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This page is solely dedicated to posting bugs found while playing killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project mod (FO2 RP). Bugs will be categorized by location and by whether or not they are confirmed, unconfirmed, fixed, etc.

Bug Reports[]

After a new official version of the Restoration Patch is released, all bugs that were fixed will be removed from this page. Unless a new official version of the FO2 RP is released, wiki users should never remove any information from this page. Additions are very welcome, but removing the comments and reports of other wiki users is disrespectful and myopic. Any edits to this page which entail removing any content posted by other contributors will be reverted by wiki staff.

As of July 2019, killap and the RP team have not been actively working on the FO2 RP for over five years. Wiki users should keep this in mind when posting bugs or reports here. Perhaps someday killap and his team will return to work on the FO2 RP, but as time goes by this seems increasingly unlikely. Nonetheless, as this page was started by killap, it will be maintained indefinitely so the information collected over many years will still be available to the RP team should they ever desire such. Wiki users are encouraged to continue posting their bug reports here.

A modder named Mkt1970 has started a project to make unofficial updates to the FO2 RP. The website for this project can be found at Github. If you would like to assist in Mkt1970's unofficial project, you are encouraged to visit that project page and report your bugs there as well, to help that team with their project.

A few things are mandatory regarding Fallout 2: First, the game must ALWAYS be installed using the Humongous Installation option in order for the FO2 RP mod to work properly. Original game files that must be patched aren't installed when any method except a Humongous installation is performed. Second, if you are on Windows Vista or Newer you should NEVER install Fallout 2 in Program Files or any other directory protected by Windows because this may cause unexpected bugs. Third, you DON'T need to install the patch containing the unofficial fixes by Killap since those are already included in the restoration patch. Please provide all of the following details when describing your problem:

  • Your Operating System, The Fallout 2 version, The place from where you bought Fallout 2 and the language (e.g. Windows 7 64-bit, Version 1.0 or 1.02, GOG, Steam, USA, GERMAN, RUSSIAN, ETC)
  • The F2RP version and installation method of F2RP and Fallout 2 (e.g. if you are using the installer or the manual installation file for F2RP 2.3.3+ )
  • Any other installed mods or patches (the best thing to do is NEVER install other mods or patches with the F2RP, this avoids all kinds of problems)
  • A savegame close to the place, person or people where the problem happens (DON'T save during combat to avoid corruption or any other kinds of problems)

If you want to post a bug that Killap will actually take the time to review or fix there are two things you can do to make the task easier:

  • 1: Use the "F12" or "Print Screen" key to take screenshots and save them on .jpg or .gif formats (both generate smaller file sizes). These are acceptable for bugs that can be seen in things like dialogue or character appearances. Images can be posted on an image sharing website like Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic, Hostpic or Imgur and then linked here with ["image url" (<-- put a single space here -->) "screenshot name"].
  • 2: For bugs that are easier shown in-game, please upload a copy of a savegame. The savegames should be found in C:\Fallout 2\DATA\SAVEGAME or wherever they are installed on your computer. These files can also be uploaded to virtual cloud servers like, onedrive, dropbox, box, copy, google drive or mediafire. Remember to download the files once every 29 days to avoid the files being deleted, usually they are deleted after 30 days with no downloads. In addition, many ISPs still give their customers some free web-page/online file-storage space, so you can zip up the file(s) from the savegame slot, upload it to your ISP userspace, and then link to that file from here.

And lastly, DO NOT post a report of a crash unless you can reproduce it. Random crashes occur all the time with Fallout, so unless you can consistently get the same crash to occur, don't even bother posting.


The Abbey[]

  • (XP, 2.3.3, GoG, can be checked in the mapper) The two deathclaws don't use the same script, one uses the appropriate one, one use the random encounter one, that's one thing. The other is that their high Perception makes them start combat from a screen away if you just turn a rather far away corner wich is quite unnecessary and probably unintended. I've fixed this on my end by making them both use the same script ( and eddited line 81 to include and (tile_distance_objs(self_obj,dude_obj) <= 6), which is quite enough in the enclosed space since they move around anyway.
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) In one of the buildings (SW corner of the map) there is a "usable" desk. You can use it for no effect. Screenshot n' savegame
  • Win10/RP Mod 2.33 installer/CD GER. Talking to the head-monk with the book having been forgotten in the Abbey's Basement cancels the option to get access to the Abbey's computers. I did get less XP (50 instead 200) and less karma (3 instead 5), but according to the text should still be granted access. It's just that Paul's dialogue option doesn't trigger, he still reacts as if the beast is still alive. Retrieving the book afterwards and initiating dialogue with the head-monk again doesn't clear this up. savegame It is also a problem that the Abbey Deathclaw can flee onto the northern exit grid, once it has crippled limbs, and it's difficult to get it out of there. This may cause a problem especially for melee characters who can't get to it and may be prevented from killing it off. savegame (this save is in combat) Addition:I had another look at this and I believe the issue is that (, Node017a sets global_var 708 to 3, but it should be 4 so that Paul ( reacts to it in Node001.


  • 2.3.3 Mynoc is equipped with a common spear instead of a sharpened one.

Broken Hills[]

  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) A typo in the dialogue after finding the treasure in the well. "I've guess I've got places to go." Screenshot
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Player spoke to Francis and enabled the "arm-wrestle"-quest in the Pipboy. But player didn't wrestle Francis yet. Later, player did the "missing people"-quest and talked Francis into leaving the town. Now, with Francis gone, there is no way to end the "arm-wrestle"-quest, which is still active in the Pipboy. It should be crossed out by now, since there is no way to finish the quest now. This might be a vanilla issue. Savegame
  • (Win7 64-bit, Fallout 2 version 1.02 GOG, RP 2.3.3 install version) I have a neutral reputation in Broken Hills because I just got there and have good Karma alongside the Champion title, but Francis just says he doesn't associate with scum... Does he refer to people who are anything below Accepted in town? Savegame Breakin'Benny (talk) 05:31, July 28, 2014 (UTC)(Yes you have to be accepted in Broken Hills. This was not the case in vanilla due to a bug, I guess that is why it's not mentioned in the Ultimate Fallout guide -Darek)
  • (Still 1.02 GOG version, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Liz being considered a "good" critter whilst also being an anti-mutant conspiracist violates common sense. In addition, it is very unrealistic to even be talking about not touching her wares or entering her basement when she is also knocked out...well, she is knocked out, right? What if she was faking it? --, Breakin'Benny logged out 11:17, July 29, 2014 (UTC) - PS: I am not gonna bother putting up a savegame, as I already am in Broken Hills after having Liz somehow catch me shoplifting at night. There should be some dialogue coming from her when running out of the room to confront the robbery, whilst accordingly doing so should her door be locked.
  • (Same as above, RP version 2.3.3 installer) If caught stealing from the Professor's scorpion, the scorpion speaks floats used by the Melee skill trainer in Klamath. SavegameAlso, if the professor dies, there are still floating text over his body, reacting from the player's clicking on the scorpion.(Both problems are in the hcscorp script. The scorpion should obviously not be able to talk, but got generic "caught stealing" floats thanks to the macro that was used. I would just go with the "hiss!" line in his script. As for the professor talking when dead, could just reuse map_var 19 and set it to 2 when he dies, and then have the scorpion use lines that ignores the professor. If map_var 19 is used, a small change in map_enter_procedure in hcscorp is needed, from checking if the map_var is "0" to if it's "0 or 2". -Darek)
  • (Win7, Fallout 2 Original CD, Humongous install, RP 2.3.3, HD Mod.) Missing corpses in Broken Hills underground tunnels (screen), cannot finish the )"Find the missing people for Marcus" since I can't examine the bodies and find the note on Dan's wife. [FIXED] Be absolutely sure to talk to Markus about any job available until he spits out some folks are missing, guess it spawns the corpses right after HE gives the quest, rather when player visit the town for the first time. SpY (talk) 12:03, March 6, 2016 (UTC)


  • Entire city area is loading as black screen. Nothing can be done. (Wine running on Mac OS El Capitan, Fallout 2 GOG, RP 2.3.3, Hi Res Patch 4.1.8) (other locations work without issues)!!!NEW!!! Wine-Mac OS X 10.7.5, Fallout 2 GOG, RP 2.3.3, Hi Res patch 4.1.8., faced the same problem, tried to move map-files (DENBUS1.edg// from folder ../Fallout2/Data/Maps to folder ../Fallout2/Data. Just moved those map files there and it worked, i don't know why, but Den is loading ok now.!!!UPDATE!!! Do not move denres1.* files, because you won't be able to finish church mission.

Attention: the above fix is only sweeping the problem under a rug by hiding the map changes RP brings to the table. To actually fix the bug you will have to reinstall Restoration Project as the files needed have already been deleted by the game by the time you first launched it. After reinstalling, navigate to /Fallout 2/data/proto/, and do the following following for the /critters and /items folders: select all the files with the file extension .pro, right click > Get Info, and check the "Locked" checkbox (macOS). Now these files wont be deleted the next time you launch the game. MysticSG (talk) 05:23, January 7, 2020 (UTC)

  • (WinXP, Fallout 2 GOG version, Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Derek is now inactive Den citizen. Although the book quest is doable without him, I liked him being in 1.2 (Derek can only be talked to during daytime while the book quest is active, this hasn't been changed -Darek), I would like Metzger having money in his inventory after Vic is bought back. Quest with Beckys still technically functions but is not present in pipboy. Neither open nor completed. (Tomas) (Savegame sent by e-mail)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Hard to say if this is a bug plus it's extremely minor: When talking to Becky after killing Metzger, she says this (read screenie). Somehow, I got the feeling, like the first sentence should be "You are a wonderful man." Omitting the "a" doesn't seem to match her way of talking in her other texts... What do you think?
That makes it look like Becky is ambiguously Engrish, not an American. Of course, this is as easy as fixing the dcRebecc.msg file! --Breakin'Benny (talk) 22:08, August 8, 2014 (UTC)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) After solving the "Orphanage"-quest, there are two versions of Mom hanging around in the Den. One at the Orphanage and one at the Diner. She can't run both places at the same time and it makes little sense this way. Maybe one of the two places could be run by another woman? Her unknown sister maybe? Or maybe the woman at the Diner who tells the story about her little cat (Stacy)? Savegame (I don't find another Mom at the orphange in your savegame. The woman in yellow/brown clothes at the orphange is just "a resident of the Den". Maybe provide a screenshot? --NovaRain) --- It was a mistake from my side. Everything seems to be in order here. Sorry ;)
  • FIXED (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Minor issue: In the Den Residential, there is a drug dealer in the eastern area of the map. His bodyguard (on the left with blue jeans) is also labeled as a drug dealer (Screenshot). He shouldn't be labeled "drug dealer", but rather as "guard" or something. He simply says "I'm only here for protection, talk to the dealer." Savegame (Oops, that's an omission on my part. The text is there but it wasn't being used. Fixed in unreleased update. -killap)
  • FIXED (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) The player helped Mom open up her orphanage. After some days, when the orphanage is up and running, the player visits Bobby and tells him that he can live there. Bobby is excited and... just stands there. (Screenshot) Maybe (if possible), the game could take into account, that the orphanage is already open and Bobby could run across the street and enter the building? As it is now, it feels not very convincing. Savegame (Ah, you talked to him once it was already setup, not after telling Mom but before they finished renovating. Well, in any event there isn't a bug here because Bobby says that he needs to pack his things before going. Maybe you missed this line? I've tweaked it so that he always says this before any of his other pre-move floats. Tweaked in unreleased update. -killap)
  • FIXED (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) In Becky's basement, there is a Bookshelf which you can search. Everything works okay so far. Here's the issue: If you search (hand icon) the bookshelf at it SE corner (see screenshot) the character goes into "crouch & pick up"-animation and you get a message about being at your max. carry weight. There is no item there, but it seems like the character tries to pick up something. I hope, you know, what I'm talking about?! Savegame That stuff happens in Fallout 1 as well, and I've personally tried making it so that the right part of a shelf cannot be interacted with to avoid this bug. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 03:17, July 8, 2014 (UTC) (Yeah, Breakin'Benny is right, this is a scenery issue that exists in the game. I've tweaked the map to address this. I know there are other instances of this, so let me know. Fixed in unreleased update. -killap)
  • There is DCBLKJCK script for Blackjack in Den's casino in vanilla Fallout 2 (working, but never used).
  • Win7, RP 2.3.3 installer version, GoG) When you get the quests "Get car part for Smitty" and "Destroy Rebecca's still" they show up in the Pipboy. But after a while I noticed (before completing them) that the quests no longer were on the Pipboy. When I completed them, they still weren't on the Pipboy (I thought maybe they would show up again crossed off but didn't). (It's not a bug. You just need to click the small up/down arrows next to "STATUS" button to scroll the quest list. Both quests should be listed in the next page. --NovaRain (talk) 15:07, April 28, 2015 (UTC)  (Savegame please)
  • (Windows XP SP3, RP 2.3.3) As a dumb character, you get a 'non-stupid' dialogue tree when talking to Joshua from BOS.
  • - Win 7 Pro, RP 2.3.3 Full, GoG & Steam version, US and FR (tested) -  In Metzger's bedroom, there is a bug with the 40x cal.12 ammo stack we found in his office. When you pick them up one by one, the first stack is an invisible cal.12 "0x". It shows "zero". And the 40x ammunition are still in his office. After collecting everything, the stack of "0x cal.12" disappears. Look at screenshots and savegame : [Screen 1 ], [Screen 2 ], Screen 3 , Savegame.
  • Node006, line 545: [gsay_reply(53, 530);]. I'm pretty sure this should refer to {540} not 530 (i.e. this is “a second chance” after the character improved the sex-rating, see Node994 which checks for rating, gender & CH separately). In this regard it should also be noted that the difference between “CH 6 or more” and a “sex-rating of 5 or more” is miniscule (i.e. CH6 is a rating of 3, add to it EN4 (whih is +1) & AG 8 and it's a rating of 5). And that it may make sense to adjust the requirements to “CH 6+” and a “rating of 7 or more”. See [timed_event_p_proc], line 463 (floater response after the first time) & Node994, 655 (requirement for another time), both check for 5 or more and may switch to 7 or more. This would not only play out the rejection scenario more often (which is funny) but would also be a neat eco fix (as repeating requires a rating of 7 which is more of a commitment).
  •, Node045 is missing: [game_time_advance(get_critter_stat(dude_obj, 2) * random(1, 3) * (60 * 10));]. Add it after line 1110: [variable LVar0:= 0;]. Note: normally the randomizer seems to be between 4 to 8 (not 1 to 3) but this is a quick one and 5 to 15 minutes in average (aka with EN5) may be more fitting.

