The Restoration Project includes the latest version of Killap's Fallout 2 patch.

Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project – first official public release (1.0) – January 5 2008. [Forum Thread]

Second official public release (1.1) – January 14 2008, last updated on February 22 2008. [Forum Thread]

Third official public release (1.2) – June 09 2008 [Forum Thread]

Fourth official public release (2.0) – April 01 2010 [Forum Thread]

Fifth official public release (2.1.1) – July 24 2010 [Forum Thread]

Sixth official public release (2.1.2) – September 04 2010, last updated on September 17th, 2010. [Forum Thread]

Seventh official public release (2.2) – July 21 2013, [Forum Thread]

Eighth official public release (2.3) – December 23 2013, [Forum Thread]

Ninth official public release (2.3.1) – December 31 2013, [Forum Thread]

Tenth official public release (2.3.2) – January 01 2014, [Forum Thread]

Eleventh official public release (2.3.3) – July 05 2014, [Forum Thread]


The purpose of this project was to add back into Fallout 2 all the missing content (locations, NPCs, items, etc.), that were pulled or left unfinished in the original game, as well as fix some bugs where possible. This expansion attempted to stay true to what made Fallout great and thus the new content was going to be a reality of what the original developers wanted.

Requirements and FAQEdit

Locations not implemented in the original gameEdit

New locationsEdit

  • Slaver's Camp
  • Hubologist Stash (mentioned in Hubologists computer files)
  • Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad (should be present)
  • Ranger Safe Houses (mentioned in New Reno and Klamath – Rangers' map).
  • Dr. Sheng's hideout

Characters not implemented in the original gameEdit

  • Petey the alley druggie (The Den)
  • Nikki the card dealer (New Reno)
  • Three Card Monte and his bodyguard Rico (New Reno)
  • The barking man – connected to the EPA (New Reno)
  • Ian from the original Fallout (Vault City)
  • 5 encounters with Kaga, the previous Chosen One.
  • Dr. Sheng (San Fran)

Karmic titles not implemented in the original gameEdit

  • Virgin reputation
  • Restored original child killer image
  • Tragic and alcohol addictions
  • Each karma level now displays its own unique icon, as originally intended.
  • Cult of Personality and Karma Beacon perks now fully implemented.

Changes to companionsEdit


  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA.
  • Myron is no longer needed to obtain the Solar Scorcher.

Other changes to old locationsEdit


  • Stealing from the Elder's chest, Hakunin's chest, or Aunt Morlis' vase will result in a karma drop.
  • Ability to plant new seeds obtained from the EPA.
  • Learn about Kaga's origins.

The DenEdit


  • Another way of killing Keeng Ra'at.
  • Extended cattle rustling quest in Klamath.
  • Extended dialogue for Maida Buckner – before neither she nor her mother would give you info about the town (would send you in a wild goose chase – ask Mom, ask daughter, ask mom, etc.)
  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Sulik regarding his sister (won't notice until Primitive Tribe area)


  • It is possible to cure Fannie of her Jet addiction, but also to make her OD on it.
  • Support beams in the mines are now destructible.
  • Killing all the miners prevents getting a good ending for Redding.


  • It is possible when falling down into the Ghost Farm caves or being expelled from the Modoc toilet to break a limb (party members are also affected).

New RenoEdit

  • A more-involved find Lloyd quest - new character: Nikki.
  • An extended way of getting into the Stables as a woman - before if the PC went to the Stables (as a hooker) she would just be dropped off at the main gate and nothing new really happened.
  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA.
  • You can now smell cologne
  • Other new characters include Three Card Monte, his bodyguard Rico and the Barking Man - connected to the EPA.
  • The ability to tell jokes as a male or dance as a female at the Shark Club.
  • Eldridge now goes back to check on his dogs if they bark too much.
  • New player model (installer option) when boxing.

Sierra Army DepotEdit

  • Trip wire works as intended.
  • Robot repair bay works: repairs hurt bots or replaces destroyed ones with new ones.

Vault CityEdit

  • Learn some info about the Vault Experiments from Vault City's Vault.
  • New Location: Village Outside Vault City


  • Mess with the Enclave communications officer on the Gecko reactor computer to feel the wrath of the verti-assault encounter.
  • Lenny glows in the dark when you use a radioactive drink on him and carries a zip gun when first time encountered.
  • New Lenny model (installer option).

Broken HillsEdit

  • New quest: Money Skimming – new characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest, unlocked voice dialogue from Marcus.


  • A non-violent way to end the Raiders threat. Unlocked dialogue with Shadow-Who-Walks.


  • Ability to attack Ranger safe houses as a Slaver.
  • Ability to attack Slaver Camp as a Ranger.
  • BOS base there is now fully explorable after joining them.
  • Alternate way to assassinate Westin, which involves his heart pills.

Vault 13Edit

  • It's now possible to get the good ending.
  • Find out the real truth behind the Vault Experiments.

Vault 15Edit

  • Expanded Doctor Jones' dialogue to bring better closure to him after wiping out the raiders.

San FranciscoEdit

  • Return the missing Shi biology corpse.
  • New location: Hubologist stash
  • Shi submarine - Disable the sub before sailing to the Enclave
  • Dr. Wong questline that implements Dr. Sheng and explains the sentient plant ending.
  • Combine torn pieces of paper to form a password list to access the various computer terminals in the Shi Temple.

New Reno Salvatore TransactionEdit

  • Ability to fly to Navarro in a vertibird.

The Oil RigEdit

  • Ability to set off the nuke found on the presidential level.

Random EncountersEdit

  • Ability to get location of EPA from randomly encountered traveler.
  • 5 Kaga encounters.
  • Shaman and Chieftain found in Nomad encounters.
  • Ability to save Homesteaders and then receive a reward for your service.
  • Homesteader encounters contain children.
  • Federation shuttle special encounter now has the Phazer
  • Hubologists in random encounters are now hostile if you killed the Hubologists in San Fran.
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