"Harry as NPC" mod 1.0 for Fallout 2 by Skynet.

This mod requires Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project 1.2 to work. Harry is a character from Fallout 1 you may remember, he was a super mutant; you can now find him outside of Arroyo temple as a recruitable NPC.


  • All responses are voiced (uses partly modified speech files from Fallout 1). Ex. three random responses when you order him to wait. Different initial dialog for male and female characters, etc.
  • Adjustable and predefined combat settings.
  • Tagged skills are Unarmed and Big Guns.


  • Uses "Doc" AI settings, which is from an unimplented NPC. Not really an issue.
  • No combat taunts.
  • When asking NPC healing from various doctors in-game. Harry will be referred to as "Doc". Same thing when you ask for sex in the Cat's Paw. I could fix this, but there are quite many dialog files to check, so I'll leave it for now.
  • No levelup.

To-do list for next versionEdit

  • Possibly add reactions, if you are slaver or childkiller (there are voicefiles suitable for this).
  • Combat messages.
  • Maybe add levelup.

Download and InstallationEdit

From NMA. Extract the included files and let it overwrite some Restoration Project files.

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