoyed the earlier text can still read it in the speech file (or just get the book, it's free online because it's 150 years old).

--Modifications: Added article on Great War history to Bunker One and Roger Maxson history to Bunker Two. Both are drawn largely from information in the Fallout Bible by Chris Avellone, since I consider what's said there more 'official' (or at least more reasonable) than any particular detail found in Fallout or Fallout 2 (for example, the GNN Holodisk from Fallout 2) that may contradict certain statements I've written in these articles.

--Modifications: Karlla, the leader of Blood Seeker squad, no longer wears Reaver armor in bunkers one and two. This was accidental, and could have been confusing to players.

--Bugfixes: In Bunker 3, the Recruiting Officer wasn't using his speeches. --Modifications: Gave Caldriss something to say in Bunker 5, otherwise there's little point in his presence there.


--Bugfixes: House Key in Mission 1 now disappears on map exit.

--Bugfixes: There was a phantom variable in some of the triggers. I looked at this last time and decided not to meddle, but this time I went ahead and made the fix. To make a long story short, Microforte set up the mission in practice so pretty much the only way the player could fail (apart from dying) would be to literally start shooting tribals. Now the guards in the middle of the map may try to kill the tribal hostages when the player attacks these guards. If the Raiders manage to kill more than two hostages, all the tribals are outraged and the mission will sooner or later end in failure. From the existing trigger designs, this seems to be the way the mission was originally intended to work (despite the way it shipped).

--Modifications: Added tribal vendor.

--Modifications: Improved map tilework.


--Modifications: Restored boss alarm warning in Mission 2, and changed holder of bunker key from wandering guard to fixed in place guard.

--Modifications: Since there wasn't much else to do with the time I allocated to work on this mission, I spent my time improving the map. It's finally starting to look fairly good, though more embellishments are needed. Minimap updated to reflect new appearance.

--Bugfixes: One Raider guy was flagged as a woman, causing him to use the wrong death sounds.


--Modifications: Added Raider intelligence notebook to Mission 3.

--Bugfixes: Added consideration of fuel depot in Mission 3. Based on the available content, I feel certain this is what was originally intended there. Modified Barnaky debrief sound file accordingly.

--Bugfixes: In Mission 3, fixed "wounded" bosses, added Nanuk cell key and locked door, fixed Luke initial taunt, and improved wall snipers.

--Modifications: Added portrait for drone robot.


--Modifications: Changed Librarian in Mission 4; he now gives a different sort of reward. Also, the objective of retrieving the glasses isn't added until he actually tells you about his missing glasses (2nd time talking to him).

--Bugfixes: Redesigned citizens in Macomb mission. There were numerous OEM errors in the speech file, and broken or no triggers at all. I believe the citizens now work as originally envisioned by whoever wrote the scenario. The sight of the hummer sets their greedy l'il hearts aflutter, and then they attack. I was also going to add a nice-guy bonus for ignoring their impotent rock-throwing, but that would seem to conflict with Barnaky's debrief insofar as he says he's sending in extermination squads to mop up.

--Modifications: Added vendor. --Modifications: Added even more grafitti and posters to Macomb (I had already added quite a bit to this and other maps in the previous version). I tried again to fix the original leaky walls on courthouse, but apparently the only solution left must be to rebuild the entire leak-laden building from scratch.

--Modifications: Added note about turn-based vehicle operation when driving the Hummer for the first time.

--Things that make you go 'hmmm': I looked yet again at the suicide bomber citizen (near the exit grid, in the orange dress). Everything seems in order, but her bomb simply never goes off. After the bomb is set, she can be seen repeatedly animating with her "use" function, so perhaps she is unhelpfully deactivating the bomb before it explodes. Suggestions for solutions are welcomed on this obscure bug. I vaguely remember discussing this very issue years ago when Kreegle had, but sadly all that knowledge is lost to history.

--Bugfixes: Two male Raiders were flagged as women, causing them to use the wrong death sounds.


--Bugfixes: I've had it with the incompetence of the original mission design here regarding the turrets, so I started from a blank slate instead of applying more band-aids as I did in Redux 1.0. I revised the team matrix, erased all triggers related to turrets and the delta area and rewrote new ones from scratch, and changed reporting of switch statuses to include both timers and texts for both states. I tested everything several times and all the turrets now seem to be working in a sensible way, but let me know if there are any problems-- or any potential exploits I've overlooked (recall in the original Microforte version, a well-known exploit was just to stay in turn-based mode the whole time to prevent any turrets from popping up). By the way, the turrets are supposed to intermittently retract during combat-- as the computer initially says, "Malfunction in turret controls." Narratively speaking, this malfunction is also why the computer says "ten seconds to surface activation" while the timer shows 15 seconds (the gameplay reason of course is that it takes exactly 14 seconds to run through the delta turret areas, so we can assume the voice-actor worked from an earlier script and the map was changed later, making the VO inaccurate). In any case, with all the dialog fixes and unguarded loot reductions I did in Redux 1.0 plus this new rewrite of the triggers, I think this mission is probably in the best state it can attain given its overall poor design.

--Modifications: Because this is such a boring and empty map, I added an Easter Egg. This a cache of experimental items that players may find amusing, but these items may function erratically or in unexpected ways, so please don't report anything related to them as a bug. They're just some things to play around with to add some variety to your game. Two new npcs in the village give a hint about how to find the Easter Egg.

--Bugfixes: While changing the team alignment matrix, among other things I made bugs underground and villagers aboveground neutral to each other. This should stop the roaches under the SW tent from attacking the tribals, since there seems to be no way to fix the leaky floor there. Also, the surface turrets are now neutral to the farm animals, so the brahmin will no longer charge into battle in a valiant attempt to defend the village.

--Modifications: In Redux 1.0 I added more scorpions to the hunting grounds outside the village. They were still too boring, so this time instead of adding more I buffed all their levels to 15.

--Bugfixes: In the best victory condition, the chief's speech was confusing as he repeated himself, making it seem as though he might be giving the player two extra batteries instead of just one. Edited sound file and text to clarify the situation.

--Modifications: Another big disappointment with this mission has always been the particularly poor sound design (the whole game is mediocre in this regard, but Preoria is outright lousy). I made new sound zones, utilized new sound effects, and added new music to address this issue. Hopefully the village sounds more lively, and the underground is slightly creepy now.

--Bugfixes: Increased range of Roachor's spit weapon, because he hardly ever used it. --Modifications: Buffed Roachor to give him good skills rather than rely on auto-leveller for him.


--Modifications: Bonus Ghoul recruits are now available immediately after the Quincy mission if the player both repels the invasion on Ghoul Town and saves the Ghoul hookers at the cathouse (at least 3 of the 5 downstairs hookers must be saved).

--Modifications: Added a player-friendly message when turning off the town siren in Quincy. --Modifications: Added vendor and minor npc.

