Vault-Tec Labs

You may have noticed the shiny Custom Art Repository on the main page. Wikia has kindly agreed to host FRM files here for us. If you have art you want to share please do :) there are still some issues though: large tile and critters packs obviously have hundreds of FRMs and we cannot host archives, so if you want to release a tile / critter pack, create the table and link to a megaupload or any other temporary link, and PM me or Ghouly. We will create a permanent Atmomic Gamer link, so people can still download and enjoy your art in years to come. Feel free to create an account with and upload to atomic gamer your self though.


We will be ripping apart existing mods and showcasing there art in the repository. This will take some time and we could use some assistance. Ideally we will be taking the item descriptions from the \game files of the mods as well.

In other news

I stopped news posting here, and started posting modding news on NMA. It appeared no one was ready my blog, so I did not bother. Since my last post Fallout of Nevada and 13V where announced (among others), and Fallhope, Fallout: Shattered Destiny 2, Fallout: Between Good and Evil and Mutants Rising released some news. Lots of other things have happened as well, that you may have missed. Comment here to prove me someone is reading this, and I will continue blogging on interesting things.