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1) Create ammo and weapon entities that you're going to use w/your new ammo type. It doesn't matter what you set the ammo to, since you're going to change it anyway.

2) You will have to have unpacked the various text files that FoT reads for non-hard-coded information. The file you're looking for is called "ammo.txt" and is located at the following address:

C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics\core\locale\game

3) In this file you will see entries like this:

{name_Needle} = {Needle}

You will need to come up with something to call your new ammo type. Since ".45" is used for the standard .45 (i.e. ACP) in the game, you can simply use:

{name_.45C} = {.45 Colt}

4) Open the ammo entities and weapons that you want to set to this type of ammo with BoSEE and change the ammo field to whatever is in the "name_" portion of your ammo.txt file.

Warning: Once you save the file using BoSEE, you cannot modify it with the standard entity editor w/o setting the ammo type to "None". In other words, if you want to modify the entity, you will have to make whatever changes you want to make, then re-modify and re-save the entity using BoSEE.

Grab BoSEE Here