--Bugfixes: In Mission 6, I clarified how to accomplish the objective of saving the Mayor by having her spell it out. I also reworked the way the objectives are assigned (again) as a few people still seemed to find this matter confusing. The player can leave the mission after saving only the Mayor and her daughter; the other objectives are optional. The trouble is, though the objectives could easily be written with clarity, the available voice-acting for the Mayor and Barnaky aren't much to work with. Since I'm not going to throw away the voice-acting, I think this is the best that can be done here, though I'm willing to entertain suggestions. This mission was a disaster area trigger-wise; whoever originally wrote it should be ashamed of themselves.

--Anti-Bugfix: Last time I added an extra siren key on the floor near the Mayor in Mission 6. At the time, I believe I was thinking there might be some way for the player to speak to her yet be too far away to get the key. After a few tries, I couldn't duplicate such a problem now. IF ANYONE HAS TROUBLE GETTING THE SIREN KEY FROM THE MAYOR, PLEASE POST A BUG REPORT RIGHT AWAY and I'll re-add the item.

--Modifications: Changed Mission 6 power plant situation to increase difficulty. Let's be honest, you have to be a pretty lousy player to fail that particular situation as it stands in the regular game. General Barnaky may only care about the power generators, but the Mayor's conversation clearly indicates she also cares about her constituents. In addition to saving both the generators, now the BOS must also keep at least half the hostages (three out of six) alive. Though hard to believe, before the player could still succeed if every single hostage died! I also added two guards with alarms on the upper level of the power plant. As a consolation for this increased difficulty, I restored the small space to sneak behind the machinery on the south side of the generator room itself (I had previously removed this).

--Modifications: Disabled Quincy Mayor's second victory speech, as several people found it confusing, until some other time when botched quests can be taken into consideration at Quincy.

--Bugfixes: Has any player in history ever failed to save Evita in Mission 6? I doubt it, because no enemies were actually trying to kill her. I hate to say it yet again, but-- did this game even have playtesters? I revised Player Indexes, alarms, and triggers so enemies inside her building will now attempt to execute her. Also, the sleeping guards in the back will at least sometimes now wake up when fighting occurs inside the building or the building alarm goes off. I wanted to do all this last time, but it's a lot of work. Furthermore the enemies here won't attack her if they can't see her, so I opened the doors by default to her room. Keep in mind the thing that sets enemies to kill Evita is the alarms-- if you're having trouble saving her now, focus on preventing anyone outside from hitting an alarm rather than storming into the building immediately.

--Bugfixes: For all the hostage situations in Quincy I changed the team matrix so the Beastlords should prefer to kill hostages over BOS if given a choice-- though there's still some variance, depending on proximity and attack skill. In general, FOT's AI is easily flummoxed and shouldn't be trusted with too much responsibility.

--Bugfixes: No one was actually trying to kill the Mayor in Quincy, so I added a guard to her room. Arlene says two guys should be in there, but it's a tiny room so we'll just say she gave bad intel.

--Bugfixes: The alarm on the front porch of the Mayor's building had the wrong tag-name.

--Bugfixes: Clarified text to distinguish required from optional objectives in Mission 6. Added ghoul objectives to objective reporting. The ghoul who gives the 'save hookers' quest was moved south, to prevent him getting killed during the Ghoul Town invasion.

--Bugfixes: The guard outside on the south side of the brothel was supposed to patrol, but his waypoints had the wrong tagname.

--Bugfixes: Saving the hookers was complete if the guards outside were still alive, which was a problem because these guards will sometimes come inside and kill hookers. Now these guards are included in the victory condition.

--Bugfixes: The sleeping guard on the prison roof was not included in the check to see if Felix was rescued. Now he is included. Also, his alarm could not be broken; since everything looked okay, I deleted it and replaced it with a fresh version (sometimes a placed entity just goes bad).

--Bugfixes: One of Georgi's guards was too close to the south side of his building, making him too eager to get involved in the attack on Ghoul Town. I moved him back (north) further into the building.


--Modifications: Gave Beastlord Master in Mission 7 good skills instead of hoping auto-leveller might do the job, and increased the damage of his (non-lootable) claw weapon.

--Modifications: Made a new class of Beastlord snipers (they had none at all) and added a few of them to Mission 7 surface map.

--Bugfixes: Made a key for the prisoner cell doors in Mission 7. The guard patrolling the prisoners' corridor has it.

--Bugfixes: Despite my efforts last time, a few enemies in Mission 7 were still set with click speech instead of random speech, and a few were still flagged as able to barter or gamble (causing a "talk to" icon to appear over them). I think I finally got them all this time.

--Modifications: I tried to go through all the enemies in Mission 7 and give boom bugs to beastlords who were throwing rocks. It's halfway through the game already, and Microforte had the enemies throwing rocks? I also changed a lot of the melee fighters from "hold" to "advance" or "flank" tactics so they don't just stand there and wait to get shot. I also gave 10mm pistols to anyone who had nothing but a lousy zip gun.

--Bugfixes: Tried again to get prisoners moving faster once they are freed from their cells, so they don't linger aimlessly. --Bugfixes: One of the Beastlords who is a man was flagged as a woman, causing him to shriek like a little girl when he died.

--Bugfixes: Raised wasp agility to increase action points, as they didn't appear to have enough AP to attack after moving even one hex.

--Bugfixes: One of the mission variables was mispelled upon initializiation.

--Bugfixes: One of Dar's boyguards was not a Beastlord at all, but a BOS soldier! Since I doubt he was working as a spy, I deleted him and replaced him with a Beastlord trooper.

--In general, I reworked the triggers in this mission heavily last time to fix many bugs related to the Matriarch. However, I'm only one guy, and I can only test so many variations. I have a nagging feeling there might still somehow be an obscure case where the Matriarch gets killed, but could be recorded as alive by the triggers-- resulting in her showing up in the bunker later as a recruit. If anyone can find a way to make this happen, please make a bug report telling precisely what actions you took in what order during the mission, how exactly the Matriarch died and who killed her, etc.


--Bugfixes: In Mission 8, some of the boss guards didn't have their weapon overrides activated.

--Bugfixes: In Mission 8, changed the town hall zone to offer more room for maneuver in order to trigger the boss speech, and got rid of the delay timer I introduced in Redux 1.0. This mechanism replaces the problematic trigger in the original MF map, which resulted in the boss talking from the other side of the map as soon as the mission started. The approach to the boss can still be somewhat anticlimactic even after my changes, but due to the basic map design I think this is probably the best that can be done with the mission.

--Bugfixes: Carino the guard was checking the wrong variable to activate his last speech, so he never used that speech. --Bugfixes: An error in the speech file and in the triggers prevented Objective Two from ever being displayed or assigned.

