Here you will see example of how to make new worldmap tiles using Adobe Photoshop 7.0

1.First, you need a picture of Fo2 world map. It doesn't matter if it's in .bmp .jpg .gif or any other format, you can convert it using a palette or "Save As..." option. However, picture size is important. For standard 4x5 tiles, wm* size is 1400x1500 pix.


Those yellow grid lines you see across the world map are just being used for easier navigation on the world map, nothing more. 2.Now, when you have wm* in appropriate format, open it with "Adobe ImageReady". 3.It's time to make some tiles...


Next, select tile size...


At the same time, in the top right corner you will see this toolbox. Here you can select output format for tiles (currently GIF, 256 colors).


To make sure your tiles are divided correctly, use "Optimized" tab in the opened document main window like so:


4. File\Save optimized as...

Later, you can rename tiles and convert them to frms using any of the available tools.

5*. Updating worldmap.txt:

After adding new frms to art\intrface and updating intrface.lst now you want these new tiles to be shown in game...

First you have to check worldmap.txt line "num_horizontal_tiles=x" to see if you have correct number of tiles (if x =4 then tiles num= 20). Usually, you should never change this number if you don't intend to alter world map size. In any other case, with x=5 tiles number will increase to 25. That also means you've got to have new tiles from WRLDMP20.frm - WRLDMP24.frm

Now, if you have more than 20 tiles, add new tiles information in worldmap.txt:

 [Tile 20]  	greater than 19
 art_idx=357 	for new tiles, must be greater than 468 (intrface.lst)
 encounter_difficulty=0 	note that (-10) is harder encounter table

Original document: [Last Hope mod tutorial]

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