Sfall is a Fallout 2 engine tweak originally created by Timeslip. The main features are:

  • Increase movement and combat speed to up to 10x normal.
  • Play fallout in a window or in 16 bit colour mode
  • Use d3d9 in place of the usual ddraw
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel in the inventory, barter, conversation and save/load menus.
  • Assign a use to the middle mouse button, and adjust mouse sensitivity beyond fallouts normal range
  • Adjust or remove the 13 year time limit
  • Apply most patches previously existed as EXE patches - using simple INI parameters
  • Allows to customize perks, skills, stats, elevators, criticals and books by simple INI files, which were previously all hard-coded in EXE
  • Fixes the broken pathfinder and sharpshooter perks
  • Fixes several limitations and bugs in script interpreter
  • Adds a lot of additional script functions for modders to use
  • Introduces new scripting concepts - hook scripts and global scripts to change game behavior globally using scripts
  • Extends SSL language (with custom compiler) by introducing several new features

Also, there is a sfall modders pack - a set of tools for sfall scripting:

  • an easy-to-use Script Editor with integrated compiler, parser and decompiler
  • documentation for scripting functions and other new features
  • a set of headers with sfall-related defines

This post describes Script Editor capabilities and scripting language extensions.

Also see the Global Shaders add on (for hardware shaders)

The downloads are specific to a single version of the fallout exe, so make sure you download the right one. The source code for the mod is available, so players can download the source code and build their own versions of it.

Requested features Edit

To make a request, or to view requested features for future versions of Sfall, go here.

Or better yet, to Githubrepo. It's easier to track requests in a system that's designed for that.

Sfall and Ubuntu/LinuxEdit

If you want to start Fallout 2 with Wine and Sfall under Ubuntu/Linux, it will not work. You have to go to 'winecfg' and set the dll override for "ddraw" to "(native,builtin)". After this, everything should work correctly. If you can not find the ddraw.dll in the drop down menu, you have to add it there manually.

You may also need to set permissions on ddraw.dll and ddraw.ini (and probably the whole directory) to make all the files readable and executable with chmod.

Also be sure to start the game without a space character. This may cause game crashes under wine.




  • Changed PartyMemberExtraInfo to not show 'Addict' text (in dark green) on the combat control panel if the party member is not addicted to drugs
  • Changed read_byte, read_short, read_int, and read_string functions to not require AllowUnsafeScripting
  • Changed AutoQuickSave to use the current selected page if AutoQuickSavePage is disabled

Various bug fixes and features based on the work by Mr.Stalin:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 4.1 that broke the return values of hs_findtarget hook script
  • Fixed the missing return value of -1 for hs_useobjon hook script
  • Fixed the order of loading global scripts from multiple paths
  • Fixed the return values of a hook getting corrupted if another hook was called during the execution of the current hook
  • Fixed a bug in the hero appearance mod that caused the player to disappear after saving the game when player's base FID is greater than 255
  • Changed how hs_findtarget hook script handles its return values. Now you don't have to specify all 4 targets to override normal sorting
  • Added a fix for unable to sell/give items in barter screen when the player/party member is overloaded
  • Added a fix for AI still taking distance into account when calculating hit chance using the 'no_range' flag
  • Added a fix for AI not taking chem_primary_desire in AI.txt as drug use preference when using drugs in their inventory
  • Added a fix to display a pop-up message box about death from radiation
  • Added a fix to prevent hook scripts from being executed when the depth limit is exceeded, or the hook is called recursively
  • Added a new setting to SpeedInterfaceCounterAnims to update the AC counter instantly when switching to other controlled critters in combat
  • New script functions: obj_under_cursor, loot_obj, get/set_object_data, get_object_ai_data
  • New hook script: hs_subcombatdmg


  • Updated NPC combat control mod to work with BoxBarCount and prevent Marcus and non-biped critters from equipping armor when controlled by the player
  • Updated item highlighting mod to be disabled while in the loot screen
  • Changed the debug editor to require sfall debugging mode
  • Removed RemoveWindowRounding from ddraw.ini because it doesn't affect anything

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Added a fix for Heave Ho! perk increasing Strength stat above 10 when determining the maximum range of thrown weapons
  • Added an option to display party member's current level/AC/addict flag on the combat control panel
  • Added a new setting to DebugMode to send debug output to both the screen and a debug.log file
  • Added a new return value to hs_keypress hook script to override the pressed key

Various bug fixes and features based on the work by Mr.Stalin:

  • Fixed DX9 mode not showing movie subtitles properly when not using the hi-res patch
  • Fixed DisplayBonusDamage not being applied on Melee Damage stat in the character screen when BonusHtHDamageFix is enabled
  • Improved the functionality of ExtraSaveSlots to add sound effect when clicking on the navigation buttons
  • Improved the fix for start_gdialog script function to fix a crash if calling start_gdialog outside of the talk_p_proc procedure for talking heads
  • Added a fix for the exploit that allows you to gain excessive skill points from Tag! perk before leaving the character screen
  • Added an option to change the limit of how many protos per type can be loaded into memory at once, and improved the functionality of set_proto_data script function to be able to automatically increase the limit when needed
  • Added an option to skip the 'Move Items' window when taking items from containers or corpses and not holding down ItemFastMoveKey
  • Added an option to skip loading game settings from a saved game
  • Added an option to fix the bug of using First Aid/Doctor skills when using them on the player
  • Added 4 new modes to metarule2_explosions function
  • New script functions: item_make_explosive, dialog_obj
  • New hook scripts: hs_useskillon, hs_onexplosion


Original engine bug fixes based on the work by Crafty:

  • Added a fix for the encounter description being displayed in two lines instead of one
  • Added a fix for the maximum text width of the player name in inventory
  • Added a fix for the 'mood' argument of start_gdialog script function being ignored for talking heads

Various bug fixes and features based on the work by Mr.Stalin:

  • Fixed broken get/reset_critical_table functions
  • Improved the functionality of CritterInvSizeLimitMode and added party member's current/max inventory size info to the combat control panel
  • Improved the functionality of AllowDShowSound: added volume control support and the ability to play alternative music files even if original acm files are not present in the music folder, and fixed initialization crash bug when DX9 mode is disabled
  • Added a fix for the underline position in the inventory display window when the item name is longer than one line
  • Added a fix for AI unable to use the picked up object immediately when there is a different object with the same ID
  • Added an option to prevent the inventory/loot/automap interfaces from being placed on top of other script-created windows
  • New script functions: get_current_inven_size, create_win, get/set_can_rest_on_map


  • Added an option to display experience points with the bonus from Swift Learner perk when gained from non-scripted situations (from Crafty)

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Mr.Stalin:

