1) The readme's do not work. EVER. Maybe if the (expletives, there's three of them, and their foul enough I'm re-writing this because I did finally say something I'm embarrassed to admit, so they must be pretty fucking ass bad) wrote SENSIBLE READMES, as in the average Joe could fucking read them, then these Reame issues won't come up.

2) Either way, there's no reason for the rude fucking language.

The readme files from the original authors of the mods are included untouched by me. Sometimes their English is a little rough, but is understandable with just a little effort. However, most of the info you need anyway is included in the readme files that have Megamod in the title. These are very sensible. Very plain English. I do not assume that everyone is like you, meaning I don't think everyone is thoroughly stupid or needing their hands held at every step. If you want to read something for that kind of person, I suggest you read a children's book (maybe something for a 5 year old would be appropriate for you). -MIB88

This is a real basic question, how does one get into directories?

A directory is just a folder, so all one needs to do is double click.

Automated transfer of Problem Report #12807 Edit

The following message was left by Anonymous via PR #12807 on 2008-08-12 01:11:49 UTC

Hlasi mi to chybu ... ze nemam nejakej shader ... hra pada ... jsou tam docela bugy ... nevim co s tim ... nefungujje Falche nic ... ani jiny mody ci prepis stavajicich souboru ... okamzitej pad ...

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