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This page is for reporting and tracking bugs in the Fallout Fixt mod[]

When adding a new entry or confirming an existing entry, provide a savegame and as many details as you can recall. It's very difficult and time-consuming for me to fix issues without a savegame provided that I can use for testing. A few minutes extra on your end will save me hours :)

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  • Fixt VERSION number -- This can be found in the bottom-left or bottom-right of the main menu screen.
  • Fixt DOWNLOAD type -- Fixes Only, Full Custom, German Uncut. (If you don't remember, provide a savegame)
  • Fixt INSTALL type -- Purist, Half-Purist, Standard, Full, etc. (If you don't remember, provide a savegame)
  • Operating System -- "Windows 10 Pro 64-bit", etc.
  • SAVEGAME -- Savegames are located in: [Fallout Fixt]\DATA\SAVEGAME\SLOT## -- Put that whole subfolder into a compressed format such as .rar or .zip. For example if save slots 1 and 3 are experiencing the issue, send me a copy of folders SLOT01 and SLOT03.


NEW is used for all entries unless one of the below applies.


CONFIRMED means Sduibek has personally seen this bug, or there have been multiple reports from players. If you're experiencing a bug that is already listed here in New status, feel free to change the bug to Confirmed status.

ENGINE BUG sadly at this time, this is either confirmed to be or believed to be an engine bug with Fallout itself, meaning it either cannot be fixed, or will take efforts of skilled coders such as Timeslip to fix.

FIXED means it's fixed in Sduibek's current files on his sytem, not that it's fixed in the current publicly-available release. These will be deleted from the page when the next release goes public.

NOT-BUG should be self-explanatory. This isn't actually a bug, but is still useful to have on this page for reference purposes.

UNDUPLICATED means I, Sduibek, haven't personally seen the bug and have not been able to reproduce it.

WAITING ON 3RD PARTY is used when something like Sfall is going to fix the issue, but not until their next release goes public, or when it is something beyond what Sduibek can do, thus is pending completion by someone else.

WAITING ON ENGINE UPGRADE is regarding the switch to the Fallout 2 engine that Sduibek and others are currently working on. There is no ETR for this as it's a very large project, but switching to the engine will fix many issues and allow a large expansion of capabilities. This denotes that the bug will be fixed once this engine shift has happened, so no work will be done on it in the Fallout1 engine.



Vault 13[]

NEW - 1.0 Testing|Full Custom|N/A|Win10Pro64 - When attempting to change game settings using the Vault computer, trying to change anything in the section labelled "Situational Combat" results in the dialogue closing without any options being presented.

NEW - 1.0 Testing|Full Custom|N/A|Win10Pro64 - Vault computer custumization: When attempting to change te invasion times to default in all cities the appear to change to Instant (0 days). I've gone to all the cities to prove this. Note: While installing the mod I pressed the custom type and set the invasion to be exclusive to Necropolis at 110 and had no problem finishing the game in 0.81alpha. Then I installed the 1.0 version and experienced this bug. Edit: Installed 0.81alpha with all default times for invasions and it works as intended, at least in Boneyard, but when I updated to 1.0 the computer said that all the invasion times were set to 64000. Then, I had the same problem when setting it to default again.

Boneyard (Adytum, Library, Blades, Gun Runners, Rippers)[]

NEW - 0.81alpha_FULL_CUSTOM/Windows 11 - the crash first occurred after killing momma deathclaw, but since ian was killed in the fight i went back to previous save before the fight - now it crashes whenever i try to leave the gun runners area, and going into and out of combat doesnt help (it doesnt let me rest atm) - the error message says "the instruction at 00485f51 referenced memory at 00000000 \n The memory could not be read from \n\n Click on OK to terminate the application"

NEW - 0.81alpha_FULL_CUSTOM / Windows 8.1 --- Downtown Boneyard never gets invaded by mutants. Adytum gets invaded as well as the followers' library, but Downtown is pretty much like nothing happened with people walking around talking about how nice it is outside. To the immediate east was deathclaws too so these people should have been fearing for their lives.

NEW - 0.81alpha_FULL_CUSTOM / Windows 8.1 --- When entering the Boneyard for the first time after it was invaded by mutants, the only available place to enter it is Adytum instead of Downtown.

0.81 alpha : After telling Razor that I wanted to give the holodisk to Zimmerman before the fight, I was able to trigger the regulator fight properly with the blades assisting. I then reloaded and chose to do other quests first. I then came back and tried to give the holodisk to Zimmerman again, but this time the blades did not show up to assist in the fight. Talking to Razor again and choosing the "I want to give the holodisk to Zimmerman" option made no difference, the blades still do not show up to assist. I uploaded the save to your dropbox as "", but it did not give me a link to paste here.

NEW - 0.81 I also get the bug that after arming the Blades they don't join you at all during the attack on the Regulators, but when I kill all Regulators alone either all civilians get hostile, or that one female Scav in front of the large house in the middle of the map gets hostile - even though I don't hit or kill a single one of them during the fight.

NEW - Tryna do the Blades quest, if you say you'll join the leader in their attack on the Regulators, you appear in combat with the Regulators alone! The bastards don't back you up! And if you say you'll sit it out, time passes, but she bugs out and is permanently stuck asking you to attack the Regulators, even though they are in fact dead. Also the Gun Runners say "... now that they wiped out the Regulators" before the attack, but after they agree to give the Blades weapons

NEW - 0.81alpha (tested 0.90beta), Fixes Only, Full Custom, Windows 7 Ultimate (tested with Compatability Options for other Windows Versions) - Slot13AdytumUpgradeCrashes - When asking Smitty to upgrade the Plasma Rifle, the game crashes: "The instruction at 00490987 referenced memory at 00000056 The memory could not be read from"

NEW - 0.81alpha (tested 0.90beta), Fixes Only, Full Custom, Windows 7 Ultimate (tested with Compatability Options for other Windows Versions) - Slot13AdytumUpgradeCrashes - When asking Miles to harden the Power Armor, the game crashes: "The instruction at 00490987 referenced memory at 00000056 The memory could not be read from"

NEW - 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Lorraine has a very weird (and minor) bug. If I talk to her for the first time, and use directly the TMA button, close it, then select dialogue option 2/1/4. Then, (and only then), the TMA button will become unresponsive during any further dialogue with her. (Dropbox: Slot03LorraineTMA (shortly before talking to her the first time)).

NEW - When I steal money from Miles, the chemist of Adytum ( L.A. Boneyard ), and then I save the game, and then I restart saved game ( saved position ), Miles again have money. Sorry for bad English. :)

NEW - When asking Smitty to upgrade the Plasma Rifle, my Power Armor is un-equipped. FIXT 0.81a "fixes only".

NEW - After killing all regulators (alone or with he help of Blades) nothing happens. Blades are standing still and you cant talk to them. FIXT 0.81a on steam version of F1. WinXP32SP3 Saves

NEW - After I took back Adytum from the Regulators with the help of the Blades, the Blades turn hostile when I go back to "Boneyard Downtown".

NEW - i got no holodisk from Razor (Blades boss) although she states she gives me one.. so there is no way of aproching zimmerman with the holodisk in hand after giving weapons to the blades (just before the fight for Adytum, razor line I'll talk to zimmerman first) zimmerman just tells me to kill razor because there is no line regarding the holodisk , because i don't have it, not to mention there is no pipboy entry from that holodisk. (FIXT Alpha 7.1 Full Custom/Vista Ultimate x64/GOG version in English) gustarballs1983 @NMA Addition:0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. I had a similar experience once: I did the dialogue (1/1/2/2/2/rest is 1), after which the text says she hands me the disk, but didn't. I can then talk to her again, and go through the exact same dialogue, at which end I do get the Holodisk. Addition: As it turns out the save isn't bugged. She does hand me the disk, but with delay (talk to her and press I very quickly after ending dialogue, the disk won't be there, but will be in a few seconds time. I can only assume that those people who never received the disk (as happened to me once, in a previous, unfortunately, lost save) managed to bug out the game during this delay. Perhaps this bug can be avoided if changing the assignment of the disk to “in-dialogue” rather than “after-dialogue”. Note that my bugged game also had bugs during the Adytum fight (citizens turned hostile, blades didn't show up), but as said I lost the save and couldn't reproduce it yet.) (Dropbox: Slot08RazorDisk (the save is after talking to Zimmerman and before talking to Razor, but as said, this save isn't bugged)).

NEW - The Deathclaw eggs taunt you when attacking them, funny when the kids inside can apparently talk though aren't ready to be born. Here's the save

NEW - MacRae refers to the female PC as "lad" in some of his dialogue lines.

NEW - When leading the siege on Adytum with the Gun Runners, they might target you if you saved and reloaded before Combat is initiated. Should you enter Combat mode quickly and shoot the Regulators, the Gun Runners'll remember you as an ally. (Using Fixt 6.7.2 with the revision for Cabbot, on Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, GOG version in English) Breakin'Benny (talk) 21:17, February 25, 2014 (UTC)

CONFIRMED - Need dialog fix for Miles/Sammuel:

CONFIRMED - After installing 6.3 patch on top of 6.1, the Gun Runners won't acknowledge you stopped the deathclaws if you killed the mother before talking to them. [This is probably just a side-effect of increased number of local variables per script in the patch versions (overwriting memory they shouldn't be), but I'll test anyway, it's easy to test. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - RAZOR DOESN'T RECOGNIZE PLAYER [Vanilla] Even if you've talked to Razor before, if you end dialog without telling her whether or not you want to join in the fight, if you start dialog again, it's exactly the same as before.

NEW - Michael the Gun Runner welcomes the player with his answer to "Why don't you leave?" and actually welcomes you when you actually ask him why they don't leave. Can be tested with this save. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English). [Probably just referencing wrong line# in dialog file. --Sduibek]

NEW - Quest for Gun Runners in Boneyard (killing deathclaws), doesn't show in STATUS of PIP-Boy 2000.

CONFIRMED, PLANNED - I experienced that the Regulator closest to Jon insta-kills with 250 damage even if the mayor somehow dodges. When it comes to getting Zimmerman alive through the fight, what about allowing the both of you (he & you, the player character) to go into his basement and talk about the Blades and his son's murder properly, maybe making specific Regulator start with his boomstick unequipped because little is going on right now? --Breakin'Benny (talk) 19:02, July 6, 2015 (UTC) (updated because I noticed there was a typo in what I wrote)

NEW - In Adytum, you can kill all of the Regulators and free the town, but Chuck the fortune-teller will still act as though they exist in dialog options. Might have to never talk to him until the regulators are killed, screenshots exist. Prisoner416 (talk) 21:36, November 6, 2014 (UTC)

CONFIRMED - The guard at the Gun Runners' moat will leave his post as soon as the map loads and go up and right before crossing the toxic slime and being injured. He'll stay at the top of the map. When you re-enter the map he'll be back by the bridge but will again leave his post and take the same path. He'll do this each time you enter until the toxic sludge kills him. I believe this might be caused by talking to him so he lets you pass, then loading a previous save. V6.7.3, username on NMA is Matroska. Tropxe (talk) 14:17, October 13, 2014 (UTC) ADDITION 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. As an interesting side note, the guard wandering off can be prevented by catching up to him, engage dialogue and ask to buy weapons/talk to Gabriel. Then he'll stop turn around, walk south and stop at the top of the bridge as intended. (Dropbox: Slot06MoatGuard). I also seem to remember that at one point (unpatched version?) it was necessary to talk to him every time one wanted to cross (which would then trigger him to walk up the bridge, and stop at the top of it, opening the way. Now he seems to start walking the moment the map loads (entering or loading a save) and doesn't know when to stop. Could this issue be caused by the missing or messed up dialogue trigger?).

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Ian can get stuck in the stairs of the Deathclaw-mother's lair. I had a save, but reloading apparently cleans it up. So you'll have to use a previously submitted save (Dropbox: Slot06MoatGuard, from Nov 17 2017) if you want to reproduce it. This cannot be reproduced consistently, but from the submitted save it works 50% of the time to run up to the stairs and click on them while Ian is still running. It seems to be especially this running motion, that continues for a short time after loading the Basement map, which causes Ian to run (aka clip) through the stairs and get stuck between them and the wall. Leaving and re-entering (just as saving & loading) can clean this up, so it's not a big deal.

NEW - 0.81alpha, Wine, full custom. Avellone doesn't drop his assault rifle and his Thug with the rocket launcher doesn't drop his sniper rifle, the weapons simply disappear when they are killed. savegame

NEW - 0.81alpha, Wine, full custom. After completing the Blades quest Gabriel's dialog is messed up. Two of his lines are switched ("Hello friend..." and "No reason to leave...") and he keeps repeating the "No reason to leave..." line if you repeatedly talk to him instead of "Hello friend...". savegame

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Gabriel does not react properly to the solving of the deathclaw quest. This is a very messed up dialogue tree. I've been through the whole thing and these points are of interest: The dialogue always starts with the “It's not often we get visitors” to which the reply is 1 (why not) and 2 (what is it you do here). Both paths lead to the reward sections with different outcomes each time (go 1 or 2/1/1/1) (if you go 2/2 you end up at the task assigning again). Exploit: If you go 2/1/1/1/1/2/1 you get 1000 XP for helping the blades, talk again 2/1/1/1/1/1/1 and you get another 1000 XP, have access to the weapons and the blades are still supplied. Other reward options loop in very peculiar ways. They return to the original dialogue (and to “I've killed them all” or (and in some cases only if repeated) to “what do you pay me if I kill them”) or the reward section. Most interesting if you go 1/1/1 from a fresh reload and then talk again, Gabriel says “How goes it my friend” and the replies are “It's been going OK” and “I think I've killed them all”. This is the node that should trigger in the first place (i.e. after accepting the quest) and if the eggs have been killed, should add the 3rd option “I've killed them all...including the eggs.” which, atm, is only accessible in this awkward way of discussing their situation again (if not going the wrong dialogue path to the quest assignment that is). Also the rewards (and only if going down option 1, option 2 always loops back to start) start the next dialogue in odd ways 1 (weapons) as said before goes to the “active quest” node, 2 (friends) assumes the regulators have been taken care off and has only standard replies of buying or nothing (this is the correct node after collecting the reward, only the regulator statement is a bit premature and could say “will take care of” until they've actually did) and 3 (no pay) returns to the reward section. I think 1 & 3 need to start the next dialogue as option 2 does, only with slightly different text (I don't know if there is an existing text line but something like: “We will leave soon, now that you took care of things/killed the deathclaws” and offer the replies of 2 (buy/nothing). (Dropbox: Slot06Gabriel (this save is after killing all the deathclaws & eggs with the quest active).)

NEW - When you kill Deathclaws in L.A. Boneyard, you can take weapons from Gabriel ( lider of Gun Runners ) two times, for you and for Blades, experience points… (Edit: I moved this post to follow up my old report which confirms this and describes it in the top half, saying: "Exploit: If you go 2/1/1/1/1/2/1 you get 1000 XP for helping the blades, talk again 2/1/1/1/1/1/1 and you get another 1000 XP, have access to the weapons and the blades are still supplied.".) Edit II: I tested it again and there was a slight omission. It should be correct now. Btw, doing it the other way round, loops back to the quest assignment.

NEW - Upon obtaining the guns for the Blades and holotape from Razor, then saving before talking to Zimmermann and killing the Regulators, something strange happens. The first time, I had the Blades assist me when I told Razor that I was going to give the holotape to Zimmermann. The fight was one-sided with the Regulators decimated without a dead citizen(except for Zimmermann) and the screen went black for a moment. Then the citizens' dialogue changed. Except when I tried to exit, the game crashed. Tried again, and this time, not all the Regulators came for me, and the game didn't seem to acknowledge that I killed all the Regulators in Adytum. Issue?

Brotherhood of Steel[]

NEW - audio when telling Cabbot you have the holodisk doesn't match the dialog text displayed.

CONFIRMED - GOG Full, 0.81a. Thomas' training session doesn't start. Neither he nor his training mates move an inch. Talus comments though. 0.81aLast confirmed working at version 6.7.3 <Creating a new game and going inside the Brotherhood bunker to reset the map also resets Thomas's session, but copying the Brotherhood .SAV file over to your regular save game will reset the map and MAY restart the training session but this is not consistent, proven after I retried over and over. However, it is safe to assume that the training session is SURE to start upon FIRST entering the bunker, going to the lower levels of the bunker BEFORE getting the training will simply bug the training session from ever starting if the player wishes to receive it at a later time. Played on: Fixt 0.81a Full Custom Download Custom Install on Windows 10 64-bit -Mr. Deathclaw on NMA>

CONFIRMED - fixt 0.81a, win10 pro 64bit, full custom download. The first time I talked to Cabbot and chose option to ask him a few questions he became upset and finished the dialogue. Now he is angry and when I talk to him he just asks me if I want back in, whatever the answer is the dialogue ends and the door remains locked. I can't even get the Glow quest, not to mention enter the bunker. (seconded; workaround is to say ONLY that you want to join the brotherhood. if you say anything else, you will never get the glow quest and therefore never get inside the bunker! (addendum: in order to even get through the base, I let both paladins die in combat. even though they did not die by my hands, the brotherhood turned hostile!) ~~~) (third workaround: make a new character, run over to BoS entrance, make a save in a specific save slot. Go to main character, save in a different save slot while NOT in BoS zone. Go to fallout fixt/data/savegame/ and overwrite BROHDENT.sav from NEW character save slot to OLD character save slot. Of course backup all saves and make some save in other save slots with main character if one gets messed up. After doing this, the state of BoS entrance will be the same as it was with a fresh character - Cabbot doesn't know you. Then immediately ask to join. )

NEW - The option to start Rescue Initiate from the Hub quest does not appear when having conversation with Talus. This happened on my first playthrough, after I killed Decker.

NEW - When I'm in the third level of the Brotherhood of Steel I go to the quarters where there are locked lockers and footlockers - I try to open them and instead of saying "This locker is locked" or something like that it just says "Error". Nothing interrupting gameplay, it just seems like it fails to grab for whatever line it's supposed to. (seconded, workaround is to ignore the message and try again. sometimes the footlocker is locked and you must pick it, IIRC. ~~~)

NEW - If you take the quest to deliver grenades to Sophia, she will gladly accept them... only to flat-out state the next time you talk that she has "not seen you here before". Prisoner416 (talk) 21:36, November 6, 2014 (UTC)

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. I talked to Kyle and got the quest to get the motivator. Then I talked to Michael for the first time. Used the female option (to clear the dialogue), then I got the option to ask for a job (help him) or to ask for the motivator. I asked if I could help him first. This caused the the game to cancel the motivator option and noted it as used and failed. It wouldn't come up as an option in dialogue with Michael again and Kyle's dialogue assumed I had asked and failed. Not sure if this is a bug as this “one chance only” is typical for Fallout 1 dialogues. However, it worked the other way round, motivator first, then help. (Dropbox: Slot09Motivator (the save has the motivator quest activated and I've not talked to Michael yet.)

