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Synthetic Love is a Fallout 4 companion mod that adds a synthetic human character named Nora to the game. The character gets added regardless if the game player has selected the Male (Nate) or Female (Nora). So even if the game player encounters Nora as the real Nora, the Synth Nora would still require proff that she is a Synth and be required to travel to Vault 111 and complete her Companion quest known as "Cold Comfort".

Synthetic Nora can be located in the Diamond City Market. Also she likes it when the game player collects pre-war junk so its a easy way to gain affinity points also as a settlement character she makes a good scavaging station worker due to her love of pre-war junk. So using this perk of hers the game player can gain more supplies of rubber and steel and such than usual from the same scavaging station in the buildable settlement.

List of Nora Quests

  • Cold Comfort.... This quest begins in the Diamond city market and ends after Nora finds out shes a sythetic person usally either at the Vault 111 or on the way back to Diamond City Market place.
  • Objective 1 - Travel to Vault 111 and examine the real Nora's corpse.
  • Objective 2 - Talk to Synthetic Nora and then the quest ends.
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