Dr. Sheng Hideout[]

  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, Humongous installation) Plant-things in a lab are attacking me through closed doors. Savegame-Mirak (Yup, but I have no idea why. None of the shoot-through flags are set. -killap)

Enclave Oil Rig[]

  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, humongous installation) Should it display like this? Screenshot-Mirak (Sadly yes. We would have to recreate all that scenery to support higher resolutions. -killap)
  • (RP 2.3.3) -Playing as a dumb character and having K-9 in my party, when I talk to him, I only get some generic answers instead of options to leave him behind etc. This is quite an issue in Enclave since you can't enter lower floors with him without being attacked. The only workaround is to kill K-9. Savegame -Ewil
  • (Tech info: Windows 7 x64 bit, Fallout 2 v. 1.02.31, US English, FRP version 2.3.3, Windows, Steam Installer) New EPA Companion Cat Jules seems to have a couple of bugs at Oil Rig: he can walk through locked blast doors which open only when you blow up the reactor, when he does it you get a game message something like "You can't find a way how to open this door". He also gets no damage from the electrified floor at Puzzle Room, even though every other "original" companion recieve appropriate damage. I didn't test it with other EPA companions though, might give it a try. - Bluetech (savegame please)
  • (RP 2.3.3) -qcmartin.msg -{153}{}{That's okay. I already helped myself to a GECK from our vault. Let me ask you something else.} -Should it really be our vault? -Ewil
  • (Tech info: Windows 7 64-bit full installation. Fallout 2 English GOG version 1.02.31 RP 2.3.3 installer) After killing Frank Horrigan and exiting the oil rig through the door and down the stair, the game will play the cutscene of the ship leaving the oil rig, loop back, and play it again before kicking me back to the main menu screen. The slideshow for various endings does not play...HOWEVER, if I exit to the VERTIBIRD PAD the endings play. If I try to continue my game by exiting the VERTIBIRD PAD, I am treated to another cutscene of the ship, a quick look at my character standing down stairs and then to the main menu. I am unable to keep playing. Savegame(You are doing it wrong, the exit door is behind Frank Horrigan. What happens when you go to those other exits is that you die because the oil rig explodes with you still on it. I guess it could be clearer. That said, those are two bugs that should be fixed. Killap, could you add the following code last in the map update procedure of the encdoc script to fix exiting to the vertibird entrance?
        if (global_var(498) != 0) then begin
            Enclave_Countdown_Variable := game_time - global_var(498);
            if (Enclave_Countdown_Variable >= (10 * (60 * 10))) then begin
                metarule(13, 0);

    It won't affect the normal exit as far as I could see, as you then are sent to San Fran instead of the oil rig docks, but you could add an elevation check to be sure. The double explosion movies happen because "play_gmovie(11)" is not only in the encfite script but also in encdet. No need for the last one. -Darek)
  • (Windows 10, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) I've ordered all my followers to wait for me near the entrance of enclave oil-rig (the first map when you land to Enclave oil-rig) (and yes, I forgot there would be no chance to return to that map) thus they are 'dead' as I can't get to the oil-rig after completing the game. Maybe it would be better if they were brought to the San Fran entrance to Valdez just like the Chosen One if the player decides to continue playing after end-game?


  • CONFIRMED Cannot reach the entry area of EPA to get back to the world map, because it doesn't want to let me scroll down to it. You need to have the resolution patch installed, which is default with the RP installer. You can still play at 640x480 though. :-)
  • NOT BUG (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, Humongous installation) Plant sprays don't stack. Screenshot (Haven't used them yet.) -Mirak (It's because they have scripts attached to them and thus are treated as different items. Engine issue. -killap)
  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, humongous installation) Possibly nothing can be done about this, but holograms show on motion sensor. (Robots probably have some biological parts, so that's fine.) -Mirak (Yeah, it picks up any critter, even holograms. Could be fixed if they were added as scenery objects, but meh, this is minor. We'll just say they have some biological parts. -killap)
I have a theory that these people in the holograms uploaded their consciousness to the computers, probably in case someone (like you, wonderful explorer!) were to discover the pre-War complex and possibly start it up again. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 17:51, November 10, 2014 (UTC)
  • NOT BUG FRP 2.3.3 It is intentional, but still I'd like to ask: why prevent non-human NPCs from climbing down the rope to the underground facilities, when they can climb everywhere else in the game? Witness Navarro, Modoc, Gecko, etc. - everywhere where you encounter ladders/rope. Though totally logical, this does not fit at all in the overall game logic. Just wanted to share my opinion on this particular issue. Thanks.  (Savegame please)
  • (Tech info: Windows XP, Fallout 2 version 1.02.31, US English, FRP version 2.3.3, Windows, GOG version, installed every feature that were in the installer, also installed ECCO gameplay overhaul) When I try to enter EPA area for the first time, everything appears correct, but when I try to save, then load the game or leave and enter again, game crashes and I can't see what actually caused it. Actually, I managed to take screenshot of crash message, posting it in .rar with savegames. -Bocian
  • CONFIRMED Win 7 Pro, RP 2.3.3 Full, GoG & Steam version, US and FR (tested) - There is an issue with text options with Autodecs. A line to exit the dialog is not always displayed correctly. The line sometimes displays "error" instead of "On second thought, I don't really have time for this right now." See screenshot 1; screenshot 2; and  save file near autodecs.The concerned file is epai37.msg ; the error does not seem to be related to the text file. (epai37.msg is missing a line for id 418. It should be:
    {417}{}{Alter Hairstyle (Red Hair).}
    {418}{}{On second thought, I don't really have time for this right now. Bye.} --NovaRain (talk) 13:37, February 18, 2018 (UTC))


  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) The "Access Tunnels"-map (The Brain's hideout) can not be accessed directly via the town map. Is this intentional? Screenshot (With rather strange places like "down the john" in Modoc that are accessible, I think, this map should be available, too. (You can try hitting a number key to go to different places, too. You can end up in spots that surprisingly have spawnpoints for entering 'from the worldmap'... I do personally find it troublesome having to go through the guards instead of right into Vault 8 as well, this quick feature was probably not yet finished since people could go to the Den Residential and even the Chop Shop in vanilla easily. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 11:36, July 15, 2014 (UTC))
  • 2.3.3 When a ghoul working in the reactor is told to turn the valve off, Harold's dialogue seems bugged. He still talks about hydro-magnetic thing and saving the place from ruin after the meltdown.  (Please, a savegame and the specs of the game and platform)
  • 2.3.3 Not sure if it is a bug - but doesn't it look weird that the ghouls turn hostile on the player after the meltdown, even in case no combat took place inside the reactor? How could they be sure that the player did it, especially if the player told the technician to turn the valve?  (As said in the beginning of the page, savegame and specs!) All the guards in the reactor say unambiguously "If anything goes wrong in here, we're holding any non-ghouls-- like you-- responsible."
  • (Windows 10, GOG Version, UP 1.2.31.) Festus dialog has a typo. The line says "It needs to be done now. And you're the only person that can do it right. Come on, all Gecko depends on you!". It should be "all of Gecko". Prisoner416 (talk) 05:48, November 9, 2015 (UTC)
  • (Win7, Fallout 2 GER/Steam, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Skeeter ask me about giving him the super tool in exchange for the car part when I first talked to him, without makeing me that offer in the first place. --Modgamers (talk) 21:10, November 20, 2015 (UTC)
  • - Win 7 Pro, RP 2.3.3 Full, GoG & Steam version, US and FR (tested) - In Gecko, when yout meet Lenny for the first time, he holds 10mm ammo in his hand. And he's got the gun in his inventory. The 2 items are inverted. Please look at the screenshot : Lenny weapon bug.

Hubologist Stash[]

  • (Win 7 SP1 64bit, F2 retail, RP 2.3.3) -The front metal door can be opened with just ONE dynamite, yet the description of the door says it requires several direct explosions to be blown. Also, when you try to lockpick the door, there is no message of failure or so.Savegame-Ewil
  • (Win 7 SP1 64bit, F2 retail, RP 2.3.3) -Both "sewer holes" actually have this description: "{14001}{}{It looks like an access hole for the sewer system.}", which is nonsense since there is no sewer.Savegame-Ewil


  • (Windows 7 Ultimate, GOG version, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Klamath does not have an ending. (It's not bugged. Klamath never has an ending even in vanilla game, so there's nothing to "restore." --NovaRain (talk) 15:55, July 12, 2014 (UTC))
  • FIXED (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) The text when using the traps skill on the trap on Vic's door seems to be inconsistent with addressing the player. It's "you" vs. "player name". Screenshot (Vanilla bug. Good find. This actually affects 64 door scripts in the game, which probably equates to more than 64 doors having this problem. Fixed in unreleased update. -killap)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When you talk to Maida Buckner for the first time you can immediately ask her about Sulik. Problem here is, that you can do so without ever having heard about/seen Sulik before. Maybe this issue could be tackled by just having two short lines before like: player: "Who's that guy over there?" - Maida: "He's called Sulik." - player: "Tell me about Sulik." As it is now, the player immediately gets to say "tell me about Sulik", which doesn't make sense. No Savegame, since it doesn't help explaining this?! (Would it help to just ask about "that guy"? Maida's dialogue could be reflected to responding towards him, like "Sulik?" and then yadda about him. -Breakin'Benny)
  • FIXED (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) In the canyon of Klamath there is some inconsistency going on: The body next to the wreck is identified as "person in strange type of armor". This makes sense, because the player character has probably never seen power armor before. However, the crashed Vertibird, it is identified as a "crashed Vertibird". These two issues right next to each other don't harmonize. Either, both the Vertibird and the power armor should be called by their real names, or the Vertibird could be called "strange vehicle" or something similar. Screenshot (You make a good point. Keeping mystery around the vehicle, since it's so early in the game, would be my personal choice. EDIT: It just occurred to me that once you come back here and know about these things, it would be odd for it to still say "strange mechanical machine". Same with the "strange armor" text. Having it change though is difficult because there is no way easy way to confirm the player actually knows what power armor is, and this is made even more difficult if we had to do this for the *first* time the player learns of them. Hmm, perhaps since the original devs clearly intended there to be mystery around what's all going on there, then we should change the vertibird description and call it a day. It's certainly intended for first time players and there is no reason to ever return to this spot anyway once you know what is going on. -killap)
  • FIXED (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When guarding the Brahmin with Torr, the Dunton's are standing there and watch the scene. After killing the first radscorpion, the player approaches them. They ask him if he wants to do a job for them. Player agrees. Duntons tell him to beat it. Savegame - Is this supposed to happen? Shouldn't they actually give the player a job or not mention it the first place? This seems wrong... (Heh, wow alright this has been reported probably a dozen times and I always shrug it off. I agree it feels wrong and I've seen this type of behavior in numerous RPGs. I always chuckle because I'm like, welp, that was an obvious skill/whatever check that I failed. It does feel sloppy and I'm going to finally address it. In addition, it looks like I had reversed the checks when I added the Cult of Personality perk to the Duntons long ago. Both addressed in unreleased update. -killap)
  • NOT BUG (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Another issue when guarding the Brahmin: Not all of the small scorpions here drop small radscorpion tails. At least one drops the regular tail, which is probably an oversight. Savegame (I see the big tail in your inventory, but it doesn't match your situation. There are 7 dead bodies. You already have 2 small tails in your inventory and 2 of the 7 corpses have missing tails, which presumably are the 2 in your inventory. The 5 remaining corpses still have small tails on them. So it looks like you already had that large tail in your inventory. -killap)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 Steam Install latest as July 2014 (no idea what version, English), RP 2.3.3 installer version ) Cannot start "Guard the brahmin" quest. Talked with Torr when I arrived at Klamath, declined his request. Now after that cannot start the quest again, doesn't show any dialog option. Savegame (If you decline his request directly at the first time you talk to him, he won't ask your help any more. If you just want to do the quest later, you have to agree to help but say you can't do it now. I suppose it was intended. --NovaRain)(Well, there is a problem "Talk to Maida Buckner and ask about what's going on in town. She'll mention that someone is rustling Brahmin. Next, accept Torr's job to help him guard the Brahmin or do the shady work for the Dunton brothers." I cannot accept Torr's job obviously and I cannot do the same with Duntons due to good karma, so the quest is just stuck in my list - bug reporter) (This is probably not relevant anymore, but you can arm wrestle with the Duntons to lower your town reputation a bit. That should let you do the job for them.' - Darek)'
  • (RP 2.3.3 full, GOG, FreeBSD, Wine 1.7.28) It looks as though there's a transparent section of wall in Trapper Town. To reproduce, take the following save file and enter combat mode. One of the rats on the other side of the wall is red. I think the hole might be where the mattress scenery is, up against the wall, although I'm not sure. -merenbach
  • (RP 2.3.3 full, GOG, FreeBSD, Wine 1.7.28) When Slim is asked about Golden Geckos (after training), he mentions Smiley the Trapper and says, "But I tell you one thing; Mrs. Buckner's heart..." The semicolon between "thing" and "Mrs." should be a full colon, as in, "But I tell you one thing: Mrs. Buckner's heart", since he's telling us what he's going to say and then saying it, rather than separating similar clauses or items in a list. -merenbach
  • (Win7, Fallout 2 GER/Steam, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Refuel the still-Quest: I bartered Whiskey Bob to give me 65$ instead of the initial 50$, but just got the initial sum after completeing the quest. --Modgamers (talk) 09:18, November 18, 2015 (UTC)