  • Implemented a code injection system for game hooks. In previous versions, the code of game hooks was always executed even if there is no corresponding hook script. Now the code of a game hook only gets injected into the game when the corresponding hook script exists
  • Code refactoring of some hook scripts
  • Fixed an issue with file IDs of additional game msg files being shifted when a file in ExtraGameMsgFileList is missing
  • Fixed obj_can_see_obj script function not checking if source and target objects are on the same elevation before calling hs_withinperception hook script
  • Improved the functionality of ExtraGameMsgFileList to allow manually assigning numbers to specific msg files
  • Improved the functionality of hs_ammocost when CheckWeaponAmmoCost is enabled
  • Improved and expanded the functionality of UseScrollingQuestsList to display page numbers and add another set of scroll buttons
  • Expanded is_iface_tag_active function to check tag value of 0/1/2 (sneak/poisoned/radiated)
  • Added a fix for missing AC/DR mod stats when examining ammo in barter screen
  • Added a fix for the display issue in the pipboy when a quest list is too long with UseScrollingQuestsList diabled
  • Added a fix for the clickability issue of holodisk list in the pipboy
  • Added a fix for the broken obj_can_hear_obj script function
  • Added a fix for multihex critters moving too close and overlapping their targets in combat
  • Added a fix for AI not checking weapon perks properly when searching for the best weapon
  • Added an option to keep the selected attack mode when moving the weapon between active item slots
  • Added an option to set the number of additional notification boxes to the interface
  • Added an option to load alternative dialog msg and subtitle files for female PC (translation friendly)
  • Added an option to display full item description for weapon/ammo in barter screen
  • Added options to change the location of quest list scroll buttons
  • Added options to use more than one save slot for quick saving
  • Added a new return value to hs_barterprice hook script to modify the value of player's goods
  • Added a new argument to hs_withinperception hook script
  • Added DIALOGVIEW flag to the game mode functions (when reviewing the current conversation)
  • New script functions: get_string_pointer, dialog_message
  • New hook scripts: hs_useanimobj, hs_explosivetimer, hs_descriptionobj


  • Fixed the game thinking you dropped an active explosive when the dropping is prevented with hs_inventorymove (from Mr.Stalin)
  • New script function: inventory_redraw (from Mr.Stalin)
  • NPC combat control mod now centers the screen on the controlled critter and has new options to display critter's name


  • Fixed a crash bug introduced in 4.0.5 when calling various hooks


  • Added an option to use Fallout's normal text font instead of DOS-like font on the world map
  • Added an option to increase the maximum number of tile FRMs (from Crafty)
  • Added the ability to define allowed weapon animations for NPCs to NPC armor appearance mod (in the modders pack)

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Mr.Stalin:

  • Added a fix for a crash when the critter goes through a door with animation triggers
  • Added a fix for critters killed in combat by scripting still being able to move in their combat turn if the distance parameter in their AI packages is set to stay_close/charge, or NPCsTryToSpendExtraAP is enabled
  • Added support for adding custom background FRM to the character screen of the hero appearance mod
  • Added an option to display the range of the second attack mode in the inventory when you switch weapon modes in active item slots
  • Added an option to set up a key to let you move/drop a whole stack of items at once without the 'Move Items' window
  • Added an option to change the counter in the 'Move Items' window to start at the maximum number of items
  • Added a new mode to metarule2_explosions function
  • New script function: set_iface_tag_text
  • New hook script: hs_gamemodechange
  • Expanded get_mouse_buttons function to return a value for the middle mouse button
  • Improved the functionality of hs_inventorymove and hs_invenwield


  • Fixed a broken functionality of ExtraSaveSlots option. Now sfall will remember the last selected save game slot. The position data is saved to/loaded from an auto-generated slotdat.ini in your savegame folder
  • Fixed the last additional notification boxes to the interface being missing
  • Fixed a bug in NPC combat control that caused Gecko Skinning to appear in the perk selection window
  • Fixed a bug in item highlighting that caused items to be kept highlighted when entering combat while holding the highlight key
  • Fixed the broken get_attack_type function (from Mr.Stalin and Crafty)
  • Added a fix for being at incorrect hex after map change when the exit hex in source map is at the same position as some exit hex in destination map (from Crafty)
  • Added a math script function: floor2
  • New script functions: set_ini_setting, lock_is_jammed, unjam_lock, set_unjam_locks_time, get/set_map_enter_position, set_rest_heal_time, set_rest_mode, attack_is_aimed (from Mr.Stalin)
  • New hook scripts: hs_setglobalvar, hs_resttimer (from Mr.Stalin)


  • Fixed the broken ExtraGameMsgFileList option
  • Fixed a bug in NPC combat control that increases the perk rank of Gecko Skinning when a combat ends
  • Fixed add_mult_objs_to_inven script function only adding 500 of an object when the 'count' argument is over 99999
  • Improved the fix for player's base EMP DR to make sure the value is set correctly
  • Item highlighting mod now only highlights lootable corpses


  • Fixed sneak_success script function not checking if the player is currently sneaking
  • Added a fix for player's base EMP DR not being properly initialized when creating a new character and then starting the game
  • New script function: display_stats
  • Improved the functionality of UseScrollWheel. Now you can scroll through items in barter and loot screens, and messages in the display monitor (from Crafty)


  • Fixed a crash bug in NPC combat control when trying to control a temporary party member that has no data in party.txt


  • The build environment is now Visual Studio 2015, and Win XP SP2 and Win 2000 are no longer supported
  • Extensive code reorganizing/rewrite was made in the effort to tidy up sfall code base accumulated over the years and make it easier to read, understand, and extend. Main code was split into separate 'modules'. Code for interacting with Fallout 2 engine was moved and expanded to allow for engine manipulations without using too much Assembly code
  • Fixed an issue with the game being rendered before the hero appearance mod is loaded
  • Item highlighting mod was moved from sfall into a separate script ( and extended with new options
  • NPC combat control mod was moved from sfall into a separate script (
  • Related options of item highlighting and NPC combat control mods were moved from ddraw.ini into a separate sfall-mods.ini
  • A new version of NPC armor appearance mod was implemented as a separate script ( in the modders pack). It can be configured and made compatible with any Fallout 2 mod
  • Improved compatibility between hero appearance, NPC combat control, and NPC armor appearance mods
  • A bunch of hooks and script functions were added to allow implementing multiple vehicles in the game
  • New script functions: item_weight, get/set_outline, get/set_flags, tile_refresh_display, outlined_object, set_dude_obj, get_ini_sections, get_ini_section, car_gas_amount, set_car_intface_art, get/set_cursor_mode
  • New hook scripts: hs_adjustfid, hs_combatturn, hs_cartravel
  • Added the ability to load global scripts from different paths
  • Included chinese and russian translations

