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Fallout Patch v1.2 (semi-official)

The primary objective of this patch is to incorporate into the US version of the game bug-fixes available for later European releases only. It includes executables and several scripts. The patch does NOT require any additional packages, all changes from US v1.1 are included as well. The patch could be used to upgrade any English version of Fallout (1.0, 1.1 or 1.2) regardless of language dialect. In the last case you'll get few spelling fixes only.


Fallout v1.x US/UK

Known issues:

  • Early US release v1.0 dated 19th September of 1997th is unsupported in the current stable revision. Installation of v1.2 may cause text 'Errors' and broken script logic. Use v1.2.1 RC instead.
  • Multilingual EU game and presumably UK release v1.2 have problems with NPC team assignments in Junktown. For example it becomes impossible to prevent assassination of Killian. Town guards always treat player as enemy in the combat mode and dude unconditionally becomes a new target after assassin is down. Even if he was helpful or just stood aside in a sight distance. Bug only appears when patch v1.2 is installed in conjunction with the latest v1.3.x. Use v1.2.1 RC instead of v1.2 to solve this issue.
  • There have been minor text glitches reported for some indefinite versions of the game. Still unconfirmed.

Version history:

Fallout Patch v1.2 beta TeamX
Fallout Patch v1.2 TeamX
Fallout Patch v1.2.1 RC (WIP) TeamX

[Download, see Fallout 1.2.1 universal patch]