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Nuclear Winter (2287) is a mod for Fallout 4 by D1v1ne122 available for PC on Nexus Mods. Reserve at least 50 plugins of space for a complete and workable nuclear winter apocalypse. Approximately 50 plugins worth of mods are discussed on this page for the full experience.



On PC, only 254 max plugins are allowed for Fallout 4 gameplay functionality without crashing. Nuclear Winter (2287) uses as many as 22 plugins for the mod to function correctly, and which requires Far Harbor and Nuka World. Below are the mod/plugin requirements for a fully functional winter apocalypse:

HUD Framework (Required)

  • plugins: 1

NAC - Natural and Atmospheric
(Required) and
Enb Binaries 0.316 (Required)

  • plugins: 3

Fallout 2287 -
Nuclear Winter

  • Plugins: 8

Polluted Climate - Winter Edition

  • Plugins: 1

Vivid Weathers

  • Plugins: 6

NAC X Legacy Edition and
Nuclear Winter - NAC X patch

  • Plugins: 3
  • 1 Light Patch

Total plugins: 22 + 1 Light

Winter survival[]

To survive the winter, it is highly recommended to improve your apparel and camping equipment as follows:

Armorsmith Extended

  • Plugins: 1

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)

  • Plugins: 11

Buffout 4 (Engine debugger)- Required

  • Plugins: none


  • Plugins: none

VIS-G Item Sorting

  • Plugins: 1
  • 1 Light

Nuclear Winter - Campsite VIS-G AWKCR AE Patch

  • Plugins: 1

Unique NPCs - An Overhaul of the Commonwealth

  • Plugins: 2 to 4

Total plugins: approx 20

Don't Forget to grab ProfessorHotbuns' MREs for this experience. Chef acidblue811 even offers more MRE recipes!

MRE - New Consumable

MRE Expanded

Need gloves? Try:

Warm interiors[]

Some interiors, but not all, will help your player survive the cold. If you are starting a new game, you will find a crate with needed warming supplies at the foot of the stairs of Vault 111's exit point. If you have already progressed in the game, you should go back to Vault 111 to get these supplies. Vault 111 is warm and you will quickly recover.

Works great with Underground Railroad Redux (Only 1 plugin):


This is the second and better version, with a two story layout that doubles the amount of gateways.

Underground Railroad Redux by T9X69 and gorillatamer is an interior space that will warm up your player during the Winter apocalypse.

Side Note:
Play Station 4: The original Underground Railroad is available on Play Station 4 and is a definite must have, especially if you are experiencing frequent FO4 game crashing at your SAVE points (due to numerous loaded mods). Build a bed in the Underground Railroad to save your game progress in Survival Mode. The chances of the game crashing at SAVE is significantly reduced.

The interior is accessible by manholes scattered throughout the world map. So if you are looking for warmth, find the manholes situated in the middle of a street. Look for as many of these access points on the world map as you can, to help you survive the cold.

This interior is outfitted with a workbench that allows you to make your own player home.


To complete the look of your Nuclear Winter experience, download:

  1. Winter Overhaul by MassShep (Plugins: 1)
  2. Icepick Overhaul by Spiffyskytrooper (Plugins: 1)
  3. Calamity Weathers by omega2008 (Plugins: 1)
Winter Overhaul
Icepick Overhaul
Calamity Weathers



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