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Hello, I bought Fallout 4 on Console and to my surprise (and millions of others) was the great gift of the console version of the game getting mod support.

Now I am going to keep this short and sweet, the purpose of this page is in the title. For console players to become friends and cohorts with like minded PC players and work together and/or create mods for the console players to use and enjoy too because they cant create them themselves. Think these PC players as the older cousin that are helping the younger console cousin out.

So in the sense, I communicate to someone who wants to make this certain mod with and/or for me. Because they have PC and I have Console. And who knows, other console/PC players might love the mod.

Now I know that the Creation Kit hasn't been released and that Console Mod support hasnt even been deeply talked about, but its good to start early.

The biggest thing is the way Consoles Mod support was briefly...debriefed. To my specualtion, it sounds like they'll be treated somewhat like console DLC where its downloaded and not like the current concept of having a mod manager and all that jazz.

I made this on mobile, not quite sure how to go from here. If someone would like to help me out with this, it would be appreciated. I havent really ran this any sort of page. This will definitely need to be cleaned up and made less a rant. Louis LeDuc (talk) 16:50, December 9, 2015 (UTC)