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A mod by Pelicano, that allows the use of hotkeys to give general orders to the party. It is a Sfall mod which uses a global script such as a main file and one ini file. Some settings can be configured through the INI file. It does not work in combat mode, obviously. These are the orders currently implemented:

  • Heal yourself (F): injured party members try to heal using First Aid/Doctor skill or stimpaks.
  • (NPC)Loot dead bodies (G): This will make one party member to try and loot corpses around them and the PC.
  • Holster weapons (H): Armed party members will put their weapons away.
  • Regroup (R): Party members will regroup near the PC if they are away from him/her more than 3 tile hexes.
  • Pick up items (T): The dude PC will pick up any item on the ground in a 3 hex radius. PC auto-loot option must be OFF (0 key).
  • (PC)Loot bodies (T): The dude PC will loot automatically nearby corpses, just like the (G) order for NPCs. PC auto-loot option must be ON (0 key).
  • Scatter (X): Party members close to the PC will run 4-6 hexes away.

Basically these options were the ones I found I needed the most or I wanted to try them out in a party. I've tried to make the mod as open and compatible as possible.

In the readme file can be found more details about how it works and its limitations/known issues.


This mod should compatible with any mod out there but, honestly, I tested them only with killap's unofficial patch installed (and not a full walkthrough).

The source code is provided for both mods if anyone want to mess with them and implement/modify/destroy whatever.


This mod requires at least Sfall v2.0 to work.

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