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 The Elder who gives the quest to search in the north is a “she” (when using the binocular on her). However, in the dialogue (HighEld.msg) it's “[he motions...]” (line 101) and a reply is “yes, sir.” (line 119). Another reply includes “old man” (line 124). Apparently, the Elder council consist of two men and two women, but only one of the females will engage in dialogue (the other three give off floaters only). In the pro files the four are given names: Jonathan (211), Jacob (212), Mary (213), Rachael (214). However, those names don't seem to appear in game, nor is the quest-giver reacting to either female name (or male ones). Alternatively, instead of fixing the dialogue, it is also possible to switch the Elders around so that the quest-giver is one of the “males”. However, I would prefer to adjust the dialogue, as otherwise the fact is easily overlooked (they are all in robes, with no indicator, except when looking at them, and highlighting that point through dialogue may help the realization and experience).

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 When convincing the Elders to attack the cathedral instead, the text window message still says you convinced the Elders to “attack the Mariposa Military Base” (1500 XP). (HighEld.msg, line 166 & 167) Should probably switch to “attack the Cathedral”. (or something generic like: “to take the offensive” or “take on the mutant army”. But having it adjust would be nicer.

NEW 0.81alpha/last FalloutFixt_testing_playable package/Custom/Win10 Enterprise 64-bit. Installation setup -> Game Balance: Lorri, the Brotherhood of Steel's doctor:

  1. X operations per stat or until the stat reaches 10, which comes first = doesn't work
  2. charisma operation also doesn't work

NEW Brotherhood of Steel started attacking me after I came back from the Military Base (I hadn't destroyed it yet). Save files:

The Master's Vault, Cathedral[]

NEW - INFINITE EXPERIENCE BY DOING SCIENCE ON BASEMENT LVL1 COMPUTER. I made a picture and a save game, but I can't upload them. It's the computer that let's you find the location of the military base. Note: I had already found the base! -- Remco ( version 0.81 alpha -- Full Custom)

NEW - HOSTILITY INCONSISTENCY DURING COMBAT AFTER KILLING NIGHTKIN [5.4] "On killing nightkin (gatling laser one) behind the altar all Children go hostile, except the one that was in same room with Laura, he remains there. There's also the guy in leather armor on left side of church (not far from Lasher's room), who does not join fight either. I don't recall killing of the nightkin turned all those guys angry, but I might be wrong." --ziemeck [Probably wrong team# on these NPCs during init. --Sduibek]

NEW - corridor of revulsion has no effect on player even without psychic nullifier or perk or with nullifier in inventory but not in armor slot. Full Custom - Milkey Wilkey

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Viscious's (Cathedral/Vault) TMA button doesn't work. I assume this is a bug as he should have the same TMA responses as everyone else in the Vault. Also there are two contrarily “looking at” responses; first a “He looks mean” and then a “You see a human female”. (Dropbox: Slot08VisciousTMA).

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 Cathedral: One of the Follower Scouts, assigned by Nicol, is wearing a spear, but when looking at her (binoculars with awareness) it doesn't list a weapon. At the start of combat she switches weapons (from spear to spear, it seems) and when looking at her she is then holding a spear. Note: She is the one with 38 HP and a spear in her inventory. I once stole that spear, and after that she is still “wielding a spear” (animation-wise), but all her attacks are melee. This seems to be an odd graphical glitch. (Note: Same in 1.35: she holds a spears, but when looking at her with awareness it lists no weapon, and when combat starts she switches from spear to spear.) Apparently, her spear is not equipped and/or she starts with the wrong default animation.

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 Cathedral: 2 of the Scouts have their HP improved (pro file 247 & 251), by removing the negative bonus (-11 & -13). The only exception is (252) who is still having only 30 HP (39-9). May remove the negative bonus, too. At least, I assume the scout is based on pro file 252 and not 37 (I'm 99% sure it's 252).

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 Cathedral: The Paladin female may be missing the melee bonus of +2. The male counterpart has it. It seems Junior Paladin has no bonus, Paladin has +2 and Senior Paladin has +3. Their ST varies (depending on gender) but the bonus appears to be consistently the same, and the female Paladin (pro file 278) is missing it. Also note that all 6 Paladins have EMP resistance 15/50%, but it probably should be 15/500%. Both is an error from vanilla.

NEW - All Nightkin were hostile to me if I was travelling with Katja, but not if I was alone. Game also consistently crashed when trying to kill nightkin stair guard with pickpocket explosive.

The HUB (Downtown, Old Town, Caravans), Irwin's farm, Deathclaw cave[]

NEW - I didn't get any ending screen for the Hub at all. I did all of Decker's quests, Loxley's quest, the missing caravans quest and Harold was still alive.

NEW - 0.81a, Full Custom, Win10, running via Steam as a non-Steam game: Unsure if this is a general bug or Hub bug, but if you put several explosives in a backpack and drop it at Jake's feet, then leave the map, then come back, then leave the map again, the game will always crash bringing up the message "The instruction at 0047b6ac referenced memory at 0000006e The memory could not be read from. Click on OK to terminate the application"

NEW - 0.81a, Full Custom, Win 7 Pro 64bits, GoG version & CDs version - At the Thieves' Circle. After killing his three minions, the leader named Loxley does not react in a hostile manner. We can even talk to him normally. In the opposite direction, if the leader is killed, the 3 minions do not react either. There is no door separating them. [Savegame : ; screenshot :

NEW - Restore Hope, ;) the singer of the Maltese Falcon Butch is talking about (TMA: Falcon). Could be NiceLady.frm on a podium (from FO2 New Reno?). Perhaps at the spot the drunk is staring at, if it fits.

NEW - I know the mod allows you report Iguana Bob to the police, but I did not discover the bodies in Doc Morbid's basement until after I had killed Decker days ago (in real time, not just game time). Now whenever I try to talk to Sheriff Greene he just says how he never thought he'd see the day that Decker died, with no option to report a crime. I've tried reporting it to Deputy Fry, since he has the option to report crimes as well, but he just tells me to go to Greene. This was supposed to be the first playthrough of Fallout 1 where I saved every single town, but now that I can't report Bob I'm stuck with the same issue that plagued vanilla and the Hub is doomed. Did I really just screw myself out of saving the Hub because I did these quests in the "wrong" order, or is there another way to complete the quest and/or save the Hub?

NEW -  there's a vanilla bug still present during the quest to "rob the merchant" in the heights in order to join thief's circle. During examination/disarming of the chest with the traps skill, there is some inconsistency in the dialog unfortunately i don't have a save of that area anymore did that area like half a year ago so i don't remember clearly GOG version FIXT 0.81Alpha  WIN 7 home x64 although this was also the case of clean(unmodded) cd version and different windows versions too. [gustarballs1983 from nma]

NEW - Alpha 7.1 - "Hi Sduibek, during my last playthrough, I found something that I was a bit confused by. Basically, I couldn't complete the Missing caravans mission until I spoke with the BoS. I explained my problem right at the beginning of this episode: I'm not sure what was going on. For reference, I first spoke with Harold and co at the end of episode 11 and the beginning of episode 12, so therein may lay the issue. Also, I finished the quest in episode in episode 26, after speaking with the Brotherhood of Steel, as I said."

NEW - 0.81a, Full Custom, Win7 Ultimate, GOG Version - If you talk to Loxley and don't tell him you would like to join the circle, no matter if you ask him questions or are rude to him, he'll completely forget that he has ever seen you before.

NEW - 0.81a, Full Custom, Win7 Ultimate, GOG Version - Vance told me to go away. I instantly came back and he treated me like a friend.

NEW - 0.81a, Full Custom, Win7 Ultimate, GOG Version - If you ask Butch about Jain in his Tell Me About, the sound file for typing in Morpheus plays, while the text is completely different.

NEW - 0.81a, Full Custom, Win7 Ultimate, GOG Version - Dan in his first line says "So now, what can I do ya' for," instead of "So now, what can I do ya' for?". Typo.

NEW - 0.81a - Killing Ms. Stapleton with superstimpaks doesn't let me loot her inventory (shows empty coprse), unlike killing he with guns.

CONFIRMED - 0.81alpha - entering Irwin's farm takes 5-6 days, leaving it takes two weeks. Mutants trashed the town while I was doing the quest.

1.0.0 testing/Full Custom/Windows 10 Steam version - confirmed using self-examine cheat menu to teleport (see bug report below)

NEW - 1.0.0 testing/Full Custom/Windows 10 Steam version - When traveling to Irwin's farm after the dialogue, the game clock changes from February 27, 2162 to October 13, 2175. Using the self-examine cheat menu to teleport reduces the times to 5-6 days and 2 weeks. Better, but still too much. Saves submitted to the dropbox link.

NEW - "Find and destroy the Deathclaw quest" still active in PIP even after being killed and Harold or Sloppy spoken to. (Not sure is this related but Sloppy will re-bring you back to the deathclaw cave even once it has been killed.)

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3, standard install, Win7 x64. After finally accepting the missing caravans mission, by talking to Rutger, this resets the progress made with Slappy (he's about to take you to the Deathclaw cave). I probably forgot to talk to Rutger, in accepting the mission, but I don't remember. NMA user: mhanor Savegame

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3, standard install, Win7 x64, Beth dialog for the missing caravans mission, "Why would it happen to the Far Go Traders more than others?", next dialog contains "The Water Merchants could be lying [...]", you can't continue the dialogue with it. NMA user: mhanor

CONSIDERING - "I cannot pin down Lorenzo for extortions. Shouldn't I be able to find out who was harassed by Mafia and tell the sheriff so that banker went to jail? After killing Kane&Co. the banker tells me to buzz off and if asked again calls for his thugs, which seems OK if you want to get your hands on his safe."

[Hmm... not sure about this. Sounds like a good idea on the surface but technically he isn't breaking any laws. I'll read through their dialog and decide what to do. --Sduibek]

Alpha 6.7.3 Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, Full Custom - Empty Caravan Missions - When taking a caravan mission I just end up on an empty map with only myself and my followers and the caravan Brahmin. No guards, drivers or enemies. When walking off the map the area reloads empty again, this happens when going onto the exit grid the first two or three times then I will eventually end up at the caravan destination but the caravan and driver will not be present. When I return to the hub it's like I never took the job. This happens with every caravan. I have been on one successful job; I went to Junktown with the Water Merchants but didn't make the return trip with them, instead I carried on north to Vault 13. Does the game maybe "think" I am still on that job perhaps? Screenshot and savegame NMA screenname - stu1985

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. During a caravan run (crimson to necropolis) I've encountered an empty map (no ambush, nor any Caravan guards), leaving the map caused me to abandon the caravan. In a previous occurrence (lost the save and it took a while to reproduce this) I got around this by initiating combat (on the empty map), pressing turn (which ended combat) and then leaving the map. But it doesn't work in the submitted save. (Dropbox: Slot08Crimson (this is on the empty map, leaving the map should reach Necropolis and cause to abandon the caravan).)

CONFIRMED - 0.81a/ENG/Full/Win10/GOG version - Bugged caravans: Similar-ish to the person above, when I begin a caravan mission for Fair Go Traders, initially there is an encounter and combat, I then go for the exit grid when combat is finished and it takes me to an empty map with two Brahmin and their trailers. There is absolutely nothing for me to do on this map or interact with (The brahmin just grunt), so I go to the exit grid and I arrive at the destination, except immediately I'm brought to dialogue with an angry caravan leader asking why I abandoned the caravan?? Only attempted to Boneyard so far (But it has repeated 3 times). Don't know how to attach stuff, but I've made an NMA account: Kevin Rudd

0.81a/Fixes Only/ENG/Purist/Win10 64-bit/Steam & GOG versions - I'm placing this here in case Fixt is still worked on and/or if has use in the future. The same bug mentioned and confirmed above about caravans. I'm having exactly the same problem, but I found related stuff in NMA forums to deal with it: "Through a process of trial & error of removing various scripts from Fallout Fixt, the one that seemed to be causing this bug was CARENCTR.INT- removing or renaming it allowed me to once again complete the various caravan runs. I still encounter the second map bug on occasion but I'm no longer being accused of abandoning the caravan." So removing CARENCTR.INT will solve the problem, sometimes you get the extra empty map before the encounter or after leaving the first one but leaving is not considered abandon your task anymore. Said that, this fix mess with caravans rewards and for example you will get only 200 working for Crimson Caravans instead of 600 as I said in the thread. Hope this help and sorry for invading the bug report in my own. - ViWalls

Sure wish the dev would fix this one - It's been around for more than 10 years. Considering that, though, it's highly likely they're ignoring this bug. Are they ignoring others? Why did they bother making this wiki page?

1.0.0 testing/Full Custom/Windows 10 Steam version - Exactly as described above and in another entry below except for a few details. I successfully completed one run with the Water Merchants with combat but used the exit grid to arrive at the destination without issue. The second run with Crimson Caravan encountered the issue with the screen flashing to the wasteland with only the caravans without brahmin, my companions, and me and entering the exit grid again immediately flashes to the destination with the angry caravaner dialogue. Reloading and restarted the run reproduces the bug every time. However, using the self-examine cheat to teleport to the destination has the caravaner there and business concludes without issue. The save after ending combat during the run and the save before starting the run are submitted to the dropbox link.

CONFIRMED - "Vance doesn't mind me approaching him without any Charisma, Barter, or an invite. Since this was my first real-low INT run, is it possible he just figured I'm too stupid to be a threat?"
[I think this is resolved, but Vance's dialog and functionality has had a lot of issues so leaving here for now. --Sduibek]

More on Vance - seems impossible to get trade dialog options with very low reputation (and possibly child killer), even having obtained an invite from Lemmy (vance_knows_player=1). Can still hit the barter button though (0.81 alpha, full custom, WinXP).

NEW - "After doing the second quest for Decker, he says that he is proud and so on so forth. I believe it is the last quest, but the man up above brings me back down when I ask if there are any new jobs for me only for Decker to say yet again how proud of me he is. The delivery is awkward in this way. I'm not sure if this is how it was but it seems odd still."
[Assuming there's an appropriate-sounding line in his voiceover dialog entries, can just make a local_var for this that gets flagged the first time he tells you he's proud. Further discussion will play the appropriate dialog line. If not, can just make go to generic dialog. --Sduibek]

NEW - Dan, in the Entrance section, tells you to get out of his place if you come at night. If you rest outdoor in front of it, he becomes hostile. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

[Need to add a check for if he can still see you. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - Upon arriving for the first time near them and the FLC, Guido and Leone speak too fast and at the same time. It makes it difficult to understand what they are talking about, at least in the short amount of time we have before the text disappears. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

[Just need to change # of ticks wait between timed event triggers. --Sduibek]

NEW - At some point in the game (I discovered it after finishing all stuff in Necropolis, I went back to vault through Hub to buy some books in library, it was my second time in Hub, I was there just once before) approximately 5/9 of the Downtown map (the lower third and the third on the most-right of the map) becomes very laggy even if you are just viewing the area. Game lags for 20-30 seconds, then it goes for like 0.5 seconds and then it lags for 20-30 secs again, extremely annoying, makes the map almost unplayable. It also lags just when i talk to Mrs. Stapleton. I didn't test it anymore, 'cause its very time-consuming and boring.

NEW - When a child killer, Deputy Fry gives you a special kind of cold greeting, but afterwards you can access normal conversation options and he's all "Oh, newcomer, welcome to the Hub", which is kind of grating. He should probably cut off the conversation at this point (0.81 alpha, full custom, WinXP).

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. When talking to the Master Merchant (Martha Rastello) and exploring the option to buy water, it is not possible to return to the job offer until purchasing the water. If doing this in the wrong order one may never get the caravan job. Couldn't the dialogue reset to the job/water node if not wanting to make the purchase yet? I believe the point of no return is asking “how much” (2000/1000/etc.). Leaving this without purchase should return to the job/chip node, rather than getting stuck in the price-menu. In fact if not trusting here, future conversations start with “I'm still looking for a water chip”. I think that's the node any follow up conversation with Martha should start with until buying the water. (Dropbox: Slot01MasterMerchant).

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Beth's store: Sid's floater triggering the “you're fired” and “again” reply passes by so fast that I can't read it. It's basically immediately replaced by “again”. (Dropbox: Slot02BethSid (just click on Sid until it triggers).)

New 0.81alpha/ENG/Custom/Win10. Caravan mission with Far Go to Boneyard always ends up with one hostile encounter, then an empty caravan with just brahmin, carts, and my companions. Upon exiting we arrive to Boneyard, where the driver tells me he won't pay because I abandoned them. Haven't tried other caravans or routes. (Dropbox: SLOT04 from Karabas)

0.81alpha/English/Full Custom/Windows 10 Pro 64. Confirmed a couple other reports above about broken caravan runs: Agree to guard a caravan. There will be a combat encounter. If successful, the only option is exiting, whereupon player lands in another wasteland encounter, but this time it's just brahman and PC (with NPCs, if any), no other caravaners. Can only leave that encounter via exit grid. When arriving at destination, the caravan leader explodes on player for abandoning the caravan and refuses to pay. Confirmed with Crimson Caravan and Far Go Traders, and to each of their respective destinations. There's always a hostile encounter first, not sure if that's a factor (probably not, since combat is normal on caravan runs). Never ran into this bug in the vanilla game but it happens every time I've done a caravan run using Fixt. (Fixt otherwise completely rocks, thank you so much.)

Junktown (Gizmo, Killian, Skulz)[]

NEW - version unknown - after killing Gizmo, I can't enter the map again. Crash all the time.

NEW - 0.81 alpha, Win 8.1, will add save - After talking to Killian for the first time and running out before combat starts with Kenji and guards, exited Junktown. Got back after a few in-game days, was locked out (prolly cuz of time of day) while the guard inside was still fighting and had just then killed the assassin (I couldn't get in, store was locked). Now, Killian doesn't talk about the Gizmo's confession.


NEW - 0.81a/ENG/Full/Win10/GOG version - I've got two to report. If you try to enter Killian's room and he catches you and you willingly go to jail, you will then permanently be stuck in combat. After ending combat about 6 times inside that jail, a bald leather armour NPC will magically appear in the cell and attack you, also despite being in jail none of your stuff is taken away from you.

