With this mod the character named Klint (the Temple of Trials guard) joins, created by Jargo.

Version 2.0 is based on the Friendly Klint MOD Beta by Jargo FMC, that was never fully developed. So I took my time and went through all the Proto files and adjusted the settings accordingly for each and every type of Armor, except the Robes (you can still wear them with default stats, which would be about appropriate unless its Bridgekeeper's robes). Note: By stats here I mean all the skills and stats, including Armor Class and all the rest.

From the Beta version most of the dialogues have been updated. Fixed the bug that wasn't allowing any changes in NPC stats, hence forcing you to use the initial stats, regardless of the type of armor you put on him, and also preventing him from leveling up. Now your NPC will have an appropriate amount of AC and DR for each armor. He will also learn new skills and abilities with each armor upgrade in addition to the default leveling up. This makes him a very unique and flexible NPC that is not limited in any way and can be useful all the way through to the very end of the game and beyond. All the Combat Control options have been enabled for this NPC, since he's so handy. Note: His Herbal Medicine Skill will only work with his initial appearance as a tribal (no armor).

An updated version is part of the MIB88 Megamod

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