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The quite famous (well in the old days), Dominion mod recently came out of modding hell, and it has also recently begun play testing. It's a real shame though as this is another high quality Russian mod we will never play in English. Team MIB is dead, and there is no one to do this work now. I still have an almost complete translation of Global mod, but it would take me at least 6 hours to release a semi-high quality patch, as I have hundred of edited MSGs to go through MIB88 sent me. Without the rest of the translation and the lack of interest by everyone, I feel less than motivated to do this.

Another Van Buren TC

Dred2 announced (well not quite) his / her F2-VB-TC Fallhope on TeamX There is no real solid information yet. I am waiting on something concrete before having to make another Dead Mods entry. This is what we know it will include:

  • New locations and quests.
  • New pictures of weapons and items.
  • New companions.
  • The new storyline (in full)
  • ALL locations from Van Buren.
  • All organizations from Van Buren

I have suggested they contact BGE to collaborate.

Obscure mod of the week

Fallout 2: Infinite Fall will be old news if you are Polish, but it looks very interesting (assuming it is not dead), and I can recommend giving the sound track a listen.