Mariposa Military Base[]

  • (Win7 64-bit, Fallout 2 GOG version US 1.02, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Another problem with "object-out-of-range"; there's a stack of boxes close to the elevator here in the dark corner that is out of reach because of the rocks in the way. Savegame --Breakin'Benny (talk) 22:06, September 12, 2014 (UTC)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) On the first sublevel, there is another stack of boxes not reachable. (A savegame would be useful too) Screenshot


  • (WinXP, Fallout 2 GOG version, RP 2.3.3 installer version) After selection of +1 PE perk, I was able to get the quest of bringing back Johny from ghost farm. The quest is not in pip boy and neither dog nor Johny himself are willing to acompany me although Johnys gun is in the inventory. Additionally, I spoked with Johny earlier than getting quest from Balthas with no result as well, so maybe here is the issue. (Tomas)  (Savegame sent by e-mail, use mentats from the inventory first,please) I'm having the exact same problem/situation. Specs are similar enough to Tomas's that it's irrelevant. "Email savegame" doesn't seem like an applicable solution for me. Sorry if my formatting is off I don't know the protocol here. Please don't just erase this I really need some help here. I took jet to increase perception but after completing the dialogue options that should give me the quest to get johnny (since I had already found him) nothing was added to my pip-boy. Additionally, speaking with Balthas again opens up the same dialogue options as if I had never asked about his son. (Mason)(Talking to Johnny before getting the quest to find him sets a variable that make it impossible to get the quest. To fix it download this script and put it "wherever you installed the game"\data\Scripts folder. You won't be able to get the dog, nor should you, as it doesn't fit in the dialog structure and you already know where Johnny is so you don't need him. -Darek)
 @ killap, in procedure Node025 of mcBaltha.ssl, add the following at the top:

	if (global_var(693) < 1) then begin

		set_global_var(693, 1);

  • (Win7, Fallout 2 GOG version US 1.02, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When you blow up the underground in the outhouse and the Chosen One survives, he/she always lies down until one were to move somewhere. Could this be fixed by forcing the get-up animation after successfully evacuating? --Breakin'Benny (talk) 13:41, July 22, 2014 (UTC)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) In the chicken shack, there is a deathclaw-egg, which toggles the speech-icon, when hovering with the cursor over it. Screenshot & Savegame. (AFAIK, any living egg can be "talked" with, even if they don't display any outline in combat. There are many similar eggs in the infested cargo of the tanker in San Francisco. --NovaRain)
  • (XP, GOG, RP 2.3.3 installer, mapper thing) You can effortlessly loot all the shelves in the general store, getting all of Jo's inventory. This should probably be adressed somehow.  (No you can't, he is keeping watch over his stock. But as with all other merchants he is limited by his line of sight, so if you pass a sneak check or more likely one of your NPCs are blocking his view, then you can steal his stuff. -Darek) 
  • (XP, GOG, RP 2.3.3 installer, mapper thing) Slight thing, there's is an unscripted dog standing in the same spot right next to the chicken coop just confusing me every time I come there. It looks like it was placed there by accident while whoever was making the map was putting the guard dogs down. If there has to be a random scriptless dog in Modoc, could you move him pls? Or if not, just remove him?
  • 2.3.3 Not sure if it's just a single case or others encounter it as well - but after releasing the chicken, if the player returns to the map and escapes down the outhouse to reappear again, the map has a couple of random townspersons, blabbing about the drought as usual.  (Please, a savegame and the specs of the game and platform) 
  • (Windows 7 32-bit starter, FO2 1.02 US steam, RP 2.3.3 Installer (default selection) Asking Sulik to wait in modoc can cause him to not rejoin. I haven't tested every combination, but it does occur when I have both laddie and bess following them with a CH7. I shot Bess and he re-joined, so he seems to be counting them. I have completed the umbra tribe and have vic as well who doesn't have this problem. This seems like a medium at least now that NPCs can be crippled in the outhouse and if you just don't like having to shoot cows. Savegame (It's a "too many party members" thing and it does affect Vic too. Is there a possibility to not count Bess and Laddie in the party members check? -Darek)

Ghost Farm[]

  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) At least one of the kids here obviously has the wrong floating text. It talks like the kids in Klamath! Screenshots Savegame


  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7 64-bit, Fallout 2 GOG version 1.02.30, US English, FRP version 2.3.2, Windows, Full). In the bottom-left corner of the Navarro base, there's a black bit where ground should be that also has a little bit of minor glitchiness on the ground if the cursor is moved over them. It's not bad, but could be related to the Resolution mod like when it was possible to get access to Broken Hills' Liz's supplies in her shop, stored in offscreen containers...Breakin'Benny (talk) 18:00, July 5, 2014 (UTC) (Hmm, it looks like we have reached the map size limit and with how the new edges work in the high-res patch, I don't see a good way to solve this without cutting some area of the map around the top left turret. I'm going to leave it as is for now, since seeing this small black segment takes a bit of effort. -killap)
  • 2.3.3. Chris still initiates the same dialogue, over and over again each time you approach him, after arriving to this map. He acts as if he doesn't know you at all. I though this was fixed a while ago. (Please, a savegame and the specs of the game and platform) 
  • 2.3.3 This is a somewhat tricky issue, but still: if you get inside the armory through any of the manholes and take a hold on the Enclave armor, put it on and then reappear inside the base everything's OK, till you try to get past the gates from inside, in which case the guards turn hostile. Similarly, if you get back to the gas station wearing the new armor and try to get past the gates from outside, you are stopped by the guards in the regular manner, as if you aren't wearing their unique armor. I mean, shouldn't there always be a neutral reaction from the guards if you have the Enclave armor equipped, i.e. them thinking that you're a regular soldier? (You forgot to add a signature. Anyway, I find that the gate guard shooting one of their own is because he doesn't want anyone who doesn't have the password [Sheepshead] in their area, as they could be suspects of being spies...the funny thing is, what if someone legitimate though didn't have the pass tried to leave? I agree that this seems a little odd, especially that the gate guard would indeed think it is weird that one of their own soldiers happens to not know the password, but how can he be certain? He says nobody gets IN-side without a pass, but what about out of Navarro? --Breakin'Benny (talk) 09:55, October 5, 2014 (UTC))

New Reno[]

  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When assassinating boss Salvatore, he (Salvatore) has a very long sequence where he slowly suffocates. When the player compresses time (aka resting) during this sequence, it does have NO effect. Probably an engine issue, but it still would have been a nice feature to be able to skip this sequence. (Please, a savegame and the specs of the game and platform) 
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Player visited Renesco and offered him the spectacles from the scorpion in Broken Hills. When Renesco asks if the player wants a reward, the player choose the answer with reference to The Godfather. As a result, he is rewarded with +5 and +3 to Karma. Probably, it should just be +8. Screenshot and Savegame (after)
  • (2.3.3 RP, XP, GoG, installer, mapper job) The upstairs of the Mordino casino have 3 erronous blockers causing the wall to be shoot through in one place and targeting/line of sight weirdness in a hallway. I've fixed it on my side easily (you do have to delete a wall segment or two and put them back to access the weird ones), and there might be other such moments on this map. There are 2 pointless wall blockers where the purple X is, and a misplaced scenery blocker you can shoot through where the circle is. Pic here
  • 2.3.3 RP, Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, GOG version, installer version) The boxers in New Reno cannot make hook punches while fighting in the ring, and I know what the problem is; the 'thrust' attack mode for the Special Boxer Weapon has its range set to zero, preventing that attack mode from being usable. (This is shared with the uranium ore in vanilla FO2) --Breakin'Benny (talk) 04:40, August 20, 2014 (UTC)
  • EDIT: Also, looking at the placeholder items for the boxer appearance, can't they instead only use the HM/HFBOXX code (placeholder for females is currently that of metal armor) rather than seperate items for specifically-styled characters? HMBOXX is alright, but an additional character for other player critters (ex. HMBOXC) is not efficient. _HMBOXX is for the Hero Appearance mod. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 05:25, August 20, 2014 (UTC)
  • (2.3.3 RP, Windows XP 32bit, GoG Fallout 2, installed boxer models) I've been experiencing massive slowdown in some New Reno areas, most notably Mordino Casino and Boxing (only happens in a fight). The mouse goes unresponsive, doesn't change cursor and doesn't register clicks. It always happens with boxing, and it doesn't extend to the menu (so if I press esc. mouse works normally). The characters also move jerkily, choppily and very slow. I've got a few mods on so I can't send a save game, but nothing that should be affecting this. Only posting it in case it's something to do with RP, so it's easier to confirm if someone else reports it. Have tried playing with the resolution patch, nothing seems to fix it. UPDATE: An installation without the boxer models fixes it for boxing, so there is something deffinitely wrong with it.
  • The page here means you shouldn't use *external* mods (mods not included in the RP or unofficial patch) on top of the Restoration Project before reporting here, specify what mods you are using...either way, I've had it in very rare cases even without any other mods on; I thought it was because there were too many animations going on so I lowered it to around 64 in the ddraw.ini. You might've also noticed a report I made above your one; I can see that they're using "HMBOXC", "HMBOXB" and even "HMBOXH", obviously inefficient and doesn't go well with the Hero Appearance mod. Such lag could also probably happen in San Fransisco! --Breakin'Benny (talk) 10:43, August 26, 2014 (UTC)
  • (2.3.3 RP, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, GOG FO2) There are 2 shelves blocked by girls in the Cat's Paw which cannot be reached, savegame by Breakin'Benny... Like always, everyone else is so lazy...could the ladies in the upper-left part be moved to the left of the beds?
  • (Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02 GOG, RP 2.3.3 install version) This is technically not a bug, but Louis Salvetore's death when he's assassinated the subtle way(s) through super-stim or stealing his oxygen mask is not very realistic; he slumps to the floor, with blood visible. Can this be changed to be like when silently killing Senõr Mordino, in which he really does fall over but without any blood at all? Breakin'Benny (talk) 04:10, July 28, 2014 (UTC) - PS: Should we also have an extra note saying it's OK if we bug reporters think about making earlier save before even going into towns we've never been to before? Because, that way, someone could simply re-load the previous save so they can still play properly with a new version of the Restoration Project.
  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, Humongous installation) I'm not sure if anything can be done about this, but you can buy Monte's cards via barter and then he still whines about losing the cards. Cards should be stealable, but not tradeable. (But of course, if you steal them and then sell them to him... Vicious circle...) -Mirak (Yeah, there isn't a good way to solve this. Ideally, you couldn't ever buy/sell that item to him, but that's not possible with the engine. Oh well. Well, on second thought there might be a relatively easy solution, but honestly this is just too minor. -killap)
  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, humongous installation) Secret transactions quest. Once I got here, three of the Salvatore's guards go immediately towards the exit grid. I think the cause of this is that I have watched that transaction earlier with Wright's kids and game acts as though the transaction's already over. I faintly remember that I've noticed this in vanilla a long time ago too, ahh good times. Savegame -Mirak (Yeah, this scenario kinda sucks and is an oversight on the devs part. If you go to the transaction via Salvatore, then you can't go there via the kids (fixed by me), but if you first go via the kids, then you can still go to it via Salvatore. And you need to go to it via Salvatore if you want to join his family. Eh. -killap)
  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7, Fallout 2 version 1.02.28, US English, FRP version 2.2, Windows, Humongous installation) Lloyd quest. Go with Lloyd to Golgotha, let him dig and send him down the manhole. Go after him, kill him, save the game, load the game and Lloyd's body disappears. Savegame -Mirak (Interesting. I can confirm what you say and it also looks like any body disappears down there too. Not sure why this is happening though. -killap) (The engine automatically removes anyone that is in Party.txt, so this is no bug in it self. The question is more to remove or not to remove him from there. I don't think there is any need for him to be there, but iirc it would invalidate old saves. Same with the "chicken" in Modoc and Doc Jones in V15. I think I've mentioned this before, or maybe I just figured it wasn't important enough. -Darek)
  • CONFIRMED When you dance at the Shark Club the default female critter is used, even if you play as a red-head or blondie from the optional section in the installer. (You're wearing a wig. ;) Eh, I'd have to add new critters to the game to address this. Hmmm. -killap)
  • (Win 7 SP1 64bit, F2 retail, RP 2.3.3) -When you catch Monte cheating and then choose this option: {333}{}{That's it. You're dead.}, the dialog just ends and nothing happens. You can even talk to Monte afterwards like nothing happened.Savegame-Ewil
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) I get improper dialog option when trying to play slots. It implies my character is low intelligence while it's not true (Intelligence = 8) See the screenshot: and savegame:
  • (Win7 Ultimate with all updates, Fallout 2 1.0 UK Humongous, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Digging up Mordino's stash Myron was talking about gives -5 karma and Gravedigger. Seems to be an oversight. I forgot to save, sorry.
  • (2.33 in vista) three card monte asks for 200 gold in return for info. He takes 1000 gold instead. Tried again, dropped all but 200 gold, asked for information, accepted to pay 200 for info but this time no gold was taken, still got info (-Ms.Chelles)
  • Node988, line 1792: [if (sex_type == 701) then begin]. This should change to 703 (special), otherwise “standard” takes twice as long as special which seems wrong. P.S. I'm fairly sure line 1797: [game_time_advance(get_critter_stat(sex_partner_obj, 2) * random(4, 8) * (60 * 10));] is default and used by dude_obj and party_member_obj. At least in the tests (originally & numbers switched) it seemed as if the dude_obj EN was used (either flat or multiplied, depending on how line 1792 was set). Not sure about [set_map_var(2, 1);] though. Would change too? Does that matter? I'm also not sure if this interferes with the temporary stat boosts (probably not) (I'm not a modder ;) ), but either way, special (type 703) should take longer than standard (type 701). In fact the three "special-times" listed should be for the options (700: oral, 702: just talk, 703: special request) and then default otherwise (standard and for a friend).
  • Node034: Do move [set_global_var(358, global_var(358) + 10);] to the top, and change [if (global_var(358) >= 9) then begin / set_global_var(589, 1); / end] from >=9 to >=10. Otherwise this event fails to assign Gigolo (i.e. having sex ten times) although the condition is met. The second change is irrelevant (as it's met by default) but it's better to keep things clean (i.e. when gvar358 is adjusted first, it needs to check for 10 or more).