Bug #2 - Apart from the very first time I tried, one of the guards outside Killian's front door NEVER comes running in when I start shooting Killian and his guards. When you then go outside he attacks you, and when you kill him, the ENTIRE TOWN becomes permanently hostile to you, even the people inside Gizmo's casino! They say "You're not taking us over!" even though you're literally doing it for Gizmo. I note that Gizmo and guards themselves do not attack, but all his other staff and patrons do. NMA username: Kevin Rudd

NEW - 0.81a, Full, Win10 64b, Gog - When I start the Bust the Skullz fight I can kill every skullz member except the female one. Only the leader starts as hostile so I can close the fight right after killing him, the two guys next to me start attacking and I can still kill them and run from the female range and end combat then let her walk away without a fight, but I don't complete the quest by doing so, and if I let her start combat or I start it all the guards target me. I don't know if there is a relation, but I had killed Gizmo before the Skullz (not planned, I just already had the confession handed to Killian and when you talk to Lars he makes you go for Gizmo first), later I started over and went for the Skullz first and was able to kill them without the guards turning on me.

NEW - 0.81a, Full, Win10 64b, Gog - When the Stop Gizmo battle starts Killian gets teleported outside the Casino. Also it's possible to kill Gizmo and Izo without alerting the other guards then ending combat and get teleported away without facing them.

NEW - 0.81a, Full, Win10 64b, Gog - Killian's dialog opens after you checked his tables, so you can loot freely instead of being forced to barter.

NEW - 0.81a, Full, Win7 Pro, GoG install - Killian wares are NOT combined, althought this is indicated in the "comprehensive changelog" : ""Killian's wares are now combined and moved to his inventory whenever talking to him regardless of how or barter was initiated, and then moved back when dialog is exited; thus when bartering you'll always see all his stuff."" His inventory, 1st trunk, 2nd trunk, and 3rd trunk are not shown together ; only caps are combined. Look at savegame :

NEW - After the mission Bust the Skullz. It's impossible to visit the casino or Skum Pitt. Game instantly crashes. -- When you do the quest "Bust the Skulz" there are two options for quest completion, a violent one and a non violent one. The violent one goes like this: 1) Talk to the gang leader Steal the Urn Talk to the gang leaser 2) Either agree to kill the bartender or turn them in to Lars and kill them with the help of the guards. 3) You will take a Kharma hit for stealing the urn and get a massive Kharma boost for returning it should you side against the gang (net win). The peaceful one goes like this: 1) Talk to the girl who hangs out with the Skulz convince her to leave the skulz wait a day convince her to turn evidence against them Tell Lars she will testify and they are all peaceably arrested. If you start the violent one and then resolve it peacefully, you will get a crash as the violent one can no longer be completed. I stole the urn, then got the the girl to testify against them and when I went back to turn in the urn for the Kharma reward it crashes EVERY TIME. I can enter the northernmost quadrant (with the casino and the Scum Pit) by exiting to the world map to the south and then selecting the area to the north to re-enter but it WILL crash in a few seconds or when I approach the bar.

NEW - 0.81a, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit (Full Custom) ("borabosna" on NMA) - During the fight against Gizmo, Killian was killed by Izo. I got 600xp for BOTH my part in killing Gizmo AND in killing Killian each (so 1200xp total). (I had used the tape recorder on Gizmo, and I had agreed to kill Killian for him for the confession, if that matters.)

NEW - 0.81a, Windows 7. If you talk to any of the regular Skulz gang members he picks a fight with you through dialog, they attack you and flag the entire town hostile, even Tycho, if he is in party. There should be some self-defense flag activated, but there isnt. -perkyguy

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3, Windows 7 x64: After killing Gizmo with the help of Killian (by doing his quest and then helping him kill Gizmo), Killian duplicates himself; he is both in his store and in Phil's house (even though I hadn't recruited Dogmeat yet). His version in Phil's house asks me if I have recorded/placed the mic at Gizmo's yet, while the store version has normal dialogue. Talking to Lars triggers the wrong dialogue, he thinks I killed Gizmo without proof, and asks me to leave and never come back. If I recruit Tycho and Dogmeat, then fight the Skullz, they both try to kill me (that includes Dogmeat) after all the Skulz are dead. Also, if you kill Doc Morbid, and then go to the Hub's sheriff to report a crime, all the lines related to the crime itself are "Error", even when you're given 3 choices. Bob dies after that though, so I guess its not a big deal.

The reason the Skulz attack you is because Sherry is also aligned with the civilians of Junktown, thus Tycho and the dog attack you after taking the gang. This hasn't been fixed since its reporting with v5.3. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 13:45, February 18, 2015 (UTC)

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Gizmo doesn't check for Killian's dog tags, (useless item).

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Examining the serving counter in the Skum Pitt provides a description of Neal's urn - even if it isn't there.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Vinnie does check for Neal's urn but returning the urn to Neal or planting it on him using steal will remove the urn from the game. This can prevent you from joining the Skulz if it happens before Vinnie gives you the steal Neal's urn quest. I recommend having a 2nd possible joining quest option such as retrieving an item from Killian's bedroom.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. There are no children in Junktown.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Neal opens the door to the Skum Pitt at 14.00 but the bar doesn't open until 16.00.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win 7 x64. Can confirm the bug above.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Dr. Morbid will treat you until 17.00. The healing can take up to 2½ hours but his 2 guards will challenge you from 18.00 onwards. Even if you choose the dialog option that doesn't guarantee combat you'll only have a few seconds to leave the building. I suggest standardising all the healing times to 55 minutes or less.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Opening boxes on the tables in Killian's store automatically count as a steal attempt, (that doesn't gain XP), rather than a request to trade. Effectively there's no downside to a failed stealing attempt. It should always trigger Killian's 'Can I help you?' trade float unless the steal skill-dex is intentionally used. This will be a bigger problem if you convert the game to the Fallout 2 engine.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Killing Gizmo's 2 casino guards or Izo, even without provocation, is acceptable to Killian and the guards.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. There's no hostile reaction to an attempt to enter Gizmo's bedroom.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. If you accept the record Gizmo quest, talk to Gizmo, and choose the 'Nothing, actually. I'll just be going now.' dialog option it will prevent a hostile response if Gizmo catches you stealing. You can take and replace his items as often as you wish with free XP each time you're successful. This also happens if you choose 'You're right. Goodbye.' after Gizmo denies any knowledge of the failed assassination attempt, or the 'You're right. I'm leaving.' option after Gizmo says he doesn't take kindly to strangers. Basically any option that ends with Gizmo saying 'I don't like people who waste my time. Don't come back again soon!'> All other tested choices correctly keep the hostile Gizmo response if you're caught stealing. Addendum: Getting into a fight and ending it, (leave Gizmo's room), with Gizmo still alive has the same result.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. If you go to Gizmo before meeting Killian he'll offer you the kill Killian quest. (Incidentally you get the standard 'Who're you? Whadd'ya want?' screen float in red but then say 'Get your butt in here and sit down. We've got some business to discuss' when you start a dialog). If you take the quest but then tell Killian about it he'll offer you the tape Gizmo quest. If you turn that down you go to jail. (Incidentally the jail opens at midnight rather than 6am). When you get out Gizmo is dead and the Casino is empty. However you can still have the same conversation again with Killian and he'll again offer you the tape Gizmo quest or jail. This dialog option should be removed. However, the only way to recruit Tycho is to accept the tape Gizmo quest. I suggest having a 2nd recruiting option for Tycho based on Lars asking for help with the Skulz.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Andrew the jail guard walks away from the jail after you barter with him. This must be intentional but I don't see the logic for it. Confirmed/Addition 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. I had the same problem, and it also triggers when using the “Tell me about” button. Upon ending dialogue, Andrew would walk to the north, off the map and disappear. (Dropbox: Slot08Andrew).

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. If you place a bet on Saul's fight, choose to wait for the fight, then talk to Gustofer he'll say: 'Sorry, but today's match is already over'. (It bypasses the fight sequence).

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. The script that recruits dogmeat isn't active during combat. EG. If you're fighting Phil whilst wearing metal armour and you change to a leather jacket it isn't recognized until combat is resolved. [This is ultra picky and i'm not expecting this to ever change. I noticed it so I reported it].

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Resolving Phil's dog problem gains you XP even if you've already killed Phil.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Phil and Lenore are not on the same team for combat purposes.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Helping Killian's guards take down Gizmo bypasses Gizmo's 2 Casino guards. There is only Gizmo and Izo, (who is too lightly armed).

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Gizmo's dealers and the casino gamblers are not on team Gizmo. Attacking them does not get an aggressive response from Gizmo's Casino guards. If you have previously attacked Killian's guards the dealers and gamblers will attack you.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Attacking Kenji before he enters the General Store and makes his attack on Killian doesn't turn Killian or his guards hostile to you. (Logic error - Kenji is always seen as hostile yet the guards still let him in???) [This is also picky and I don't expect to see a change].

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. In reference to the item below this. If you save Killian from Kenji and accept the record Gizmo quest Izo will see you out and run back inside the casino. If you don't save Killian Gizmo will offer you the kill Killian quest. Izo will see you out then stands in the casino doorway. (The run back inside script hasn't been added). This isn't a big problem as Izo's position resets when you use the exit grid.

NEW - Cannot get to Gizmo once Izo escorts me out of the casino... He stands in the middle doorway, barring me from entrance. CONFIRMED/ADDITON 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. After the teleport Izo runs back to his position. During this run he can bump into a companion trying to catch up. If this happens in a doorway, Izo will get stuck. This will not reset, he'll continue to block the door, and during the Gizmo fight Izo will remain unresponsive. After killing Gizmo, it is possible to end combat (with Izo still alive), get teleported out (to Lars), and upon returning Izo's corpse will appear at the spot he got stuck. Perhaps include companions in the teleport, or have Izo teleport back (rather than running) to avoid this. (Dropbox: Slot06IzoStuck (the save is at the point when Izo bumped into Tycho, and after I've got Gizmo's confession.)

NEW - I attempt to save the waitress but a similar occurence to when I attempted to save Tandi happens.

NEW - At Junktown I am able to place bets on the upcoming fight, but the fight event doesn't take place (I've tried waiting when prompted, and I've also manually waited for 1400).

Alpha 6.7.3 Can confirm the bug above too: Saul seems to be inside of the ring but no one fights him, and Gustofer tells you the match is over.

NEW - When I tell Lars that the Skulz are going to attack Neal and agree to help fight them, Neal only attacks me in the following fight.(That's because Neal saw that you stole his urn. Tell your companions to wait, sneak to the bar without them, steal the urn and if it writes "You successfully steal the urn" or something like that, he won't attack you. He only does when game writes the clumsy attempt line. - Random Wikia Contributor)

NEW - Flash talks to you at night only. Dr. Morbid only appears on the map at 8 AM and leaves at 5 PM. That means that from 6 AM to 8 AM and from 5 PM to 6 PM there is nobody to tell the player where the Doc is. Furthermore, Dr. Morbid does not respond to player from 8 AM to 10 AM (I believe). How it should be, in my opinion:
The Doc is present since 8 AM to 5 PM and always available for talking at that time. When he is not around, Flash is always available for talking. [This was observed in Fixt 0.99 and should have been changed since then - Nevill]

NEW - Dr. Morbid's formula for a healing price is messed up. He demanded 720 caps to heal me from 13 HP to 41 HP. That's the cost of 5 Stims! If you are fully healed, he will offer to heal you for no price and does actually waste your time by 'healing' you. If you say that you will pay, but you can't actually afford it, he commands Flash to attack you because of your debt, even though you didn't make yourself indebted just yet. How it should be:
Doc examines you. If you are lightly wounded, the cost is 10 caps, moderately injured - 50 caps, heavily - 100 caps. If you are not wounded at all, the dialogue should end after the initial examination. If you say you will pay he heals you first and THEN asks you for a payment. [This was observed in Fixt 0.99 and the formula was changed since then - Nevill]
NEW - Neal's door autolocks each time you visit a map. Who locks it, I wonder? Also, you don't get XP for unlocking it. Not that you need to - the backdoor is *always* unlocked. It turns Neal's quest in a farce when you walk into a bar in a broad daylight and steal the urn he values most. No stealth involved, no lockpicking skill - nothing.

I think autolocking was introduced by Wasteland Ghost to fix another bug I reported - earlier Neal walked all the way to the door trying to unlock it, but since I unlocked it first and it was open already, the door stuck (and Neil with it). I believe there could have been a more elegant solution than removing this piece of scripting altogether and putting autolock on the door instead - with more checks, of course.

NEW - When trying to loot Killian's containers they check for his life status. However, if I steal from the containers, I can loot them. Killian being alive should not stop you if he can't attack you or otherwise prevent you from looting the stalls.

NEW - Tycho bugs. If you kill someone in Junktown, the whole town becomes your enemy, and Tycho is no exception. But despite that, you can still recruit him! He will both follow you and try to kill you. If he doesn't see you (Stealth Boy!), he will fight alongside you instead. He will even kill Junktown townspeople if you attack them first and make sure he doesn't notice you. He will act first in random encounters disrupting enemy scripts and allowing you to run away from opponent's whose turn never comes. Of course, if you hire him first and then kill everyone in Junktown, he will help you with it and wouldn't care a bit afterwards. How it should be: if you made the town hostile, Tycho will too be hostile and leave the party if present. After that he can only spout one-liners and attack, and cannot be recruited anymore.

NEW - "people not noticing Gizmo's casino is done, that the Skulz are dead, guard of Shady Sands not noticing that Tandi is back"

NEW - I can't save just before raiding Gizmo with Lars, saves will become corrupt, nor I can even start the raid, because an error will appear.

Windows XP SP3, GOG version 1.2 English, Fixt Alpha 5.3.

Save files

NEW Izo putting you from Gizmo's office message should be in square bracket. ("[Izo motions to the door...]").

UNDUPLICATED"Whenever I arrive at Junktown and the guard tells me the gate's closed, I always immediately hit the Pip-Boy to rest until morning... Then he guns me down because I've been creepily standing in that tile all night long." [just need a script check change]

-- ("Is it feasible or appropriate to make it so that he either warns you not to enter before you're inside his aggro radius, or make it so he opens fire if you go through the gate anyway rather than when you're halted?")

CONFIRMED "When the two door guards for Killian's shop walk back outside after Kenji is stopped, they seem to end up sideways, facing the walls forever."

NEW - "In Junktown at a certain time, I witnessed Shark entering the bar from the rear door. It was daytime, and he was visually the only person in the bar. He would do his whole, "Trash the place!" routine yet he would be the only one really there. The waitress would be there, but invisible and not really doing anything. Neal would come walking out with his giant handgun, usually blowing Shark away. If I decided to help Shark, Tycho would come in from the north of the town and begin attempting to rain hell down upon me. Not sure if this is all how it is supposed to happen. I would think Shark would only walk into the bar once everyone is actually there in position."

NEW - Bob makes a reference to his room, but he is strolling outside. Might be another one of the poorly-implemented characters. Suggestion - put him in one of the hotel rooms.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win 7 x64. Bob seems to be mentally deranged, so it may have been designed that way. Can confirm he isn't anywhere near the hotel.

New/Addition 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Bob doesn't seem to be implemented properly. (Dropbox: Slot01Bob.). First, if you talk to him, he says he is in his room, but obviously isn't. If I then tell him “I'm from the casino” he replies with “here, here” implying to give me money, but I don't receive anything (the save has 601 caps and karma 8, and neither changes). And also his story of owing a couple of 1000 to Izo and a Guido-looking guy, and his inability to leave town and organize the money leads to nothing. It basically is OK to have him as flavour only (a desperate gambler story). But going out on a limb (i.e. not knowing what this was supposed to be, or if there is a story just not triggering/implemented) I would suggest a quest line in which it would be possible to cheat him out of the money (by claiming to be from the casino, money (250 to 500) & karma loss), (Optional: get the money out of him for Izo (Gizmo quest, XP and karma loss),) or organize the money for him by getting a loan from Lorenzo (in the last case the player should have the option to lend the 1000 directly by dropping Bob's name (i.e. without going through the steps of lending smaller sums first) (XP and karma gain).The twist of this could be that one has to repay Lorenzo with interest, when talking to him the next time (may get dragged into the FLC by Guido & Leone when passing by), as Bob didn't (aka “forgot it”), which will then probably result in combat with Lorenzo (unless the player has the sum (I don't know how Lorenzo's interest works but it could be quite a sum if left too long). I think this may be a funny little twist for a good character to run into, and integrate Lorenzo a bit better into the game.

NEW - Marcelles (a hotel owner) does not react right away when you open the fridge without being a paying customer. Instead she only reacts when you are 4-5 tiles from her, which may happen hours after the fact. Fixt 5.3, savegame.

NEW - From Per's Guide: A bug which seems to happen if you already helped get rid of Gizmo is that the guards won't be on your side and will turn on you if you attack the Skulz. Savegame is below. Talk to Lars, agree to help, wait for Vinnie to shoot at you, run out of the door. The guards will do nothing. If you end combat before all Skulz are dead, and then Skulz see you and initiate the combat again, the guards will turn on you. Savegame

^ The above is not a bug. To properly set the variables for this fight, you need met 2 conditions [suggestion]

1# You *can't* talk to the woman that is outside the Skulz' room in the hotel during the day, because this will trigger variables for a peaceful sollution and guards will treat the woman at the barfight as a friend.

2# after getting the evidence from Skulz' leader that they are planning to kill bar owner, you need to return trophy/urn to the barowner, Neal, *before* going to Lars for the bar fight (if i remember right, this was added in some of the TeamX patches way before it become 1.3.5) anyway this one is a must. regards Gus.T

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. (This may be similar to the following entry). Saul's dialogue seems messed up. (Dropbox: Slot09Saul.) In this save I haven't talked to Saul or Trish or anyone yet. When approaching Saul I can say “tough guy...I bet I could take you” the response is “I'm Saul”. This is repeated a couple of times and it seems as if the casual “Hi, I'm (name)/who are you?” has been replaced or mixed up with the aggressive/hostile option. Also the “I'm here to teach you manners” doesn't trigger anything, but a “I'm Saul”. However if circling though the dialogue I can eventually say “[pat your weapon] etc.” from that moment on Saul reacts hostile “well...right place...pound your mug in”. Which oddly enough triggers from that on also when using the “teaching manners” option. It seems as if this is a reaction system gone haywire (if there is one). It also seems as if the casual introduction option is missing (at one point the only thing that remains for me to say is “teaching manners” and “goodbye”).

