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To add art to one of the appropriate custom art pages,

  1. Upload an FRM file
  2. Add the correct category -- example: [[Category:Custom Art - Critters]]
  3. Copy the direct download link from the FRM's wiki page. Depending on your browser, right-click and:
  • Mozilla Firefox: select "Copy Link Location"

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15

  • Internet Explorer: select "Copy Shortcut"

Internet Explorer 7

  • Google Chrome: select "Copy Link Address"

Google Chrome 10.0

Last but not least, edit the wiki article corresponding to the category of custom art you are uploading. At the very bottom of the article, insert a table entry for the FRM, as shown here:


Copy / Paste[]

{{FRM table header}}
{{FRM table entry
|Artist          =
|Set             =empty
|Mod             =
|Format          =frm
|Description     =
|Image           =
|Image 1         =empty
|Download Link   =
|Download Link 1 =empty
|Archive Link    =empty
Artist who made the FRM
The nomenclature of the art set
Mods (if any) that feature this art
File format of the art, only FRM for now
Description of the artwork; what is it?
Up to 10 images of the FRMs
Up to 10 corresponding download links
  HTTP Direct download link(s), see above
If an archive exists for large sets
Art Artist Set Mod Format
NMCALJHJ-3.gif FO2 Artist NMCALJ Vanilla FO2 FRM download icon.png
Bald Male leather armor shooting animation (HJ)