NMA FAQ Thread on NMA

Q. If I start the mapper, it crashes with "couldn't load text/fonts"!

A. If you don't use the English version of Fallout 2, the mapper will crash, if you don't change the language value in the mapper.cfg. As an example, for the German version you have to edit the "language" part to say "language=german".

A. mapper2.cfg must be edited to reference FO2's directories and DAT files. The original file references nothing. "master_dat=", "critter_dat=", and the "music_path1=" and "music_path2=" lines should be set. For example: "master_dat=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Fallout 2\master.dat"

Q. Is it possible to import Fallout 1 NPCs to the editor?

Q. I can start the mapper, but when I try to load a MAP file, a text box appears saying "Internal Error. See mapper.log for details.". When I access the mapper.log, it only says "Failed to init palette." How can I get the mapper to work around this problem?