NEW - Saul's dialogue contains an error. If his reaction to you is neutral or better, the 'angry option' (like 'Tough guy? I'm gonna teach you some manners') leads to his introduction and 'peaceful option' is only present when you first meet him. How it should be:

All 'angry' options should lead to 'Well, you are in the right place...' line. There should always be a peaceful line when you greet him.

A minor issue, but it still grates on my nerves. When you ask him to tell you about his boss, he tells you about Gizmo and his casino. After that you can ask if there is anything else to do in town, and then you get to ask about the casino AGAIN. If you go the other route, you can only access each of his lines once, as it should be.

Solution: make 2 separate branches of dialogue (right now, 1st leads to 2nd), like this.

1. Tell me about your boss [his line] - What is there to do in town? -> [his line] -> Bye

2. What is there to do in town? [his line] - Tell me about the casino -> [his line] -> Bye

(This savegame can be used for most of my reports below. Fixt 5.3)

NEW - If Saul goes hostile and moves, he will teleport back to the place designated by the script once you end combat.

NEW - The guy who is in charge of box matches, Gustofer, is panically afraid of weapons. He runs away from the player if the latter has a gun. Thus he can be lured from the guards and killed, and nobody will care.

NEW - Almost everyone in Junktown, except for Tycho and guards, does not keep track of their relationship with the player. You can wound/kill some of them, end combat, and nobody - including themselves! - will remember it. If attacking Junktown citizens at least flags you an an enemy of the town and sacks the guards on you, there are no repercussions for messing with the Skulz or Saul/Gustofer and his bodyguards.

NEW - For some reason, if you break the law in Junktown, the local prostitute Sinthia also turns on you. She is the only NPC who does so. She is unarmed. Marcelles, the hotel owner, will help Sinthia once she starts fighting, but would not attack a player on her own, and will gladly rent a room to the known outlaw after the combat.

NEW - You can only ask Ismark (the singing dude) for directions the first time you talk to him after entering the casino map. If you forgot to ask where the Hub is, you can tip him all you want, he will not tell you (though he says he'll tell anything - you need to just ask). Of course, it is not an issue, since you can always re-enter the map and ask him again, but it feels illogical.

NEW - When I provoke guards and then manage to end combat, they return to their posts and stay there with their back turned. This may or may not be the bug in itself. However, you can talk to guards in sneak while being an enemy (the fact that they are not facing you helps). If you hold a gun, you can actually convince them to let you wield it, which is silly. I do not think they are supposed to be spoken to once you turn on them. It would be much better if they shared Andrew's script who spouted a floating line and attacked when clicked on instead of initiating dialogue.

NEW - If spoken to when you are an enemy of Junktown, Lars gives you 15 seconds to leave, then attacks. His behaves like Flash before you fixed him, which means after 15 seconds he attacks you anywhere on the map. Worse yet, his timer is reset each time you talk to him.

How it should be: he waits 15 seconds after your first hostile dialogue and then attacks you when you show yourself again (like Flash is doing currently).

NEW - If you walk in Morbid's clinic at night, Flash will initiate a dialogue with you and demands that you leave. Aside from the fact that there is no 'nice' option to leave quietly, the second option is to try and threaten him. If you fail, everything works correctly. If you are succeed, Flash will say that you can see the Doc, but the timer that tells him to attack you after 10 seconds is still set! That shouldn't happen.

NEW - In the example above, Flash does not initiate a dialogue straight away. It is possible to run past him to the basement without triggering the dialogue.

NEW - In the example above, if you initiate dialogue first, most of the options will lead to Flash demanding your leave and setting the timer, after which he attacks. If you have sufficient speech, however, you may convince him to let you see Dr. Morbid. But this is useless, since then he initiates his own dialogue as described above.

NEW - In the example above, Flash does not start a timer after a reply 'The doc sees patients from 8 to 5. Now get outta here', even though the text suggests he should.

How it should be: the timer should start after Flash tells you to get out of here, which should be his every answer, except for the ones where you threaten or convince him. If you succeed, he should pay no attention to what you are doing.

NEW - If you are fully healed, but irradiated, Dr Morbid will tell you that he cannot do anything for you, yet, contrary to that, still will offer to heal you for 0 caps. He should end the dialogue if you are at full health. Maybe even ask for an examination fee, if you care to write an additional text string.

(Just like he asks for 10$ fee if you're fully healed and not irradiated).

NEW - Speaking of examination fees, shouldn't the price for healing be 10+3*(hit poins) rather than just 3*(hit points)? For now, if you are slightly injured, the healing cost is less than examination fee you pay when at full health.

NEW - If Dr. Morbid goes hostile, the following occurs:

a) If you are above ground and he sees you (which means its daytime), he will flee to the basement. Then, once you end combat, he spawns whenever the script tells him to spawn. This happens repeatedly if you are standing near that place: spawn - flee - spawn ad infinum.

He should no longer spawn on the map after he flees.

a2) If you follow him immediately, you both will appear on the same hex. Then, before the combat starts, he leaves. This, coupled with (a) causes an endless and silly-looking loop. If this was done to make killing him impossible, it doesn't succeed - you can easily kill him when you are above.

b) If you are in the basement at night, he will attack you and won't try to leave. However, if you end combat (by climbing the ladder, leaving the game (!), or being sneaky), he will magically teleport to the place he was first spawned at.

Morbid can still be talked to when hostile, and will heal you if its daytime.

I suggest: Once Morbid goes hostile, he should attack if you try talking to him.

a) If you made Doc hostile during the day, he should flee to the basement (preferrably to some other hex than the one in front of the ladder), and should follow the logic described in (b) afterwards. Either that, or he should remain above and fight.

b) If you made the Doc hostile at night, he should no longer appear above ground in the morning. Instead he should remain in the basement. He shouldn't try to leave the basement when you enter, nor should the script return him to his initial position once combat ends.

NEW - It is possible to lose an eye if you go to Morbid's basement between 17:30 and 23:30 and have a sufficient Speech skill. However, the logic behind it is weird: you have to initiate the dialogue yourself for Morbid to realise that you are trespassing. If you go to the basement between 17:30 and 23:30, there are no consequences, even if you just climbed out of the basement in plain sight.

Suggestion: Morbid should immediately initiate the dialogue himself when you climb down to the basement between 17:30 and 23:30. If you go down there between 8:00 and 17:30, it should make him (and his guards) hostile. 'If you go down there between '23:30 and '8:00, he is sleeping, so everything is fine.

NEW - If you are an enemy of Junktown, Tycho will initiate combat from across the whole map, where he definitely can not see you. If he is in an unaccessible part of the map (say, when you did not recruit him and he is not in Skum Pitt), you are stuck in a neverending combat loop.

NEW - From Per's Guide. In Skum Pitt, if you want the Urn on the countertop, you can pick it up easily between 4.10 and 12.00. At other times you must use the Steal skill on the counter to get it. This is counter-intuitive, since Neal is not present in the bar until 13:00. Neal will turn hostile if you fail the skill check even if he isn't there, and you will always steal the urn successfully, no matter if your skill check succeeds. This leads to complications.

Suggestion: modify the script so that the urn can be picked up until 13.00.

NEW - If you manage to end combat, Neal forgets that you stole his urn and serves you drinks.

NEW - Make yourself an enemy of Junktown. The peasant outside of Skum Pitt will display 'Error' if spoken to.

NEW - From Per's Guide. You have two days to prepare for the fight after you show the Urn to Vinnie. If you wait that long and then enter the casino map Neal will be dead; the game also likes to crash at this point, but if you first enter the map and then rest until he dies it should work. You won't be able to tell Lars about the attack, but you can tell Vinnie you're ready, and the Skulz will then storm the empty bar to no great effect (you can kill them for the 800 XP though).

Suggestion: make Vinnie's dialog check if Neal is alive.

NEW - What do you know? Kalnor is actually Gustofer in disguise!

All characters that have nothing to say yet have to initiate dialogue display such behavior.

Solution: if he has nothing to say, don't let him initiate dialogue. Make him spout a one-liner or something.

NEW - After sleeping at the hotel, your radiation levels go up.

NEW - After the "little incident" in Neal's bar, I came to Vinnie in order to get his quest (steal Neal's urn). However, he directly asked me if I had it, and the quest wasn't in my quest log. I could carry on with the quest without problems, but I never actually took it. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

NEW - I came to Junktown during the day. I asked the guard at the gate what he was doing, then I answered I wasn't from the Hub. Then, when I try to speak to him again, the dialog interface came up and closed immediately after that. I did a save and tried it again, but when I loaded it I just had the "Go on" option without any words from him, and the interface close after I take it. Here's the save. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

NEW - Might be more the vanilla game's fallout than the mod's, but nobody seems to notice than Gizmo is dead if they speak about him after the facts. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

If I refuse to help rescue Synthia, Marcelles goes hostile on me (despite the message box saying that she "charges in to confront the raider") and her turn is stuck with the little clock being displayed endlessly (0.81 alpha, full custom, WinXP).

Gizmo and Izo don't react if you unlock the door and enter Gizmo's bedroom (0.81 alpha, full custom, WinXP).

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Tell me about: It seems as if the casino was at the entrance originally. Based on this Junktown is split in entrance map and store/casino map regarding TMAs (see OBJ_Dude.msg). Creating the odd scenario that the guards at the entrance (except Lars) think that Gizmo is a cool dude (TMA: Gizmo), while the Roulette Dealer warn the player that the slot machines are rigged (TMA: Casino). It should be the other way round and the separation should be into entrance/store and casino map. This would probably mean that Neal will like Gizmo (unless he gets Lars's response) and Trish should change her opinion of him depending on if she is at work or her room (not an issue). Phil & Lenore would be fond of Gizmo, too, when asked about the casino etc., but that may be OK. Also Gizmo says (TMA: Darkwaters/Darkwater's) that the store is to the north. While Killian says (TMA: Gizmos/Gizmo's) that the casino is at the entrance. Both is actually wrong and should say (to the south/in the north). Addition: Unfortunately, the last two (Killian & Gizmo) can't be fixed as it's audio. The text may adjust but the audio would still play out the error. Also note that Killian says (TMA: Gizmo) that the casino is over on the “east side”. Which is just confusing. It almost seems as if Junktown has been completely flipped on its head at one point, i.e. when the player moves north, it's actually south. At least it seems as if the casino is supposed to be in the south (at the entrance) and in the east of town, instead it ended up in the north and west of town.

Military Base (The Lieutenant, Vats)[]

NEW/Already reported: 0.81 not entirely sure if using dynamite is supposed to only temporarily disable yellow force-fields or completely destroy them when placing it right in front of them, but previously destroyed/disabled force-fields are fully functioning upon reloading a save and/or switching maps using the elevator.

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. When giving oneself up (at the base entrance) Flip sometimes remains in the prison cell, sometimes he wanders off to the elevator. (Note: this seems very irregular. He usually starts walking when the force fields go/are down, but sometimes he doesn't/resets. Things that may mess with this are: Getting captured by Harry (Necropolis) with the base on alert (aka when the force fields are up), or cause alarm then force dialogue with guards and give oneself up (dialogue can be initiated faster than combat), toggling the fields on/off manually with the Radio before capture, and sometimes it just happens without an apparent reason. Like entering lvl 3 with the fields down, and alarm never raised, but Flip won't budge (when scrolling down fast enough I sometimes saw Flip starting to move, then quickly swivelling around and returning to his starting position). (Could the trap field or force field having been active previously (or in general) play into this, i.e. Flip assuming he can't walk through it?). Anyway, Flip makes a huge difference to the prison-breaking scenario. He has leather armour and 2 stimpaks, and I see no possibility to get through 50 protected HP and 2 heals with one clip of the 10mm Pistol while being shot at with a laser rifle. If possible, any imprisonment should cause the forcefields to drop (they feel save after catching the “puny” intruder who is now “without gear”), disarm the trap-field and see Flip make his way to the elevator (without fail). Getting past Krupper (& to take his laser rifle) with a 10mm is hard enough and requires a high lvl character with enough AP. Going through Flip first (without companions, who, btw, should lose their gear too or, even better, be imprisoned with the gear, or in one of the unused cells (locked), key is among the removed gear, or, even better, with Flip) is borderline impossible. I find this rather important as getting captured is the only way to have dialogue with the Lieutenant and should be part of a normal playthrough, but it would really need Flip to leave the prison block once transferred to the cell. (Dropbox: Slot01Flip (in this save Flip won't budge no matter what (repair, radio, explosive), but oddly enough it clears up when tampering with the terminal on lvl 1 (go to lvl 1, use radio (off), use science, use radio (on), play blackjack (hand icon), use science (off), go back to lvl 3. (Note: I've tested this twice, once it didn't work as the second use of the radio got cancelled by a NPC standing in a doorway, which then cancelled the entire sequence). It almost seems as if (in this save) Flip assumes the force fields to be up, even though they are not (and the odd order clears it up). Slot05MBlvl3 in this save Flip moves the moment the force field goes down, as it should. Slot02Flip2 in this save you can see Flip swivel around when scrolling down fast enough, just go down to lvl3. An odd thing here is if you then continue to lvl 4, repair Mr.Handy once or fix him completely (repair, science, repair) and then return to lvl 3 Flip will move, but only then. (I tested once to get captured by guards and Flip remained in the cell block, as he usual does (but not always) when he hasn't moved up yet). Anyway, all these may be bugs but are not really the problem. The only important thing is that being captured triggers the trap-field and force fields to go down and Flip to move out of the prison block.)

NEW - Alpha 7.0.1., BoS Crack Paladin Team causes problems when moving around the base. When using elevators, they tend to spawn on the hex that leads out of the small elevator area (into the force field), thus trapping the player in the elevator area. That one hex field needs to remain clear (no spawning). Worst case solution might be just make the Crack Team not follow you past Level. Confirmed/Addition 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. I can confirm this. And it becomes increasingly more problematic when having only three non-companion companions (Paladins & Mr. Handy), as in that case there is a high chance that the fat bloke standing in the doorway doesn't talk to you. I had some observations: the Paladins sometimes spawn left and right of the elevator (which is fine), but sometimes in front of the force field (which blocks the exit). Reusing the elevator can help to clean this up, but not consistently. Mr. Handy does the same, however, he wants to stay very close and moving just one hex can cause him to reposition. On the other hand this tendency blocked me in trying to lockpick the door at the car mart encounter. (Mr. Handy would get so close I couldn't move or perform the lockpick animation (lost the save unfortunately)). Perhaps playing with the distance (a middle between Mr. Handy and Paladin values) could help until there is a move aside button for NPCs. Paladins staying a bit closer could also help with dropping explosives (at force fields) in tight areas, (i.e. getting caught in the blast turns companions hostile, which can only be fixed by taking an elevator ride, during which they seem to forget their anger (I blame the soothing elevator music). (The Scouts may cause similar problems (not tested), but the cathedral has more space around the elevators and is less finicky.) (Alternatively, couldn't the vault dweller spawn in front of the force field (the position in which companions block the exit), rather than in front of the elevator? This may also be annoying (as it would block the elevator probably very consistently), but at least allow to move away far enough to force companions to move & reposition. This really isn't optimal either, but Paladins blocking the exit is borderline game-breaking.) (Dropbox: Slot03MBCompanions, the save is shortly before repairing Mr. Handy. And Slot04MBZero has a full party at the entrance.)

NEW - Alpha 7.0.1., Bos Crack Paladin Team has 3 paladins, but only 2 enter the complex with you. This is probably linked to the number of recruited NPCs. I had Ian and Tycho in my party following me, and I told Dogmeat to stay outside.

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3, standard install, Win7 x64. In the Vats control room, getting caught stealing from a technician, yields no response from them. Same thing for Robobrain(s). NMA user: mhanor

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3, standard install, Win7 x64. This may not be limited to the military base. NPCs get spawned, after loading a game, in areas that they shouldn't (in this case, behind a forcefield). After loading, they hurry to get to your location, passing through the forcefield. NMA user: mhanor Savegame

NEW The BoS Crack Paladin Team never arrives. Could this be somehow linked to sneaky (i.e. use radio; finish combat within 3 turns) killing of some mutants without setting off the alarm on a previous visit when asked to scout for the BoS?

CONFIRMED - When I use the computer on the fourth floor of the base to activate the 3 minute silent self-destruct sequence after hacking the computer to decipher the commands. The cinematic of the base exploding happens instantly and the game returns to the main menu. Steam version of Fallout downloaded in English. Fallout Fixt Alpha version 6.7.3 standard install downloaded in English. Windows 7 x64 bit Home Premium. Save file MBVATS12.SAV in save slot six. Persists across at least 2 play-throughs up to this point. I saw that at first the interface says 300 seconds until self-destruct but then it immediately jumps to 0 seconds until self-destruct. Username: Gregory Thomas Bogosian You can contact me on facebook or No Mutants Allowed.

CONFIRMED - When you get sent to jail, your NPCs keeps all their stuff. (but not you)

CONFIRMED - Full Custom, 0.81 (Win 8 x64 for me, savegame provided): Yellow forcefields They seemed to toggle on and off at random, leading to situations where they would pop up when I started combat. Whether the alarm was triggered seemed to have no bearing on this. "The Forcefield generators keep coming back online... Particularly after loading & elevator" SAVE : [1]

CONFIRMED - Full Custom, 0.81 (Win 8 x64 for me, savegame provided) : Yellow forcefields Disabling the emitters would give XP and say the field was down when it clearly wasn't, regardless of if I was using tools or just skills (they would also keep giving XP if I kept trying). SAVE : [2]

CONFIRMED - Full Custom, 0.81 (Win 8 x64 for me, savegame provided) : Yellow forcefields Explosives only worked if they completely destroyed them. Ones that were temporarily damaged would re-activate so quickly that it was impossible to pass through, even if I tried standing directly outside the blast radius." SAVE : [3]

FIXED "After clearing the ground level I kept getting messages in the log about mutants and robots taking damage. I scoured the area to make sure I cleared it, then when I gave up and took the elevator down I was greeted by a pile of corpses in the forcefield right outside the door." [Will be fixed and furthermore have optional changes in next full release. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED, NOT-BUG Nowhere is it explained that a Radio can be used to control forcefields. [Need to figure out a way to gracefully suggest this to the player, for players new to Fallout 1. otherwise they just experience needless troubles with those damn forcefields. I didn't even personally know it was possible until reading Per's guide. --Sduibek]

UNCONFIRMED - Yellow forcefields had very strange behavior. Looking at the emitters would only give the description "Error". They seemed to toggle on and off at random, leading to situations where they would pop up when I started combat, separating me from Dogmeat (who would then die trying to go the long way around), disappear after combat, and then suddenly flip back on after I took a couple steps. Whether the alarm was triggered seemed to have no bearing on this. Disabling the emitters would give XP and say the field was down when it clearly wasn't, regardless of if I was using tools or just skills (they would also keep giving XP if I kept trying). Explosives only worked if they completely destroyed them. Ones that were temporarily damaged would re-activate so quickly that it was impossible to pass through, even if I tried standing directly outside the blast radius.

