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This article lists all of the different categories of file formats used to store data in both Fallout and Fallout 2. There is varying compatibility for these formats in both game engines.

Archived Data[]

Artwork / Animation[]

  • FRM file - Frame Graphics file, used for the game-world artwork
  • LIP File - Talking head dialogue lip sync data
  • RIX file - ColoRIX image file, used for splash screens displayed while the game loads

Audio / Video[]


  • BIO file - Pre-made character biographies
  • GCD File - Pre-made character stat loadouts


  • AAF File - Fonts used for interface text, floating text and windowed dialogue
  • FON file - Fonts used for text on the world map


  • MAP file - In-game maps used for all locations and encounters
  • MSK file - Bit mask which denotes passable terrain on the world map


  • INT file - Scripts attached to the various objects, characters, and maps

Text (Indexed)[]

  • GAM file - Holds all of the global variables (GVAR) and global map variables (MVAR)
  • LST File - Plain text lists
  • MSG file - Dialogue file used for characters, locations, and all other text
  • SVE file - Movie subtitles