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Added a fix for the exploit that Bonus Move APs are replenished when you save and load the game in combat
  • Added a fix for the displayed message when the attack randomly hits a target that is not a critter and has a script attached
  • Added a fix for damage_p_proc being called for misses if the target is not a critter
  • Added a fix for the double damage effect of Silent Death perk not being applied to critical hits
  • Implemented standard script procedures: combat_is_starting_p_proc (called when a combat starts, but doesn't mean that the critter is in combat) and combat_is_over_p_proc (called when a combat ends)
  • Added INTFACEUSE, INTFACELOOT, BARTER and HEROWIN flags to the game mode functions
  • Added a new argument to hs_combatdamage hook script
  • Added an option to prevent the player from running while sneaking without Silent Running perk


  • Fixed a crash introduced in 3.8.3 when calling destroy_object or destroy_mult_objs
  • Fixed a hero appearance mod issue that caused the race and style to not be loaded properly from savegames
  • Added an option to set the color of outlines for highlighted items and containers


  • Fixed a crash when pressing reload weapon key while in the main menu
  • Fixed metarule2_explosions not being reset properly
  • Fixed global scripts not running on the world map when disabling the world map speed patch
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of motion sensor flag 2
  • Added 3 new arguments to hs_tohit hook script
  • Added a fix for the bag/backpack exploit that lets you keep items that are supposed to be removed from inventory
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused Sequence stat value to not be printed correctly when using 'print to file' option
  • Improved the functionality of ScrollMod
  • Improved the functionality of ExplosionsEmitLight. Now it will check if an item was lit prior to being thrown/shot
  • Changed SkipSizeCheck and ExtraCRC to not require sfall debugging mode
  • Removed the obsolete WorldMapFPS, ForceLowResolutionTimer, and WorldMapDelay options

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Added a fix for a crash when clicking on empty space in the inventory list opened by 'Use Inventory Item On' (backpack) action icon
  • Added a fix for negative SPECIAL values in character creation
  • Added a fix for the game hanging in an endless loop in combat mode when using reg_anim_animate inside damage_p_proc
  • Added 3 new arguments to hs_barterprice hook script


  • Fixed broken call_offset_* functions
  • Fixed OverrideMusicDir not using the correct path string
  • Fixed a bug in metarule2_explosions function that caused damage type change not to work
  • Fixed a crash if calling reg_anim_obj_run_to_tile after reg_anim_combat_check
  • Changed sfallgv.sav to be loaded before other save game files to make saved arrays available in the start procedure
  • Changed BodyHit_Torso to BodyHit_Torso_Uncalled because it sets both body_torso and body_uncalled hit modifiers

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Added a fix for display issues when calling gdialog_mod_barter with critters with no 'Barter' flag set
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused items to disappear from inventory when you try to drag them to bag/backpack in the inventory list and are overloaded
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused the game not to check player's inventory properly when putting items into the bag/backpack in the hands
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused the current carry weight and the range of equipped weapons being lowered temporarily when opening bag/backpack
  • Added a fix for a crash when trying to open bag/backpack on the table in the bartering interface
  • Added the ability to move items out of bag/backpack and back into the main inventory list by dragging them to character's image (similar to Fallout 1 behavior)
  • Changed WorldMapEncounterFix/Rate to work independently of WorldMapFPSPatch


  • Fixed pressing F6 not displaying Quick Save screen


  • Improved NPC combat control and fixed various issues with it
  • Fixed bugs in set*_stat_min functions that set max values instead of min
  • Unified the style of global/hook script log entries
  • Added new universal opcodes sfall_funcX that allow to add new script functions without changing script compiler and decompiler
  • Added new script functions: spatial_radius, critter_inven_obj2, intface_redraw, intface_hide, intface_show, intface_is_hidden, exec_map_update_scripts

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • sfall can now load global/hook scripts from dat files
  • Improved the 'print to file' fix and added the ability to use long filenames in dat files
  • Improved the functionality of ProcessorIdle


  • Improved the functionality of DisableHorrigan
  • Replaced NumberPatchLoop with a simpler MultiPatches toggle
  • Added a new setting to PipBoyAvailableAtGameStart to make the pipboy available by only skipping the vault suit movie check
  • Changed BodypartHitModX to BodyHit_(body parts) in ddraw.ini to make them easier to understand
  • Removed BodyHit_Uncalled from ddraw.ini. Now body_torso and body_uncalled hit modifiers share the same value, and set_bodypart_hit_modifier function is also tweaked to match the change
  • Removed CarryWeightLimit from ddraw.ini because it can be scripted with set_stat_max function
  • Removed GainStatPerkFix from ddraw.ini

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • sfall now loads global/hook scripts, shaders, 32-bit talking heads images, and avi movies from master_patches path in fallout2.cfg instead of the fixed 'Data\'
  • Added a partial fix for the original engine issue that caused incorrect positioning after exiting small locations (e.g. Ghost Farm)
  • Added an option to use a modified data load order for the engine to find game data


  • Changed the displayed version number to the same as the internal version number
  • Added the ability to read additional game msg files, as opposed to dialog msg files (from Vennor)
  • Added an option to display sfall built-in credits at the bottom of credits.txt contents instead of at the top

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Fixed get_screen_width/height functions not returning correct values when using the hi-res patch
  • Fixed incorrect savegame path detection when reading/writing sfallgv.sav and sfallfs.sav under certain circumstances
  • Improved the unlimited ammo exploit fix to prevent crashes with some faulty scripting
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused action points to be initialized incorrectly at the beginning of each turn, thus giving a hidden bonus to your opponent's armor class and reducing your hit chance
  • Added a fix for destroy_p_proc not being called if the critter is killed by explosives when you leave the map
  • Added a fix for incorrect death animations being used when killing critters with kill_critter_type function
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused Fallout to check the horizontal position on the y-axis instead of x when setting coordinates on the world map
  • Changed the way SpeedInterfaceCounterAnims=2 works. Now it updates the HP/AC counters instantly in all cases
  • Added an option to display numbered dialogue options


  • Fixed broken sfall_ver_* functions
  • Fixed potential undefined behavior and crashes in sfall arrays (from Vennor)
  • Optimized some code to make the compiled DLLs about 10 KB smaller in size
  • Switched to using the precomputed CRC table instead of creating the CRC table at runtime. This could potentially improve startup time in emulated or partially emulated environments (from Oppen)
  • Added rounding calculation to ComputeSprayMod for more balanced bullet distribution in burst attacks
  • Re-added CarChargingFix back in ddraw.ini to be compatible with mods that have custom vehicles
  • Removed MultiHexPathingFix from ddraw.ini because there is little reason to turn it off

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Fixed a crash bug introduced with the inventory drag and drop fix
  • Added a new setting to SpeedInterfaceCounterAnims to update the HP/AC counters instantly when the number is not negative
  • Added an option to skip weapon equip/unequip animations when performing various actions
  • Added an option to control the speed of pipboy alarm clock animations
  • Added an option to change the carry weight limit


  • Partially refactored all the source code to use proper engine function/variable names
  • Removed a few options from ddraw.ini that should never be turned off