New California Republic[]

  • (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, GOG version, 2.3.3 installer) Is anyone getting tired of these "containers out of reach" reports yet? The food table in Dusty's Cantina's kitchen cannot be accessed because it uses a proto id that asks for a character to be to the right on it... but there's a wall in the way! You can inspect this through the FO2 Mapper, hopefully easy to solve even with hex editing to change the proto used. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 10:54, May 24, 2015 (UTC)
  • (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Fallout 2 GOG version, RP 2.3.3 installer) Yet another case of "stuff" containers that cannot be reached because of them needing a specific position for critters to use them, here's one in Frank Carlson's kitchen.
  • (Win XP, GoG Version, 2.3.3) The Brahmin drive guard will not give you a chance to take the expedition if you don't take it the first time you start conversation (and, for ex. remember that you want to save the game before you go). It doesn't look like that, and probably shouldn't be like that. (Yes, savegame please)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) A small typo at Duppo's shop: It's Stockman's (with "a") vs. Stockmen's (with "e") See Screenshot
  • (Win 7 SP1 64bit, RP 2.3.3) It seems that you can ask Merk "{131}{}{They say you're the man who ripped off my car.}", even though your car is not in NCR. I talked to Doofus beforehand (scskeete.msg), but didn't get anything from him related to stealing my stuff. - Savegame
  • (Win 7 SP1 64bit, RP 2.3.3) - I'm playing a dumb character and whenever I talk to Mikey (scmikey) and choose this: {105}{}{Gimme meat.}, the barter window shows up, but there are no items and you can't close it. The window stays open till you quit the game. Loading/saving doesn't seem to fix it. I've tried my other chars and none of them have this issue (probably since there is no similar dialog option for intelligent chars). Maybe a script problem? -Savegame
  • (Win 7 SP1 64bit, RP 2.3.3) - I'm playing an evil character and I'm a slaver and whenever I talk to Vortis and say: {121}{}{You're slaver scum! Why shouldn't I kill you?}, the dialogue just ends and I can talk to Vortis again like nothing hapenned. -Savegame
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) The computer at the entrance to the city is described as a "Vault computer terminal, hooked into the main vault computer"... which is a lie. Screenshot
  • 2.3.3 Seems that the officer at the entrance gate (when asking about entering the city at night) always finds the player "respectably looking", even despite horrible karma and every negative trait known:) Shouldn't there be a check for karma and traits here? Especially considering that the player's portrait decorates every wall? Thanks. (We've said this before, add a savegame and game specs including operating system)
  • The game crashes when trying to lock the door that leads to the bedroom inside the slavers compound in NCR. Savegame Update: NovaRain took a look at it, conversation is on the NMA forum. Thread
  • (Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, GOG version, RP 2.3.3) I've got a mixed savegame in the NCR, the thing about that is starting with Vortis; though it's not shown in this savegame because I skipped some minutes (was before around 7 AM before I rested and missed the chance to see Merk), he is inside his room that is completely open and goes hostile upon me entering whatsoever. Then, when he makes you get out of his place, the teleportation is instant instead of a fade-out-and-in like in Fallout 1 with Vance...we also have Hoss in Dusty's Cantina, who, when spoken to from the other side of the table, will surrender if you accept his challenge by standing still and draw a gun on him. Unfortunately, going closer makes him attack! If I have to be honest, it's definitely an oversight that doesn't take pulling ex. a .223 autoloader into account. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 20:14, August 27, 2014 (UTC) (For Vortis' issue, the warpPlayerOut action doesn't have fading functions. For Hoss' issue, it's not the .223 pistol not taken into account (the script check the range of weapon you're holding, I've worked on his script before for a serious crashing bug), but sounds like the aggro/line of sight problem. BTW, it's better to tell NPCs stay outside or on other maps, because when the bar fight starts they'll go attack Hoss as a normal enemy, and Hoss won't surrender as intended even if you only pull out the gun and do nothing. --NovaRain (talk) 01:35, August 28, 2014 (UTC))
  • That's why I enabled the Direct NPC control (ControlCombat which should, again, replace "ControlPartyMembers" in the ddraw.ini when v3.4 comes) for Sulik n' Cassidy, so they don't open fire and upset Dusty...hand-to-hand attacks seem OK as long as they cripple Hoss without killing him. I hate it when friends make it harder for each other, such as berkserk-o companions. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 09:16, August 28, 2014 (UTC)
  • I just realized something, can you try to make the action about him surrendering overriding his aggro behavior? If a gun is pulled on him, make it trigger the local variable normally used after beatin' him hand-to-hand. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 15:59, March 27, 2015 (UTC)
  • (Win7 Ultimate with all updates, Fallout 2 1.0 UK Humongous, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When trying to report that Vault15 wants to be friends with NCR as an IN<4(dumb) character, you can talk it out with everyone no problem, until you run into the black suit guy (Gunther?) and can't get him to let you through to Tandi(without mentats), which seems strange after being so eloquent with everyone else. Sorry, I forgot to save it.


  • (2.3.3, XP, GoG, installer) Two out of 3 raider captains (the ones in the far end of the map) don't join the fight untill they can see you which means you have to walk up to them, which is silly considering that you can have a huge firefight and loot the place and they still wouldn't move from the spot. If there is such a thing (a flag, a gvar) which alarms regular raiders it should probably be attached to the icmrccpt sript which also controls the captains. (it's not, I've checked)  (savegame please)

Ranger Safe Houses[]


  • (RP 2.3.3) When targeting Frog Morton's gang in Redding, the game says "You see a raider", but when you shoot him, the game says "Gang thug". (Please, a savegame and the specs of the game and platform) 
  • - Win 7 Pro, RP 2.3.3 Full, GoG & Steam version, US and FR (tested) - Inside The Last Gasp Saloon, with 1 follower, when "buying a round of drinks for my close friends here",  the barman ask for 0 (zero) dollar. It must come from a script because I didn't find anything in the text file. (I thinks it was a "10".) Look at the screenshots and savegame : Screen 1, Screen 2 , Screen 3,Savegame. --> This allowed me to discover a bug with prices calculation, see just below :
  • - Win 7 Pro, RP 2.3.3 Full, GoG & Steam version, US and FR (tested) - Related with the above bug. I have another save with a few companions and another main character for that. And I will explain by giving examples : When "buying  rounds of drinks for friends", with 1 follower, the bartender asks 5 dollars. With 2 followers, he asks 10, etc. It's 5 (or another amount depending of a lot of stuff)... So, it's 5 per person. But the player is not included in the calculation. Then, what the bartender asks  and what the player pay is not matching. In this example, when the bartender asks 5, the player pays 10, bartender asks 10, the player pays 15, etc... In addition, no matter how many followers there are, none of them have beer in their inventory or become drunk. And the player always get only one beer in his inventory. A small extra : when paying 5 to the bartender, he wins only 3. Finally, when "buying a round for everyone here", the bartender asks 50, player pay 50 (Price is right !), but bartender only wins 20. Look at the screens, and this second savegame with a few more companions and another main character :SavegameScreen A ,Screen B ,

San Francisco[]

  • 2.3.3 During the fights in the ring the player usually gets injured. However, in the intervals between fighting different opponents, player's HP are restored. BUT! If any crippled limbs are gotten, they don't heal. A major disadvantage, IMHO, since you can't heal yourself, or visit a doc, like e.g. in New Reno boxing cases. Whatever the reason, I believe it's a bug, since if the player's being "attended to" between combats, crippled limbs should definitely be addressed as well. Thanks. (BTW, this is the first time I experienced this thing in the ring, but not sure if it's due to RP, or just got lucky before). (Savegame, game specs, and Windows platform please) This is tricky, because the game is designed to make cripple injuries a serious liability requiring costly visits to doctors. One trouble then is whether the Chosen One was already crippled when the fight started-- if so, automatic healing of cripple wounds would be giving a "freebie."  Also, blindness in particular is meant to be a very serious problem, and only a few doctors heal blindness. So healing blindness the Chosen One had before the fight started would be a "super-freebie." It's easy to set a flag recording whether the Chosen One was crippled when the fight started, and if not to heal crippling injuries incurred during the fights. This ignores a larger issue, though-- the challenges are meant to be sport, and during the fights the damage to HP is intended to simulate nonlethal exhaustion rather than real injury. The healing of HP in between fights is intended to simulate "resting in one's corner" for a few minutes. This whole process is tracked with HP only because the game engine used in the first Fallout games has no other way to simulate nonlethal damage (many other games do this with an "energy bar" that is separate from a "life" bar). A crippling injury suffered during a challenge, then, represents a "real" injury and that's simply one of the risks involved in contact sports-- and therefore these cripple wounds should not be healed, since they're more than mere exhaustion. If we were to say crippling wounds during the challenges should be healed, then we would also have to say that any fighters killed in the ring should also be "resurrected," because they were "really" just knocked out. However, the awarding of combat kill XP indicates that these fallen did suffer a permanent condition-- they died-- and therefore the Chosen One too should have the possibility of real and permanent damage (crippling wounds). Overall, we can say these fights suffer from poor design, because an important gameplay mechanic (simulation of nonlethal damage) is not clearly communicated to the player-- but that's not a bug (malfunction). --Endocore
  • FIXED (RP 2.3.3) -It seems that aimed "Piercing kick" doesn't show how many AP it costs (10). [1]-Ewil (The game can't display any AP cost above 9 properly. Engine issues. UPD: Fixed in sfall 4.2.1 --NovaRain (talk) 01:59, November 5, 2019 (UTC))
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fcrocman.msg -{134}{}{Go down that elevator and talk to AHS-7 at the guard post. He'll direct you accordingly.} -There is no elevator, only spiral stairs. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fcgunmer.msg -{102}{}{This is a rotund Shi who looks like he's running on permanent overdrive.} -The character model doesn't match this description. He should look like Vic or so. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -I've completed the game and whenever I go to Hubologist base (the map with space shuttle), the game always crash. I've been there previously and had no issues back then, so no idea what's wrong now. Note my PC is a bit cheated, but like I said, no problem till I completed the game. -Ewil Savegame(- 14.05.2018 : Hello. Same here. The game crashes when trying to get back to the hubologists after you killed them. I wonder if it's not a language issue... because I didn't have the issue during my last game.What language did you use ? -Dr Gast
  • (RP 2.3.3) - new game file in 2.3.3.  SAVEGAME In front of Dragon.  Start challenge.  FIGHT appears on screen but combat does not begin and player is stuck in arena forever. This challenge and all the other fights generally work as intended. Occassionally there will be a problem, usually based on a player action which interrupts the automated process such as saving/loading in the ring or manually starting/ending combat. The best advice is to save the game before talking to Dragon or Lo Pan to challenge them, that way if something unfortunate occurs during the fight you don't need to replay anything. Endocore (talk) 12:57, August 9, 2019 (UTC) The save provided won't start the combat no matter what. I have tried going and driving around for a few days and trying again, it's the same challenging either Lo-Pan or the Dragon. The scripts to handle the special fight rules don't load, and in the same save I have Prizefighter. I can restart obvs but if this is repeatable won't I just hit it again? 

