Infinite Fall is a Polish Fallout 2 total conversion mod by Ghoster, MarshalBry, Kao, Elensila and Yamakusa. The world map will include both F1 and F2 locations, with Vault 13 being at the centre of the map. screen shots can be found here, you can listen to the sound track online also.


It's an old proven formula for creating an interesting story: the character is called "The Anonymous", and he suffers from "amnesia." Our nameless sufferer of from amnesia, wakes up in crypt 13. We learn a few secrets about our body; then pass a test; we get a PipBoy and head in search of adventure. Initially you feel lost, but by visiting one of the 3 nearest locations everything we want to know is revealed.

Your choice is whether we turn south, devastated by civil war; to the cities to the west, between the start of Unity with the enclave, or perhaps to the north, the quiet towns dependent on energy, which is produced by the ghouls in Gecko.

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