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I mentioned in my previous blog that Dominion was now recruiting testers (Russian only I think), and the mod looks like it is very much alive, after a long period in the Dead Mods section. Pavel has released two extremely high quality in cut scenes to generate some more interest. The showcase video is truly awesome, and the second video is sure to gives you butterflies in your chest as it is of a well known location in FO2 (Arroyo).


Video: Arroyo paradise

Video: Dominion showcase

Some very nice screen shots

In other News

On a side note the new Russian Van Buren TC Fallhope (again mentioned in the previous blog) is getting very serious. I have been and still am sceptical about this mod, but the creator Dred2 has allot of heart, and he has made some very quick progress as demonstrated by the maps and dialogue that can be seen in these screen shots:

www (dot) fallhope (dot) narod (dot) ru/fallhope.html (Sorry is blocked, so direct links are not allowed).