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Fallout Restoration Mod (TeamX)

A direct successor of the Fallout Update Mod. It introduces most of the features seen in the Fallout Update Mod and plenty of the new ones. Mod is developed from scratch so it's expected to be more complex, solid and stable than the predecessor. Questionable and incomplete features are being removed. Project is based on the most recent version of the unofficial Fallout Patch v1.3.x.

Since currently only Wasteland Ghost is involved development, release model of the mod had been changed into modular structure. Non-cumulative updates are being released when ready. There are two parts available at this day.

  1. Game Restoration Mod Part 1: "Invasive procedures". An invasion of mutants army in all major towns has been restored. As long as Master exists, he and his army will slowly invade Wasteland. An invasion begins with the destruction of the LA: Boneyard. Then it continues to the Necropolis, Hub, Brotherhood of Steel, Junktown, Shady Sands and finally Vault 13. Note, that by interacting with the game world you can hasten an invasion in certain (or even all) locations. After a town's been invaded, all it's natives are killed and an invading army of mutants appears on the streets.
  2. Game Restoration Mod Part 2: "The Unknown Wasteland". This part deals mostly with caravans and random encounters. A caravan is actually shown, when it arrives in the town. Customers are now roaming around a caravan when it's in the town. A caravan leader now offers you a mini-quest: assist to unload a caravan. Few special encounters are fixed or re-enabled. Alcohol addiction (beer and booze) restored.


  • Mod requires Fallout Patch v1.3.x to function properly. Refer to FO Mods FAQ for patch installation details.
  • Installation sequence is important. Part 2 can not be used without Part 1. And Part 1 must be installed first.
  • Restoration Mod is compatible with Fallout NPC Mod. NPC Mod should be installed after Patch v1.3.x and before Restoration Mod components.
  • There are some known issues. See readme files for details.


Game Restoration Mod Part 1: "Invasive procedures" v1.0b2 (defunct) Wasteland Ghost
Game Restoration Mod Part 2: "The Unknown Wasteland" v1.0b1 (defunct) Wasteland Ghost
Game Restoration Mod Parts 1 and 2 v1.0b1 Wasteland Ghost