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  • Dude101

    Custom Art Repository etc

    September 5, 2010 by Dude101

    You may have noticed the shiny Custom Art Repository on the main page. Wikia has kindly agreed to host FRM files here for us. If you have art you want to share please do :) there are still some issues though: large tile and critters packs obviously have hundreds of FRMs and we cannot host archives, so if you want to release a tile / critter pack, create the table and link to a megaupload or any other temporary link, and PM me or Ghouly. We will create a permanent Atmomic Gamer link, so people can still download and enjoy your art in years to come. Feel free to create an account with and upload to atomic gamer your self though.


    We will be ripping apart existing mods and showcasing there art in the repository. This will take some tim…

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  • Dude101

    Mod Blog 19/01/2010

    January 20, 2010 by Dude101

    There has been a secret art war between Fallout: Between Good and Evil and Mutants Rising for some time, but it looks like Killap is going to win: .Pixote. has spent "approximately 1000+ hours throughout 2009 laboring over [his] project of love", and has made "close to 1000 new [pieces] of artwork", for the Restoration Project. The vanilla and custom area maps have apparently been pimped, and FO2 will be a fresh gaming experience again.

    I can't wait to rip apart the data folder :) and play the game of course.

    Continuum is going public with his new love of talking head creation. He appears to be making Sulik's sister. He recently made an ubber TH for us at MR, and I hope more people will come out of the wood work to create Moar TH.


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  • Dude101

    New Years modding update

    December 31, 2009 by Dude101

    Ardent released a demo of his FO2 TC mod (Ardent's Fallout 2 Mod). I have not had a chance to play it yet, but there is a huge amount of text which is really impressive. The first impressions seem very good, so grab the demo and give it a go.

    Our mod Mutants Rising has released an OST, links to DL can be found in the press release

    SFall now requires the US version of Fallout2.exe, so if you are wondering why it does not work, this is probably the reason. You can grab the US exe in the official US patch.

    It now includes multiplayer support! which I have not had a chance to try out properly. I am having trouble working out how to it works.


    Hmt posted this video on Fallout.Ru, he/she is current…

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  • Dude101

    Ghoster of Infinite Fall has released some more screenshots of the mod and it is looking promising.

    Jesterka of Fallout: Between_Good and Evil has posted some more concept art which potentialy shows the main means of transport around the PA world they are contructing.

    X'il has finished and released yet more critters. There has also been some more movement on the new black dude project as well.

    There is also an organised effort to create more critters for Fonline, which will have allot of cross over resources for FO2 modding (they are working with FO2 FRM as well), so it is worth watching their progress as well. Incidentialy there are some interesting new critter sprites on their web forum.

    In related news, Bog released an intersting new pr…

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  • Dude101

    Fallout: The Wastes! although still in development, this one has caught my eye. I am not a huge fan of Tactics, but the Awaken mod kept me sane (Thanks guys), whilst waiting for FO3 (grrrr). Tactics does not offer the kind of interaction with the story and people of the game world FO1 and 2 does, but there have been a few developments over the years with speach trees. Now check this out:

    This is an in game screen shot from the mod. Tactics looks like it will have real dialogue trees! cool. I was not a huge fan of the token system developed before (Having a coloured tokens in hand to select options), but this looks to be a pretty decent hud for interaction, with no immersion breaks as with the token system. Excited?


    I also found t…

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