Sierra Army Depot[]

  • 2.3.3 The punching bags are supposed to give +5 each to Unarmed, which is also writen in the message box. However, my character recieved +4. (the Unarmed stat was 200%, maybe that's the issue? Still looks weird) (If you tagged Unarmed, you'll only get 4% bonus, which is normal for engine internal calculation. --NovaRain)  (A savegame to check how the data is being saved would help)
  • 2.3.3 Using Repair skill on bots, sometimes gives you the following message - "you completely repair the bot" and you recieve 75 XP. Why is that happening? As far as I remember, the normal thing was recieving 200 XP. for disabling the bots, nothing to do with repairing them. (Not bugged. That's just because you failed the repair check. It's better to check Per's guide before reporting bug findings. --NovaRain)
  • The last sentence of the Sierra Mission Statement on the pipboy is outside the border of the screen. I'm playing with a 1280*720 resolution. Screenshot
  • (RP 2.3.3 & UP 1.02.31) The organ extractor failed to extract brains from companions. There are also several issues regarding the organ extractor. Here's the discussion thread on NMA, along with Endocore's fix/tweak. --NovaRain (talk) 08:32, November 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • 2.3.3 Equipping cybernetic brain for Skynet only gives stats similar to the human brain. (It should have higher melee damage, Small Guns, and Unarmed than the human brain version. But yeah, its IN is only 5 in the base proto (, only jumps to 10 after gaining a level. And its armor stats are lower in Lv2~Lv6 protos, that doesn't make much sense IMO. --NovaRain (talk) 01:58, December 3, 2015 (UTC))(It does make sense if you consider how the armor works for most critters, they stamped the wrong one :) -Darek)

Slaver Camp[]

  • (Any specs, checkable in Mapper2) The big shelves in the main room at the main shack have an empty part, and both the shelf with the loot and the table with the loot can be accessed without interference from the raiders. They contain quite some goodies including a motion sensor way before you're supposed to have one if you find the camp without killing Metzger. I've fixed this internally by using a variant of the NCR locker script (as you get the quest to clean the camp out in NCR from the Rangers), attaching it to both the shelf and the table, and adjusting the slaver and map script to include a tweaked warning mechanism used for NCR guards. It's all checkable in the Mapper2.


  • A bug appeared? I'm alone, and I only seem to be able to break down the console in the first room. In the second and third room at the *beeping* consoles, I cannot use science. It just says "you see rusty machinery" when clicking normally, and "you failed to learn anything" when using science. I watched videos of other people, who seem to have no problems with this part. I have science 160% so I cannot imagine what could be done? (No savegame and specs of your machine were specified, where are they?)(I see no bug here. When you have already broken the first console, you are no longer allowed to interact with the other ones. -Darek)
  • 2.3.3 It seems that the only way to get proper results from disarming the sub is through science and repair. Still, wouldn't it be a logical way to add the dynamite solution as well for less smart players? After all, the player needs to put the mechanisms out of shape, thus this should theoreticaly be a viable way too. Thanks.(There are ways for less smart "players", uhm I mean characters. You can use a crowbar on the first console (no skill required), or use an unarmed explosive on the torpedo propulsion system. -Darek)
  • CONFIRMED 2.3.3 Once disabling the submarine then killing the dock guard, the quest becomes active again, preventing you from leaving with the tanker. Since you can't re-enter the submarine, this makes the game impossible to finish. (It's still possible to enter the submarine by lockpicking or blowing up the hatch and disable the system again. It's fixed in the unofficial update to the FO2 RP (check the build artifact or wait for v29) --NovaRain (talk) 09:46, 12 November 2023 (UTC))

Umbra Tribe (Primitive Tribe)[]

  • Could be raw fish, found at Umbra fisherwomans pot cooked? I would like to use that on Mom at Den or any burning firepit/stove to cook it. Once talking about Umbra, I was not able to find the quest about weapon restocking anymore. (Tomas)  (Savegame sent by e-mail. I think weapons quest was discontinued in previous version, but am curious about the fish)
  • Small typo in the conversation with the Trader. 'Have you ever heard of little item called....' should be 'Have you ever heard of a little item called....'. Screenshot
  • RP 2.3.3, Win7 Ultimate, GOG version:You can barter with Nessa's spirit and if you do so, her gray skin tone will not be there in the right hand corner. (My explanation would be the Barter menu cannot keep track of "object transparency", so she does not have the Stealth Boy effect. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 18:24, June 27, 2015 (UTC))
  • (Windows XP SP3, RP 2.3.3) Playing as a dumb character, you get a 'non-stupid' text after you have fixed the well.

Vault 13[]

Vault 15[]

  • 2.3.3 Darion always says - "Here you are at last, the defender of downtrodden bla bla etc." Now, does this line look normal for someone with horrible karma and negative traits? (I, for one, think that negative karma and traits is a major factor for bugs in the game, both vanilla and FRP. Good NPC's always react right to positive karma, but situation's often different in the opposite case) Thanks. ( & RP specs...Windows platform) (I'd say this is because Darion recognizes your character [the Chosen One] as the grandchild of his father Garl's bane, so he greatly thirsts for revenge to take you down regardless. But still, it'd indeed be fine for his dialogue to adjust to bad Karma, something like "You may be a badass person like us New Khans, but we never forget the past and memories of my father's demise. Say goodnight forever!". --Breakin'Benny (talk) 08:55, September 22, 2014 (UTC)) Uh, as far as I know, Darion's no son of Garl... even though the line of yours does look cool:) But still, there's no evidence that he actually recognizes the player as a so-much-look-alike. Actually, what I think is that there should be, in case of bad Karma dude, a line concerning intrusion, i.e. that the player's not a member, etc. Thanks. ( Look at that character infobox under "family", even designer Chris Avellone confirmed it...wherever he is and whatever he's doing now. So yeah, Darion sees the Vault Dweller in the Chosen One's face. Granddad/Grandma killed Garl, grandchild looks just like him/her. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 07:58, September 26, 2014 (UTC) ) Ah, that's something I didn't know. Well, then, looks like it would be best to implement your line or something similar for bad dude and all is fine. BTW, you have my thanks for looking into this and other staff as well, looks like another patch may appear some time soon, and it seems quite a lot of work for Killap to deal with, all these unattended bugs, typos etc., I mean.
  • RP 2.3.3 -bcdalia.msg -{152}{}{I don't give a radrat's ass... I'm sorry. I'm just a gun who was hired to stand here and guard this trail. Other than that, I don't know what's going on around here. I had a daughter once, though,and...yeah, some guy went by here. I let him through because he knew the proper sign...just like the  sign you gave me. Go on. I'm outta here. } -Um, what sign is she talking about? -Ewil (An imaginary sign, as in she pretends that you gave her the correct sign even though you gave her no sign. -Darek)

Vault City[]

  • Win10/RP Mod 2.33 installer/CD GER. Since delivering the booze to the Tap Room at Vault City, the patrons at Lydia's bar would turn hostile when entering (it triggers combat, which then spreads to all of VC). Is this a bug or the result of drunkenness, aka providing them with alcohol? I tested this with another character and couldn't trigger the hostility again, so I assume it's a bug. Savegame (Before the quest, everything's fine), Savegame (After the quest, hostility). Addition: I had another look at the save and it's VcBarCit that is hostile. But only on this map. The VcBarCit on the north side of VC do not trigger, nor does anyone else in VC (or in the bar). No idea what set this particular VcBarCit off? (An option is that the game erroneously assumed Lenny/Marcus are still in my party (gate trickery of removing/adding them to the party)? That may have set local_var 5 to 2 in which results in combat (although no idea why Lydia and others are not reacting to it, too?)). (Also can't tell if the male version of VcBarCit in Lydia's bar is also hostile or if it's just the female one that starts combat on sight.) Anyway, this was probably just an odd glitch, not a bug.
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When talking to Lynette after taking out the raider, there is this dialogue from her. Notice how the written text says "Now go.". However, she actually sais "Go now.". The text is reversed. Savegame (talk to her and talk about ending the raider-quest).
  • (Win7 64-bit, Fallout 2 GOG version US 1.02, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Another "right-side" item book case; In Lynette's room, the bookcase on the right makes the player character try to pick it up, but can't. Savegame
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Concerning the quest with the nearby Village (killing mole rats): The Player wants to settle the quest peacefully. He talked to The Brain and convinced him to stop attacking the VC-patrols. The player reports to council McClure. The council promises to tell Stark to stop the attack. Now the player wants to go to Connar to close the quest. On his way, he stops at the Corrections Center and talks to Stark. Here's the problem: Stark was obviously not notified by McClure and still demands you to whipe out the rats. This is a minor complain, but it still feels illogical from Stark to demand this at this point... Savegame.
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Player tries to solve the Village-Quest peacefully. Player did the following: Talk to Stark and get the quest --- talk to Connar, agree to buy guns --- talk to Ian, find out about peaceful solution --- talk to Happy Harry, buy guns anyway --- talk to McClure and start peaceful solution --- talk to Brain and repair the reactor --- talk to Brain again, convince him to stop the attack --- talk to McClure --- talk to Connar and everything seems settled. However, the quest remains active in the Pip-Boy??? Savegame
  • (Needs no info. RP 2.3.3 installer, GoG base) The floater you get when you find the Wrench under the rocks in the courtyard is yellow while the CO floaters are generally blue. Minor, and not sure if bug, but I did spot it (somehow).  (Savegame please)
  • (Win 7 SP 64bit, RP 2.3.3) - When you first meet Charlie, he has symptoms of radiation poisoning, yet when you look at him (right click - binoculars), the game actually says "He looks: Unhurt. Could this be tweaked a little bit? Savegame-Ewil (I'm afraid that's a problem related to the game checking health points for the status messages, this also happens in Fallout 1 on the dying mutant. As far as we all know, there is no way to override the "Critter looks: Status" message without having to reverse-engineer the Fallout engine... --Breakin'Benny (talk) 16:51, October 5, 2014 (UTC))
  • (Win 7 SP 64bit, RP 2.3.3) - You can get infinite karma by repeatedly talking to Mr. Smith about accepting/rejecting to help him with his plow problem. First tell him you're gonna help him and then tell him you'll do it for free, which gives you 5 karma points. Talk to him again and tell him you won't be able to get him his plow then talk to him again and you can repeat the whole process as many times as you want. -Ewil (You guys might want to check if this thing and other things reported here in all cities happens with other characters too. From an anonymous person)
  • (RP 2.3.3, Wine 1.8 on Linux Mint 17.3) After I took the scout around Gecko mission from Stark I went into Gecko to buy some 7.62mm for my new FN FAL.  I ended up talking to Gordon and when I got back to give the info to Mclure, I got a dialog line about the magnetohydrowhatchamacallit but I hadn't talked to any one about what was wrong with the plant.
  • Game is freeze right after I enter Vault City. Nothing can be done. (Wine running on Mac OS Sierra, Fallout 2 GOG, RP 2.3.3, Hi Res Patch 4.1.8). Savegame (Supposedly related to this issue and should be fixed in the unofficial update, also note that any mention of "move .map file out of the maps folder" is NOT a fix or a proper solution. --NovaRain (talk))
  • Node046a (going on a date), doesn't advance time. Donating sperm (Node037a & Node037b) does (1 hour). Perhaps add (4 hours): [game_time_advance(60 * (60 * 10) * 4);] to Node046a or Node046 but adding it to Node046a (after gfade_out) may be better.

Vault City Village[]

  • CONFIRMED (Tech info: Windows 7 64-Bit, Fallout 2 GOG version 1.02.29, US English, FRP version 2.3 (not 2.3.2), Humongous installation). My game crashes when I exit the Village (yeah, I solved the problem by killing overgrown rats and villagers and I have already taken reward). I was just revisiting the place out of curiosity and bam, a black screen appears when I try to exit. Using car or by foot - doesn't matter, I can't. Save (See NMA for discussion -killap)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) During the second quest (put village on trader route) you are teleported to the desert and meet Baron the trader. You will then be teleported back to the village. After finishing the quest and leaving the village however, you start off in the wasteland, not in the village. The character doesn't get teleported back to the village properly. (You've posted the specs, but a savegame is needed too)

Encounter Bugs[]

  • (Window 7 64-bits r.p. 2.3.3) INCOHERENT BATTLE TEXT : {528}{} {%s were critically hit for no damage} ...{5001}{}{. A serious wound is inflicted}. --> These lines should not be put together.