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Added a fix for unable to sell used geiger counters or stealth boys
  • Added a fix for not counting in the weight of equipped items on NPC when stealing or bartering
  • Added a fix for only using one box of ammo when reloading a weapon above the ammo in the inventory list by drag and drop
  • Added an option to remove the ability to enter unvisited areas on a town map by hitting number keys
  • Added an option to leave the music playing in dialogue with talking heads
  • Added an option to skip the 'Move Items' window when using drap and drop to reload weapons in the inventory


  • Fixed incorrect bonuses on AC and Melee Damage from Heavy Handed trait when using perks.ini
  • A new hook script: hs_invenwield (when wielding or unwielding an armor or a weapon by a critter)
  • Expanded message_str_game function to support all pro_*.msg files as well
  • ExtraCRC can now accept multiple CRC values
  • Merged sfall debugging features into the normal version, thus removing the need of a seperate debugging version for modders
  • Removed the obsolete Jim's damage formula
  • Removed a few options from ddraw.ini that should never be turned off

Original engine bug fixes and various features based on the work by Crafty:

  • Fixed SpeedInterfaceCounterAnims not displaying the correct negative value when HP drops below zero
  • Rewrote the Sharpshooter perk fix to match its description correctly
  • Rewrote the dodgy door fix to apply to both melee and ranged attacks
  • Added a fix for a crash when leaving the map while waiting for someone to die of a super stimpak overdose
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused party members to have incorrect stats when they level up while on drugs
  • Added a fix for the unlimited ammo exploit
  • Added a fix for negative values in Skilldex window
  • Added a fix for the clickability issue in the pipboy and an exploit that allows to rest in places where you shouldn't be able to
  • Added a fix to prevent 'Too Many Items' bug from corrupting save files
  • Added a fix for the exploit that you can gain stats from more than two doses of a specific chem after save/load
  • Added a fix for the original engine issues with reverse order of items in memory relative to visual order in the inventory list
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused party members to be able to unequip multiple of the same armor and reduce their stats to below the proper values
  • Added a fix for the original engine issues that caused the game not to check NPC's addiction properly and Jet Antidote not to work on NPCs
  • Added a fix for the maximum text width of the item weight (Wt.) in party member trading window
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that caused NPCs to become unresponsive and act like walking containers if you move to another map while they are under 'lost next turn' critical miss effect
  • Added a fix for the original engine issues with being able to charge the car by using cells on other scenary/critters, and cells getting consumed even when the car is already fully charged
  • Added an option to stack empty identical weapons, no matter what type of ammo was loaded previously
  • Added an option to highlight containers as well as items
  • Added an option to allow 9 options (lines of text) to be displayed correctly in a dialog window
  • Added an option to display additional points of damage from Bonus HtH/Ranged Damage perks in the inventory


  • Fixed a bug in books.ini handling that caused not all books to be loaded
  • Fixed several different minor bugs that may theoretically cause unstable crashes
  • Changed the way get_script function works: now returns proper scriptID (line number in scripts.lst)
  • Fixed set_script function to make it accept proper scriptID, execute map_enter by default, and create proper script types for given object
  • Fixed set_self function again (hopefully)
  • Fixed AllowUnsafeScripting not being in [Debugging] section of ddraw.ini
  • Unified and changed how all sfall scripts are initialized. Exported procedures, scripted UI event handlers, named events (and maybe some other stuff) will finally work properly in all hs_ and gl_ scripts
  • Slight change to when sfall resets state for all its components. Previously it happened after the game was loaded from a save, now it will happen before actually loading. This prevents a few nasty bugs
  • Added safechecks to some script functions so the game won't crash if object argument is 0
  • Expanded set_self function so you can access object script's local variables from another script
  • hs_withinperception hook script can now override the blocking check in obj_can_see_obj script function
  • New script functions: obj_blocking_line, obj_blocking_tile, tile_get_objs, party_member_list, path_find_to, create_spatial, art_exists, obj_is_carrying_obj
  • list_* functions can now return spatial scripts as well, so you can delete them if you want
  • A new hook script: hs_inventorymove (when moving objects around in the inventory screen)
  • Added more arguments and return values to hs_combatdamage hook script, so you can now implement your own damage formula entirely in a script
  • Rewrote NPC combat control from scratch, with many bug fixes and improvements
  • Rewrote CorpseLineOfFireFix to fix the conflict with TOHIT hook and the bug that corpse in the same hex as target still absorbs bullets
  • Added an option to set up a key to reload your currently equipped weapon
  • Added an option to skip the executable file size check
  • Moved FalloutClient.exe to the modders pack


  • The build environment is reverted back to Visual Studio 2010. The project itself still can be compiled with Visual Studio 2012/2013
  • Added options to control the speed of combat/dialogue panel animations (from Tehnokrat)
  • Added an error message (with sfx) when sfall cannot create sfallgv.sav file during saving the game
  • sfall globals are now removed from savegame when setting them to zero (0) for a cleaner save file
  • Array-related code refactoring and bug fixing
  • Changed how save/load_array functions work when key is 0
  • Added special cases for array_resize operator to perform efficient array sorting, reversing and shuffling (lists only)
  • Added the ability to resize or clear maps (arrays)
  • Zero values are now saved when using associative array expressions (assigning zero to existing array still removes corresponding element from array)
  • Fixed the offset for the exported procedure patch
  • You can now export variables from global/hook scripts and import them into any other scripts, no longer have to use set_sfall_global or arrays passing values between global/hook and other scripts
  • Code refactoring of hook scripts. Now there is no limitation as to where you put the start procedure in global/hook scripts
  • Added a new and better way to use hook scripts - register_hook_proc function will tie a sfall hook to a given procedure in the current script
  • New script functions: charcode, message_str_game, sneak_success, tile_light
  • Added some math script functions: ^ operator, log, exponent, ceil, round
  • New hook scripts: hs_keypress, hs_mouseclick, hs_useskill, hs_steal, hs_withinperception
  • Added the ability to use virtual key codes in the keypress hook script and key_pressed function
  • hs_calcapcost hook script is now called for all misc items in hands as well as weapons
  • hs_useobjon hook script is now also called when the player or AI uses any drug
  • Fixed bugs in pickpocket script functions that max and mod values were not initialized and not reset after the game loads
  • AP counter in UI is now redrawn when using set_critter_current_ap on obj_dude
  • Fixed a minor bug in the sprintf script function
  • Rewrote code related to set_self script function, and fixed many vanilla opcodes not working from sfall scripts (roll_vs_skill, do_check, etc.)


