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FO2 Combat Tweaks Mod v1.31

What is doing:

- fixes AP ammo

- tweaks melee attack type (swing and thrust)

This mod is compatible with vanilla Fallout2 and with Fallout2: Restoration Project 2.


v 1.0

- fixed AP ammo for making more damage against armored targets and JHP against unarmored (low armored)

- tweaked melee attacks:

 swing  -  better for unarmored or weak armored targets
 thrust -  better for medium or haevy armored targets

v 1.1

- fixed bugged BURST attack type (it didn't work!)

v 1.2

- fixed bugged min_dmg value for melee attacks (it was read always as "0" for random damage before calculations)

- added 10% chance for critical damage for "thrust" attack type

v 1.21

- fixed "thrust" attack type (it didn't substract -30% from targets armor DR properly, and sometimes "thrust" was too weak), it is also a bit tweaked

v 1.3

- modified melee attack "swing" and "thrust", for better working. Additionally "swing" has 5% chance for bypass armor (very devastating feature) and next 5% for targets lose turn. "Thrust" has 25% chance for critical damage wich is calculated as (175-225)% of result damage.

v 1.31

- enabled Difficult Settings Multipliers, which was disabled for test. I forgot to enable them after tests. Tweaked critical damage from range (175-225)% to (180-250)% - will do more damage. Sources included in archive.


Unpack all files to main Fallout2 directory and overwrite files.

Additional info

This mod is based on Nirran's scripts using sFall functions. Without that I would never make this mod.

Thanks to NMA members

Nirran - for his great scripts using sFall functions

Riel88 - for inspiration to make this mod

Timeslip - for her cool sFall