For the fisrt part, see also lines {527}, {577}, {578}, {627}, {628}, etc

The easy way would be to change the lines {5001} & {5101} in COMBAT.msg (No that's not a fix. If you change the lines, it will also effect the message when the target really gets hurt with critical hits. --NovaRain (talk) 03:28, February 13, 2016 (UTC)) /  14.05.2018 : If you change the lines 5001 & 5101 for something like this, it will work BOTH with or without inflicted damage, and so in any possible case (tested) --> 5001 & 5101: That's painful ! (feeling pain without being hurt) - Dr Gast

  • windows xp RP 2.3.3 installer. On 5 meeting with kaga crash occurs when you move the mouse cursor on kaga very first early in the fight. At the time of occurrence of numbers and the percentage probability of crash occurs.
  • (Windows 7 64-bit, GOG version, RP 2.3.3 installer) The dialogue with Arthur's knights does not check if you have the GECK in your inventory. It seems rather illogical to ask them about it when you already have one. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 17:04, October 12, 2014 (UTC)
  • 2.3.3 encounters FRAN_Mercenaries. Mercenary female with a lot of plasma grenades (16777471) doesn't have throwing animation and so she can't use them. (Please post a savegame and the specs of the game and platform)
  • 2.3.3 There's a random encounter found (at least) around the abbey area "Hermit and some dogs fighting mutated molerats"). The dogs just stand around, and only the hermit fights. Teams don't seem to be working. (Please post a savegame and the specs of the game and platform)
  • 2.3.3 Strangely enough, some gangs around New Reno, led by casino-bouncers'-look-alikes are not hostile towards player and are considered good NPC's, even though their floating texts highly suggest that they should engage the player just like other gangs - raiders, etc and be considered bad NPCs. (Please post a savegame and the specs of the game and platform)
I believe they should rather be considered neutral, as the mobsters who help fight off raiders and Yakuza are also there to defend New Reno from technical threats. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 12:18, July 27, 2014 (UTC)
  • (Win7, Fallout 2 GOG version US 1.02 RP 2.3.3 Installer version) I noticed in random encounters with a caravan master that shoo me (as a good Karma guy) off for doing good deeds has guards that are considered "good" by the game though they are really slave traders. Is this a bug, or a Karma trap? I've never tested to see if this is true in vice versa with *good* caravan masters, though. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 12:38, August 25, 2014 (UTC)  (Please post a savegame)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) In this encounter, there is a rug on the ground. Dead bodies on this rug can't be searched (similar to the floor tiles in front of the church in the Den in Vanilla Fallout 2). Screenshot & savegame. (A suggestion is to use the Party Orders add-on, so your character automatically picks things up if you can't seem to click on the item yourself. -Breakin'Benny)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Random encounter with "Molerats fighting mutate pig rats". It seems like this isn't a team fight, but a free-for-all. Molerats fight molerats, pig rats fight pig rats and there is even a regular rat around that fights. Seems like the teams don't really work here... Savegame
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) [I know that reporting seemingly random crashes is not a big help]. The game crashed three times on me. Each crash was within an individual random encounter with a large pack of radscorpions and nothing else. Each time the crash occured during an animation of a large radscorpion. I will try and gather more info on this. Just posting it to see, if others experience this as well.  (Please post a savegame and the specs of the game and platform)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) A random encounter with a caravan and robbers. The caravan's guards are called "scared travellers". Obviously, they're guards, not just travellers. Screenshot & savegame
I didn't notice it clearly, but as you can see in the image they're "scarred" travelers. If they were scared, it'd be safe to assume they'd just run away and appear as un-armored individuals likely alike their master. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 12:38, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) A random encounter with NCR Rangers. One of the rangers is standing in such a place that he blocks access to the car! He can't be ordered to move either... Screenshot & savegame
  • (Win7, Fallout 2 GER/Steam, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When you meet Raiders or similer encounters, there will always be one person that starts runnung away. They still got ammunition and full health. When you kill the rest and end the battle they will sometimes approach you and start a new battle or run of the map. --Modgamers (talk) 08:31, November 18, 2015 (UTC)

Misc. bugs[]

