Vault-Tec Labs

Allows the player to loot previously un-lootable NPCs of their armour e.g. the Den Thugs.

Original Version[]

Basically, if a character looks like he is wearing a type of armor, you will see that type of armor in the inventory of the character's dead body. There are a few exceptions, as some NPCs have the ability to camouflage their armor. That is to say, they appear to be wearing one type of armor but actually have the protection stats for a better type of armor! The Chosen One will automatically correct for this subterfuge when he/she loots the dead body. You will encounter this phenomenon, for example, if you choose to terrorize Vault City.

A version included in the MIB88 Megamod.


hakimio Restoration Project add-on[]

This mod uses advanced scripts to determine if the player has the skill requirements required to loot armour.

Minimum skill requirements used here are the same as in megamod (if most of RP players or Killap thinks they should be changed - they will be changed; armor PIDs provided in brackets for other lazy RP devs):

  • Robes - 30 repair (113)
  • Leather jacket - 50 repair (74)
  • Combat Leather jacket - 55 repair (265)
  • Leather armor - 60 repair (1)
  • Leather armor Mk II - 70 repair (379)
  • Metal armor - 80 repair (2)
  • Metal armor Mk II - 90 repair (380)
  • Combat armor - 110 repair (17)
  • Combat armor Mk II - 115 repair, 75 science (381)
  • Brotherhood armor (239) (not used by any critters; can only be found in Brotherhood bunker in SF)
  • Tesla armor (240) (not used by any critters; can only be bought in SF)
  • Power armor - 130 repair, 110 science (3)
  • Hardened Power armor (232) (not used by any critters; only Crocket in SF can make them)
  • Advanced Power Armor - 140 repair, 120 science (348)
  • Advanced Power Armor Mk II - 150 repair, 130 science (349)
  • Horrigan's Armor (554) (decided not to implement because: not implemented in original lootable armor mod; as pointed out by B-2Admirer Frank is cyborg; he is a lot bigger than The Chosen One; not even sure it's implemented in megamod)


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