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I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start a mod blog, for FO1 and 2 modding news. I spend allot of my time working on Mutants Rising and keeping up with the many modding communities on-line, so I may as well make notes for your pleasure every other week. I do keep up with FO3 modding, but it is not my main interest. Tactics has very little in the way of news these days, and there is so little interest in it, that no one has done any work on the Fallout_Tactics_tutorials (modding guide) page.

This week in modding

Fallout:_Shattered_Destiny_2 was officially announced, and it looks to be a very interesting mod. Lexx is a great modder, and is also working on FOnline: 2238. The big feature in this mod IMO is the new talking head which you can find a pic of on the SD2 Moddb.

Fallout:_Between_Good_and_Evil released another update of their [progress]. As always the art looks great, but most of it is looking very familiar to me, as it is part of Mutants Rising as well. For those who do not know FO BGE, is the closet we will ever come to playing Van Buren.

I plan on writing a blog every week, but seeing as this is my first, here is some older news that you may not be aware of:

Timeslip's Sfall has now has multi-player support. This was a massive piece of news that was over looked. The multi-player option is still not ready for use, but I am sure we can all look forward to playing a civilised game of FO2 with our friends, instead on being pooned by the barbarian hordes on FOnline: 2238.

In other news Xil and others have been making some excellent progress in adding new critters to FO2 / Online.

One last thing: Mutants Rising has begone play testing... you wont have to wait to long now guys

- User:Dude101