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. I have weird results when using explosives on green force fields at the military base. The first explosion disables the field temporarily (as it should), but a second explosion sometimes gives a text that the force field is permanently disabled, but doesn't remove it (the way is still blocked) instead it removes the option to use repair on the emitter. On lvl 3 I had to “repair” the access terminal to get into the prison cell block. Originally I thought that I can destroy green force fields permanently, but I misread that (it says red force fields in the file). (Dropbox: Slot05MBlvl3 (this is a save from which I've created the following bugged save, but reproducing is very inconsistent.) Slot06MBlvl3Bug (this save is a direct follow up of the previous save in which the emitter can't be “repaired” any more. Slot07MBlvl3BugB (this is basically the same as the Slot06 save, just not a direct continuation of Slot05 but from a more previously save).

CONFIRMED - I think deactivating the force fields on the first floor using the "blackjack computer" also deactivate them on the other floors, or at least the second one. It leads to a strange conversation with Abel where you're both speaking about a non-existant force field. Reloading the game reactivate them. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. This may be a bug, or it is a suggestions, but to me it's a bug. Anyway, on lvl 4 it happened that the Paladins would attack a not yet repaired Mr. Handy when engaging the 3 mutants. Which can suck, if planing to use him. Perhaps remove Mr.Handy as a hostile, until repaired (or even completely, as he should never fight other than as a companion. However, this would make his inventory inaccessible I believe). (Dropbox: Slot03MBCompanions.)

CONFIRMED - (posted by two other users in the brotherhood sction) 0.81alpha (Win 8 x64 for me) The Crack Assault paladins that join you inside the military base will always stand in your way after using elevators if you have at least 2 companions, thus forcing you to kill them or you wont be able to progress due to the lack of a 'push' function. Doing that, however, turns the entire brotherhood bunker hostile. --perkyguy, fallout fixt 0.81a (seconded, same version. your only hope is that an enemy (or the other paladin) on the first level kills one of the paladins with you - and that an enemy on the second level kills the other paladin. any companion/follower with you will automatically block the forcefield outside the elevator, making egress impossible! ~~~) (Addition: I think this belongs in the Military Base section, See Military Base entry for an Addition.) SAVE : [4]

CONFIRMED - 0.81 alpha (Win 8 x64) Tried with 1 and 2 followers (Ian only or Ian + Katja and 9 charisma.3 cracked paladins follow inside but shortly after, one always disappears, he doesn't go farther than the spawn point, the one always disappearing is the one with the laser Gatling (motherfucker, i wanted his weapon :P ) SAVE : [5]

Necropolis(Watershed, Set)[]

NEW - 1.0.0 testing/Full Custom/Windows 10 steam version - Necropolis is invaded by Super Mutants after 30 days despite my never visiting it previously and having it set to default (110 days) via the custom install AND the Vault 13 entry computer at the game start. It is not the invasion I remember from vanilla Fallout in the past where the town is full of dead ghouls but it is the one with both the dead ghouls and the patrolling mutants. Saved games submitted to Dropbox link. UPDATE - Necropolis invaded earlier than 30 days. The earliest remaining save file has the invasion at 22 days after game start. Also, starting a new game, leaving the vault entry computer alone, leaving the caves, using the self examine cheat menu to teleport to Necropolis, then using it to advance the game clock as many months as possible before 150 days has the invasion looking disabled. Using the entry computer to set the invasion time to 110 days (default) then following the proceeding steps recreates the problem after advancing the time 1 month with the full super mutants patrolling invasion.

NEW - Because the entire town of Necropolis put me in perma-combat the second I took the water chip (Even though they couldn't see me), meant I didn't bother repairing the pump (I was gonna do it after the chip). When I came back after the water quest was done, all the ghouls were dead and there was no sign of the mutants, only people alive were the two Cathedral worshippers; I assume this meant that the Mutants attacked Necropolis which you'd expect, but the end game screen said they died of dehydration due to no water? Which is it?

NEW - version unknown - I made it to Necropolis but now found out that the invasion mutants got a weaponry upgrade. The watershed now has 9 heavily armed super mutants and I'm barely level 8 with 90 days left on the clock. Also I did not put skill points in sneaking... How the hell am I supposed to get past this madness?

NEW - 0.81a/ENG/Full/Win10/GOG version - Angry town: If you steal the water chip, not only does the whole town become insta-hostile (Which is fine), but you are permanently stuck in combat, even if no one can see you. The second I went back up to the surface, I was annoyingly in perma-combat even though no one could see me, however they could 'sense' where I was and moved toward me from the other end of the map. In the end I just had to go turn by turn walking to the exit grid... bit annoying. I WAS going to repair their pump but not if they're gonna perma-combat me! >:( NMA username: Kevin Rudd

CONFIRMED Set's dialog options are not applicable or generic you've killed the Watershed mutants. ("standing in my shadow", etc) [Need to do overrides in his script that check for the global variables of the mutants being killed. --Sduibek]

NEW - Not getting good ending. "I checked the conditions for getting the good ending [Per's guide] and met them (fixed water pump, killed super mutants for Set, went there before 110 days and never returned after finishing), however I still did not get the good ending. I did remember killing the door guard to Set's temple place (because he started combat) but I did not kill Set and got the reward from him for killing the super mutants, and the quest was even crossed out on the Pip-Boy." (version 5.3) [Could be related to issue above of Watershed mutants not getting cleared properly. Probably just script issue. On my drive as "Savegame from bozyn" --Sduibek]

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. It started at Necropolis that whenever I open the pip-boy and select any menu (like status, logs or rest) it would replace the INV button with black space (black button), if repeated other buttons could disappear too (map, char etc.). I've tested this a couple of times and the trigger seems to be to receive the “repair water-pump” quest. I've send a save, shortly before that point to dropbox (named Slot09BlackFine), and another with the black button triggered, named Slot10BlackButton). (The black button should not load but trigger when opening the quest status for Necropolis). Hotkeys still work, but once triggered the only fix is to reboot Fallout (loading carries it over to previously fine saves). Note that there must be more to this. In another game I visited Necropolis much earlier and the water pump quest didn't cause any problems. So the state of the pip-boy (too many entries? Delta Experiment Log/T-51b power armour entry bugged out (see bug report)?), or something else, must play into this, too.

NEW - Scrolling over the end of the map. In Motel part of sewers, where it should connect to the Watershed, game allows us to scroll past the exit grid and show us the end of the map (as if tunnel ended there, even though the exit grid works when we step on it). This bug appears in different locations, and is likely brought by Fixt as I do not recall it being in the original game.

The Raiders (Khans)[]

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. The fight Garl option also appears in the 'I come in peace to negotiate' dialog.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Tandi has only the 'Let's get out of here' float in the Raiders camp. You can't talk to her and ask her to move, which still allows her to block you in corners etc.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. The front door of the big house has a 2 hex entry. You can walk through the wall 1 hex southwest of the door even if the door is closed. Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Talking to the Raiders about a bounty on Tandi results in this description: "About 6 feet tall. Blonde. She's from Shady Sands". The Wikia page describes her like this: "six feet tall with raven black hair and a dark complexion". Her icon on the screen is noticeably smaller than that of the Vault Dweller. I recommend changing the game line to: "She's about this height, dark hair, a bit excitable. She's from Shady Sands". Changing the on-screen Tandi icon would be a plus but that's more complex.

NEW - When I attempted to free Tandi I was recognized as Death-Hand, but after successfully convincing Garl to release her, combat was begun by a henchman. The only way I could finish the quest was by moving to an exit square, she can no longer be found in Shady Sands although some characters do recognize the quest has been completed. The doctor has recognized it but does not give free healing. Also seeing the above (Alpha6.4, Full, XP) except Garl starts combat. Tandi is released and starts fighting the hostile raiders (so she probably died before the other reporter could reach the exit grid). It appears all the raiders go hostile as soon as Tandi is released. Got Tandi out alive and back to Shady Sands and everything seems to be as it should. Save from just before talking to Garl: here

Another effect of low reputation/reaction: when talking to Garl for the first time with rep below -30, he gives me the line "How dare you return to my sight" (as if I had already negotiated freeing Tandi, which I didn't) and goes hostile. In other words, you can't join the raiders if your rep is low, which is illogical (0.81 alpha, full custom, WinXP).

Shady Sands, radscorpion caves[]

NEW - Agatha doesn't exist even when installing with Full Custom installer & not Fixes Only mode.

(I confirm it, in 0.81 alpha Agatha doesn't appear. Must be an issue with the script, because when I inserted her script from Fallout Update mod, she spawned just all right. Also the Elder doesn't appear and his dialog file is empty - perhaps you didn't intend to include him at all?) Addition 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Same here. Agatha didn't install. (Dropbox: Slot03Agatha (this save is in Shady Sands, fairly early in the game, I don't know where the storyteller is supposed to be.)

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Telling Ian your name then selecting dialog option 2 enables the 'Can you give me directions to the Hub and Junktown?' (dialog option 5) next time you speak to him - even if no-one has told you those places exist. I suggest changing the option to 'Can you locate any towns for me?'

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Unlimited antidote from Razlo bug. If you have only 1 Radscorpion tail you can talk to Razlo and he'll turn it into an antidote. If you click 'trade' rather than 'done' you can trade the tail for 10 caps. Click 'done' to end the conversation and you still get the antidote whilst Razlo adds a tail to his inventory, which you can buy back for 11 caps. You can then repeat the process during daylight hours as often as you want. Each transaction still takes 4 hours of game time. I'm not suggesting that trading 1 cap for a 50 cap value antidote is a good use of 4 hours when your Vault is facing extinction but a bug is a bug is a bug. Potentially this bug might exist elsewhere in the game with exchange quests.

NEW - in Shady Sands, Seth didn't say anything about his ill brother, which happens if the Dweller has less than 3-4 intelligence.. But I have 9.

NEW - If you go to Razlo to try & get healed at Shady Sands but don't have the required caps, he turns you away. However there's a dialog option where you can ask to barter instead. Even though I gave him nothing he still acted like I had bartered him something for the healing. Seemed odd. [Not sure if this is fixable, but I'll check. Can maybe make a pointer of his inventory, then compare after Barter screen closed & back in dialog, and if differs, then continue, otherwise give same msg about not enough money. --Sduibek]

UNDUPLICATED Tandi survived Mutant Invasion and now lives in a ghost town all by herself. I saved her and she doesn't even offer her soul for it. [This shouldn't be possible and I think it's fixed but I have to test. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - Seth only thanks for getting rid of the radscorpions after begging for rescue and seeing Tandi rescued - I don't know if it was intended. [Vanilla bug. Can simply check for scorpions and her quest, if scorpions done and hers in progress, display thanks for scorpions, and THEN "my girl Tandi is gone" msgs. After that maybe can make new line that thanks player for both radscorpions and Tandi. --Sduibek]

NEW - Ammo sometimes does not stack in Ian’s inventory. By moving un-stacked ammo from Ian’s inventory to my character’s inventory, they stack properly. This issue also happens at the Khan’s Camp. I also attempted to barter with the Resident Trader for one stimpak, then decided not to barter and returned the stim. This pak did not stack with the other two stimpaks in the Resident Trader’s inventory. [Fixit 5.3, Win XP Pro]

UNDUPLICATED - Dual Tandi bug: "I have rescued Tandi (not fighting the Khans - I just lockpicked her cell and run for exit grid) and returned to her villge, got reward. Even talked to her after rescuing (I hit again the lines regarding boredom and leaving). Then I went to Khans and was greeted by ... Tandi asking for rescue, despite that she was no longer imprisoned!" Mod version: 5.4 (testing), winXP.

CONFIRMED - The storyteller can tell a story, but nothing happens after the screen fades to black. No time has passed, nothing appears in the text box and there isn't any bonus or anything. May need the implementation of a real story, or a small gain in XP, or even maybe a (random ?) bonus (malus ?). (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English). [Stories don't exist in vanilla dialog. Best solution is to just write my own, maybe three, and get XP if player hears them all. Then from then on, just do screen fade maybe? --Sduibek]

NEW - Agatha the storyteller doesn't speak of Tandi's disappearance, even though she should considering that she has lines about that in her dialogue file. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English). [Routing might not exist, or checking of global var. --Sduibek]

NEW - Best ending for Shady Sands (Aradesh+Tandi) even if I don't take the quest to rescue Tandi. Can be tested by finishing the game with this save. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English). [Not sure if this can be fixed without engine conversion, because I can't change which global vars the ending slideshow checks for. --Sduibek]

Talked to Aradesh with low reputation, angered him and got kicked out. Then I returned, talked to him again and offered to kill radscorpions for a price. Because I had insufficient IN/CH/Speech he blew me off. I tried to talk to him again and he attacked me, while the message box said sth along the lines of "You failed to equip the armor, the armor is destroyed" (0.81 alpha, full custom, WinXP)

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Tell me about: Aradesh (TMA: Razlo) says Razlo is to the north but it should say to the west. And Tandi (TMA: Razlo) points out he's in the east, but should say west. Addition: Unfortunately, this can't be fixed as it's audio. The text may adjust but the audio would still play out the error.

The Glow[]

All entries from Nearly Ultimate Guide added. <-- don't remove this line! -- Sduibek Gametitle-FO1 02:13, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

NEW - Aplha 0.81, Win7 Ultimate, GoG version - You can download the Delta experiments log to your pip-boy, but if you open it, you get 15 pages of error. Confirmed/Addition 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. This has been consistent in all my playthroughs so far, too. (Dropbox: Slot04MBZero).

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. The Pip-Boy entry for the T-51b power armour pip boy file has no entry in the content-list (just blank space). It works normally, I can click on it (the blank space) and open the file (and read it), it's just odd. (Dropbox: Slot04MBZero.)

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3, standard install, Win7 x64. Tycho and Ian are able to walk through the "welded door", in level 1. Apparently, this is not singular. Some other examples: the trapped door, near Set, the ghoul leader; the "out of service" elevator(s), in the Military Base. NPCs should also avoid walking through forcefields (Military Base). NMA user: mhanor

NEW - You'll be exposed to radiation only on the actual Glow maps, but not anywhere on the world map nearby.

NEW - If you get a critical failure while picking elevator doors in the Glow, you'll get the message that you broke your lockpicks even if you didn't use any.

NEW - Engine allows bypass of surface-level rads: "press I for inventory as you're entering the map; you'll only absorb about 10 rems."

NEW - A failed attempt at deactivating the robots advances the clock by five hours (!), whereas a successful one only takes 10 minutes.

NEW - If the power is on and you have turned off the robots, you can use Science repeatedly on any one bot and gain 100 xp for each successful check.

CONFIRMED - "Disarm Traps for the Facility" cannot be completed.

NEW - Alpha 7.0.1, custom install (I forget what all I've got, I was very pick-and-choose with options), Win7 x64. Delta experiments log is just 15 pages of ERROR ERROR ERROR. (Addition, see top entry.)

NEW - 0.81alpha, Wine, custom install. After talking to Zax and downloading the Power Armor research to the Pipboy the entry in the Pipboy overview has no title (i.e. an empty line between/below the other entries) but can still be clicked to view the contents. savegame and info of custom install

NEW - 0.81alpha, custom install, Win7 Ultimate, GoG version - Collecting the FEV experiment disk and downloading it to the Pip-boy, doesn't display any new file at all on the status screen. It gives the correct amound of experience when the download is made, but thats it, no new file or description.

Update: After a couple of in-game days, the FEV experiment disk appeared on the status screen. Weird.

Vault 13[]

NEW - 1.0.0 testing/Full Custom/Windows 10 steam version - Ian clips into the cave outside the vault door. Also, he seems to always run directly towards the door and open it regardless of whether you are in the caves outside or have already entered the 1st floor with the medic. For the latter, he opens the door and exits in to the caves and runs around there. A save immediately before Ian runs through the door from outside and clips into the cave walls is submitted to the dropbox link.

ENGINE-BUG/NOT-BUG" If you kill the water thief his body remains on the map - I used the computer in the room on the left...time must have moved forward but the body remained, and the citizens didn't seem to mind one bit. " [1) Bodies don't "age" (decompose) unless you leave the map. Realism-wise it's silly, but game-wise it makes sense, because for example if you rest up after a fierce Random Encounter, the bodies remain to be looted. 2) Can't really have their scripts check for corpse existence, closest I can do is have them say "shame on you for killing him" or something like that. --Sduibek]

I have a little solution, make the water thief quest have an extra global variable for how you solved it. One variable for the persuasion and another for the violence route. --Breakin'Benny (talk) 17:03, February 19, 2016 (UTC)

CONFIRMED - weird issues with the Calm Rebel Faction quest. sometimes the proper dialog options don't come up at all no matter when you talk to Theresa. [I've had this happen to me as well. Best is to probably have them exist from the start, and don't disappear. Might also need to remove time-of-day checks. --Sduibek]

NEW - Stupid characters can still talk to the medic in Vault 13's medical bay and get infinite stimpacks. [I thought TeamX patch fixed this? Anyway just need to add a local_var check. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - from paek: I dont get the 'Calm the rebels' quest or the water thief quest even though I'm sure I qualified for them (ver 5.3) [See above. These quests need to spawn earlier and not fade until Water Chip completed (for water thief) and probably never until she's dead, convinced or leaves (rebel faction). --Sduibek]

Vault 15[]

CONFIRMED, PROTOS - [Level 1] A minor issue - When the cursor is placed over a wall locker, the hand icon appears but when the mouse is clicked, my character leans down as if to pick something up off the floor and nothing happens. I have to click the wall locker several times before it opens, revealing its contents. [Fixit 5.3, Win XP Pro] [Game reads the proto files weirdly... I need to test them to see exactly how it's reading the Pickup flags, so that I can have them properly match the installer "lazy ground pickup animation" option. What they're supposed to do might be reversed. --Sduibek]

NEW - [Level 3] Ian stands next to the south wall. A rat attacks him and Ian stands doing nothing. I have to kill the rat. [Fixit 5.3, Win XP Pro] [Can probably just add damage_p_proc to his script that attacks source_obj. --Sduibek]

NEW - 1.0 Testing/Win10 - While equipped with FEV armorsuit, Player cannot climb up ladder to exit cave. No way to remove armor temporarily to climb up ladder, possibly a animation error preventing action.

