Q. What's the best patch?

A. Without a doubt Killap's Fallout 2 patch, don't even waste your time on anything else! you might consider Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project if you want new content as well. NB his mod contains the patch, you only require one download.

Q. What's the best mod?

A. That's a complicated question, the answer depends on what kind of gamer you are:

  • If you are a power gamer, looking to eke a little more life out of FO2: go with the MIB88 Megamod, this merges nearly every mod you can think of into one, and then some.

There are a few other stand alone mods of note i.e. mods that cant be merged into the MIB88 Megamod:

1. Last Hope is a very large total conversion mod, well worth playing.

2. Fallout: Shattered Destiny is allot of fun, but it breaks you heart in the end... because you want it to go on :(

3. Mutants Rising Demo, this is a teaser of what's to come.

Q. I saw some really cool mods, I want to mix and match mods and patches, is this okay?

A. That's a big no! sorry. You will probably find all the mods you want to play are in the MIB88 Megamod anyway, this mod has so much stuff in it, even I have trouble keeping up.

Q. I can't get these mods to work! what's the deal? please spoon feed me the answers.

A. Please see the FO2 mod install guide

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