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Project Arroyo is a Fallout 4 mod in development. It is a remake of Fallout 2 using the Fallout 4 platform. F4SE will be required to run this mod when it comes out.

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Core mods

While Project Arroyo is in development, we can get started right away in building our Arroyo universe for FO4!

  • Tribals (settlers) for FO4. Fallout 2 begins with the Chosen One as a Tribal who is living in a tribal settlement.
  • NCR faction for FO4. The NCR faction was a significant part of Fallout 2.



The Enclave played a major role in Fallout 2.

Mod Organizer 2[]

Don't delay, switch to Mod Organizer 2 so that you can configure a profile for Arroyo today!

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