An updated version of the Miria mod by Grandson Of Sam, for Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project

What is it?Edit

This contains Modded files from various sources to make Miria an actual useful NPC. I liked the idea of the original mod to make Miria a real NPC, but sadly she didn't actually get any skills levelling up, and the "new comments" were actually even more annoying in some cases than just being quiet, so those are edited too on the parts I didn't like them myself.

I have tried to keep her in line with the other NPCs in the game, although being young, physically fit, and relatively smart (compared to the other NPCs in the game, just look at the bunch, meh...) She will end up being the most versatile of them all, although not overpowered in any sense. I hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do myself!


The mod IS compatible with Killap's Restoration Project v1.2, and Restoration Project v2.0.2e. As for RP v2.1, compatibility is to be determined.

External LinksEdit

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