--Modifications: Got rid of free multiple voodoo drugs in pot near marketplace. --Bugfixes: The mission was set to show the Death slide if the Mayor died, instead of the Failure slide.

--Modifications: A congregation standing around the church with nothing happening seemed silly, so I added a pastor there.

--Bugfixes: As far as I can determine, this mission had absolutely no sound effects whatsoever. There were a few sound zones flagged in the map itself, but no sounds were attached, and I've never heard a theme play either. I made a new sound file and new sound zones, so now the mission has ambient sound and music.

--No Modifications: After speaking to the Mayor, the original mission is structured so all enemy Player Indexes are deactivated. The numerous benefits of this approach in preventing trigger mayhem outweigh the coincidental disappearance of all enemy corpses. I know our looter players may be upset about this, but I think this is the way the mission should in fact work, so I'm not changing it. Just remember to loot all dead corpses before talking to the Mayor if you need cash or are an obsessive collector of junk.


--Bugfixes: My effort last time to get rid of the "invisible mutant leaders shoot at player" bug by the base (I gave them fake guns with 0 damage in a harm reduction program) worked, but was too contrived and likely to confuse players. As far as I can tell in my playtesting, I have finally fixed the problem once and for all by additionally making them Always Friendly. The player can't see the minimap anyway while these npcs are active, so no one will ever know.

--Modifications: Decreased difficulty of mines leading to fortress, as they were too undetectable.

--No modification: Mutants don't need ladders, because they jump around wherever they want like the Incredible Hulk. There is no need to add a ladder to the guard tower inside the mutant base (some players report this as a bug).


--Modifications: Moved location of Scouter vehicle in Mission 10 to abandoned garage.

--Modifications: Got rid of useless miniature minefield behind train station in Mission 10. It was basically free loot-- it wasn't protecting any traverses, and it got in the way of a new patrol I added.

--Bugfixes: Re-arranged trigger order and adjusted timers, trying to get the "Objective Four Complete" stuff to display before the "Mission Complete" stuff.

--Modifications: Finding the biology papers now gives xp.

--Modifications: Levelled Mutant Captain in editor rather than rely on auto-leveller. She didn't even have any combat skills tagged.

--Bugfixes: Sealed passage by minefield on south side, otherwise why would anyone ever go through the minefield? --Modifications: Got rid of free Environmental Armor "conveniently" right next to toxic waste dump. Dunces who don't bring equipment they're likely to need should not be enabled.

--Modifications: Added roaches to empty basement area.

--Modifications: Added npc to basement area who offers clues about the factory, and that the BOS shouldn't destroy the embryo tanks. Since I had to prevent access to the factory in Redux 1.0 by making the side doors fairly lock-pick proof (to make the triggers behave), the underground area was fairly useless-- so hopefully this new guy is now a reason to go down there. Changed minimap to reference his position.

--Modifications: Pistols, rifles, and knives should no longer be able to destroy the HUGE METAL generators. Try explosives, energy weapons, a grenade, etc.

--Bugfixes: Some clutter tiles were at wrong elevations near one of the minefields and in the building near the start area, high above where they should have existed.


--Bugfixes: Got rid of original game's "Free pile of 3000 bullets" in Mission 11. I wanted to get rid of it before, but could never find it.

--Bugfixes: If the mission objectives were bungled, the game ended with the "Death" screen instead of the "Failure" screen.

--Modifications: There is original voice-acting for a ghoul npc here that wasn't used. Seems a shame to waste multimedia, so I added a fellow in the chapel who utilizes this dialogue. His speech varies depending on whether the player's squad includes one or more ghouls.

--Modifications: In the mission speech file is a text fragment for a holodisk that wasn't implemented. Though not very substantial, now it is implemented. If anyone would like to rewrite this text to make it something more interesting, if it's good I'll include it in a future version of Redux.

--Modifications: Now that the mission is finally working fairly well in general terms, I was able to do some fine-tuning. Defcon's rants were positively confusing, so I re-arranged his speech and edited the sound files accordingly. I revised all the objectives as well. The first objective is now simply to make contact with Defcon. Repelling the invasion on the ghoul town is the second objective, and instead of an absolute starting time the invasion is now synchronized with the accomplishment of objective one (though the attack will occur eventually if the player dawdles and doesn't talk to Defcon). The third objective is to eliminate the mutant commanders, and now the player will be informed about this objective instead of finding it has mysteriously appeared in his PipBoy as was the case before. All this works to eliminate lulls in the mission where as a player I always felt like my soldiers were standing around playing with themselves. I can't think of any way for players to exploit this new trigger design (I tested it in both TB and CTB), but since a primary objective of Redux is to make the game more challenging, if there are exploits please tell me about them so I can eliminate them. Overall, I think we can say that only now, fifteen years later, can we finally play this mission as it was meant to be experienced.

--Bugfixes: There's no sound reason for the ghouls around Defcon to block the doorways. The only thing they accomplish is to annoy the player trying to get to Defcon; they're certainly not going to stop any mutants who make it that far. Now they stand beside, rather than in, the doorways.

--Modifications: Added vendor. --Bugfixes: Made the mutant Juggo's speech active (float text) by fixing the related broken trigger, though it's not clear what precisely he was supposed to do. If he was actually important, why didn't they give him voice-acting?

--Modifications: Moved the eastern waypoint for the southern mutant force back a bit, so they're not all standing in clear view of the ghouls before the battle starts.

--Things that make you go "hmmm": In theory, it's possible to sneak around and kill the mutant commanders before the defense of the cathedral is finished. This would prematurely offer a victory in the mission. Yet I think in practice such a turn of events is highly unlikely. Not that anyone need make a deliberate effort to test the theory (because of course one would succeed in that case), but has this ever happened to anyone while playing the mission normally or in a reasonable manner? Steps could be taken to further clarify the triggers, but it would be a lot of work for such an obscure case.

--Bugfixes: The nuke is now leaking radiation. I say this is a bugfix rather than a modification, because why else would Dekker make such a big deal about taking Rad-X and RadAway?

--Modifications: The North mutant attack was too weak. I added an extra guy there for now; maybe even more are needed.

--Bugfixes: The north mutant assault wasn't in fact trying to enter the cathedral. Added extra waypoints leading them to Defcon.

--Bugfixes: Added ladder to hut with mutant on roof. Mutants don't need ladders to climb roofs because they can jump around like the Incredible Hulk, but I'm sure there's some player out there who is miserable when he can't loot the corpse and get the barbed spears. At the same building, I moved the doorway east because sometimes mutants in the southern attack group were running into the hut and staying there (bad pathfinding) instead of attacking.


