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I have the Ultimate version of FNV (Fallout: New Vegas) on PC. On some of my screenshots Interface Mod - Revelation (Classic Fallout UI) can be seen; I use its version "Standalone mod version by Axonis - Vanilla UI Plus Revelation (New Vegas)". See more mods I endorse on DynV's profile at Nexus mods and community.

Todo List[]

For A World Of Pain:

  • For Redoubts:
    1. Upload the Redoubt 06AF14 vanilla exit 1 SS.
    2. Replace Redoubt 04RR8 Vanilla exit 1 in-game by a medium shot / close up of; basically just enough so its door and Hell's Motel one are in (then have the image it replaces set to delete).
  • Create page/section to show link between Nipton Sewer, Nipton Road Pit Stop, Ant Caves, and Ivanpah Maintenance Tunnels (2 entrances:
    1. a door on I-15 slightly N (cardinal direction) of the collapsed bridge of the Nevada State Route 164 interchange
    2. a manhole between Jack Rabbit Springs and Ivanpah Dry Lake, surrounded by 3 concrete barriers).
  • For main page: See what kind of ammo merchants sell (over multiple "run" (buying stuff then wait a while for it to replenish, at least in large portion)) and include a report in Merchants section, especially for explosives & energy weapons.