  •  RP 2.3.3: From the companions inventory, the rubber boots will disappier if you use the "use the best armor" button. (Can't reproduce this locally, are you sure it's not because the companion has stepped on the goo before and the boots got melted? The "use the best armor" button only checks/searches the armor item type and the rubber boots are misc item type. --NovaRain)
  •  RP 2.3.3: The description of the Pulse Rifle (39701 in pro_item) says “required ST: 3” like for the pulse pistol. But the proto says it's ST 6, which should be correct. And the Wakizashi Blade entry in pro_item, does not list the min. ST req. (which should be 2).
  •  RP 2.3.3 In scrname.msg it needs to be "{218}{}{Nurse Phyllis} # ; Nurse Phyllis in Vault City." (see scripts.lst highlighting this name change for the script).
  •  RP 2.3.3: AcNagor.msg, line 203, it says "nephew", but should say "cousin".
  •  In the German version the Sex Appeal trait is mislabelled as Night Person from Fallout 1. However it's only the name (Nachtmensch) and the trait description that is wrong. The picture (a pip-boy and pip-girl walking arm in arm) as well as the in game effect (tested) is sex-appeal (and not Night-person). Fixing the name (Nachtmensch) to Sex-appeal and the skill description would be nice for those few using the German Version.
  •  Win10/RP Mod 2.33 installer/CD GER. With Cult of personality Sulik does not become hostile when joining the slavers, nor does he leave (this works properly in the save without CoP). I assume this is correct, the odd thing is that Lenny still leaves (despite CoP). After that, one can enter into dialogue with Lenny, and recruit him again (usual dialogue line), but he'll leave the party immediately when leaving the dialogue screen (anyway this seems to be normal regardless of CoP). Cassidy and Marcus won't rejoin a slaver (even with CoP). And with CoP no one reacts to Childkiller which is probably correct. Saves: Savegame (With CoP; the possible bug regarding Lenny, Cassidy & Marcus), Savegame (Without CoP, which works properly).
  •  [NEW] - RP 2.3.3 Full; Win 7 pro ; GoG install -   Typo
    zccrpdel.msg   (craps game) -->
    #proposition begs
    {620}{}{Prop bet 7}
    {621}{}{Prop beg double 3s}
    beG should be beT (2 times)
  • [NEW] - RP2.3.3 Full install; win7, Steam install - The Bridgekeeper's Robes (found in "Monthy Python parody" special encounter) does not have the usual stats. I don't know if it's deliberate or no. Please delete this if it's deliberate... Look at the files - ScreenshotSave with the robes  //   "Usual" stats are then same than combat armor :  Armor Class 30 ; Normal 5/45 ; Laser  8/65 ; Fire 4/35 ; Plasma 6/45 ;  Explode 6/45  // The current stats with RP2.3.3 are lower :  Armor Class 28 ; Normal 4/40 ; Laser 8/60 ; Fire 4/30 ; Plasma 4/50 ; Explode 6/40. (The robe proto (DATA\Proto\Items\ in RP doesn't have any stats change. It still has the same AC, DR and DT as the combat armor. Your character has only AC8, so it's perfectly fine you got AC 28 when wearing the robe. If you don't believe this, take off the robe, save the game, move the proto file to somewhere for the game loading vanilla one from master.dat, then load the save and wear the robe again to check your stats. --NovaRain (talk) 08:00, October 16, 2017 (UTC))
  • (2.3.3) Armour bug regarding Cassidy when he use a Spear/Sharpened Spear while carrying Power Armor, as it change his unique armor model to that of the standard Power Armor while he use said spear. When he threw it away, model changed back. Checked with Sulik's armor as well, same reaction to wielding a spear while using Power Armor.
  • (Windows 7 64-bit, Fallout 2 GOG, RP 2.3.3 installer, armor NPC mod) I've sometimes noticed that Sulik moves a little jerkily when he wears armor, like when the last frame of his northwest running animation (NM%SOMETHING%AT.FRM) or his "lifting-weapon-to-shoot" one that moves slower than other FO1-style character frames. Is it possible that it was done from scratch, rather than originally as a seperate add-on for the Hero Appearance mod? Because, he sometimes also moves funnily with his magic-hands. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 08:01, September 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • (Windows 7 64-bit, Fallout 2 GOG 1.02, RP 2.3.3 installer) When I use the debug function, besides errors trying to reference out-of-range map variables I keep getting this error saying "Script Error: scripts\ op_critter_state: obj is NULL". Breakin'Benny (talk) 22:26, August 29, 2014 (UTC) (and here is a fix for this error - phobos2077)
"map var out of range" error is spamming debug logs like crazy. And here is how you fix it. In critter_p_proc of obj_dude and all party members, there is a line starting "if (cur_map_index == MAP_NEW_RENO_1)". You need to replace conditions like this (it's because when Fallout interprets conditions it always resolves every part of it even when there is no point, in this case it was checking "map_var" every frame regardless of current map index -- phobos2077):
if (cur_map_index == MAP_NEW_RENO_1) then if ((map_var(MVAR_Kitty_Drug) > 0) and (map_var(MVAR_Kitty_Drug) < 4))  // DUDE_OBJ script 
  • In glwpnchck script need to add this before the big condition (in order to avoid "obj_pid: obj is NULL" error -- phobos2077):
if (weapon) then
Sure sucks having to be registered and logged in and whatnot on NMA to even be allowed to download attachments from there, wish it didn't have to be that way... By the way, I don't think you're doing signatures the right way somewhat unlike Killap except that he uses bold formatting. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 07:49, September 11, 2014 (UTC)
  • 2.3.3 Sometimes the player gets a message during combat that "the blow knocks you off your feet". The actual falling, however, does not always take place, so in such cases the message seems inappropriate.
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Savegames in random world areas are named in a strage way. Screenshot; you can see "Desert Desert" or "Mountain Mountain" or similar names. Sounds strange. Just "Desert" would be better, wouldn't it?
  • 2.3.3 And again, regarding Cult perk... It looks like it's still not fully functional. E.g., when you visit Klamath with karma 0 and Cult perk, all good NPCs are happy with you, but folk in the trappers' bar where the Duntons hang out still spite you. In San Fran, Dragon's supporters show negative reaction towards you with a negative karma, even despite the Cult perk. I know, Killap had a long line on this one in the installer, still, I'd like to know, is it feasible to fully implement this perk? Thanks.
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) The player tries to heal Sulik (has crippled leg) with doctor skill. The player fails (heals 0 HP and doesn't heal the leg) but still get's 50 XP?? Screenshot, see textbox. Savegames before and after
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) Party-NPCss with crippled limbs keep spamming floating text, telling the PC about their crippled limb. Since there is already a popup, reminding you about crippled NPCs in your party, maybe floating text could come up a little less frequent? Savegame
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) When I move to the bordering hex NW of the male character's current position, while he is facing the opposite direction (SE), there seems to be some animation missing. He is instantly teleported to the NW-hex. This does not happen with other facings/directions. Maybe some animation for the tribal is missing? Screenshot and savegame
  • (Win8.1, Fallout 2 CD Version US 1.02d US Humongous install, RP 2.3.3 installer version) This is not a bug, but I was wondering if it might be an idea to give Mingan (preset character) the bald dude model, since his picture portrays him as, uhm, a bald dude. This very minor change could better integrate the new model into the game and add some flavor. (Yeah, that would be cool, but I'm not sure how to go about modifying the player model used. I know people have tweaked stats to these preset characters, but I fear the model used is hardcoded. -killap)
  • FIXED Unlimited Ammo bug: Give an NPC several identical empty guns and appropriate ammo. Remove/trade other guns or ammo so they won't be selected. Set the NPC's combat choice to ranged. Make them use the best weapon and then click on 'Talk'. Talk about the gear and tell them to put their weapon away. Select 'Trade' and then manually unload their weapons. They now have more ammo than they started with. Repeat. Engine issue. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7.)
  • CONFIRMED It's possible that when you or a companion enters a map you may be on the same space as an NPC. You won't be stuck though, so no worries. Engine issue.
  • CONFIRMED NPCs are able to walk through locked doors. This is most often seen during combat. Engine issue.
  • FIXED Some companions, such as Vic, become unresponsive and act like walking containers. This is caused by the companion getting knocked out in combat and you leave the map during this. You need to go into combat mode again to let them 'wake up'. Engine issue. (Fixed in sfall 3.7. -NovaRain)
  • CONFIRMED If you have a low unarmed skill and then miss on a standing fire gecko, the hit-n-miss animation won't play. Engine issue.
  • CONFIRMED The floating text is rolling very furiously when some of your opponents lie unconscious in combat. Engine issue.
  • UNCONFIRMED/FIXED For the Educated perk: It applies for the current level, *IF* you take it at the first time since leveling up at the character creation screen. If you click the character creation screen, cancel out of the perks list, close and reopen the character creation screen, and then select the Educated perk, it DOES NOT apply to the current level. (Note: This bug goes back all the way to Fallout 1.) Engine issue. (After some digging Crafty came up with no bug verdict, as changes still applied after closing and reopening of the perk window. --Drobovik) (I changed this to unconfirmed/fixed because it can't be reproduced with recent sfall versions. Even if the bug really existed, it can be considered as fixed by now. --NovaRain (talk) 15:25, April 24, 2019 (UTC)
  • CONFIRMED Clicking your weapon at the exact moment that someone else initiates combat makes the button remain "pressed in" graphically, and it doesn't release until you try to initiate combat again that way. Engine issue.
  • FIXED In the Pip-Boy, if you click Status, click a city, then click somewhere else on the Pipboy screen, it'll load up another city's quest status. Engine issue. (Fixed in sfall 4.1)
  • FIXED If you give a critter tons of super stims in hopes of killing it, and then leave the map, the game will crash when it tries to kill the critter. Engine issue. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7.)
  • FIXED NPCs hooked on jet becomes utterly useless - stuck with 1 AP. Jet antidote doesn't work on them. Engine issue. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7.)
  • FIXED Ability to gain too high stats from drug use - use drug twice, save and load and you can use drugs to raise your stats even more. Engine issue. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7.)
  • FIXED Drugs used on one critter will affect all critters of that same type (i.e. use the same proto IDs). Engine issue. (Fixed in sfall 4.1.7)
  • FIXED NPCs leveling up while under drug influence don't end up with correct stats - it checks the current stats and not base stats. Engine issue. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7.)
  • FIXED A game saved in combat where one of your NPCs has died will become corrupted. Engine issue. (Fixed in sfall 4.1.8)
  • CONFIRMED Saving in combat is generally just a bad idea and will cause many unexpected problems. Engine issue.
  • FIXED Sometimes if you do an insta-kill to a critter (super critical hit, etc), code in their death procedure is not run and things regarding that character might be broken from that point on (e.g. no one recognizes the critter as dead). Engine issue. (The bug only happens when the instadeath critical hit causes no damage due to target's armor. Has already been fixed since sfall 1.45. --NovaRain (talk) 02:52, July 16, 2015 (UTC))
  • CONFIRMED Active items like flares or explosives can't be sold. Engine issue, and obviously no one would buy activated flares explosives! But for geiger counters and stealth boys it's fixed in sfall 3.7a.
  •  NOT BUG Sometimes prices when going through the barter button, it won't match prices when bartering via a dialogue option. Engine issue (This bug is somewhat of a feature. Where the scripted dialog prices are better or worse than straight to the point engine button prices. No way of fixing it, since you have to adjust button price to all scripted barter modifiers in the game. --Drobovik)
  • CONFIRMED Sometimes when you enter a map most of it will be mostly black but you can still move your mouse around to fill in the area. Engine issue that seems to crop up after many save/loads. Most often happens at the Den. Just quit the game and go back in.
  • CONFIRMED The Karma Beacon perk does nothing. Engine issue but the perk could technically be implemented via scripting.
  • FIXED If you have a skill with a negative value, the skilldex menu won't properly show it. example Engine issue. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7. Now it returns 0's for negative numbers. --Drobovik)
  • FIXED Better HTH and Ranged damage perks, though functional, do not alter the stats, neither in the inventory, nor in char stats window, e.g. if you have initial melee damage 5, receiving 2 levels of better HTH still leaves you 1-7 damage points in the inventory and 5 melee damage in char window, instead of 1-11 and 9 accordingly. Engine issue. The perks work, though they won't display as such in the stats window. (Fixed by Crafty in his sfall build and official sfall 3.7.)
  • CONFIRMED If you've already been to a hex on the world map and a location is added to it (such as the Toxic Cave, etc) then the hexes around it are darkened again like you've never been there before. Engine issue
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcCaesar.msg - {197}{}{That was my great grandfather's name. He can from somewhere far to the east. Across a large body of water.} - should probably be "He came from...". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcCaesar.msg - {205}{}{Our mission is provide a steady and high-quality labor force to handle the ever-growing demands of the larger cities. Would you like to join?} - "Our mission is to provide..." -Ewil 
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcGamble.msg - {517}{}{No wammies, no wammies. Stop!} - Shouldn't it be "whammies"?;{604}{}{I wouldn't do that do you.} - Should probably be "I wouldn't do that to you" -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcRnSlvr.msg - {151}{}{This slaver seems to be very strong but not to bright.} - "...but not too bright." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcTubFri.msg - {274}{}{But it was flying man.} - The entire conversation rather suggests "But it was flying, man." Or maybe "But it was a flying man." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcTubFri.msg - {420}{}{Did you hear a load bang?} - Should probably be "Did you hear a loud bang?" -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcVicGrd.msg - {491}{}{I said no. Now beat it. You've got to talk to Metzger} - missing dot at the end -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcVicGrd.msg - {500}{}{To bad you didn't join us.} - "Too bad..." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcSlvRun.msg - {141}{}{He movements suggest on with speed.} - English is not my first language, but this whole line seems really weird to me. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) dcFlick.msg - {243}{}{That did it. See you around Flick.} - "See you around, Flick" -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) ecnomsha.msg - {127}{}{Ahh...You are familiar with the healing properties of these two plants. It will only cost you} # continue at 150 -This may not be a bug, but afaik there should be a space at the end of 127 and at the beginning of {150}{}{and I will combine the two for you.} -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) rcmcgrew.msg - {107}{}{Just a couple of clowns short of a circus aren't you?} - ...of a circus, aren't you?" -missing comma -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) ecspammr.msg - {131}{}{I'm sorry Buffy!};{132}{}{I'm sorry Unwashed! I just wanted to be noticed.} -missing commas -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) ectrader.msg - {103}{}{Greetings friend, my name is Willy and have I got a deal for you. [He seems to be reading from a card, and after a while you doze off.]} - "Greetings, friend, my name is..." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) ecwash.msg - 218}{}{The Unwashed Villagers.  Keeping peace in a blasted wasteland.} -Additional space;{304}{}{Now you will die Grim Reaper.} -Missing comma before Grim Reaper;{401}{}{Like I'm sure! You wouldn't hurt a girl are you?} -"You wouldn't hurt a girl, would you?";{403}{}{I'm Buffy... your toast.} - maybe "'re toast."?;{437}{}{You're dead.  You just don't know it yet.} -another additional space;{317}{}{You will never be 'Unwashed' childish fool!} -Unwashed childish fool seems really weird. Maybe there should be a comma before "childish fool." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) epac1.msg - {500}{}{Yeah, just push me over a cliff} -Missing dot -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) epac12.msg - {5000}{}{[As the woman looks up at your face, her eyes suddenly grow wide and she starts gasping for air.} -missing bracket at the end. Same for epac10.msg and epac11.msg -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) epac7.msg - {320}{}{The complex is still looking rather drab. You're still going to fix the lights, aren't you? Remember visitors, all wavers must be signed before the end of the tour.} -shouldn't it be "waivers"? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) epai32.msg - {223}{}{Back} -multiple cases of missing dot -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) fcbtech.msg - {203}{}{Go do your tech thing so can return to the mainland.} - " we can return to the mainland." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) fcdaveh.msg - [as you turn to look, he whips back to what he was doing and ignores you] -capital letter at the beginning and missing dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) fcdrwong.msg - {460}{}{Here you go. [He hands various high powered weapons]} - "[He hands you various high powered weapons.]" -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) fckenlee.msg - {183}{}{You are certainly a worthy recipient of our fuel. I believe I can trust you with our secrets. In the back room, you will find the force field to the large computer has been turned off.  Enter the password "CSPDMSHR-Shih-huang-ti-X9372" and you will find yourself connected to the Emperor Computer.  The Emperor will be able to direct our fuel to where you need it.} - "to the large computer has been turned off" -This sounds rather weird.;"...has been turned off. Enter..." -Additional space.;{214}{}{You are back to insult me again.  I think not.} -Another space. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) fclaocho.msg -{130}{}{Talk to Crocket, over in the Hubologist camp. He is their head scientist.} -Hubologist camp? Shouldn't it rather be "base"? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) CMBATAI2.msg - {2600}{}{ Run from the Evil One!};{2606}{}{ Aiiieeeee!!} -spaces
  • (RP 2.3.3) CMBATAI2.msg - All Elron people mention "Elron" instead of "Hubbell"
  • (RP 2.3.3) CMBATAI2.msg - ...By the way, is this file even necessary? All the lines comes from COMBATAI.msg anyway. -Ewil -I think that exists because the COMBATAI.MSG would be way too big, as though the Fallout engine could crash from a too large MSG file! --Breakin'Benny (talk) 23:10, August 8, 2014 (UTC)
  • (RP 2.3.3) EDITOR.msg - {1108}{}{Your body has become addicted to Radaway... -Should be RadAway -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) PIPBOY.msg - {16054}{}{BUT I WHAT IF MY ENTIRE TOWN WANTS TO JOIN?} - BUT WHAT IF MY...;There's also loads of unecessary spaces everywhere. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) pro_crit.msg - {26300}{}{Maurader} - I believe this should be Marauder. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) PIPBOY.msg - {606}{}{Welcome to the Rob Co Pipboy 2000.} -Should be RobCo -Ewil -I believe that's intended for the text-to-speech bonus feature for the Mac version, as you can see. I have tried Fallout 1 on an iMac G3, downloaded the thing from the Macintosh Garden. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 11:14, August 17, 2014 (UTC)
  • (RP 2.3.3) pro_scen.msg - {194801}{}{A large monitor, black and white only. The picture is of a rotating cross and circle .} -Unecessary space at the end -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -I've noticed that quests.msg and scrname.msg contain Crockett, while the actual dialogues about this NPC mention him as Crocket -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) You can ask Phyliss in the VC vault "what if I get preagnant" even though you're male, seems to be a bug rather than a joke. GoG, english.
