Endocore Endocore 27 October 2018

Domain Change to Fandom

You may or may not have noticed the Fallout modding wiki has a new url. Our service provider is reorganizing all wikia.com websites and moving them to fandom.com-- and they selected us for "early migration testing" along with many others.

They say all existing pages will get automatic redirects to the new urls. No problem, as long as that's permanent. They also say they're investing in some tech so that search engine results for pages on our wiki don't fall off a cliff. We'll have to wait and see whether that is accurate. However, there's not much we can do about it, except hope for the best.

The main thing to keep in mind is that from now on, when posting links to articles or other content here, use the new url by replacing wikia.com with f…

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Endocore Endocore 12 December 2015

Changes in FOT Redux version 1.3

I recently updated my Fallout Tactics Redux mod to version 1.3. A list of changes and modifications is included in the mod's documentation, but some folks are interested in browsing the changelog specifically-- so here it is.

Q: What's new in version 1.3 of Fallout Tactics Redux (November 2015)?

A: This is a minor update, mostly addressing a few issues that were forgotten in version 1.2 and a few small bugs reported by players. Some trivial changes (to text files, etc) are not recorded. "Bugfixes" indicates a problem in the original game was addressed, while "Modifications" covers a broad range of changes.


--Bugfixes: The perk "Demolitions Expert" has never displayed an associated image, because the filename of the zar was spelled…

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Endocore Endocore 20 September 2015

Changelog for Fallout Tactics Redux Version 1.2

I recently released an update to version 1.2 of my mod Fallout Tactics Redux.  Something I did differently while working on the update was to keep a detailed log of all the changes I made to the game, which turned out to be helpful to me in keeping track of things as the project took several months.

That log is included in the mod's documentation, but I decided to also post the log separately since there are folks interested in looking at that material specifically.  But there seems to be some problem with the original place I posted the log, the webpage has been unavailable for 24 hours, so I'll post it here as well for reference.

Changelog for Fallout Tactics Redux version 1.2 by Endocore, September 2015

--"Bugfixes" means a problem in the …

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Endocore Endocore 8 April 2010

Giant World Map for Fallout 2

If you're going to dream, dream big.

With that thought in mind, I made a new world map for Fallout 2. It's based on a satellite photo of the western United States (that I heavily reworked in Paint Shop Pro to add character and detail), and is the maximum size the game engine can handle (10 by 10 tiles). The full-size image would be 3500 by 3000 pixels, but since that's far too big to post here is a drastically resized overview (with an overlay showing the real-world areas encompassed by the new, bigger map):

I'm pretty happy with the level of detail I was able to achieve while reworking the map. For example, here's an actual size (as it would look in the game) slice of the map from the area around New Reno:

The graphics work for the map is al…

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Endocore Endocore 7 April 2010

Flavor Items for Fallout 2

While Fallout 2 has lots of weapons and armors, I've always thought it was lacking in items that, while trivial, would add a little extra flavor to the game.

Here are some minor items I designed. I'll update this page as I come up with more or improve the artwork on existing items.

Tools needed: Frame Animator, FO2 Mapper, text editor (Windows Notedpad works fine for this)

Step 1: Save the image file from this page as a bmp.

Step 2: Open Frame Animator, start a new project, and paste one of the images below to make a one-frame image. Click "Create FRM" and save your new frm (save it with a name containing 8 characters or less, for example 12345678.FRM).

Step 3: Move your new frm to your Fallout2\data\art\inven directory. Open up the "Inven.l…

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