  • Added a fix for the obj_can_see_obj script function (from Mash)
  • Readded Windows 2000 support
  • Code refactoring, and all the rest of changes are from phobos2077
  • Added options to modify bullet distribution in burst attacks
  • Added an option to make explosions and projectiles emit light
  • Added options to change explosives damage
  • Fixed unstable problems in the string_split script function
  • Added options to change Hakunin movie timers
  • New script functions: substr, strlen, sprintf, typeof
  • atoi can now parse hex and octal strings properly into integers
  • Rewrote sfall arrays to provide more flexible, safe and powerful tools
  • Added 7 new reg_anim_* script functions to manipulate animations further
  • New hook scripts: hs_ammocost, hs_useobj
  • Added an option to add proper checks for weapons that use multiple ammo per shot
  • More control over the critter_dmg script function
  • Added a new 'metarule' function to change various aspects of explosions in combat
  • Added a config file to reassign or add books
  • Fixed incorrect key_pressed statuses for most keys
  • The map_*_p_proc procedures are now executed for global scripts in mode 0 and 3
  • Fixed incorrect vanilla behaviour of op_negate, op_mult and op_div involving floats and negative integers
  • Fixed the imported procedure patch, which was applied at the wrong offsets


  • A new ammo patch (from JimTheDinosaur)
  • Added new script functions: gdialog_get_barter_mod, tile_under_cursor, set_inven_ap_cost
  • Added an option to restrict inventory weight limit to active items only
  • Added an option to modify inventory AP cost
  • Fixes to Glovz's ammo patch (from Glovz)
  • Fixed melee/unarmed losing their str depedance when using a skills ini file
  • Fixed the set_perk_freq function, which I seem to have broken at some point
  • Fixed the broken third return value for the afterhitroll script


  • The build environment is now Visual Studio 2012. The required d3dx9 version is increased, and Win XP SP2 and Win 2000 are no longer supported
  • Fixed potential corruption of PC's age, gender, or current HP/poison/rads when using perks.ini
  • Readded NPC combat control
  • Changed the way mode 1 global scripts work, to fix compatibility with the latest hi-res patch
  • Fixes to Glovz's ammo patch


  • Fixed folding of constant float expressions in sfall script editors optimizer
  • Fixed the active_hand and set_pickpocket_max script functions
  • Added a fix for a crash when killing critters with explosives


  • Added get/set_critter_skill_points, get/set_available_skill_points, mod_skill_points_per_level, set_perk_freq, get_last_attacker, get_last_target and block_combat script functions
  • Added a fix for the super stimpack exploit
  • Added config options to control skill costs
  • Fixed in_world_map script function potentially returning an incorrect value
  • Fixed force_aimed_shots and disable_aimed_shots corrupting behaviour of other weapons
  • Fixed potential problem with the modified_ini script function
  • Fixed the missing last argument of the AP cost hook script
  • Fixed appearance of version info in Windows (from NovaRain)
  • When using DX9 graphics, GPUBlt is enabled automatically if supported
  • When using DX9 graphics, resolution is changed automatically when using the hi-res patch
  • Removed upscaling filter support
  • Removed ddraw.ini defined global shader
  • Removed multiplayer
  • Removed the update check


  • Fixes for sfall bugs in critical hits against horrigan and the player
  • Update check is now disabled by default


  • Added options to move the main menu buttons and credit text
  • Fixed a bug in the default heal rate formula when modifying stat relationships


  • Added an option to disable the pipboy alarm
  • Hero appearance mod bug fixes (from Mash)


  • Fixed a crash bug introduced with motion scanners


  • Added an option to adjust the behaviour of the motion scanner
  • Added an option to increase the maximum number of slots in encounter tables
  • Added new script function: get_npc_level
  • Fixed removal of hardcoded effects for the skilled trait


  • Added new script functions: force_aimed_shots, disable_aimed_shots, mark_movie_played
  • Added a config file to change the SPECIAL/derived stat relationships
  • Added an option to limit inventory by space as well as weight
  • Improved the compatibility mode check


  • Added the ability to adjust skill/stat relationship
  • Added an option to add stat/skill effects to traits via config files
  • Fixed an issue with doors being able to dodge bullets (from Mash)
  • Added an option to increase the maximum number of named scripts


  • Added a method of creating critical tables for new critter types
  • Added a new option to block all saving in combat (off by default)


  • A fix for hero appearance mod breakage in 2.13a (from Mash)


  • Fixed a virtual file system bug
  • Hero appearance mod fixes and improvements (from Mash)
  • Two alternate fixes to the interaction between H2H attacks and the fast shot trait (one from Haenlomal)


  • New script function: set_sfall_arg
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that could cause Fallout to look for the music in the wrong folder
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that prevented melee NPCs attacking multihex critters (from Haenlomal)
  • Added an option to allow party members to reach level 6 (from Haenlomal)
  • Added an option to change the font colour on the main menu
  • More bug fixes for Glovz's mod
  • More flexibility for the 32 bit talking heads
  • key_pressed now accepts values from 256 to 263 to report on the status of up to 8 mouse buttons (from NVShacker)
  • Fix the rcpres variable in shaders containing two copies of 1/screen width
  • Fixed an sfall bug that broke critical hits when starting a new game, up until a game was first reloaded
  • Limited the scrollable quest window to prevent crashes from multiline quests (from Haenlomal)


  • Added an option to remove the critical hit/miss limits in the first few days of game time
  • Added an option to use 32 bit images for talking heads
  • Fixed the original engine issue that resulted in the jet antidote not being consumed (from Haenlomal)
  • Fixed the original engine issues with the wield_obj_critter script function (from Haenlomal)
  • Fixed the original engine issue that caused the critical hit bonuses from special unarmed attacks to not be applied correctly (from Haenlomal)
  • Fixed the sfall bug that made the jinxed trait rather more potent than it should have been
  • Fixed an issue with the karma image override that caused it to leak out to other panels
  • Fixed a hero appearance mod issue that caused the wrong FRM to be displayed when opening a bag in the inventory (from Mash)
  • Fixed a bug in Glovz's damage mod


  • Fix a crash bug in Haenlomal's hth damage fix


  • A fix for the original engine bug that caused bonus hth damage to not be applied correctly (from Haenlomal)
  • New script function get_sfall_args
  • A new hook script hs_itemdamage
  • A fix for one possible cause of the cannot create input device error (Thanks to mjurgilas for the hint)
  • An option to increase the cap on maximum number of map animations to 127 (from Mash)
  • Moved DontDeleteProtos to the [Debugging] section of ddraw.ini


  • A hero appearance mod fix (from Mash)
  • A new version of Glovz's ammo patch (from, umm, Glovz...)


