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Feel free to start a design doc here if you have or are developing an extensive idea. If you have a list of things you would like to see, but no justification for their existence, or back story around them, then keep it to your blog or discussion page, until you can develop your ideas further. Although I would like to see more design docs on here, pages with a contents of "This item should be in the game or this faction etc", but no details are a waste of readers time. Please give some thought to why such and such should be in the game, as well as working out the dynamics of how such and such will happen. If you have English language issues, don't be scared to share.

Fallout 1 Ideas[]

FO1 is nearly impossible to mod, so any ideas posted in here will most likely remain dreams, unless Jordan's FO2 converted to FO1 is finished.

Fallout 2 Ideas[]

Fallout 3 Ideas[]

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Fallout New Vegas Ideas[]