--Bugfixes: Moved several item name and descriptions from the mission speech file to items.txt. Put Latham's holodisk text in generic_mission instead of the mission speech file (that the holodisk works at all was a bugfix in Redux 1.0). I considered again utilizing the voice-acting by Dwight Schultz, but the combined clip would be too long. --Modifications: Gave the mutants on the tower (by the oil pumps) sniper rifles. They had machine guns, and therefore could never shoot anybody because they're too far away from the action.

--Modifications: I don't see any reason why Tocomatta (who dies after you talk to him) and Roshambo should turn hostile when Gamorrin is attacked, so I deleted the relevant trigger.

--Modifications: Player now gets xp for finding the ballon operations manual.

--Not a bug: Note that by my design, in Redux the General's Letter to Maria is meant to disappear when leaving the map (to represent handing this intelligence over to HQ). However, because of unfixable vehicle containment bugs, the player may manage to retain the letter until the end of the game, and for this reason only I have left the letter triggers in the last mission (otherwise I'd delete them).

--Not a bug: Some mutants disappear after Gammorin is slain. I reduced the number of Player Indexes affected, but I didn't eliminate them all. The game is already overloaded with loot, and there is no reasonable need to modify this aspect of the mission further.


--Bugfixes: Every npc who gambled no longer gambles due to the gambling exploit/bug.

--Modifications: Added some prostitutes. Use your imagination. --Bugfixes: Got rid of "ladder to nowhere" in NW building. Added ladders to other buildings where such were absent. --Bugfixes: Most of the Enforcers weren't using their random float texts.

--Bugfixes: Gave Mayor a parting comment so he doesn't keep repeating that he's handing over the robot head; made a sound file as well.

--Bugfixes: Got rid of "Hi, sir" in Anna's speech, as the player could use a female soldier to talk to her; edited sound file accordingly. Also gave a default speech line to Anna after she's said her blurb.

--Bugfixes: Dekker's admonition about buying the sex machine could never play due to a typo in the speech file. Fixed.

--Bugfixes: The trigger 'Skill Use Occurred' is broken in the engine, and should never be utilized in campaign games because it requires persistent player-character tagnames. This trigger was originally used in a (vain) attempt to determine if the player stole the sex machine from Chuck, and this is why the player could never see "Dismissed" at the end of Dekker's debriefing. All fixed.

--Bugfixes: Fixing other triggers related to Chuck and his fraudulent merchandise revealed a previously hidden bug causing "Dismissed" to appear twice at the end of the debriefing. Fixed.

--Modifications: Voice acting for Chuck exists taunting the player if the player bought the sex machine. Though not in the (impossible) way apparently intended, Chuck now uses this speech. I edited the sound file to get rid of a reference to guards, since Chuck has none. One problem with this approach is that if the player stole the part (which there is no technical means to determine-- see above), Chuck will talk of selling it to the player. If forced to embrace one bug or another, I'd rather have a bug that utilizes otherwise lost voice-acting and presents a fun gameplay opportunity than a bug that offers less content in the game. No matter how many times it's repeated, since new folks are always coming along we should note once again that the game is not meant to support interesting things happening on return visits to the main missions. It just doesn't work that way, and there are no end to the technical problems and game-breaking bugs the player can self-generate by so doing. I am aware that the spurious footnotes in the speech file say this speech for Chuck is meant to be used when "returning" to the map, but that's never going to happen-- so please don't make bug reports about this or that which failed to happen when you revisited whatever map. FOT is not a roleplaying game, and apart from the bunkers the only reason to return to any map after the first time is to pick up any loot you couldn't carry out the first time. With my addition of taking vehicles (which can haul unlimited loot) into almost every map, now there really is no reason whatsoever for players to go back to any map. Once you're done with a mission, forget about it-- that's the way the game was designed, and that's the approach one should take to gameplay. Think of it this way-- you're a soldier. Are your commanding officers going to allow you to wander around wherever you want instead of pursuing the new orders they issue? The answer is: no, they would not be pleased.

--Strategy Note: Due to the cumulative effect of changes mentioned previously (levelled up enemies, deadlier weapons, etc), in my opinion this mission is now quite difficult-- there is a noticeable and sudden jump in the difficulty of the game when this mission is compared to previous missions. In fact, this may be the single most difficult mission in the game depending on one's style of play-- the deadliest weapon types appear, but the best armors are not yet available. Players should be aware of this phenomenon, and be prepared-- since energy weapons appear in this mission, have your soldiers pre-skilled in their use, and pick them up from fallen foes to use against the remainder of the enemy. The nest of Reavers along the northern edge of the map (directly across from the city's north gate) are notably tough-- don't send any of your people in there alone. Most strategy guides suggest attacking the Reavers immediately, but in Redux I feel this is not good advice. Splitting the Reaver force defending the house, and destroying them in details rather than going up against all of them at once is much easier, so I recommend having one soldier get the robot parts from Juan and Rick while the others set up an ambush for the Reavers once they begin their assault on the town.

--Non-modification: Miniguns are gradually being removed from FOT Redux, but one will always continue to be available in the underground chest near the giant rats in case there are players who truly enjoy these weapons.

--Modifications: Added an npc with some rumors about the Reavers, to help make better sense of who the Reavers are.

--Modifications: Added housewives exchanging gossip. --Modifications: Significantly improved overall map appearance. --Remains to be done: I would very much like to add either a holodisk or a friendly Reaver who could be interviewed here. Either could give the player detailed information on Reaver lore and customs, which would be helpful to players (since the Reavers don't make much sense; presumably a better picture of them was meant to emerge in the cut missions intended to deal with them). This info could also then be given to Paladin Mathers in Bunker 4 for some xp. The trouble is, I can't think of anything really interesting to write on these subjects. There's a decent article on the Reavers at, but it only restates and summarizes information already present in the game-- I want new material. If anyone would like to write a pseudo-scholarly article on Reaver society and religion, please send it to me and if it's good I'll include it in a future version of Redux.


--Bugfixes: Added respawn point on the east side (in the river bed) so player can revisit the map to pick up any loot left behind.

--Bugfixes: Fixed Pacification Bot float text. One of the other nearby robots had been using it instead of his own intended float.

--Modifications: Player now gets xp for finding the engineering holodisk added in Redux 1.0 (the briefing says be on the lookout for information, but there was none to find). Added another holodisk as well, though no xp is given for finding this second disk.

--Modifications: Added hint about goal area to minimap.

--Bugfixes: A few load-lifter robots were still using "default/hold" tactics; I must have missed them last time when I changed all the others.

--Modifications: I lowered the lockpicking level on the courtesy door added in Redux 1.0 to the building just past the first gate. This door was designed to prevent players from being trapped inside the building and that worked fine, but it also was possible to be prevented from entering the building by dead loadlifters. Since I know we have a few guys out there who suffer sleepless nights whenever they can't loot something-- and there is a locker inside the building-- there's now a better chance to unlock the door.

