Vault-Tec Labs

Ardent's Mod

Ardent released a demo of his FO2 TC mod (Ardent's Fallout 2 Mod). I have not had a chance to play it yet, but there is a huge amount of text which is really impressive. The first impressions seem very good, so grab the demo and give it a go.

Mutants Rising

Our mod Mutants Rising has released an OST, links to DL can be found in the press release


SFall now requires the US version of Fallout2.exe, so if you are wondering why it does not work, this is probably the reason. You can grab the US exe in the official US patch.

It now includes multiplayer support! which I have not had a chance to try out properly. I am having trouble working out how to it works.

Fallout is being remade in Tactics


Hmt posted this video on Fallout.Ru, he/she is currently trying to find a dialogue system that works in Tactics, otherwise it will be released the the immersive style of Tactics dialogue... This mod is current only in Russian.