Economy Bugs (Gambling, Free items, etc)[]

NEW - 0.81a/ENG/Full/Win10/GOG version - Lit Flares: Very obscure bug, but lit flares, despite it saying they are worth $35, are actually worth $0. So you can be perfectly matched dollar for dollar in barter, but if one of the items you're selling is a lit flare, then they will refuse any trade, because they're actually worth $0 despite what the screen says.

CONFIRMED - EXPLOIT: Gambling is way too easy to get rich: "If your character is based on INT and LCK and has a good Gambling skill, you can make a fortune from nothing in a few minutes just holding number keys 1 to 4. (I made like this from 500 caps to 15 000 in 2 minutes) Would be possible to make for example some restriction, like that you could win only 2000-3000 caps per week on that certain game or even better company in town? So the real gambler would have to drive through whole country to earn something. Then the croupier would ask you to stop with that and if you don't, some guard will you throw out of the casino, beat you and steal your money? That would be really great addition and making it real and less exploitable."

HINT make slot machines have a limited amount of money just like in Fo2 when slot machine is empty one can't use it anymore (add a reasonable restock timer for the cash eg.2-5 weeks also restock amount should be like 300-500 caps per slot machine). as for roulette croupiers, introduce fallout2's dice system, i mean all fo2 croupiers have dices in their inventory that they use to play their games of course all croupiers in game use loaded dice and by that have higher chance for the player to loose. only by switching (via steal & plant option) theese loaded dices to regular dices player could actually have a chance of winning at the tables and then after he wins too much croupier can refuse to play with him acusing him of cheating. of course i don't have to remind anyone that regular dices are very rare as evrybody that plays dice modifies them to cheat so they could only be found let's say at thief's guild or at cantinas in pre war facilities MB/Glow maybe some cadets in brotherhood in dormitories have some to play in their free time take a wild guess only your imagination is the limit as where to put regular dices. of course if loaded dice are stolen form the croupier and if they have no other dice to play croupier refuses to plays as "somebody has been tampering with the dice"

NEW-not an economy bug but slotmachines in fallout 1 work by fade-in fade-out it's damn annoying can't they just work like in fallout 2 i mean instantly? the code from RP 2.3.3 also would help with economy because you wouldn't get rich to quickly gustarballs1983 @NMA

NEW- When having charisma 10 and Barter above 80% or more you suddenly buy cheaper than sell the solution to this is to cap lowest vendor prices at 100% item value so that even if you have bigger price reduction it does not turn into shoplifting habit. (Killian can be shoplifted as normal since when a party member is between you and him you can loot his tables clean but i think this was meant to be by original devs) gustarballs1983@NMA

NEW- Vanilla bug People around Junktown (citizens not guars) and folks in L.A.Boneyard beggars, Regulators,etc restock caps on savegame load. Miles and Smitty are also the case. Miles and Smitty are dangerous cause they have bigger sums of caps, so if other get rich schemes are out of the way(i.e. gambling,shoplifting) this is a third most efficient method of obtaining caps. By simple steal caps>savegame>loadgame>steal new caps from same criter it spawns on. Smitty and Miles spawn between 400 to 1000 caps so i think this is a big issue. gustarballs1983@NMA

NEW- 0.81a FullCustom Win7x64 in 0.81a new bug was introduced that could endanger economy. Hub Cops on 3 Hub maps: 10 cops in different armors on first entry map; 10 cops in Downtown; and 7 cops in Old Town, each time respawn a stimpack if they have none on player map entry. Stimpacks cost a decent sum of caps, so it's just a matter of running around hub & stealing to get infinite healing or caps. This should be considered when tackling economy bugs.

Item Bugs (Inventory, etc)

CONFIRMED - Flares: May have found a bug. A lit flare shows a really high price when trying to sell it to an NPC. For example when I barter, my unlit flare shows a value of $35, while a lit flare shows a value of $60. The NPC won't actually pay the amount shown for the lit flare though (I couldn't even get one to take it for 1 cap either). Also, do lit flares last indefinitely? I've had a lit flare in my inventory for a few hours now. It's my first time playing Fallout 1, and I couldn't find any information regarding it, so I'm not sure if they last forever or not.
[Should be fixed, need to check and test,. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED- I did not check the box which should enable the PC to kneel before a container, but still my PC does so (disabling the "magic hands"). Or does unchecking mean that the PC will kneel?  [Should be fixed, need to check and test,. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - Misc items show up on the ground as brass knuckles. (e.g. EMP Grenade) --Sduibek

NEW - Weapon drop; I chose 0 or 1 hex for the weapon drop option, but sometimes weapons just disappear. A gun wielding enemy dies and there's no weapon on the ground (using highlight key to check) and it's not in their inventory either.

Installer Bugs[]

NEW - Make it clear the timers for Necropolis and how they work (for Invasions settings) Potential verbiage: "Both, actually. By default (i.e. the original game and all other patches and mods) Necropolis invasion happens: 110 days after entering Necropolis (no matter what, no exceptions) and the game also gets Necropolis invaded 30 days after defeating the Watershed Super Mutants, if you did that."

NEW - Make it more clear the difference between Full Custom and Fixes Only. Potential verbiage: "Full Custom has available all new contents - everything I've made for Fixt you can install if you download this version (hence why the download size is much larger). Fixes Only, as the name implies, only includes fixes. This is for what we usually refer to as Purists People who don't want the game changed much. And that way they don't have a huge download for stuff they don't need. Fixes Only has some customization available, but just minor stuff - a couple restorations, a couple "maybe fixes", and a few audio/interface customizations." Make sure that: I've removed "Megamod" and "Megapatch" words so hopefully it should be more clear now.

CONFIRMED Doesn't detect Fallout's install path.

NEW - Since 5.3 install. If I hit the "Windows" key to minimize the game, I can't maximize it after that. All I can do is close the screen refresh notification, and the program with right-click on the task bar, but I can't launch the game again after that. I have to close windows session and open it again to be able to. If the problem come from your "launcher", I think normal launch of the game should be better. Launch of screen refresh in the same time should not be an obligation (since all computer doesn't need that). You may just add a screen refresh shortcut to the start menu, or two shortcuts. One with an the other without.

[To me this sounds like an issue either from ddraw, f1_res or an issue on the computer itself (i.e. compatability mode). --Sduibek]

I updated to the latest version of Fixt and caught the same thing. Luckily, I've SysInternals Process Explorer installed as I have to hunt down something nasty trying to crawl in behind firewalls from time to time, so I go there to check it and see that Fallout is still working, only its window button on the task bar vanishes or ignores my clicks. Can't launch new instances of the game for obvious reasons after that - the first one is still working. But I can easily bring the window up top and resume game using the process explorer nifty functions. After that it works fine. Win XP Pro, English Fallout, no compatibilites used. Just run and play as before. VagabonD SerpenT (talk) 18:14, January 11, 2013 (UTC)
NEW - 0.81alpha_FULL_CUSTOM/Full Custom/Custom/Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Despite appearing to install correctly, I cannot launch the Fixt mod whatsoever. Whenever I attempt to, I receive this error message: "The instruction 100040bc referenced memory 00000000 The memory could not be read from Click on OK to terminate the application" I attempted to reinstall the mod multiple times, with different options, and by removing any saved games. This has done nothing. The base, unmodded game appears to launch properly. I've looked around NMA, Reddit, and Steam for anyone experiencing similar issues but have also found nothing. I'm unsure if this is a bug or a problem only on my end and am unsure if this should be posted here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 The Pro file 199 is called “girl” and labelled female, and it is also assigned the NFCHLD... frms it seems, however, the game still uses the boy frm (NACHLD...). As far as I can tell there are two Girls in Fixt. 1 is on the west side of Shady Sands, the other in Adytum, both say “she” when using the binocular. The rest says “he” (that's: 3 on the west side of shady sands, 4 on its east side, Billy, 3 in Down Town/Hub, flower child, 6 in the Boneyard (3 in the main building and 3 in the east building) and 1 in Adytum). Anyway, the two “girls” use NACHLD...

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 The German-Uncut Version is missing the frm/animation MAROBOBL (6) & MAROBORL (1). However, I'm not sure if it's actually part of FO1 or if it's a FO2 only animation. However, all 7 animations (BL & RL) are also missing in the censored critter.dat of FO2. So if it was in FO1, it probably got cut, and should be restored, too. The German_Uncut version also includes 4 MABRAN(...).frm & 12 NFVALT(...).frm files, which I believe are not used by FO1 or Fixt (?).

UNDUPLICATED - Fixt Alpha 6.7.3, Win 7 64 bits: Changing the resolution does nothing, whatever I do the game keeps opening at the default 640 x 480. I was using the high resolution pack before installing Fixt and it worked fine, only after installing Fixt I get this. Changed the .ini too but no results. I should mention I'm still able to scale it x2, I just can't change the resolution to any value.  [ Have you tried disabling and then re-enabling the high-res mod via f1_res_Config.exe? Also, try both settings of the UAC_AWARE entry in fallout.cfg; and try other file-access things like making sure no programs are monitoring file contents (Dropbox, antivirus, etc.) and disabling UAC entirely, and running as Administrator, and making sure the .ini files aren't set to Read-Only. Sduibek Gametitle-FO1 22:40, July 8, 2015 (UTC) ]

CONFIRMED, WAITING ON ENGINE UPGRADE - Killing a Deathclaw in the Boneyard with a "Better Critical" in the eyes from the Alien Blaster first shows the "Better Critical" special death animation, but then the charred corpse goes through the ground and disappears. I am not sure if this is intended. This is impossible to capture with a screenshot. You can try from the save file yourself here: (Fixt Alpha 6.7.3 Full Custom, user "borabosna" on NMA, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit)  [This is fixable in Fallout2 engine. Sduibek Gametitle-FO1 22:40, July 8, 2015 (UTC)]

Hireling bugs (Ian, Tycho, Katja, Dogmeat, Mr.Handy, Tandi when she's in your party)[]

NEW - I liked that you could get a Mr. Handy robot, but sadly it had no dialog, so setting combat options wasn't possible. Also due to proto settings it wasn't possible to steal from it, thus it became impossible to add / remove weapons or just resupply with ammunition. Oh well.

NEW-0.81a FullCustom Win10x64 Steam: NPCs don't level up properly. (Tycho levels to 2 at PC8 instead of PC4, Katja at 9, and neither levels to 3. Ian levels to 3 at PC10 instead of 8. I've uploaded fixed scripts to your Dropbox and here:

NEW-0.81a FullCustom win7x64 According to Fallout wiki Mr.Handy has weapon equip animations for: none,minigun,big gun. He can use only unarmed, minigun.He can also hold but not shoot: plasma rifle, turbo plasma rifle,laser rifle, flamer. so he is missing only attack animations for the 3 guns above. Is it possible that you start drilling a hole in @NMA Pixote's stomach to convince Her to make Mr.Handy attack animations for those 3 guns? I know it will be more in line with those pesky bugthesda Mr.Handys then, but I'd really like to test around Mr.Handy with a flamer and other big gun animation rifles in traditional old school Fallouts. gustarballs1983@NMA

NEW- 0.81a FullCustom Win7x64 Mr.Handy after recruting him is unable to go into indepth conversation. There is no way to launch the self-repair procedure (wich we come to know during his configuration) no easy way to give him more ammo or a new weapon. one needs to drop desired weapon and ammo on ground and engage into combat with enemies (as simply opening combat outside the fight won't cut it he won't gain turn it's a sfall bug) go to Mr.Handy's turn and pick-up all the stuff on the ground and then equip him via inventory button (ofcourse one needs ControlCombat=2 ). gustarballs1983 @MNA

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 The Mysterious Stranger appears to have lost 8 points of AC, i.e. his Metal Armour has now an AC of 2 instead 10 (I used ProtoManager v1.1.3 to check). Is that intended or a typo? Similarly, Mr. Handy appears to have AC 11, instead 10, which may also be a typo.

NEW - hirelings can run straight through the closed vault 13's door and walk around in walls and rocks

CONFIRMED - Mr. Handy in military base walks too slowly. Needs a run animation. (Will be the same animation, just higher FPS) --Sduibek

CONFIRMED -Mr.Handy in the military base after joining Your party speaks only in float, follows You anywhere but You can't make him step aside or selfheal and he sometimes corners you and You can't talk to him to get the fuck out of the way Sduibek stated it as not correct behaviour but it hasn't been fixed since Alpha 6.7.3 and it's still broken in Alpha 7.1. (FIXT Alpha 7.1/Vista Ultimate x64/GOG English version) gustarballs1983 @NMA [This will be easy to fix after we move to Fo2 engine :) Either way I'll get it fixed in next release. --Sduibek]

NEW - in combat, sometimes NPC will stuck in loop trying to reload a weapon which they don't have the ammo for, and waste all their action points doing so.

NEW - I decided to save during combat, to avoid having to manually enter combat mode to shoot Mutants at the Watershed in Necropolis. All recruitables turn against you, apparently because they think you're an enemy though you haven't even caused intentional friendly fire! Breakin'Benny (talk) 17:44, February 26, 2014 (UTC) PS: I'm not sure if this happens even in non-TeamX patched Fallouts, but I'd love to know. It's always a stab in the back when you are attacked for no apparent reason, just because you entered combat mode... A *somewhat* fix for this, seems to be to unstow your weapon before the recruitables get to move, and quickly exit combat.

NEW - Always get Dogmeat: okay, in the alpha 6.4 version of Fixt, Dogmeat is now red (which is stated in the changelog as well) and he automatically joins you even when you didn't give him iguana bits or dressed up with the leather jacket and I can't give him commands like to wait and let him join again... also, when I do get him I thought this was just another bug that was left not being fixed so I didn't get dogmeat yet and made a backup save... now 6.5 is released and rechecked Dogmeat and still the same thing happens. have you noticed this? EDIT: update on my previous post: when I get dogmeat and move on to another map, he doesn't follow me he just stays there and doesn't follow me to other maps... hope u can fix this...

NEW - in the alpha 6.4 version of Fixt, Dogmeat is now red (which is stated in the changelog as well) and he automatically joins you even when you didn't give him iguana bits or dressed up with the leather jacket and I can't give him commands like to wait and ask him to join again... also, when I do get him I thought this was just another bug that was left not being fixed so I didn't get Dogmeat yet and made a backup save... now 6.5 is released and re-checked Dogmeat and still the same thing happens.

NEW - when I get Dogmeat and move on to another map, he doesn't follow me he just stays there and doesn't follow me to other maps.

NEW - "Standard" install mode doesn't include hirelings changing their appearance when changing armor.

NEW - eighter enable a way to multiply .223 pistol like the gunsmith in the Boneyard, or edit their end level skills so they could wield something like miniguns or alike or even edit the smith to make more turbo-plasmas and one could have him/herself 4 "space marines" which could be crucial for example when fending off mutant invasions.

CONFIRMED - Alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit, GOG Version 1.2, English - Tycho becomes hostile to the player when attacking Skulz gangers because they are residents of Junktown.

CONFIRMED - NPCs not levelling up. [I think this is version 6.1 Sduibek (talk) 23:14, October 7, 2013 (UTC)]

NEW - NO CHANGE ARMOR OPTION FOR TYCHO [5.4] "Tycho has no "Change armor" dialogue option in "Discuss combat tactics"." --ziemeck

CONFIRMED - Hirable NPCs (Tycho/Ian/Katja) can be set to AI types that don't exist. This may cause issues or mean their AI isn't actually changing as the user is led to believe. EXAMPLE "I've encountered an AI issue when I gave Ian a crowbar. When I ask him to switch his fighting tactics, he keeps using a crowbar. I gave him a Desert Eagle .44 which does more damage so I just don't get it." Sduibek (talk) 00:25, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

CONFIRMED - Tycho is designed to attack you if you kill Junktown's citizens, but in some cases he'll help you kill them all before actually turning on you. [I believe this is an engine bug -- once certain variables are set, the game doesn't read them again until after combat ends.Sduibek (talk) 00:25, September 5, 2012 (UTC)] [Didn't realize there was a terminate_attack script option... I'll try this and see if it fixes this issue. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - In Neal's bar (Junktown) there is an agressive Skulz member which will turn hostile along with his friends at the end of his dialog tree. I killed them, which turned the entire gang hostile when I came to them in The Crash House. The problem is that when I specifically kill Sherry (which is the Skulz member keeping the door), even in self-defense, Tycho turns on me, as if killing a regular Junktown citizen. It may be related to the fact that she can be persuaded to leave the gang and testify against them, I'm not sure. This probably happens even when the gang becomes hostile by other means, I just did it that way. It can be tested with this save. (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English)

CONFIRMED - "Tandi's head needs the correct background for each map and each map elevation. Currently we have the raiders background in Vault 13."

PENDING ENGINE CONVERSION - Katya tends to suicidilly use rocket launcher in close combat no matter what [I'm not aware of this being able to be fixed until move to FO2 engine. --Sduibek]

- New 0.81alpha/Full/Win7&Win10: When installing “Fallout_Fixt_0.81alpha_FULL_CUSTOM” using the Full Custom option the critters proto 122 (Dogmeat) is not read-only. Shouldn't that cause problems...? [Note: I can not connect a bug to this, it just seems unusual.] The other companions (and files) in Fixt are all read-only. Nvm, I guess Fo1 is different to Fo2 in this regard...

- New 0.81alpha/Full/Win7&Win10:

There is an issue with Power Armour & companions. Should be easy to test: [when putting on PA the companion gets +75 carry weight twice (check number in steal window), when leaving the map it resets to only once. Example, Ian can currently carry 103, puts on PA and it changes to 253 (103+150), exit/enter map and it adjusts to 178 (103+75).]

I checked the proto file (with readers and in text format [alt-t in ProtoManager]) and it is set up as +3 extra/bonus ST (none of the derived values; HP, Melee Damage, Carry Weight are adjusted to that, so they are all still based on ST 7) and it adds a +75 bonus to carry weight on top (emulating +3 ST). So what happens here is that the proto tries to trigger a +3 ST bonus (which makes sense as bonus/extra does not change HP, i.e. emulates Power Armour behaviour), but then also sets a bonus to carry weight (which is technically identical to what +3 ST does). In-game this seems to confirm itself by adding a +75 carry weight bonus twice, but then also resets it (somehow) on map exit.

