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Most of you should be aware that Interplay included Killap's Fallout 2 patch and Timeslip's Sfall, without permission or even consultation with the authors in their Trilogy and Steam re-releases of Fallout 2. They where also uncredited for their hard work. The patch was an earlier buggier version funnily enough, and Killap was only unhappy they did not ask him/her for the latest version. The version of Sfall they included had a very nasty bug in it (hilarious).

Well it turns out Sfall may contain GPL code, and the way it was packaged in the steam release of FO2 automatically infects the game with a GPL licence... which means they are obligated to provide the sourcecode! Timeslip is trying to clarify if GPL code is indeed in her mod, as she is obligated as well to put the source code back up. The source code was temporarily removed after her work was stolen.

"I've been posting a bit about it on my blog, but basically, it turns out I've been including GPL code in sfall since v1.17, so obviously now I'm required to make the whole thing GPL. Any thoughts? (Especially from anyone who's contributed code to sfall.) I'm tempted to make it properly GPL and start a sourceforge project for it.
Interestingly, as I understand it, if sfall was GPL then the way interplay used it on steam, (not so much the trilogy, where it was optional,) automatically infects fallout2.exe with the GPL too. Since they didn't ask me about it, I've made no representations to them about the licence, and so the responsibility of checking it fell to interplay, so it probably can be applied retroactively in that case. Steam players may now commence your demanding of the fallout source code from interplay." - Timeslip


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