  • Fix a mixup with the hs_hex[type]blocking which resulted in using the shoot blocking rule for a sight test
  • Last of the ddraw.ini cleanup


  • New script functions: scan_array, get_tile_fid, modified_ini
  • New hook scripts: hs_movecost, hs_hex[type]blocking
  • Fixed a crash bug in get_game_mode
  • Some more ddraw.ini cleanup


  • Added the ability to add additional notification boxes to the interface
  • Some more ddraw.ini cleanup
  • Fixed critical hits against the player being broken when overriding the critical hit table


  • new script functions: atoi, atof
  • Moved SkipCompatModeCheck to the [Debugging] section of ddraw.ini
  • Removed a few options from ddraw.ini that should never be turned off
  • Added an option to apply bug fixes to the critical table without having to supply an ini (Values from killap)
  • Fixed the broken return value from hs_barterprice


  • New script functions: len_array, resize_array, temp_array, fix_array, string_split, list_as_array
  • New hook scripts: hs_removeinvenobj, hs_barterprice
  • Added an option to adjust the rotation rate of the critter FRM in the inventory/new char screens (from Mash)
  • the list_xxx functions can now list over scenery, walls and misc objects
  • A new ammo mod (from Haenlomal)
  • Fixed a crash bug in get_uptime
  • Moved ExtraCRC and AllowUnsafeScripting into the [Debugging] section of ddraw.ini


  • Added an option to make the karma image on the character screen dependent on your current karma
  • Added support for using wma, mp3 or wav files for sound, and new looping script functions
  • Added array support in scripts
  • Added an option to allow the use of the science/repair skills on critters
  • Some debug editor improvements (array and critter editing support)
  • updater improvements to prevent the crashes that happened during sourceforges maintenance downtime from reoccurring


  • More appearance mod bugfixes (from Mash)
  • Fixed a crash when restoring the Fallout window while using graphics mode 4


  • Fixed a bug in the hero appearance mod that broke player sfx (from Mash)


  • New script function: set_map_time_multi
  • Added option to speed up the spinning interface counter animations
  • Debug editor now has access to sfall globals, and can show the names of globals and critters
  • Fixed a nasty memory corruption bug in hook scripts
  • Added an option to increase the number of save slots (from Mash)
  • Added improved logging capabilities


  • Fixed a crash bug in the hero appearance mod (from Mash)


  • Appearance mod improvements (from Mash)
  • Added a debug editor that lets you make changes to various values while in game
  • The combatdamage hook script can now get the targeted bodypart


  • New script function: force_encounter_with_flags
  • Added an option to save the console contents to a file
  • get/set_sfall_global can now optionally take an int instead of a string
  • The limit of 1024 sfall globals has been removed
  • sfall globals are now far faster if many are in use at once


  • Added the ability to attach voice clips to floating text displayed in combat
  • Added an option to override the hardcoded city reputations list
  • New script function: get_attack_type
  • Added a fix for the original engine issue that could prevent NPC levelling with some party compinations
  • Fixed reentrency problems in hook scripts
  • Fixed the delay loading of d3dx, which became broken when I switched to the newer DirectX SDK
  • Removed the trait_adjust_* hook scripts, which were causing unfixable script corruption


  • New script function refresh_pc_art (from Mash)
  • Appearance mod fixes and tweaks (from Mash)
  • create_message_window tweaks (from Helios)
  • Fixed crc check checking the size of the wrong file when launching Fallout from a shortcut


  • Added the ability to control premade characters, and add additional ones
  • Switched to using a crc check to make sure that sfall is being used with the correct Fallout exe
  • The multiplayer server is now functional, and the client is included
  • New script function: get_light_level
  • Two new hook scripts: hs_adjustskill and hs_adjuststat
  • Included german and french translations (from Mr.Wolna and Ardent)


  • Some elements of sfall can now be translated
  • Added a check-for-updates option
  • Added an option to allow scrolling of quest lists in the pipboy (from Ray)
  • Removed EAX support
  • Removed Win9x support
  • Removed the block on steam, and the timeout code


  • Modified the trait override code to not run if the perks.ini is not present
  • Another attempt at fixing the explorer hang


  • You can now edit traits via perks.ini as well as perks
  • New script function, remove_trait
  • Fixed sfall title display when using the hi-res patch
  • Updated hero appearance mod (from Mash)


  • The control party members option now behaves slightly better
  • The mouse position functions now return the hotspot rather than the upper left corner of the cursor
  • Fixed something I broke while adding in Helios's code


  • Added new hook scripts hs_findtarget and hs_useobjon
  • Added an option to skip the opening movies
  • Made a fix to the line of fire fix
  • Added an option to give NPCs a second chance to spend left over AP at the end of their combat turn
  • Added new script functions to manipulate weapon ammo
  • Added an option to allow the use of tiles larger than 80x36
  • Added an option to directly control party members in combat (buggy)
  • Multiplayer support (buggier)
  • New script function: write_string
  • Added an option to replace the mouse cursor used when using skills (from Helios)
  • Added new window related script functions (from Helios)


  • Fixed issue with global scripts not running on the world map when using the new world map speed patch
  • Fixed issue with item highlighting only working on the first elevation of each map


  • Hero appearance mod behaviour changes to fix some conflicts with patch dats and sfall saving (from Mash)


  • Fixed some parts of the hero appearance mod still running even if disabled in the ini


  • Added Hero appearance mod code from Mash
  • Extra argument to hook script hs_combatdamage to get the weapon used in the attack
  • Fixed set_script bug when used with critters
  • New script function set_critter_burst_disable


  • Altered numbering scheme to avoid bug in unicode version of Windows
  • sfall now displays its version number on the title menu
  • Display an appropriate message and quit when used with steam
  • Fixed very nasty bug when saving with a patch file loaded
  • Added new script functions to get the current sfall version


  • New script functions: list_begin, list_next and list_end
  • Fixed an issue if a global script tried to register_hook a hook that already had a hs_* script attached
  • Fixed an issue with using register_hook across reloads


  • New script functions set_proto_data, set_self, register_hook
  • Further file system script functions
  • Hook script changes to aid in mod compatibility; multiple scripts can now attach to one hook point


  • New script function get_proto_data


  • 13 new script functions related to a virtual filesystem
  • Added a new hook script hs_ondeath
  • Added a new option 'GPUBlt' to speed up rendering in DX9 graphics modes by 3-4x
  • Using graphics mode 4 or 5 with an out of date version of DirectX now displays a useful error message instead of crashing


  • Added an option to prevent Fallout from hogging the processor
  • Fixed get_script still returning a script after calling remove_script
  • set_script can now be used on objects that are already scripted


  • Added a new hook script, hs_combatdamage
  • Added 3 new script functions: remove_script, set_script and get_script
  • Fixed the vanilla Fallout bug where an instadeath critical hit for no damage wouldn't run the critter death function
  • Fixed issue with the initilization function of most hook scripts not being rerun on player reload
  • Added an extra check to try and fix WorldMapFPSPatch crashes


  • Added an option to reverse the left and right mouse buttons for left handed players


  • Added an option to set up a key to toggle highlighting of items on the ground
  • Fixed issue with death anim hook scripts crashing on some NPCs
  • Fixed fake traits/perks not being removed if picked and then canceled


  • Added two new hook scripts to allow scripting of death animations


  • Added an option to play the player's idle animation on weapon reload
  • Added a fix for corpses absorbing weapons fire