--Bugfixes: There were some strange half-wall tiles at an odd elevation along the southern edge of the map. Deleted and replaced.

--Things that make you go 'hmm': I still haven't figured out a good use for the stamping machine. It's a waste to have such a cool feature just stuck off by the edge of the map, useless, but if I'm going to change it I want to have something really interesting happen with it.

--Bugfixes: Jake's final random floating speech node was using one of Mike's random floating lines.


--Bugfixes: Objective One (dispense retribution) was never given to the player, nor were there any triggers to attempt to check whether this was accomplished. Fixed. A number of other triggers had to be changed to accomodate two objectives instead of one. I had to abandon the Dekker "objectives complete, go to the exit grid" voice-acting, because it's wrong now, so I replaced the mp3 with a silent file.

--Modifications: The guys who are pulling their hair out because they can't loot the bodies of the two snipers on the highest tier will never stop writing to me about how there should be a ladder to get up there and how lack of access to the top tier is a "bug," so-- now there's a ladder, and some special bonus loot as well.

--Modifications: Changed display names of various minor residents, to clarify who's who among bartenders and casino dealers. Added new float texts for merchants and casino dealers.

--Bugfixes: All the enemies are now removed on exit. It's a populous town, surely someone would grab their gear after the player's team left.

--Bugfixes: I think I found and corrected all the male citizens on this map who were flagged as women, causing them to use the wrong death sounds, but I may have missed a few.

--Strategy Note: At the point in the game this mission occurs, the mission is quite easy. After all, it's basically a fluff mission with two design goals: to give the player some easy XP before heading into the final few missions, and to give the player some easy loot (hence all the mines) in order to afford the Power Armor that will be available at the Quartermaster. You may want to try something I do to increase your own fun on this map: pretend your troops are mixing business with pleasure. Coldwater is a civilized town, and the residents wouldn't appreciate soldiers walking around in heavy armor, packing rocket launchers and machine guns. Your soldiers need a break as well, and could use some R & R at the casinos or bars. I have my troops take off all their armor (so they're walking around in their tribal outfits), and for weapons they only use knives, pistols, and submachine guns. I find this approach to the mission refreshing after so many hardcore battles against mutants, Reavers, and robots.

--No modification: While I am disabling gambling in most of the other maps due to the unfixable gambling exploit, on this map gambling is a theme of the narrative, so I left all the gamblers alone. Try to restrain yourself-- or not, it's up to you.

--Modifications: Added some bath-house hookers.

--Modifications: The bar near the starting area is now a diner that serves fresh food and hot meals.

--Modifications: I added a lot of junk and graffiti to the map in Redux 1.0, but lots of places still looked too clean-- so I added more junk and graffiti.

--Modifications: To accomodate taking vehicles into the map, I moved the Auditor General slightly, and gave him waypoints so if the player approaches him with a vehicle and he runs off, he'll return to his original position (a fixed zone for him is used in the triggers).

--Maybe next time: I noticed too late in the current round of modding that this map seems to have only one ambient sound, some boring wind. I'll add sound effects to the map in a future version of Redux, as my archives don't currently contain very good samples for "lively town" sound effects.


--Bugfixes: The Reaver Elders no longer come under the player's direct control, to fix the problems with them being deactivated while in a vehicle. This will fix all bugs related to them permanently remaining in the player's squad or replacing the main character. The Reaver Elders now use waypoints, and make their own way to the safe zone. After talking to them one time for an introduction, a message is displayed telling the player to speak with that Elder one additional time to tell them to begin making their retreat. In other words, the Reaver Elders now work like the Village Elder in Mission 2, or Dyson in Mission 3.

--Bugfixes: Fixed problem with Reaver elders levelling up and having negative skill points, phantom perks, and other oddities after they come under player control (the bug was due to autolevelling). This doesn't matter much anymore after the change I made whereby the Elders don't come under player control (I did this before that), but fixed is fixed.

--Bugfixes: Fixed problem with Reaver elders and armor-- if the Reavers took off their armor, they could not put it back on. The problem was that they were all set to use the Reaver Huge sprite, which cannot use armor. This doesn't matter much anymore after the change I made whereby the Elders don't come under player control (I did this before that), but fixed is fixed. Modders should note all characters who use the Raider Huge sprite also suffer this liability. Anyway, now the elders all use the regular Reaver animations, and the trouble is fixed. Note that BOS soldiers cannot wear Reaver armor-- this is not a bug, it's a hard-coded design choice in the original game. Reaver Armor is for Reavers only; since BOS have so many other choices (leather, metal, enviro, power) there is no reason to use Reaver armor anyway.

--Bugfixes: It was possible to complete the mission after accomplishing only the first objective. The game was supposed to end in failure at that point, but due to a bug this could never happen. Neither the way it actually works, nor the way it was supposed to work, make any sense at all, so now both objectives must be accomplished before leaving the mission.

--Bugfixes: All the Reaver guards had both click speech and random floats in the speech file, but not a single one of them was using any of it. Fixed.

--Bugfixes: The alleged vehicle functionality "Requires Repair Item" does not work. One can make a repair item, and it will succeed in repairing a broken vehicle while also saying "Item was used up"-- but a tool kit will also fix such a vehicle in all cases with no repair item needed. In other words, it's buggy and pointless to have repair items. The tank is now simply broken and low on hitpoints. Use a Tool Kit to fix it if it says "Requires Item"-- which in fact is no change from before, except that the fallacy of a spurious "repair item" has been removed.

--Modifications: Added Respawn point to return to map in case any loot was missed, because I know our looter guys get indigestion and ulcers when they're not sure they got everything.

--Modifications: Added more robot enemies, but also buffed the rank-and-file Reaver troops and gave them better AI so they can provide supporting fire in some of the rougher sections of the map.

--Things that make you go 'hmmm': If you play in turn-based mode and want to use the tank in battle, whenever you enter a new map the person using the tank's gun must exit and re-enter the tank one time before the gun will fire. This is a hassle if fighting in random encounters, but this seems to be an engine-related bug that cannot be fixed. In other words, if you're using the tank and you enter a random encounter, on your very first turn have the tank gunner hop out and then get back in the tank. Also regarding the tank, some players have said the turret "comes off" the tank in the bunkers or other buildings with low roofs. This is not the case, it's just a screen redraw error-- what you see is an artifact, not a second tank turret (note the artifact cannot be interacted with, as would be the case if it was a real entity). Nothing can be done to resolve this graphical problem. One final issue with the tank gun is that unlike all other weapons, the firing mode (Single) does not appear in the active item slot while using the weapon. This is related in some way to the odd process whereby vehicle weapons utilize a phantom entity, and cannot be fixed. I added an in-game note about tank weapon usage the first time the player tries to drive the tank.

--Bugfixes: Finally found a way to delete spurious entities flagged as overlay (using area selection tool). One dead robot had 72 instances of himself stacked on top of each other, the others had fifty to seventy instances. Surely this was causing at least an occassional CTD during gameplay.


--Bugfixes: Some scurry bots were not initially buried.

--Modifications: Added even more rubble, graffiti, brush, etc, after already adding a lot in Redux 1.0. Someday this will be a nice-looking map, until then I'll just keep adding a little more junk each time I edit it. I also fixed some wall tiles that were out of alignment in the underground tunnel, deleted numerous redundant tiles that were colliding, and blocked the tiny windows on the side of the pacification bot room.

--Bugfixes: Added portraits for speech terminals.

--Modifications: Added Vault history holodisk.

--Bugfixes: Nuka Cola terminal can now be used more than one time.

--Bugfixes: The switch for the two turrets near the main robot base still wasn't working right under all conditions (after Redux 1.0 fixes). I made the trigger more rigorous, and added a new team for the deactivated turrets. Note that both here and in Preoria, if your people keep firing at turrets after they turn neutral, this is not a bug-- it's a failure to properly control your people. Turn off aggressive AI for your soldiers.

--Modifications: To fix a robot facing the wrong way, I had to adjust the spawn point slightly-- which put it in the exit grid-- so I added a respawn point in a different place.

--Things that make you go 'hmmm': When you destroy a power node, after the damage inflicted report an empty line appears in the PipBoy text log that should say "Power Node was destroyed." This is because of internal errors with the race flag for power nodes, and cannot be fixed as far as I can determine. I tried inserting a wide variety of likely descriptors in combat.txt, but none of them worked. The same result also happens when a vehicle is destroyed, though this may be a separate bug (with the same outcome) since all vehicles have legitimate descriptors in combat.txt; I suspect the vehicle issue may be because the vehicles aren't properly assigned a Player Index.


--Modifications: The mechanics of this mission now work differently. There are four objectives, two required and two optional. These are:

a) Disable the facility's power generation capability by shutting down the nuclear reactor (Mandatory Objective). This can be accomplished three ways: by using a science switch to turn the reactor off, by destroying the reactor, or by destroying both the turbines. The latter two options will flood the area with radiation.

b) Disable the facility's manufacturing capacity by destroying any and all power nodes (Mandatory Objective). I changed the power nodes so they now work as in the Canyon City mission; they must be destroyed simultaneously.

c) Hinder the robots' ability to wage war by disabling any manufactured materials or robot weaponry in the facility (Optional Objective). This concerns destroying the Hellion aircraft by using the control terminal beside it. Unfortunately this craft is a tile rather than a sprite, so some explosions go off but the craft doesn't disappear-- just use your imagination and pretend the explosions wrecked it.

d) Destroy all robots present in the area (Optional Objective). This requires killing seventy robots, so you don't actually have to hunt down every last scurry bot that might be buried somewhere. On the other hand if you do hunt down every scurry bot outside, you may accomplish this objective with a decent amount of resistance remaining inside.

There is also a secret bonus objective, available by using the Aircraft Data Terminal repeatedly-- but this must be done before the explosions destroy the aircraft equipment. Also, there are now three ways to enter the nuclear reactor room-- picking the lock on the door, using a science terminal to unlock the door, or finding a key on the robot leader (he's a gold robot in the room south of the aircraft hangar). Overall, I think the mission-related gameplay is much better now in this mission.

--Bugfixes: A scurry bot was using float text for the doomed BOS soldiers.

--Bugfixes: Added fleeing brahmin who were apparently supposed to be present.

--Modifications: Changed the way the security robots behind the force field relate to the alarm. They only become hostile if their keeper sets off the alarm. This prevents the silliness of them suddenly shooting you as you climb the stairs, when you could have easily destroyed them earlier if only you had known what was going to happen.

--Modifications: Percy and Lancelot had only one dog tag, and the rest of Grail Squad did not have any. Someday these will be more important to gameplay in Redux, but for now they're still just background material.

--Bugfixes: The "robot broken tree" tiles (in the mission 25 tileset) have huge bounding boxes, and should not be used. I got rid of some more of them on the map.

--Things that make you go 'hmmm': I've looked at the forgotten areas on the roof of the building, and I think the mission is better off without them. Considering General Dekker comments on destoying all robots, I think adding more enemies up there would be a distracting burden rather than an exciting opportunity. Unless someone has a compelling idea for something very cool going on up there, this area is best left out of sight and out of mind. I think adding, for example, plot points about robot experiments and brain extractions here would detract from the narrative of later missions, so that's out. According to the triggers, all Microforte had planned for this area was a silly "gotcha" instant death trap that whose only effect would be to make players reload a savegame, so we're not missing anything in terms of original content here.

--Bugfixes: The map is based on the gimmick of "gotcha" ambushes from nowhere, but some of the zone boundaries were lousy with that purpose in mind, so I adjusted them.

--Bugfixes: The Behemoth trap wasn't working properly, since the force field behind the player didn't activate. Now it does, so any soldiers facing the Behemoth will be trapped like rats.

--Modifications: Moved lights and explosions around Hellion.

--Bugfixes: Removed all the bogus original triggers cluttering the script, and organized the remaining triggers for ease of further modification.


--Modifications: Stage Two of adding more junk to the map (after Redux 1.0 additions). The map is finally starting to look fairly good, though there's still a lot of work to do.

--Modifications: In the earlier version of Redux, I reset all the robots to a standard color scheme to get rid of the unfortunate color choices made by Microforte. Now in this map and others, I've started to experiment with with new robot color schemes. Some are better than others, so these experiments will continue in the future until a good look is discovered for each variety of robot.

--Modifications: There was no reason at all for Derry and Elaine to die arbitrarily after being freed, so (like Sebastian) they no longer die arbitrarily. --Modifications: The generic prisoners (PI "fodder") can now escape. They won't run unless their escape route is fairly clear of robots.

--Bugfixes: Two scurry bots were set to use AI mode "follow," which doesn't work. Set them to be stationary and buried instead.

--Bugfixes: The humanoid robots around the prison camp were using the wrong team. This caused them to attack Elaine and Derry, which does not seem to be what was intended there.

--Bugfixes: Fixed sound path for alarm sounds, eliminating the need for duplicate triggers.

--Bugfixes: Kerr now turns hostile after saying his final words, because the need to force-fire on him was confusing for many players.

--Bugfixes: The trigger related to finding General Barnaky would only work if one (and only one) player-character was in a zone; changed to 'more than 0.'

--Bugfixes: The doors in the prison area had negative lockpicking values, meaning no skill was needed to unlock them.

--Modifications: Since Sebastian now fights if given a chance, I levelled him up (he was level one). Sebastian now also leaves the map (if he lives) rather than standing around staring at the sky.