So I did a more advanced test:

I added the following code to Ian.ssl:


procedure look_at_p_proc begin

display_msg("I have " + get_critter_stat(self_obj, 0) + " Strength!");

display_msg("I have " + get_critter_stat(self_obj, 7) + " max HP!");

display_msg("I have " + get_critter_stat(self_obj, 11) + " Melee Damage!");

display_msg("I have " + get_critter_stat(self_obj, 12) + " Carry Weight!");

display_msg("I have " + has_skill(self_obj, 3) + " Unarmed!");

display_msg("I have " + has_skill(self_obj, 4) + " Melee Weapon!");



This should cover all values influenced by ST. Then I tested it in-game. What happens was: When I tell Ian to put on the Power Armour all the values above (except HP) adjusted to +3 ST (and carry weight twice). However, when I then exit the map, the secondary stats (melee damage & carry weight) changed back to their "unedited" [base (ST 7) + bonus] value, while ST and Skills (unarmed & melee weapon) remain unchanged (ST 10 & based on ST 10). [Skills have no base (I think) and are therefore always calculated based on SPECIAL + their own bonus]. HP remains unchanged throughout (which is correct, i.e. Power Armour & drugs (like Buffout) don't adjust HP). I then played around a bit (i.e. in Fo2 I can trigger a recalculation of secondary stats by using "drugs" (like beer) on a critter) but nothing changed Ian's stats. [edit: I eventually realized that Ian's script prevents using items "like beer" on him.] Only putting on Power Armour causes a recalculation of the secondary stats (Melee Damage & Carry Weight). [Not 100% sure why, either as the TeamX script creates a new proto with every armour switch, or because SPECIAL changes when switching from & to PA? Not sure.] [Note: When I temporarily disable "use_obj_on" in Ian's script, drugs (like beer) do also recalculate his secondary stats, so Melee Damage changes to 9 and Carry Weight to 350 (i.e. base (ST 10) + bonus (75)) with every "drink" while in PA. The drug effects also reset with every map enter, which may be the reason why it's disabled in script].

That said, "maybe" (?) it would be best to remove the +3 extra/bonus to ST, and the +75 extra/bonus to Carry Weight, and instead adjust the proto's "base" ST by +3 (and let all derived values (HP, Melee Damage, Carry Weight) adjust their "base" to it) and then rollback HP (i.e. reduce "extra/bonus" HP by -3) to create the proper Power Armour effect. That may be best (?) as manually editing base values in text format is probably too messy.

Alternatively, it should also work to set the +3 bonus/extra to ST "correctly" (i.e. let it adjust all derived base stats (but HP)) but I'm not sure there is a proto reader that actually does that (i.e. they'd all adjust HP as well). So you'd probably need to rollback HP regardless.

Anyway, it seems the "bug" is that the companion's secondary stats (melee damage & carry weight) are "unedited" (i.e. still based on ST 7), and despite PA recalculating them, they get reset on every map_enter to their base+bonus values [ignoring SPECIAL, i.e. the ST of 7+3], which, btw, seems to be normal (in both Fo1 & Fo2), as far as I can tell, only the dude & Fo2 companions seem to behave differently.

Text, Dialog, Spelling, Grammar Bugs[]

NEW - 0.81alpha (L.A. Bonyard, Library) While in battle only, description of brown dressed chlidren of the cathedral showns "error" when moving the mouse over it. Screen : / Save :

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Minor Tell me about errors. People who don't know their name (using TMA): Cindy (Vault 13), all Raiders (Diana, Petrox, Tolya, Gwen, Alya) but Garl, Doc/Morbid (Junktown), Master Merchant (Martha/Rastello), Deputy Tony/Fry, Sheriff Justin/Greene, Mrs. Stapleton, Daren/Hightower and the Missing Brotherhood Initiate Jonathan (all Hub) (the last, Jonathan, is confirmed in Talus.msg, line 202), Razor (Boneyard), Lorri, Paul & Jerry (RD1INIT.msg) (all Brotherhood), Wu & Francis (Cathedral) and Kyle (Cathedral Vault Entrance, the Airlockguard, see airgrd.msg which includes a line with the name). Then there are a few odd ones like Keri & Demetre don't react to Romara, Lorenzo does not react to Giovanni, Christopher Avellone only reacts to Avellone and Jon Zimmerman only reacts to Jon (asking about Zimmerman triggers the same response as Razor (i.e. She/He is our leader). There almost seems to be a method regarding characters with family/two names, but Butch Harris & Killian Darkwater react to both their names. Jake/Jacob (Hub) only reacts to Jake (but is occasionally refereed to as Jacob, and should react to Jacob imo, as I believe the shop is Jake's Weapons (Ian floater & Dialogue ("welcome to…")) but the owner is called Jacob (Loxley (TMA), Dialogue (Rad-Away/Vance) & Look at (Binoculars), (but according to Nukapedia the last applies only to some versions. Btw, scrname.msg uses Jake). I have tested the Trader encounters (Lox, Dale, Terrance & Julian of GenMerca.msg), and they don't know who they are. Instead they react to "merchant" (see scrname.msg). However, as they share a msg, and as TMA does not appear to trigger when added to a shared msg, they may need an entry in scrname.msg each (like Luke, John & Mat of HgenCvan.msg) or their own msg each, for this to work. As a cool point the Overseer could react to Jacoren. According to Nukapedia that's his name as established by notes in the concept art and could be added in hindsight. Addition: John Maxson only reacts to Elder (as the Maxson keyword is linked to a comment on Roger/Maxson, which overrides scrname.msg). Not sure how to adjust this. Perhaps adding a John keyword, change Maxson to himself and the Maxson trigger to Roger? Then there are a few more oddities. First the files (pro & msg) call a character “Barracus”. That character is Ton. However, when asking him, he only reacts to Ton. This may be adjusted and have his TMA react to both. The same goes for Dominic Moore. Pro files call him Dominic, in-game he only reacts to Moore (however, he shares a file with other Psychic.msg and adding TMA to it may not work). The same goes for the Elders who have their pro file named: Jonathan (211), Jacob (212), Mary (213) and Rachael (214). But neither appears in-game (i.e. when looking at them (or hitting them) it does not say “you see the Elder (Mary/Jacob etc.)”. Nor do they react in TMA (i.e. the one “female” elder one can talk to does not react to either of the names. Perhaps she could say “That's me” when using Mary or Rachael and “That's us. We are the Elders” when using one of the three others. But again, as they use a shared msg, adding TMA may not work. Wiggum is called “Wiggup” in his pro file, but in-game it's Wiggum (in both 1.35 & 0.81). Trent reacts to Trent but not to Barrister. He also has no responses to anything (like the Hub), but as he is a Water Merchant guard one could add the generic Hub responses from obj_dude.msg to his msg (not a big deal though). Iguana-Bob only reacts to Bob, but not to Frazier (see bobsign.msg). Tine only reacts to Tine but not to Taylor (his scrname.msg got adjusted by Fixt). Technical points: It seems that the game pulls a character's name either from the NPCs own msg, then obj_dude.msg and if that fails from scrname.msg. Those who don't react to their name have either no entry in a msg and/or their scrname.msg entry includes a “space” like “Deputy Fry”, which [spaces] appears to cause issues with keywords. In some cases (raiders) obj_dude.msg appears to overwrite scrname.msg. However, rather than adjusting scrname.msg for all those cases mentioned, it may be smoother to add a 1000 keyword & corresponding 1100 line to the NPCs own msg (if possible). See Killian Darkwater (he has one entry for his first (Killian) and another for his last name (Darkwater)). This may cause less complications then adjusting scrname.msg. May even be fun to write a couple of unique “that's me” replies to, for example, “Deputy” (That's me, but you may want the sheriff. He's over there, somewhere [points vaguely].), “Tony” (Yeah, well, it was my mother's idea. I would have preferred John myself.) “Fry” (Ready to preserve, I mean, ready to, ehm, arms, [sighs], yep, that's me.), although I'm not sure if those examples are “in-character”. Otherwise just copy & paste the generic replies. Last there are some odd name reactions (caused by scrname.msg), for example, “child”, “merchant” or “whore”. Other are possibly “caravaner” and “loser” but I don't know to whom it applies and if it can be triggered. In every other case scrname.msg has a “space” in the NPC's description (like “Air Guard”) which should prevent them from being used by TMA. This may or may not be a problem. All in all this is just detail anyway :).

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. There are a lot of Tell me about responses (especially in OBJ_Dude.msg) I couldn't trigger. I guess it is debatable if these are a bug, abandoned projects or if they've been removed as design decisions (like references to the Rippers). The following are a few keywords (from OBJ_Dude.msg) that I feel should trigger: Shady Sands: (Shady/Sands), Junktown: (Shady/Sands) (the following is more debatable, as it refers to using caravans: Hub), Hub: (Brotherhood/Steel, Children/Cathedral, Crimson, Far/Go/Traders, Heights, Old/Town, Shady/Sands, Merchants, Tower), Brotherhood: (Exodus, War) (the following are more debatable as the generic Brothers may not have necessarily knowledge of them: Children, Hub, Merchants), Cathedral: (Children/Cathedral, Flame/Holy, Followers/Apocalypse, Unity). Last there is the Boneyard which is extremely underdeveloped (Razor and Zimmermann refer to themselves in third person if using TMA) and the 3 levels of info (as hinted in OBJ_Dude.msg) do not exist. Perhaps this could be restored somewhere along the following lines: Adytum (Lvl 1: Tine, Smitty, default) (Lvl 2: Miles, Lorraine) (Lvl 3: Chuck, Zimmerman, Caleb, Sammael). Blades (Lvl 1: Michael, Christine, Greg, default) (Lvl 2: Dugan) (Lvl 3: MacRae, Razor). Gun Runners (Lvl 1: Guard, default) (Lvl 2: Zack) (Lvl 3: Gabriel). Followers (Lvl 1: Heather, default) (Lvl 2: ? (restoring the TMA of Hunter.msg for Avallone may work as it's fairly similar) (Lvl 3: Talius (or restore Jake?), Nicole (but she has most covered with her own responses except: Junktown, Blades, Gun Runners, Rippers)). However, many of the replies seem outdated/old concepts (Blades are portrayed as a real gang (vibro-knives), rather than the refugee feeling they are giving off) and it would also need to somehow write alternatives for the leaders (Zimmerman, Caleb, Sammael & Razor) if not wanting them to be clueless or giving off odd self-references (as they would on info lvl 3) (i.e. this may be more work than it's worth it) (then again it may be enough to change “Sammael is their leader” to “I'm there leader”. Last there is a non-working trigger in Child.msg: (Shady/Sands). And the Devout Child of the Cathedral that appears in Junktown after some time (Jchidmem.msg) (replacing the only Junktown Citizen) may get the TMA responses from Childmem.msg (excluding Necropolis, Set & Watershed) instead of keeping the Junktown ones. There is also a full account of all TMAs posted on the NMA forum (search for Tellmeabout or Tell_me_about.) Addition: Most of these probably don't trigger as they include a space in the keyword. Those entries may need to be split into two entries (e.g. “Shady Sands” into “Shady” & “Sands”).

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 List of TMA Errors: Actually, I have not found any errors added by Fixt (only fixes :)). The only thing are a couple of additions that are superfluous. For example, in the original the keywords were “old”, “town” and “oldtown”. All triggering the same response. Fixt changed the last to “old town”, which is treated by TMA as “old” as TMA only recognizes single words. So whenever typing “old town” the “old” response triggers. Which is not an error as such, it only disabes the option to spell “old town” as one word. 1.) Keywords of this kind are: “The Boneyard” & “L.A. Boneyard” (child, childmem, Butch, obj_dude) just use “Boneyard” instead (and note that full stop and comma can't be part of keywords). “Old town” (Butch, Loxley, Decker) change back to oldtown. Vault 13 (obj-dude, Ian, Tycho, Katja, Rebel, Overseer) change back to vault-13 or remove all together. Water Chip (Theresa) use waterchip. 2.) Harry.msg: Two TMA errors worth noting: Line 1021 says “Lou Tenant” which will play “Lou” and may be changed to “Tenant” (as Lou already exists). 3.) Another point is that Fixt added various Holodisk versions, which may be overkill (Vree & Maxson). The original is oddly inconsistent (sometimes it's disc (Vree & Maxson), but most times (Rhombus, Cabbot & item) it's disk). And I believe they changed the way of spelling from disc to disk halfway through the game (in FO2 it's always “disk"). So I would use: “Holodisk” & “Holodisks” and remove all the other spelling variations. Possibly even the alternatives of: “Disk”, “Disks” & “Holo”, as it may be too much. Holodisk is a widely used term. 4.) The only real error I found (besides not triggering responses because of spaces) is a vanilla one. In Harry.msg there is a “Water Shed” keyword that is supposed to play a response to “shed” but triggers the response to “water” erroneously. I think this keyword is superfluous altogether, as “shed” and “watershed” are already covered. I think this mostly shows a flaw in TMA (i.e. the inability to deal with word combinations).

NEW This is an old typo: Trent encounter: He says “Huge horns...and it at Joe...”. Needs to be “ate”. See Trent.msg:

{127}{}{Huge horns, sick red skin, like something out of a story about demons, and it at Joe in three gulps... }

Random Encounter Bugs[]

NEW - Raiders spawn in the side of mountain for random encounter. Also saw happen with floaters, both of which were unable to move to attack me. Picture here and save game with raiders here. Running Steam version on Windows 7 64 bit. Fixt 6.4, Full custom options. NMA forum name is "Stuck".

CONFIRMED - For lack of better place, I'll put this one here. Some creatures, like molerats or radscorpions, seem to have bugged scripts. If they see you for the first time, they attack you (which is correct). If you somehow manage to end combat (for example, by sneaking away), they no longer pay you attention even if you walk right next to them. Some actually flee from you for no good reason without initiating combat. Should you save the game and re-load, they attack you like they are supposed to. Fixt 5.3. [Sduibek note: Probably just an easily fixed script issue.Sduibek (talk) 01:41, November 4, 2012 (UTC)] [Sduibek note #2: This is fixed as of 6.x release versions, however, it can still happen in certain rare situations of loading a savegame or ending combat twice. So I need to change the hostile flag to a local variable instead of named variable. Sduibek (talk) 00:51, October 14, 2013 (UTC)]

NEW - Some creatures initiate combat from across the map. This is hard to reproduce, since sometimes when you save and load such a game, their behavior reverts to the one described above. [NEED MORE INFO what creatures, on what maps?]

FIXED - Version 6.7.1 Standard (this was also in version 6.1). When encountering Patrick the Celt out in the Wastes he is meant to offer you a speech check in order to gain a Charisma point upon first meeting him - any time after, he does not offer the chance. In my game, however, he treats me as though we have met before and offers me no such conversation. I have reinstalled and restarted the game 3 times to see if I was just being forgetful, but I can confirm he behaves exactly the same each time - he says 'Hello again' even though we have never met, and offers me directions. This occurs even if he is the first encounter in the game, where there is no chance that you could have accidentally missed him.

Happened to me too – I investigated. This is because ARMOR_EQUIP_MOD is set to 1 which means Patrick already knows you – yup a global variable is being used twice, in the vanilla 330 is checked if you are known by Patrick. In Fixt it's used to equip armour on critters. (I did a search in files on *.ssl source with Notepad++ for “global_var(330”, etc and hullo – Is originally used in PATRICK.SSL to check if you have already met! 0=No; 1=Yes).GazDone (NMA) [Should be fixed now, just need to double-check. --Sduibek]

Player (skills, traits, reputation, addictions, etc)[]

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win7 When I get the “Alcoholic” addiction (Beer & booze) the withdrawal effect appears to be +20% Radiation resistance (aka the combat armour effect “alcoholic” replaced).

CONFIRMED - "I can't feel any being overweight consequences I can run like a f***in' champ, I can trade with traders carring three times more than I can lift it (i haven't got any information that i can't carry anything more). "

NEW - Reputation Glitches. Reputation of -80 from playing "evil" character. Noticing that people are reacting to me as if they have met me before. Examples are leader of the rebel movement in the Vault, rejecting me as one of the Overseer's pawns when I haven't talked with her yet, and Harry in Necropolis, whom simply stated to me that he thought he should beat my head -- no other options were available. Fixt 5.2

Alternatively, it can start to 'kick on' on my second meeting with various people. I would provide to you more names, but I am incapable of remembering who this has occured to as it has been so many. (Player had INT and CH of 10, wasn't a Childkiller.)

[Some of this is how Fallout does Reputation/Karma - it's global. Some of the others may be scripts that just oversight. In other words if they dislike you it overrides other stuff. Will need to test to confirm. --Sduibek]

Endgame (the "endgame mod" and slideshow, credits)

CONFIRMED - Player's Karma/Reputation drops to 100 or raises to -100, respectively, if it's outside of those ranges, when beating the game.

0.81Alpha/Full Custom/Win 7 Professional 64Bits. Its impossible to get the Brotherhood bad ending slide (the one that the Brotherhood destroys NCR and starts a dark age). The requirements to this ending is just killing Rhombus and in the slideshow you would get the Brotherhood bad ending (, but in the end, the games still gives the Brotherhood good ending, treating the situation like Rhombus still alive, while he is not.

Obs.: The save game I drop it in the dropbox is from moments before the end of the game to demonstrate the bug more easily. To see if Rhombus is indeed dead, after the confrontation with the overseer, click to continue playing (it does not matter if you kill the overseer or not), go to the Brotherhood bunker, enter the 1ºLevel of the bunker, and you will see that Rhombus is no longer there, just blood from the corpses that were killed, the blood of Rhombus is stading next to the door to Rhombus room (not the bedroom, just the room with a table and some chairs) and in the blood there is a minigun, the weapon that Rhombus uses by default (

Engine Bugs[]

NEW- Not sure where to put it But Vault13.gam has the variuos options configurable that are not in the installer and even if vault 13 game is edited to set them to work they do not work especially armor for mysterious stranger;custom weapon for mysterious stranger; and meat from critter corpses this last one is especially usefull when powerleveling on deathclaws in boneyard. Meat from deathclaw corpses would be usefull to trade for more ammo (this is especially true for brotherhood of steel when we come with a caravan there should be an option to trade food & water for weapons and ammo).

