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This mod was created by lisac2k, who is currently working on Survivor 2 as well as on FOnline:2238.


The basic concept of the Survivor mod is based on the idea that player can go through the whole game using only one class of weapons. Besides this, it brings further features and improvements into the original game:

- 28 new weapons, 4 new ammo types

- Davin levels up now (based on the Miria mod by Stone-D)

- Miria mod included (thanks to Stone-D)

- Many items positions (approxim. 70% of them) are changed

- There are books (Scout handbook, Deans electronics etc.) hidden on some maps

- Shopkeepers won't trade with you if you don't pass level-check

- No more stealing from the shopkeepers (or you'll have to fight them)! Fair trade rule

- Many improved critters (fixed scripts)

- 81 scripts changed or corrected, 26 dialogues changed, 8 game text files changed (fixing most important bugs remaining even after the game was patched to 1.02d)

- players can do something new now (earning the money and XP), due to fixed bugs

- Additional bug/glitch/exploit fixes

- New car, modeled, textured, FRM-ed and ready

- The list of all changes comes with the installation file

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Download Fallout 2: Survivor mod from: