By Lisac2k. I made a worldmap for Survivor 2 MOD a few days ago and here's the simple way to do it.

Tools: FRM animator 2.51 or FRManim shortly (here) A picture editing program (Photoshop, Paint Shop pro, GIMP etc...)

Steps: 1. Knowing the truth: Fallout worldmap is 1400x1500 pixels formated. So, your map should be so formated too. It's 8-bit coloured, that means there will be some color loss when converting to FRM format, but it has to be that way. That's why your map shouldn't be too much coloured (something like sepia works nice).

2. Find your area of interest somewhere on the net: I recommend using this site for a start - - grab your map image there.

3. Load your image into your picture editing program. Resize, cut,adjust, apply effects etc. until you get a satisfying result which is 1500x1400 pixels sized. Save image (I usually use BMP format). Now that image should be divided into 20 smaller images which are 350x300 sized. Here's the picture how it looks like:

Name your parts like this WRLDMPxx.BMP (where "xx" is number from 00 to 19) and save the files. 00 represents 1st map part, and 19 represents 20th map part.

4. If you want (and I know I want) to show yellow lines (meridians, parallels) on your map, here's what you need to do. Open each of your map parts and draw lines like on this picture:

Warning: don't draw lines on the RIGHT- and DOWN-side of the map!

5. Load each of your WRLDMPxx.BMP maps into FRManim. and save them as FRMs. That's it. For using it in-game, copy the map files to "your Fallout2 directory/data/art/intrface".

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