--Modifications: Added food storehouse for prisoners (presumably the robots weren't starving them, since they need the prisoners healthy).

--No bugfix: Since Derry only has one piece of voice-acting and more importantly because the player-characters cannot click-speak with him while his door is closed, all the stuff with locking him back in his cell after talking to him is a waste of time that can never work, and I see no need to make further efforts to restore such functionality.

--Modifications: Added new robot npc (a war criminal who doesn't want to be captured and punished) and switch terminal associated with him.

--Bugfixes: One of the turrets by Kerr still wasn't working. Used an even more rigorous method this time to hopefully fix it for good.

--Modifications: The guass minigun no longer exists in the game. There's not enough ammo (by my design guass is scarce) to use it anyway.

--Things that make you go 'hmmm': I noted elsewhere that in all the years I've been playing FOT, I've experienced more purely random, non-repeatable CTDs while playing this map than any other. Sadly, this continues to be the case; in fact, this is one of the few maps where I experience any CTDs at all, ever, on Windows XP-- so save your game often while playing this map. I've replaced most of the entities at this point, so I'm not sure what could be causing the problem apart from the sheer size and complexity of the map itself (this map has more enemies, more tiles, and more lights than almost than any other). Apparently this map was originally meant to feature a large underground area as well, as player indexes in the original map include entries for dogs, roaches, and several additional groups of human prisoners. Perhaps the deprecation of this extra content by Microforte was for the best, as the map already seems to be straining the engine's capacity. I don't want to overstate the matter, though-- on my last two playtests I had no CTDs at all on this map. As I said, it's purely random.

--Strategy note: With the cumulative effect of changes to make robots more capable adversaries, this map is now rather difficult. If you typically split your team to clear different parts of the map in tandem, you'll likely want to keep everyone together now and clear the map in sequential sections. Bringing along your tank to fight all the Behemoths is a great help as well.


--Modifications: As in Jefferson, one ought no longer be able to destroy the generators with a gun or knife (except for critical hits).

--Modifications: Turrets no longer use the "gotcha" schtick, since the last time any competent person considered such cheap tricks to be good game design was in the 1980s. The first and middle turret are now always active.

--Modifications: Added note to minimap about generators, otherwise who knows what they might be.

--Bugfixes: The two turrets near the objective weren't always disabled when their generator was destroyed. I fixed them in the sternest, most foolproof way, as I did in Jefferson. For added measure, I did the same to the other turrets even though they seemed to be working. --Bugfixes: A few mines weren't set to the proper player index.

--No modifications: There's no reason to even attempt to restore the artillery beacons; it's a screwy idea that's difficult to implement, and the mission isn't very hard anyway.

--Modifications: Apparently some players are still confused about what to do after arming the nuke. I added a friendly npc who spells out what to do, and added a labelled door to the west side of the safety bunker. Closing the door during the detonation is not required, but you can if you want for added realism.

--Bugfixes: A robot who finds his courage could never work due to general ignorance of how the game works on the part of whoever made him. I fixed him by making an invisible alarm; this causes him to retreat to the alarm, and then stand his ground and attack.

--Bugfixes: A general engine bug, of which I was previously unware and which is generally linked to the same issues revolving around the Reaver Elders at Newton in vehicles (namely, containment), affects this mission. In the original map there is a trigger to give bonus xp if the player's team suffers no deaths. However, if a character is inside a vehicle when the nuke goes off, that character's death does not modify any of the internal tallies used in triggers (alive, deaths). Therefore the player would still get 100,000 bonus xp for having all soldiers alive at the end of the mission even if some died (for example, if some brave soul stayed inside the APC to make sure the job gets done). I tried several methods to work around this bug, all unsuccessful (though not surprisingly so). Thus the only solution remaining was to remove the problematic bonus. The way the mission works now is that the player gets 250,000 xp for setting off the nuke (was 185,000 xp), and there is no consideration given to player-character casualties (and no bonus 100,000 xp).

--Bugfixes: There was an occassional problem at the spawning point. Because it's so close to the map edge, in some cases player-characters were stuck and unable to move. I rearranged the entry area to provide more room, hopefully eliminating the problem (which is random).


--Bugfixes: Fixed leaky wall at entrance. The mission is complex, and the last thing the player needs while trying to figure out where they are and what they need to do is to start combat immediately due to a false hole in the wall. Also added half-wall section around door terminal to eliminate "gotcha" nonsense that does nothing but annoy players by making them reload a savegame ten seconds after starting the map. --Modifications: Removed miniguns from Dagger Squad, all robots, and lockers. --Bugfixes: The voice-acting for Paladin Maximus was at an unusually low volume, so I boosted the volume.

--Modifications: Voice-acting for Maximus existed to support having a Dagger Squad member reinforce the player's team, so I wrote this scenario. If the player's team has less than six people, Tais might join. If Tais is dead, Maelyra might join. If both Tais and Maelyra are dead, Dagger Squad can't spare anybody so the player is out of luck. I think this is fairly bullet-proof, but if anyone finds any exploits to get more than six people in their squad please make a bug report telling exactly what actions occurred in exactly what order so I can eliminate any exploits. Technically the option to get reinforcements from Dagger Squad remains open for the duration of the mission, though speaking to Maximus twice turns the option off, which is how I envision most players experiencing the scenario. If you start the mission with a full squad, then one of your people perishes, then you talk to Maximus and get Tais or Maelyra, the Dagger Squad member's portrait won't appear until you go to the next map. This is an internal Phoenix engine flaw, and nothing can be done about the issue.

--Bugfixes: Mission objective is now shown in PipBoy instead of past briefings. This plus my many changes to the minimap and terminals in the previous version of Redux should (I hope) make this once-confusing mission comprehensible to all players without any need to refer to a walkthrough or hint book.

--Bugfixes: Many terminals had negative science skill values (meaning failure was impossible); changed mission-critical ones to a low value, and others to a moderate value. --Bugfixes: Elevator door is now locked up tight until power is restored, as players might legitimately wonder why they can't just grab a rope and climb down the elevator shaft instead of fighting dozens of robots on this level.

--Bugfixes: In addition to being a lame joke, confused robot "Heroy" wasn't even implemented correctly. He was supposed to be in the security wing, and was supposed to say something important-- though what this might be no one will ever know, because the referenced speech node isn't present in the speech file (how does that even happen?). I moved him to the right spot, and gave him something strange to say to indicate his malfunction. --Bugfixes: An alarm in the security wing couldn't be broken, so I replaced it with a fresh copy.

--Bugfixes: Everybody-- except Microforte, apparently-- knows Vault Dwellers wear blue suits with gold trim.

--Modifications: Added exposition to a science terminal which attempts to make better sense of the game's overall plotline. --Modifications: The turrets in the detention center, when properly levelled, were simply too deadly, and there was no way any player could defeat them without many deaths. I added a science switch next door where they can be disabled.

