Last Hope mod by Forgotten Knight, is the first real TC mod for Fallout 2.

Main features of this mod are:

- new and larger world map
- changed encounters
- new Locations
- new NPCs, dialogs, scripts
- changed weapons look (some of them) and some new ones
- new vehicles, not directly drivable but used to store items
- some new items used for quests
- new quests
- inventory of some NPCs is no longer accessible if your steal skill isn't high enough
- added later: Elevators now use dialog interface

- increased overall combat difficulty and barter prices (new)

- food and hydration system (beta)

You start as a prisoner but before you can actually see the prison you will have to fight your way through
underground corridors, complete the "famous" trials and kill some bad bugs on the way....

This is just the beginning... No spoilers here...

Mod install guide:
Please follow these steps for installation of this mod ONLY. Which means this mod should NOT be used with any other item, location, weapons mod. Any mod mixing could lead to unexpected errors (do not even try to replace sfall and *.exe files from other mods, just to prove your claims, if you aren't 100% sure of what you're doing)

  1. Fresh install of Fallout2 US version is recommended, i did not test this mod with any other non English version.
  2. Install High-Res mod, v2.2c is recommended, it has been tested and works well with sfall files inside LH mod archive.
  3. Get official Fallout2 1.02d patch, extract Fallout2.exe only (do NOT extract patch000.dat) into your game install folder.
  4. Run High-Res patch, wait for "patch successfully applied"(or similar) confirmation.
  5. Extract files from this mod's archive to your game install dir, DO NOT copy-paste over any older version.
  6. If you are a new player, you DO NOT have to install any older version for this to work.
  7. Overwrite all files when asked...
  8. Inside DATA folder set PROTO and everything inside to "read only".
  9. Start game (no splash screen? It's because of the older sfall and/or high-res version, no need to panic)

Download link refers to newest version, currently 1.079.

Please DO NOT use saved games from any older version if you don't have to, because you won't notice the newest map changes (LHinfo) and you may experience game crashes or corrupted savegame errors.

Important 1: this mod is optimized for high_res mod "V4.1.8" and sfall "v3.7.3" although these are the latest versions, i got desired results with them, using anything else will most likely corrupt your game.

Important 2: this mod comes with "sfall 3.7.3" so that means you have to install high_res mod before if you plan to play on high resolution. Also during the mod installation you will be asked to overwrite            "...\f2_res\Map_Edges\F2Original" folder, you should do it as well as folder "intrface"

For comments, suggestions and more info please visit NMA.

Download 1.079 --Thread on NMA

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