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Mad Max mods for Fallout 4! Since Fallout's inception, FO has taken its inspiration from the Mad Max franchise as seen by a man and his dog, and the Road Leathers that he has worn ever since Fallout 1. The following Fallout 4 mods, available on PC, will immerse yourself in the world of Mad Max. Reserve at least 25 plugins worth of PC Mods for the world of Mad Max.

Accomplish a quest to unlock two Mad Max outfits, Main Force Patrol (Part 1) and Road Warrior (Part 2) and its accessories.

Main Force Patrol.png

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover(Mad Max 2, 1982)-2

Road Warrior[]

Outfit available in the chem station

Get Road Warrior leathers (dirty) outfit. No quests required.
Road Warrior dirty.png

The Road Warrior's Leathers (clean) for both male and female are also available.
Road Warrior clean.png

Dog is now available in Dogmeat aka Pirate mod! You can either replace Dogmeat, or have Dog as a standalone companion. There are two available files for manual download depending on your preference.

Dogmeat aka Pirate.png
Dog RW.png

Rideable Commonwealth vehicles can now complete your Mad Max experience! All I'm asking is for someone to mod Mad Max's INTERCEPTOR and THEN we are good to go!

Commonwealth Vehicles.png

Take you and Dog for a drive in a Semi Truck that you think could be safe for transporting fuel or water... or sand.

Driveables of the Commonwealth - Semi Trucks.png

Now there are Enemy Vehicles to push over Wastelanders!

Enemy vehciles.png

Get Lord Humungus hockey mask available in the Hockey Masks mod and his Black Leather Armor with Tactical Tiddy Harness - BT. Make Lord Humungus with NPC Raid Spawner by spawning 1 Raider follower. Use the Looks Menu option in Danger Zone settings to make body improvements to Lord Humungus, such as the Super Hero Bodies preset. You can even enlarge him to make him 7 foot tall in the Danger Zone settings. Setup Lord Humungus and his gang at a settlement. Give him Idle Animation for Muscular Male. After you are satisfied with having built a Humungus settlement, then initiate Hostile Workshops by SKK to turn the settlement HOSTILE.

Lord Humungus.jpeg
Hockey Masks.jpeg

Humungus and 44.png

Lord Humungus weapon of choice is the scoped .44 Magnum. Have a browse through NImrout 44 Magnum Expansion Pack.

You could also create Wez lookalikes with Lots More Male Hairstyles mod. Wez' weapon of choice is the crossbow. Check out Crossbows of the Commonwealth.

Lots More Male Hairstyles.jpeg


Play out Thunderdome by including the Vox Orbis Dome of Thunder in your Mad Max adventure! Two men enter! One man leaves! Make sure you surround the dome with lots of settlers. Use animation mats around the Dome for settlers to use.

Vox Orbis.png

What's love got to do with it, when you can drive a train settlement? You MUST get the Driveable Train Settlement (Comes with a Patch)!

The Train - World Travel.png

Include Driveable Motorcycles into your Mad Max experience!

Driveable Motorcycles.png

The setting of the Mad Max universe is predominantly in desert conditions, notably in Thunderdome. Take advantage of the New Vegas Resurrection - A Vibrant Desert mod! Also include Desert-like Weather Chances for chance of dust storms.

New Vegas Resurrection.png
Desert-like Weather Chances.png

WALKER! Make a settlement out of airplane parts.

Craftable Airplane Parts.png


Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero (extended)-2

Fury Road[]

Warboy Face Preset is available as a Fallout 4 mod. This is exceptional because it can be applied to any NPC that you recruit as a follower. Install NPC Raid Spawner and Looks Menu. Construct the Danger Zone terminal to spawn a gang of Raider followers at a designated settlement. Change their appearances to look like War Boys.

Warboy Face Preset.png

After making a settlement of War Boys, change the settlement to HOSTILE with Hostile Workshops by SKK. Don't forget to add Driveable Motorcycles and any Enemy Vehicles you may have acquired.

Hostile Workshops by SKK.png

Add more desert hazard conditions with Dust Storm Effects.

Dust Storm Effects.png


New Rival Raider Style Factions adds twenty-four Raider factions that level with the player at varied starting levels.


Raggedy Man Mad_Max_Beyond_Thunderdome_-_He's_Just_A_Raggedy_Man_-HD--2

  • Colored Highlights - Commonwealth Cuts has highlights for female characters. If there were a version for male characters, white highlights could also be added for Mad Max's hair.
  • If Fallout 76 can have instruments, so should Fallout 4! Bring in a saxophone!
  • Look, if you can make a backpack, why can't you make a midget on someone's back? We NEED Master Blaster.

Master Blaster.jpeg