  • Added an option to display karma changes
  • Added new world map speed patch (from Ray)
  • Added shiv item code fix (from Kanhef)
  • Added fix for imported procedures with arguments (from KLIMaka)
  • Added an option to always reload msg files (from Ray)


  • Added some math script functions: sqrt, abs, sin, cos, tan, arctan
  • New script function: set_palette
  • New hook script: hs_calcapcost


  • Added an option to load multiple patch files at once (from Ray)


  • New script function: get_ini_string
  • New hook script: hs_afterhitroll


  • Added new script functions for modifing the critical hit table, AP/AC bonus and to support hook scripts
  • Added an option to override the default critical hit table
  • Added hook scripts. (Only one atm, to override the hit percentage chance modifier)


  • Added 2 new script functions: get_bodypart_hit_modifier and set_bodypart_hit_modifier
  • New options in the ini file to set the initial bodypart hit modifiers


  • Added 3 new script functions: show_iface_tag, hide_iface_tag and is_iface_tag_active
  • Added an option to fix the crash caused by withdrawal effects without an associated description


  • Added an ini option to skip the compatibility mode check
  • Added 11 new script functions for performing generic memory writes and function calls
  • Added new sript function: set_hp_per_level_mod


  • Added support for adding additional movies (max of 32)
  • In DX9 mode, avi movies will be used in preference to .mve's if they exist
  • Weapon animation codes 11 and 15 now corrispond to file paths of 's' and 't' respectively
  • Weapon animation codes greater than 15 are no longer allowed
  • Fixed another possible hang on startup problem on Win9x


  • Added an option to increase the number of sound buffers available for sound effects
  • Added an option to stop Fallout deleting non readonly protos
  • Fixed compatibility with v1.7 of the resolution patch when using graphics mode 5 or 6


  • Fixed crash bug with thrown weapons introduced in 1.33


  • Fixed issues with negative hit chances
  • Increased the number of new animation slots
  • Trying to set a custom xp table caused a hang on startup with the Win9x version


  • Fixed player not being able to increase skills


  • Added an option to set a custom xp table and level cap
  • Added the ability to add new weapon animation types
  • Fixed a possible issue with fake perks on Win9x


  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.33 that caused skills with negative percentages to wrap around
  • Fixed elevators again


  • Fixed an issue with adding additional elevators


  • Added an option to define a key to allow you to move the window in graphics mode 5
  • Added experimental support for adding additional elevators and modifing old ones


  • Fixed a compilation error in the Win XP version that broke compatibility with older processors


  • Added some extra script functions to modify some of the vanilla perks


  • 8 new script functions related to adding new perks
  • 6 new script functions to allow critter specific modifications to skill caps, stealing and combat hit chances


  • New script functions: set_fake_trait and set_fake_perk


  • Fixed some get_game_mode issues
  • A further slight speed increase in DX9 mode


  • Improved fps in DX9 mode
  • Add a 'combat save' fix that prevents saving in combat if you have spent any ap
  • Removed the Bonus Move fix, which was unfixably buggy, in favour of the combat save fix


  • Fixed movies in DX9 mode
  • The compatibility mode check will now ignore the disable themes, turn off advanced text services and run as administrator settings
  • Added new script functions: set_pc_stat_min, set_pc_stat_max, set_npc_stat_min, set_npc_stat_max


  • Added a fix for the print to file crash caused by Fallout's inability to handle long filenames


  • Expanded set_stat_max to work on most of the derived stats
  • Added new script functions: set_stat_min, set_car_current_town


  • A fix to the ammo damage tweak (from Glovz)
  • Added new script function: set_stat_max


  • Added SKILLDEX, INVENTORY and AUTOMAP flags to the game mode functions
  • set_shader_mode now lets you set a list of excluded and required loops simultaniously
  • Added new script function: get_uptime


  • Glovz fixed a bug in his AP ammo mod


  • World map speed timer will revert to the normal timer if the high performance timer is low resolution
  • Reduced the art cache size override setting


  • Added a fix for the Skilldex button vanishing if you have many active quests and holodisks
  • Added a fix for the gain xxx perks not giving all the bonuses that they should (Will only affect new games)
  • Updated the AP ammo mod (from Glovz)
  • Hopefully fixed the issues with quickload
  • sfall will display an error if you try running the Win XP version in Win 9x compatibility mode
  • Added an option to override the art cache size, to fix F2RP EPA crashes without modifing fallout2.cfg
  • Added new script functions: get_shader_texture, set_shader_texture


  • Added an override console option to fit more text into the console at high resolutions (Not finished!)
  • Added a fix for saving/loading in combat with the Bonus Move perk
  • Added an option to automatically set processor affinity to a single core
  • sfall functions which expect a string as a parameter now accept variables as well as constants
  • Global scripts set to run only on the local map no longer stop running in combat
  • Improved the behaviour of set_shader_mode
  • Added new script functions: get_game_mode, force_graphics_refresh


  • Global script modes 2 or 3 no longer require the world map speed patch to be active to work
  • Added new script functions: get_ini_setting, set_shader_mode, get_shader_version
  • Graphics mode 0 was broken in the Win XP version of 1.25


  • Added the city limits patch
  • You can now use hardware shaders in DX9 mode when using Mash's resolution patch. Software scalers will not be supported
  • Added new script functions: set_xp_mod, set_perk_level_mod
  • Graphics modes 1, 2 and 3 are no longer supported


  • Tweaked DX9 mode to be compatible with Mash's resolution patch (Warning: Using very high resolutions in DX9 mode will be _slow_)


  • Added options for setting starting world map position and world map viewport
  • Added new script functions: get_viewport_x, get_viewport_y, set_viewport_x, set_viewport_y


  • Added an option to remove the random element from NPC levelling
  • Added a new script function inc_npc_level


  • EAX environment can be set on a per map basis via an eax.ini file
  • Tweaked the way the disable horrigan encounter option works (Now only affects new games)


  • Added EAX support
  • 2 new script functions: eax_available, set_eax_environment
  • Bug fixes to save/load/new game hooks (Most visible result is that global scripts no longer run on the main menu)


  • Added six new script functions: set_sfall_global, get_sfall_global_int, get_sfall_global_float, set_pickpocket_max, set_hit_chance_max and set_skill_max


  • Fixed a crash if you set the height greater than the width using scale filter 6
  • Fixed a crash bug in the combat_p_proc fix when critter_dmg was called (from Ray)


  • The global shader can declare a variable called rcpres which will recieve the reciprical screen resolution
  • All shaders can load up to 128 textures (e.g. add the lines 'string texname1="filename.bmp";' and 'texture tex1;' to load a texture from data\art\stex\filename.bmp)
  • Two new ScaleFilter modes


  • Added an option to disable the horrigan encounter
  • Added two new script functions set_global_script_type and available_global_script_types
  • Added two additional execution modes for global scripts
  • combat_p_proc fix (from Ray)
  • Added an alternative damage calculation formula. (from Glovz)


  • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.19a when gaining two levels at once


  • Tweaks to the way perks work when the script extender is being used: If you go more than 3 levels without visiting the character screen, you no longer loose your perk
  • set_perk_owed now accepts values up to 250, so you can give the player multiple perks in one go
  • Updated the ammo patch (from Glovz)


  • get_perk_owed will now return 1 as soon as the player levels up, rather than only after they have visted the character screen


  • Added an option to modify the encounter rate
  • Make use of a higher resolution counter for world map fps counting if one is available
  • More bugfixes


  • Added an option to make world map encounters independent of world map travel speed (from Ray, from
  • Some bug fixes


  • Added an option to remove the ability to escape dialogue by hitting 0 (from Ray, from
  • Added new script functions: get_active_hand, toggle_active_hand, set_weapon_knockback, set_target_knockback, set_attacker_knockback, remove_weapon_knockback, remove_target_knockback, remove_attacker_knockback


  • Made the world map speed patch independant of processor speed


  • Fixed some of the filter stuff that I managed to screw up...


  • Added an option to use Glovz's AP ammo patch
  • Added some upscaling filters (from Dream, from
  • Fixed ForceEncounter preventing the encounter with horrigan if it was used to soon


  • Added new script functions: get/set_critter_current_ap
  • Modified world map speed setting to work on copies of the Fallout exe's without the speed patch already applied


  • Added new script functions: get_perk_owed, set_perk_owed, get_perk_available
  • Fixed a bug in get_kill_counter function
  • Fixed a few bugs introduced in 1.16b


  • Added an option to double the number of available kill types
  • Some performance tweaks


  • Added new script functions: get_kill_counter, mod_kill_counter


  • Global scripts are now also loaded when the player starts a new game, instead of only when an existing game is loaded
  • Added an option to enable the pipboy on game start
  • Added a set_pipboy_available script function


  • Added the ability to modify perks
  • 19 new set_perk_xxx functions to modify perks ingame


  • You can now change the limit on how far away from the player local maps can be scrolled


  • Added the option to change the starting day/month/year
  • Fixed a 1.13 bug which broke female players


  • You can now change the start and default player models
  • You can now change the hardcoded in game movies
  • Added new script functions: set_dm_model, set_df_model, set_movie_path
  • If you use the fallout2.exe included with killaps patch, sfall will no longer complain about an unsupported exe if you use the Sharpshooter fix


  • Added new script functions: get_world_map_x_pos, get_world_map_y_pos, set_world_map_pos


  • You can change the number of locations displayed in the locations list of the world map
  • A fix for the bug that could cause the world map locations list to become unresponsive
  • You can tell Fallout to use a patch file other than patch000.dat
  • You can change the version string that appears in the bottom right of the main menu
  • You can use command line args to tell sfall to use a ini file other than ddraw.ini


  • Fixed a possible crash releated to trying to load global scripts that don't actually exist


  • Added the ability to tell Fallout 2 to use a config file other than fallout2.cfg
  • Shaders now have access to the system tick count. (Create a non-static variable called 'tickcount')
  • If using a DX9 mode, you can set up a key to toggle the global shader, and control when the shader gets used
  • Added new script functions: in_world_map, force_encounter, set_shader_int, set_shader_float, set_shader_vector


  • Fixed a couple of issues with the DX9 graphics modes
  • sfall no longer tries to load global scripts if you have the script extender turned off


  • Added an option to display debug messages in Fallout, or to print them to a debug.log file
  • Added the ability to create global scripts. (Scripts that run independently of the loaded map, and are not attached to any object)
  • Added new script functions: set_global_script_repeat, input_funcs_available, key_pressed
  • When using a DX9 graphics mode with a non 640x480 resolution and with multiple shaders running, the screen is no longer distorted


  • Fixed a mistake in ddraw.ini's default settings


  • Fixed possible lock-up bug when using graphics mode 4 or 5


  • If you use sfall with a version of fallout2.exe that it wasn't built for, you get a useful error instead of the generic 'requires DirectX 3a' message
  • If using a 16 bit colour mode, you can alter the speed of fades
  • Added some extra graphics modes that use d3d9 for rendering instead of ddraw
  • Can change the initial map to load when starting a new game
  • Added some extra script functions. (game_loaded, graphics_funcs_available, load_shader, free_shader, activate_shader, deactivate_shader)


  • If using the Pathfinder fix, you can modify how fast game time moves when travelling across the world map
  • If using an exe with the world map speed tweak applied, you can change how fast you physically move across the map
  • Added a new script function (get_year)
  • Fixed a bug when setting TimeLimit=-3 that could cause crashes before reaching the 13 year limit


  • Added a fix for the Pathfinder perk
  • Added a new and improved fix for the 13 year time limit, that no longer results in the date wrapping around
  • Added a new script function (tap_key)
  • You can now set a key to toggle the speed tweak on and off


  • Added some extra script functions. (get_critter_base_stat, get_critter_extra_stat, set_critter_base_stat and set_critter_extra_stat)
  • Fixed parameter checking bug with set_pc_base_stat and set_pc_extra_stat
  • get_pc_base_stat and get_pc_extra_stat now return 0 if an invalid stat id is given


  • Fixed bug with get_pc_base_stat and get_pc_extra_stat returning incorrect values


  • Added some extra script functions. (get_pc_base_stat, get_pc_extra_stat, set_pc_base_stat and set_pc_extra_stat)


  • Added an option to reduce mouse sensitivity below Fallout's normal minimum
  • Added the option to use a 16 bit colour mode in Fallout 2. (Windowed 16 bit is a lot faster than windowed 8 bit)
  • Added the Sharpshoot perk perception fix for Fallout 2
  • Made a few extra functions available to scripts. (read_byte, read_short, read_int and read_string)


  • More bugfixes to the time limit adjuster


  • Slight bugfix to the time limit adjuster


  • Added an option to adjust the 13 year time limit in Fallout 2
  • Added an option to set the initial speed at game startup


  • Restructured source code so that it's easier to add support for different exe versions
  • Created a new dll for the v1.2 US version of Fallout 1


  • Added an option to bind the middle mouse button to a keyboard key. ('c' by default)
  • Added a frameskip option when running in windowed mode
  • Fallout's DirectInput device is now used to control speed changes and any other keyboard input this mod requires, because GetAsyncKeyState is unreliable when DInput is in use
  • Added an option to force DirectInput into background mode
  • The mouse wheel scroll modifier can now be set to 0 to always scroll one click regardless of mouse and windows settings (This is the new default.)


  • The whole gameplay speed section of the mod can now be disabled, while still allowing windowed mode
  • Added an option to let you use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through your inventory and save menu


  • You no longer need to hex-edit fallout2.exe in order to get this mod working
  • You can now edit the controls in ddraw.ini
  • Added an additional option to run Fallout in windowed mode