Vault-Tec Labs

Infinite Fall

Ghoster of Infinite Fall has released some more screenshots of the mod and it is looking promising.


Jesterka of Fallout: Between_Good and Evil has posted some more concept art which potentialy shows the main means of transport around the PA world they are contructing.

New Critters

X'il has finished and released yet more critters. There has also been some more movement on the new black dude project as well.

There is also an organised effort to create more critters for Fonline, which will have allot of cross over resources for FO2 modding (they are working with FO2 FRM as well), so it is worth watching their progress as well. Incidentialy there are some interesting new critter sprites on their web forum.

In related news, Bog released an intersting new program, which allows for the easy recolouring of existing sprites.


Timeslip has released the Sfall source code again under GPL. She has created a SourceForge page for the project, which will allow for easier casual contributions from other talented coders like Ray.

Unfortunetly in the latest version of SFall two features where lost because of GPL licencing issues (from what I understand):

  • Removed eax support
  • Removed win9x support

EAX was a potentialy awesome feature, which no one ever used. It's a real shame.

The modders pack on the new homepage "contain[s] sslc and other stuff that's useful to any modders making sfall using mods." - Timeslip