Required animation setsEdit

To use talking heads in game you need the artwork, the audio files and the Lip sync files, then the heads need to be scripted into the game. This Tutorial only deals with the art aspect of the process.

There are several sets that need to be made for each character, each set corresponds to the current mood of the npc towards the player, there are also transitions from one mood to another, for example if you are talking to a NPC who is neutral towards you and you insult them you will see there mood change to an angry face. You need to animate a head for each of these moods and actions:

B = Bad mood
G = Good Mood
N = Neutral Mood
f1 = Blink Eyes
f2 = Nod Head
f3 = Shake Head
(B,G,N)P = Talk
B,G,N)(B,G,N) = Mood transition from (B,G,N) to (B,G,N)

Bad Mood ExampleEdit

LYNETBF1-0 Lynetbf1.frm = Bad Blink

LYNETBF2-0 Lynetbf2.frm = Bad Nod

LYNETBF3-0 Lynetbf3.frm = Bad Head shake - speak

LYNETBN-0 Lynetbn.frm = Transition - Bad to neutral

LYNETBP-0 Lynetbp.frm = Bad Speak

Neutral Mood ExampleEdit

LYNETNF1-0 Lynetnf1.frm = neutral Blink

LYNETNF2-0 Lynetnf2.frm = neutral nod

LYNETNF3-0 Lynetnf3.frm = neutral shake

LYNETNB-0 Lynetnb.frm = Transition - neutral to Bad

LYNETNG-0 Lynetng.frm = Transition - neutral to Good

LYNETNP-0 Lynetnp.frm = neutral talk

Good Mood ExampleEdit

LYNETGF1-0 Lynetgf1.frm = Good Blink

LYNETGF2-0 Lynetgf2.frm = Good Nod - speak

LYNETGF3-0 Lynetgf3.frm = Good Shake - smile

LYNETGN-0 Lynetgn.frm = Transition - Good to nuetral

LYNETGP-0 Lynetgp.frm = Good Talk