  • (RP 2.3.3) -KCSULIK.msg - {2300}{}{De spirits be movin' us} -MIssing dot at the very end. There are couple more lines with this issue. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -KCSULIK.msg - {3086}{}{Take care fren.};{3088}{}{Thanks again for everything fren.} -Shouldn't there be comma before "fren"? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -KCTRAPR.msg - {204}{}{You see someone who spends a lot of time in the wilderness. They're wearing a gecko-pelt shirt.} -Shouldn't there be "he/she" instead of "they"? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -mcCorner.msg - {199}{}{I have a watch. It was a gold watch. I wonder where I put it?} -I know he's a senile old man, but shouldn't he rather say "I had a watch."? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -mcDavin.msg - {193}{}{Oh god! Take me! Take me now! [He rips off his clothes, then your clothes… then… Use your imagination]} -Missing dot at the very end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -mcGrisha.msg - {202}{}{[Gives you a big toothy smile] Good to see you're a person of character.} -Missing dot after "smile". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -mcGrisha.msg -{1412}{}{daughter} -Probably a missing dot. Same with "son" answer. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -mcLaddie.msg -{156}{}{Stay here, Laddie} -Missing dot at the very end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -mcSlgGrd.msg - {252}{}{It takes too much effort set up the ramps for just one person.} -It takes too much effort to set up... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -VCANDY.msg - {160}{}{No guarantees with the ol' Doctor in the back room, of course . . .} - Line 121 has different dots at the very end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -vcconnar.msg - {702}{}{Shit, I don't have enough to pay you back. I must've spent some without thinking about it. I'll get I get it back to you as soon as I can.} -"I'll get it back to you..." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -Vault City dialogues -Some people say "Autodoc" and some say "Auto-Doc". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -There are many cases of Jet being jet. I think this should be united to Jet for people, who don't know what Jet is. They might think it's some kind of aircraft :) -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -vclynett.msg - {370}{}{You have no idea... but I'll tell you about the temple of trials some other time. Goodbye.} -Temple of Trials -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -vcmsmith.msg - {121}{}{That’s right, big fella.  I gotta get going.} -Unecessary space. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -There are many cases of "Pip Boy", "Pip-Boy" and "Pipboy". It should be unified. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) vibaron.msg -{320}{}{$500? Not worth it. Make it $1,000 and you've got a deal} -Missing dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) VIVLTDOR.msg -{102}{}{Door no move};{115}{}{Door no move.} -Dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) WCBRNBOT.msg -{186}{}{More commands.};{180}{}{More commands} -Several cases of dots at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) wsterm2a.msg - {110}{}{Exit.} -Dot at the end. All the other "Exit" lines don't have it. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) ziDceGrl.msg - {326}{}{What this game? Can you bet gecko skin?  Me got geck…ooooh…pretty lights! [Wander off.]} -Space. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) ziGenGrv.msg - Many cases of missing/additional dots at the end of each gravestone name. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCFOLK.msg - {283}{}{./~99 syringes of Rad-away on the wall, 99 syringes…. ./~} -RadAway. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCGORDON.msg - {300}{}{Our atomic power plant is still barely operational. You must not have taken the information to Vault City yet.} -I'm not english native speaker, but "You must not have taken the information to VC yet" sounds really weird. I'm not sure if it was meant to be "You must not take the..." or "I hope you have not taken...", but since the answer is "No, I haven't yet... but I will" rather suggest the latter. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCPACOFF.msg - {137}{powr6_a}{Chosen One, huh? Well, uh, pardon me for not blowing sunshine up your ass, but I'm a little too busy for this your highness.} -Should either be "...this, your highness" or "...busy for your highness." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCRFGUARD.msg - {163}{}{If something goes wrong I there, we’re coming looking for you.} -If something goes wrong in there, we'll come looking for you. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCSKEETR.msg - {371}{}{Hey there! yur back with my repair kit. Mmm, Snap-off -— they're the best. Ready to trade?} - Hey there! Yur back... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCSKEETR.msg -{640}{}{[Skeeter takes the item and looks it over with a weird gleam in his eye] -Missing dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) GCZAMOK.msg - {260}{}{Oh, heh, heh, Yeah. I knew that. Umm, well, err, did I pass? } -Oh, heh, heh, yeah. -Ewil (Ewil, I'd add to this that "err" [a verb for making a mistake] should probably be "er" [a sound of hesitation], as in: "Oh, heh, heh, yeah. I knew that. Um, well, er, did I pass?" Interestingly, "umm" and "um" both work. - merenbach)
  • (RP 2.3.3) GSTERM.msg -Line 518 - "tolerance. . Shutdown" -Additional space and dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) hcbrian.msg - {128}{}{[He looks sullenly down at his dials and says in a small voice] You're mean.} -in a small voice -missing dot -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) hcjacob.msg -{153}{}{A human named Jacob – I was named after him – founded this place. The mutant Marcus came along and forced everyone under his rule. } -Then mutant Marcus... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) hcjacob.msg -{196}{}{Nothing. Bye.} - This is answer for "192", but it doesn't really make sense. I think it should rather be "Nevermind". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3, GoG, FreeBSD, Wine 1.7.28) One of the Iguana-on-a-Stick items has "it's" (with an apostrophe) instead of "its." Here's a savegame, where the item in question is in the weapon slot (to draw attention to it, and because I'm weird) : - merenbach
  • (RP 2.3.3, GoG, FreeBSD, Wine 1.7.28) The word "don't" is spelled "dont't" (an extra T before the apostrophe) when Skeeter is upgrading a weapon: - merenbach
  • (RP 2.3.3) - hcminers.msg - {135}{}{Marcus is our leader. He helped found Broken Hills. You can usually find him at the Bank or the jail. Anything else?} -I don't see a reason for Bank having capital letter. All other bank mentions are without it. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) - hcprof.msg - There are many cases of radscorpion being just scorpion. Since the model looks like radscorpion, it should be radscorpion everywhere. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -hcprof.msg -{404}{}{and...checkmate!} - Maybe capital A -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -hcsteve.msg -{165}{}{Not necessarily. Who knows what the virus that mutated him has done to his mind?} -This line doesn't make sense. PC talks about him, but Steve talks about everyone and all, so PC should rather use them and their. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -hchuswif.msg - {111}{}{You got a real smart mouth on ya' woman!} -Missing comma before woman! -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -hspurify.msg -{101}{}{The air purifier is making clunking and creaking noises. It appears to be broken. Maybe it needs a part..} -Additional dot at the end... or maybe one missing. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -epac12.msg - {220}{}{Well, will you help me up, or would like it better if I continued sitting naked at your feet?} "...or would you like it..." -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rsascgrd.msg -{133}{}{Time to take you outta' da' gene-pool} -Missing dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rsascgrd.msg -{144}{}{We don't want any trouble here friend. Put that away.}, friend. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rsascgrd.msg -{163}{}{So then I says to them, get your hands off my….} ...said/say... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rsascort.msg - {271}{}{Almost all of the miners are spending more time flying Jet than mining for our prices are up, and our imports are down. Bad for business all the way around.} -Shouldn't it be exports? They're talking about mining gold that they export to outside, afterall. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcbette.msg - {178}{}{I see how this is going, you little piece of shit. OK, You can take me in, and Caminetto too. (to Caminetto) Right, my little fuckface?} - OK, you can... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcdrjohn.msg -{131}{}{$100, huh? Maybe we'll have that done later. Goodbye Doc.} -Goodbye, Doc... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcjane.msg -{107}{}{(You nod) Ook, ook. (and hold out your purse).} -The last dot is useless. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcjosh.msg -{103}{}{Get on out of here.} -Get out of here. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcmarion.msg - He's too dangerous to let him set up shop right near town -It's too dangerous to let him set up shop right near town. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcstanwl.msg -{106}{}{Okay, Let's go.} -Okay, let's go. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -rcstanwl.msg - {107}{}{I'm Stanwell. I run the caravan between Redding and the New California Republic. Brahmin for gold. We could use an extra guard, and we're ready to leave right now. } -Brahmin for gold??? -Not sure if that's intended or there's just a missing verb. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncanounc.msg -{144}{}{When you got that itch that you NEED to scratch..} -Missing dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncBigJes.msg -241 and 242 -There are missing brackets in the beginning.;243-246 -These lines should probably be inside brackets. There are also two missing dots (245 and 246). -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncBisMen.msg -{284}{}{Loved "Vault Sex-Teen." It was inspired. A cinematic tour-de-force.} -It was inspiring.;{394}{}{Wanna wrastle?} -wrestle -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3, installer, Win7) Reusing a beam from FO1 glow crater in San Francisco docs gives out wrong description. {56701}{}{This strong beam is stationed over the crater hole.} Screenshot
  • (RP 2.3.3) Another FO1 leftover. They were by old garage-clinic of Doc Morbid. {41401}{}{These pipes used to transfer fuel from an underground tank to the garage. They haven't been used in a long time.} in pro_scen.msg. Maybe remove garage from the sentence.
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncMorMen.msg -{280}{}{Hey, hey, hey! Chica, you need to me to put that weapon away for you?} -Too many "to". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncMyrGrd.msg -{479}{}{Yes. Can I head on in? We have "business" to discuss. If you know what I mean. (You wink at the guard)} -Missing dot at the very end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncProsti.msg -{460}{}{I guarantee I'm better in the sack that that robot following you around.} - Double that -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncResear.msg - {449}{}{Sounds interesting, but I have to go….uh, I'll be back, though.} - There's a dot before "uh" that shouldn't be there (it looks okay in here). -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncRico.msg -{213}{}{Yoo cute. me no hit you.} -Me not hit you. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncSlots.msg -{191}&{210}{}{you one strange mutant} - Should probably be You -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncSlots.msg -{401}{}{NOTHING. NOTHING! You hear her laughing, and you become enraged…the Bouncers are forced to pry your screaming body off the machine.)} -Additional bracket at the very end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncTyson.msg -{204}{}{me like your ears},{205}{}{Enough talk. time for bed} -Capitals. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -nhMyron.msg -{410}{}{Is that me glowing? Give me some RadX next time we dick around in radiation zones, okay?} -Rad-X -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -nhMyron.msg -{411}{}{I need some Rad-away before the radiation eats my Gnads-away.} -RadAway. There are several instances of this typo. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -niwridrs.msg -{201}{}{Hey. I found an empty jet canister beneath the dresser.};{250}{}{You found a... clue. Behind the dresser. In the Wright mansion.} -So is it behind or beneath? -Ewil (I think it would be beneath, otherwise the scenery prop for the dresser would need being actually pulled back. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 07:54, March 16, 2015 (UTC))
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncBigJes.msg -{761}{}{Really. Well, it's good you don't take any methamphetamines or stimulants, then. I had some other questions...} -I think there should be a question mark after Really. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncWriPly.msg -{471}{}{Look: In the wrong hands, a gun is a deadly weapon. Well, I mean, it's ALWAYS a deadly weapon, but in the wrong hands…it's, uh…deadly…hold on, let me start over.} -This line doesn't seem to have any effect. It doesn't do anything when you click on it. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncethwri.msg -{1430}{}{(Jumps.) Oh, my! };{1431}{}{(Jumps.) Oh, my! (Squints at you, then her gaze becomes glacial.) } -The second "(Jumps.) Oh, my!" is unecessarily imho -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -WSTERM3A.msg -There's a small script issue with {122}{}{I'm }. There should be this: 'op_msg_string(159, 122) + op_obj_name(op_dude_obj()) + "."', but the dot is missing. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scbgrd.msg -{107}{}{Hey, I am not in to that. Just make sure you keep a good distance from me.} -into -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scbuster.msg -{120}{}{That's nice stranger, but I ain't no charity.} -That's nice, stranger. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scbuster.msg -{123}{}{Sure, it's a deal} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -sccarlsn.msg -{100}{}{You seen an elderly, frail man.} -I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be just see -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -sccgtgrd.msg -{113}{}{There you are Sir. Have a good day.} -There you are, sir. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scdocjub.msg -(glances at you again, shakes head, blows out cheeks);(To yourself);(hang head);(Mutters to himself);(He looks up) -Missing capital letters and dots at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scdocjub.msg -I measured out those pills preciesly. -precisely -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scenlone.msg -{129}{}{"True understand" this! (rude hand gesture with the middle finger)} -Rude -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scenlone.msg -{193}{}{No thanks. I don't get involved.} -Maybe there should be: I don't want to get involved -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scfergus.msg -{153}{}{No} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (Rp 2.3.3) -scgunthr.msg -{129}{}{What about a GECK. She might know something about that?} -What about a GECK? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scmerk.msg -{127}{}{Well keep it polite, punk, or this could get ugly.} -Well, keep it polite -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scmerk.msg -{137}{}{I got some questions} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scmerk.msg -{197}{}{Ever hear of a GECK?} -heard -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scmerk.msg -{222}{}{No, I've got some more questions} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncChrWri.msg -{150}{}{You see a tall young man with a mohawk. He's wearing a lot of chains and leather.} -Actually, the character model has long hair, not mohawk. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncCorBro.msg -{381}{}{I'm talking about Shaft!} -I saw this line even though I'm playing dumb character.
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scmira.msg -{109}{}{Gimme a beer} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scratch.msg -{116}{}{Well, thank god that stranger didn't take you child...My stuff is like my children, see.} -didn't take you, child -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scskeete.msg -{150}{}{Right - obey the giant, man. It the way things are supposed to be. What should I do, giant?} -It's the way... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scskeete.msg -{168}{}{Goodbye, dope-head} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scskeete.msg -{169}{}{Okay! Look it was Merk's crew -Look, it was... -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scskeete.msg -{107}{}{Good. Do..} -Too many dots. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scslvovr.msg -{116}{}{It that so? Well, I'm sending you back in a body bag.} -Is that so? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scslvovr.msg -{118}{}{Thanks. Say, you seem like a bright guy. I'll bet you can help me out with a few questions} -Probably missing dot at the end. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scwestin.msg -{107}{}{Me look Vault 13? You help?} -Me look Vault 13. You help? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scwestin.msg -{156}{}{The 1st Citizen? Excellent, this is what I've been waiting for. Are you a Vault Citizen?} -First Citizen -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -scwrhand.msg -{108}{}{You ain't with the Bishops are you?} -Bishops, are you? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -shtandi.msg -{176}{}{Ok, me hurry} - Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -shtandi.msg -{270}{}{Me take but me need ask questions} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fcrocman.msg -{176}{}{The Shi have the plans for the vertibird} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fsempter.msg -Many cases of missing dots. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fsface.msg -{212}{}{Me change subject} -Missing dot. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fstnkcmp.msg -{108}{}{Log Off};{114}{}{Log Off} -Missing dots. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fstnkcmp.msg -{116}{}{ERROR: Navagational Computer non Functional.};{119}{}{You see a PoseidoNet Navigational Computer.};{131}{}{Navigational computer on-line.} -All of these should be navigation computer. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -pro_item.msg -{47901}{}{These are computer parts that look like they slot into the interior of a machine. The fact that they say "Poseidon Oil" and "Navigational Computer" on them lead you to believe they fit into a Poseidon Oil Navigational Computer.} -Same thing - navigation computer -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -qcfrank.msg -(Heh, heh; cough, cough,…);(Heh, heh, cough, cough,…) -There's a tiny discrepancy (first line is using semicolon while the second one is using coma). Also, both 108 and 109 lines are exactly same and both have two dots after "Semper Fi" -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -qinuke.msg -{228}{}{Bomb has been activated and will detonate in T-minus 5 min..Error in countdown procedure. Countdown restated at T-minus 5 seconds. Please make sure you are at least 80 miles from the blast area. Have a great day.} -Two dots before "error". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -qiturtrm.msg -Many missing dots at the end of lines. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -fclopan.msg -{233}{}{You will need to defeat my chosen apprentice. However, none of these battles will to be to the death - to protect my men, of course. [he sneers]} -will to be to the death -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -proto.msg -There's a minor issue with displaying enemy details with perk "Awareness". When you aim at enemy with your weapon, you get a message like this: {535}{}{He has %d/%d hps} + {547}{}{ and is wielding a %s with %d/%d shots of %s.} + {530}{}{and has crippled limbs.}. The problem is that after "shots of %s.", there's a dot and after that there is "and has crippled limbs." This could be solved by adding something like this: {527}{}{ He has crippled limbs.} and editing the script.
  • (RP 2.3.3) -shtandi.msg -When you bring Tandi the computer parts from Vault 15 as a dumb character, you get this dialogue: 255 + 256. You should also get 258 no matter what character you play, but you only get it as a normal character via 255 + 257
  • (RP 2.3.3) -qcbird.msg -104 leads to 106, which leads to 156. {106}{}{The what?} doesn't really make sense. I think it would be better to replace it with "Who are you?". -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -eastereg.msg -{1022}{}{Sauce? What kind of sauce? Are you saying cooking is the key to controlling the universe?. Whatever you say, chef.} -universe?. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -sccarkid.msg -{121}{}{Hey, it's you again. Whatcha doing?} -It should be rather Whatcha want? -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -ncprosti.msg -{175}{}{Oh's him. .} -The last dot shouldn't be there. -Ewil
  • (RP 2.3.3) -pipboy.msg -{10029}{}{personnel are to be relocated to neighboring installations or } -Too long.;{20013}{}{designed to be used as an agent for the creation of super-} -Too long -Ewil
  • (Win 8.1, Fallout 1.02.31, RP 2.3.3. Installed using project installation program, no other mods installed). When moving my targeting cursor to attack an enemy, the dialogue box displays that enemy's expanded description and wounded status, as if I chose to examine them. This happens repeatedly if I keep my targeting cursor on the target, creating the unfortunate effect of me attacking, and the message displaying the results of the attack are immediately scrolled up in the dialogue box as the examine text displays again. -- DrakeyC (talk) 04:32, June 29, 2015 (UTC)
  • (RP 2.3.3, Wine, Mac OS X) When I make a critical miss "and hit randomly" a bullet doesn't appear to be spent from my weapon. I can't provide a relevant save because it's unpredictable for me. :-( -Andrew Merenbach
  • (Unofficial Patch 1.02.31, Wine, Mac OS X) In Klamath, when inspecting a bed, it is described as "A make-shift bed. The material was scavenged from some other source." There shouldn't be a hyphen between "make" and "shift"--the word is "makeshift." Screenshot-Andrew Merenbach
  • (Unofficial Patch, 1.02.31, Wine, Mac OS X) In Klamath, at the Buckner place, one of the hovers is "If your anxious, try the Bathhouse." That should be "you're," not "your." (In an effort to be more like an old Western, perhaps the original devs meant to write "yer," which would likely be an acceptable substitute for *either* "your" or "you're." Anyway, that's just speculation.) Screenshot -Andrew Merenbach
  • (Windows XP SP3, RP 2.3.3) As a dumb character, you get 'non-stupid' text when using hotkeys to control your NPCs.
  • (2.33 in vista) using mutagenic serum on a mutant in combat will allow the mutant its next turn, then its following turn it will immediately be shown highlighted and dead on the ground. Its turn does not end and cannot press esc for menu, space to end turn or enter to end combat. (-Ms.Chelles)

Caravan bugs[]

Car Bugs[]


  • 2.3.3 I'm not sure if it's the right section to publish these things, but since it's related to post -oil rig adventures here we go: There appear to be multiple bugs with the game not reacting properly to the fact that the main quest is finished.  (Please, a savegame and the specs of the game and platform)