--Modifications: In the detention center, the forcefields were tiles, so no one could ever discover what was behind them. I changed them to entities, and added a switch to turn them off. According to the player indexes, at some point there was supposed to be a tribal and a mutant locked up there. What they were to say or do is inscrutable, but placing either there would raise problems-- they would want to escape, but how could they go outside when the player just set off a nuclear bomb? Instead, I put some Vault Zero citizens in the cells.

--Bugfixes: The voiceover by Dekker when opening the Power Plant door now occurs if using the terminal; before it only occurred if using the severed head.

--Bugfixes: Several triggers referred to entities that do not exist on the map. This means those entities did exist at one time, but who they were and what their purpose was will forever be unknown as Microforte removed them prior to releasing the game. In any case, this is a problematic situation bound to cause an occassional CTD, so the offending triggers were all deleted.

--Bugfixes: It was possible to get double xp for opening the power plant door, by using the terminal then using the head, or vice-versa.

--Bugfixes: When passing the dental scanner, one comment was supposed to play if the player had the head, while another was supposed to play if the player didn't have the head. Both have voice acting. The latter scenario can never work, due to the way the dental scanner functions. However, the scenario of using the head on the scanner could never trigger the comment, because entities must have an active player index (other than scenery) to speak. I made a hidden entity near the machine, so now we can finally hear the computer speak. On the PipBoy, the hidden entity appears to be the machine itself.

--Modifications: When turning off the security terminals outside the power plant, the room no longer goes completely dark.

--Bugfixes: Gaining access to the power node area only required turning off one of the two terminals inside the power plant area, but the "success" speech from Dekker would only play after both terminals were turned off. There was also trigger involved that referred to a nonexistent entity. I fixed the trigger, and added an inner force field at the power node corridor. Now each terminal turns off one force field, and when both force fields are turned off Dekker will say his speech about successfully accessing the power nodes area.

--Modifications: Since I added so many other terminals to this mission, there was no reason not to add yet another to turn off the turrets in the outer power plant area. The terminal is located deep inside the power plant area, so a character would have to be very Sneaky to reach it without defeating the turrets previously.

--Bugfixes: The zone to trigger Dekker's "you must disable the power plant force fields" speech was outside, rather than inside, the door to the control area, which was just plain dumb since with the door closed the player would have no idea any force fields exist.


--Modifications: Since the last three missions occur one immediately after another, this mission is now flagged as a bunker to allow saving the game in Tough Guy mode. It's unreasonable to expect any player, even 'Tough Guys,' to sit for eight or ten hours straight without being able to take a break. Also, even Tough Guys deserve a chance to experiment with different endings after all that work.

--Modifications: If General Barnaky is co-opted (because the player has the locket or letter), as he walks off he now disables the security turrets along the way. Otherwise there's a fair chance they might accidently kill him, which makes no sense if he's controlling them.

--Modifications: The mission has no briefing and no objectives, so I added an introductory pep talk.

--Bugfixes: Lawyer Brain death speech used gender-specific text. Added a separate line for female characters.

--Modifications: Added suggestion about what to do after the Calculator's security wall goes up. No matter how many times I play the game, after a long lay-off I'm always puzzled here about how to proceed. All Fallout games should be about character skill, not player skill-- the character should be able to figure things out even if the player cannot, since the character knows many things about the world he inhabits which the player does not know. This is no different than considering that the player could never defeat a Super Mutant in a fistfight, but the player-characters can. Furthermore, a game that can't be successfully solved without a walkthrough in hand is a poorly designed game, period. The hint is context sensitive, so it only displays if the player-characters seem to be standing around not doing anything for a while.

--Modifications: In a classic blunder that sums up the astounding incompetence which pervades almost every aspect of the original game, the End Boss Weapon has never worked. I noticed this in the past, but was busy with more serious problems on this map, so this time I investigated the matter closely. The weapon could never work due to numerous design faults, but part of the problem may also have been Barnaky being useless in combat due to autolevelling. I fixed the weapon so that at least it now does SOMETHING-- Cyborg Barnaky can fire single shots, bursts, and can also kick. I also levelled him in the Editor rather than rely on autolevelling; since he has some skills, he should prefer his ranged attacks to running forward and trying to kick the player-characters.

--Bugfixes: The Brain Extractor parts had no display names.

--Bugfixes: No more silliness in regard to killing the enemy lowering your reputation. The team of all brains is now adjusted at appropriate times to hostility toward BOS.

--Bugfixes: When saving a game on this map, the location name is now displayed in the savegame record (instead of a blank line).

--Modifications: The sound design for this level sucked. I scrapped the entire thing, and started fresh with a new sound file. I didn't have a lot on hand to work with, but it's better than it was.

--Modifications: There was no need for the Calculator to have such a high hit point value, so I lowered it. By the time the player-characters face the Calculator, it's the only enemy left on the map, and it cannot defend itself-- so the only result was boredom as one's soldiers stand there and shoot at an immobile object. There is the issue of force-firing on it before its defense wall goes up, but last time I think I raised its hit points too much and some easing off was in order. If skipping most of the level and its content is how some players would like to approach the game, they should probably be free to so do.

--Bugfixes: The only way to get the brains in the Calculator's room to offer their doomed text was to plant hidden entities under them. The brains are too weak and usually die after one attack, and dead entities can't use forced speech.

--Modifications: Modders may be interested to note that I got the cryogenic sleep chambers working. I fashioned them as containers, but they could also work for any sort of entity that uses an object script state. I put examples in a new building on this map.

--Modifications: Added a short story in the form of a note from one of the Calculator brains in an effort to add some depth and thoughtfulness to the game's main plot points. The end-game movies are all fairly similar, but I think players should come away from the game with some serious food for thought about the profound issues-- issues which will be facing all us in our lifetimes-- touched on by the Calculator and the player-character's final decision in the Vault. The future is here, folks, and it has but one thing to say to you: "collaborate or die."

--Modifications: Tried to get Barnaky moving faster when he's co-opted. He runs out of the starting room, then slows to a walk once he's outside. There's still an initial lull during which his AI seems to be confused; you can tell when it's over because he always crouches one time then stands back up before he starts on his waypoints. I think this is the best that can be done for him.

--Modifications: Changed most of the lighting on the map in a search for a disorienting, alien-world vibe. It's not perfect, but it is an improvement over what was there before.


--A bit of this and that which was too trivial to for records-keeping. For example, there's no need to chronicle the continuing spelling/grammar/formatting struggles in combat.txt and taunts.txt.

--WTF?!?: Added Mr. Ron Perlman to game credits. I'm surprised he didn't go down to Australia and beat everyone's ass at Microforte for such a glaring oversight. Or maybe he did smack somebody down, and that's why they left him out in the first place.