Vault-Tec Labs

1. In the Player Setup dialogue box, go to the player that you want to move. On the right side, click the "AI Setup" box. Make the "Controller Type" set for Waypoints. Enter 5 for the "Move Type Priority" and for the "Move Target Tag" type in Enemy-way. Leave everything else as is for now but note that if you hold down the left mouse button in the box and move the mouse upwards, you can see more options.

2. Place your enemy entity and make sure that he has a player index of 2.

3. Now place the waypoint - set the player index back to 0 and where it says "Tag", type in Enemy-way. The waypoint entity is found under the "misc" directory. Place as many as you need.

4. Click on Entity Edit and click the first waypoint you want to go to. On the left side menu slide down to where it says "Waypoint Index" and type in 1, the next entity is "Next Waypoint List" - type in 2. Do this for all of the waypoints and for the last one, the "Next Waypoint List" should be 1.