NEW - Actually a crafty's sfall bug when using option to level to 99lvl there is no usual "999" hit point cap. The game adds hit points the more yu level up, stacking infinitely (now i'm lvl 81 and have over 1300 hit points) this is especially easy with 3x lifegiver perk and additionally the classic hit point counter glitches during lvl-up when over 1100hitpoints (FIXT_0.81a_WIN7X64_home_ gustarballs1983 from nma) EDIT:This Should be Fixed in Sfall1.7.6 By Crafty after setting the counter to update instantly [have yet to confirm] NEW - Placing items in barter window no mater from which side and then cancelling barter will sometimes cause said items disappear.

NEW - Alpha 6.7.3 Win 7 x64. I can't take quests. They don't appear in my PipBoy after taking them, and if I talk with whoever gave me the quest, he tries to give me the quest again. I can still complete some, but not all of them as other quests need to be active in order to either access their location or complete it! I only have these quests active: Find the water chip, Bust the Skulz gang, and Become an Initiate. I've tried to get the quest of the missing caravans, the quest of killing the death claws (the one the Gun Runners give you), the quest of killing the Blades, the quest of giving the holodisc to the major of Adytum and a bunch of other quests. EDIT: Here's the save

NEW - "Second bug what i've found is the issue of addiction. reduced statistics are not marked in red. But it's vey small bug."

NEW - I didnt get any bogus aim blocks with the very curious exception of the very same rocket launcher mutant that killed me the first time around. I don't know why - when I'm standing in front of Lou from the northwest side, it looks like I have clear shot at him and his 2 guards. I can target the one with the minigun but the bazooka one is obscured. [User has been asked to try again now that we have f1_res 4.1.7 which should have fixed the issue. Also if that fixed it, I'll try again with reduced player light radius and see if that was part of the issue. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED, UNFIXABLE? - "Getting critically hit and knocked off my feet doesn't actually knock me off my feet, nor do I suffer AP loss." [No idea how to fix this one. Exists in Fallout 2 as well. --Sduibek]

CONFIRMED - AP ammo sucks. "Could you maybe change some values so that AP ammunition is more effective or at least justifies its existence? I would think that AP ammo would be harder to find, cost more, but generally be better than regular ammunition." [Still having trouble with this one :( Only thing I know of at the moment is editing the Protos do make them do more damage. Not sure if this works but i'll test it. Either way, this resolves when we switch to FO2's engine. --Sduibek] Armor-Piercing ammo in Fallout 1 FIXED IN SFALL1 v1.8 BY CRAFTY choose proper ammo.ini and put it into game folder and choose adequate damage formula.

CONFIRMED - "After finishing Unity and destroying Military Base game ends despite not bringing the Water chip". [Not exactly an Engine bug, but sort of, so leaving it here. --Sduibek]

Audio/Sound Bugs[]

CONFIRMED - The music seems to glitch out some times, like if it tried to begin again in the middle of a track, and then return to normal. I don't really know how to describe this ... (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English)

Suggestions / Ideas / Requests (NOT BUGS)[]


The status messages for these are as follows:

ADDED - This is currently implemented in my personal files of Fixt, which means it will be included in the next release.

PLANNED - I plan on including this in Fixt, though it may be low priority. You can definitely expect to see this in a later version of Fixt. If it's something some people won't like, it'll be an optional install.

UNSURE - I am still deciding whether or not I want to include this in Fixt, or whether it's a valid issue/concern at all. Please discuss by adding comments to the entry (use 4 tildes to add your signature)

CONSIDERING - Will probably include it at some point, but not 100% sure.

NEW - Please use this if you've made a new entry and you aren't Sduibek. He will read it and update to one of the above classificiations.


New- Alternative way to acces BoS armory:

Doesn't it sound silly that when you pump up sneak and lockpick you can just waltz into the armory by tampering with the lock at point blank range of the guard? Well How about make the guard unlock the door for you. Simply put: Similar to how you acces ghoul base in 1.5 Ressurection you and active teammates have to wear power armors and you can go to conversation with the guard and bullshit him that you are a palladin (perhaps toss a name from a conversation with BoS Palladin's room [to the left of armory] and give a reason to enter i.e. you want to stash stuff found during patrol outside. Since at the time of entry You'll have most likely 2 Power Armors max. you'd need to tell the rest of the party (dog included) to wait somwhere out of the sight of the guard, so that only Power Armored wearing humans aproch the guard. gustarballs1983 @ NMA

New Mark unmarked quest

New Being able to request BoS help against both Mariposa and Cathedral

New Clicking the Crack Assault Paladins and Follower Scouts while out of combat makes them teleport some hexes away (to prevent getting stuck)

New "Alternative quest endings" (or some name like that) installation choice for the "continue after dipped" and other stuff that are not restored content (and a maybe a genocide quest - except for Mariposa and Cathedral - if you continue after dipped, with a well defended V13 if you took the quest - triggering ending scenes after you destroy it, if mutants didn't invade some city neither you destroyed it, you get whatever ending your actions so far would get - and possible some "Crack Assault Mutties" to help raid BoS... and maybe having your current companions arrested with the option to dip them if you start that path? - LK check so they do not die, like 7 for Katja, 8 for Ian, 9 for Tycho and with LK10 and you make Dogmeat a Centaur lol).

New Being able to report Dr. Morbid to Lars with a speech and/or CH check (or he won't believe you), confront him in his basement with his bodyguards present (Morbid tries to explain to Lars but Gretch end up accidently revealing everything and then combat start).

New Being able to report the Thieves Circle to Sheriff Greene and fight them like Dekker.

New Don't calm down the Rebel Faction, instigate them to insurge and watch them being chopped to pieces by the Overseer - or (with high IN, PE, speech checks?) tell you gonna get them weapons (if no better and simpler idea, through dialog you give them 4 weapons and armors of your choice from your inv) and then watch they try to fight with that gear and getting chopped to pieces OR (with higher yet checks) tell them to wait for the right moment, and then instead of getting the cave ending scene you go to Overseer's room and fight him with the help of the faction (wouldn't be realistic, but would be nice for him to tougher than Master hehe)

New I've watched X-files recently, and I remembered the hidden Alien in “the Glow”. I can't exactly remember what it says when inspecting the alien (a strange body?), but I've heard it was supposed to be a X-file reference. What about the window text: “One of those “likely explanations” to cover up government experiments on civilians.” Of course the Vault Dweller can't know this and it would be an easter egg breaking the fourth wall. Unless you put a note on the Alien with instruction where and how to place it and to cover what up (like FEV Virus tested on village, place objects as likely explanations for casualties. And Janxon, no jokes this time. The Elvis picture is still confusing the press and scientists, etc.). The best X-file for inspiration could be season 5, episode 1, it has an entire expose part on government experiments (which fits FO & Vault tec quite well). (Ignore this if it's already covered in a way that I've missed). Addition: The originally intended message is probably graffiti.msg.

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Miles (and sometimes Smitty) get consistently stuck wherever they last stood at the end of the Adytum battle (Miles usually rests at Sammaels tent from that on). Is there an option to reset those characters (or their corpse) (Miles, Smitty, Chuck, Sammael) when removing the Blades/ending the battle?

New 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. (Half feature, half bug.) Razor repeats her dialogue as long as the guns haven't been organized. This could adjust to: Razor “What do you want/Have you got the guns?” Reply: “I've changed my mind. Die!” “Perhaps I should take the disk after all, and see what I can do.” (if not received yet) or “I think I can handle it (alone).” “Nothing/No, I'm on it.” once the quest to help the blades has been activated. (Use the previously submitted save Slot08RazorDisk from Nov 17 2017 (in this save you'll always go through the same dialogue tree of: “Zimmerman send me/but it was the regulators/I'll help (guns/disk)”, which is rather Long and a bit tedious.)

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Beer gives +1CH. I'm not against this but it has a problem. A romance with Tandi requires CH8 or a six-pack and breathing massive beer foam into her face. This is a bit awkward. And the concept of beer improving CH does not work as well in classic Fallout as CH is a much harder requirement than in modern Fallout (especially for (admittedly pointless) romancing). I would change beer to another benefit (+2% speech, the loose tongue benefit) or make it like Mirrored Glasses (+1CH if in an active item slot), like a item that improves the ability to socialise (which works a bit better than gaining attractiveness by being uderly and dodaly pished, which is really not attractive at all). Addition: Alcohol could also work like other drugs (Mentats etc) (i.e. can only be taken twice and everything after the second plays this “that didin't seem that much message” instead applying the effect. Originally that wasn't necessary, as alcohol was just “slowly getting blind”, but when it has positive aspects (+DR, +CH etc.) it may need to be capped at one point.

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Balance: Change Turbo Plasma Rifle to 5 AP. This weapon is too powerful with Fast Shoot & Bonus Rate of Fire and makes the fights too easy. (Late game this always feels like god-mode enabled). I think it's still enough of an upgrade compared to other weapons, even with 5 AP, perhaps less of a go to option, but still better. The 4 AP should be kept to weapons less regularly acquired (Alien Blaster & Red Ryder LE). As a side note: it's 5AP in FO2.

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. Missing a „step aside“ option: The Blades walking in and out of Razor's room are a pest. This is really one of the worst roadblocks in the game. This becomes better once one realizes that Razor can be talked to through the window in the wall left of her (i.e. one never has to enter the room). However, isn't it possible to improve this by knocking through the wall and give her room a second door to the west (instead of the window)? The massive traffic in this building usually eases up in those rooms that have two doors (like the ante hall), it is only the single door rooms where there is always blockage & delay. This makes Razor more easily accessible, and create a quicker escape path, which changes things a bit but shouldn't be too much of a problem, after all one can already shot her through the window.

NEW 0.81alpha/German Uncut/Full/Win10. I think the idea that a fighter could get through an alert military base even if lacking repair or science is partially in the game but not fully implemented and could be restored. On lvl 1, there are enough red force fields to get through (fight your way through the guard room). Lvl 2 has Abel which isn't working, as one can already get to him from behind (red force fields to the east) and his action to turn off the green force field is useless. This could be fixed if the two force fields at the elevator are swapped (i.e. to the east is a green force field, and to the south a red force field). This way a fighter could only get to the east with explosives or approaching Abel. Lvl 3: getting through the prison cell block can be done via explosives (it would need 2 to 4 explosives to get through this area (and it would help to place two explosives on lvl 2 in the room guarded by the mutant with the small cranium. This would be another mini-quest as the room is not necessarily easily accessible to a fighter especially with the suggested changes to lvl 2/Abel). Lvl 4 is fine if Mr. Handy could be used to blow up the Vat's control room force field without needing science/repair. So perhaps allow a Motor (the item from the car mart encounter) to replace the first repair & science check (if used on Mr. Handy) and the Radio replaces the second repair check (as it is). The Vat's control computer could be accessed by killing the Lieutenant (i.e. the Security Card to access and the Encryption Decoder Disk to decipher the commands, both found on the Lieutenant). And to return back one can activate the Force Fields controls terminal on lvl 4 or use explosives (there are 5 on lvl 4). Summary: Fight, Abel, 2 Explosives, kill Lieutenant (decoder & access card), use Motor & Radio, use card/decoder, and fight your way back. I think this is still a bit of a quest, requiring some items and including some challenges. And I think it makes sense to remap the Military Base to allow an oaf (or fighter) to get through an alert installation (without speech/disguise, repair/science). This route may need to place a Motor on lvl 4 (I suggest at the Lieutenant's place in one of the lockers). And I would suggest to have two explosives on lvl 2. There are 5 on lvl 4 (2 in the guard room with Mr. Handy, and 2 dynamite & 1 explosive at the Lieutenant's). These may be needed if killing Mr. Handy (accidentally) (3 to enter & blow up the control room) and/or another two if wanting to return without using the Force Field Control terminal on lvl 4). So I would keep it as it is. But especially the prison cell block is a massive roadblock if the base is on alert (especially with the out of order elevator), and being able to find at least two explosives before that point would be nice.)

NEW I'm not sure wether to post this under bugs or new features but it seemes the only way to open wooden doors, and all lockers in Fallout 1 is to lockpick it. Fallout 2 gave also a choice to bust the lock (enter fight mode and attack the lock to break it [gunshot]) or one could brutforce the door by kicking it in fight mode, additionaly there was a less obvious brute force method by using backpack icon on the door and choosing crowbar to forcefully open the door. I miss the freedom of opening the lockers with crowbar in early game. it sucks that one is forced to pump lockpick skill early in game.

NEW 1) Apply some of the useless perks as bonuses to top stats. For example at charisma 8 you get Presence free, and at charisma 10 you get Cult of Personality. At agility 8 you get Dodger and at agility 10 you get Earlier Sequence. And so on. 2) Create stat perks, each perk letting you get +1 to a stat. So by the end of the game you could have added +7 to your stats if you only chose stat perks. 3) Create a poll on a popular forum for how perks/ traits/ skills could be made more useful, as well as more balanced. The community should decide what the actual changes should be so that you only have to code them. For example, maybe have Gifted, the best trait in the game, carry a huge XP penalty. 4) Adjust stat requirements for weapons and armor, with higher strength needed to use more powerful weapons (e.g. zero for throwing daggers), and higher endurance for armor. 5) Friendly Foe perk is now free, which it should be. Perhaps adding Pickpocket free will help with the otherwise useless steal skill, and Heave Ho free for throwing skill. 6) Enjoy yourself! - Aeroldoth 2016/9/14 -- 00:27, September 15, 2016 (UTC)

NEW I'm not sure wether it's possible in Fo1 engine, but definetly after migration to Fo2 engine there is a possibility to merge FIXT with teamX's mod called "FixIt" it is a mini add-on to the game that adds an ability to modify and craft in game items (similar to crafting system in FOnline) by default the script is attached to examining player character by binoculars (only player character examination by default but can be scripted to be anything for example using a workbench) then the FixIt menu pops up and you can begin to craft and mod your items.. the advantage of this addon over scripts is that formulas used for crafting are stored in a simple textfile instead of having to script& compile. there is ony the need to compile the script wich will utilize FixIt add-on than the rest can be manually put in the textfile.. hope this will be of help. [gustarballs1983 from nma]

NEW I figured out that current way party npc katja handles her lockpick skill to the player is insufficient. She can only try to open few of the doors in game, so i propose that the mechanic of her lockpick skill should be identical to how Vic in Fallout2 handles the repairs for us, and how Lenny from Gecko handles doctor/first aid instead of player (if player has lower skill than the npc and is some distance away from the targeted object, than the npc runs up towards the target instead of player and performs the action wich upon success yelds xp to the player) [gustarballs1983]

NEW as per request by Sduibek a copy/paste f my post from NMA

   @Sduibek.. pretty simple actually
   bonus ranged damage was always added +2 or +4 (if taken twice) to the end of total damage calculation..
   so for an 10mSMG damage would be like 5-12 x10 bullets x crit per bullet +2 (or 4)= total damage
   with crafty's sfall it now does +2 to both minimum and maximum weapon damage.
   for example base damage of 10mm SMG is 5-12 dmg with 1x bonus ranged damage it now does 7-14 dmg and with 2x bonus ranged damage would be 9-16 dmg...
   so by having a minigun (7-11) with 2x bonus ranged damage would yeald 11-15 dmg x40 bullets x critical strike calculated per bullet. that yealds tremendeus amount of damage.. so if you add "ignore damage threshold" perk to that weapon as sugested by someone in the bug wiki, player would be able to 1shot anyone in the brotherhood and maybe 1shot Master or Lieutenant. Heck i often 1shot a deathclaw with 10mm SMG (even 10mm AP ammo) if i'm close enaugh and make a lucky enaugh roll wich happens like 50% of the time ( mostly dependant on range as SMG has big bullet spread).
   Just so You'd know 8x 5mm JHP bullets from minigun does te same job as 40 bullets= rips a deathclaw to a bloddy paste, so an assault rifle would do the job better since it consumes less ammo per burst (8bullets) and has now like 12-20 dmg with 2x BRD.
   So adding a ignore damage threshold would yeald probably BIS weapon with just 3 perks (2xBRD and sniper) and if somebody decides to assault the brotherhood it would mean no difference if palladins wear power armor or basic combat armor it would be down to 40% DR as the threshold woudn't matter, so it basically sucks adding it to burst weapons. ignore damage threshold should be a perk given to AP ammo as far as i can see or maybe the 14mm pistol as it only uses ap ammo, but as for the rest a knockback/knockdown or accuary bonus (especially) for the SMG. Minigun also could be more accurate. it does not need to have ignore damage threshold perk.
   Also in vanilla shotgun weapons were quite powerfull because of the ammo modifiers.. and now even combat shotgun is just crap. same in Fo2 vanilla game shotguns=bis pre-gauss for small guns and now they just suck. so eigther damage modifier needs to bee brought back OR the need to introduce different shotgun ammo to the game (anyone remember Fo:Tactics : Slugs: thick 'cough' grain;etc) since You do plan on adding restock to merchant's scripts it might be a good idea to start from there :D (yeah come to think of it vault13 security team does not need buckshot ammo in their lockers rather those fancy less than lethal riot controll: rubber bullets or "waxshot" grain. On the other hand gunrunners, jake from the hub and brotherhood should have like tungsten-slug-sabot bullets or steel needles buckshot kind of gauge12..
   oh yeah as a side note: the ability to trade with brotherhood when you come in with a caravan should also be an option.
   the basic principle is they trade weaponry, ammo and meds for food and water. Finally a way to get rid of those pesky mutated fruits, iguanas, those water flasks from v13 or nuka colas for a reasonable exchange rate.
    [gustarballs1983 from NMA]

NEWNew brotherhood quests: Eradicate Raiders as Killian Darkwater states there are 3 raider groups Khans Vipers and Jackals we get to kill Khans after visiting shady sands however there are still vipers and Jackals remaining now how cool would be if brotherhood would sent us off to kill them and in return we would rank up in the brotherhood so that we could get an alternate armory acces by attaining the rank of Palladin? personally i always thought it was kind of silly to break in the armory, and nobody notices you especially those 2 guards standing just next to you when you try to break in lol.. If not then at least make it possible to trade with the brotherhood for high end stuff like Micro fusion cells or high end weaponry BTW by providing a schematic on how to upgrade plasma rifle to turboplasma rifle (could be aquired from smitty in boneyard)one could also rank up in the ranks..(same with miles and hardned power armor) how high you rank up can be based on charisma too ( finally a use for it :p ) [gustarballs1983]

NEW make use of all those unnesecary backpacks & bags by changeing them so they increase player's total carying capacity it's sort of logical when one wants to take more stuff with him than in order to do so he eqips a backpack or takes a bag in the hand for example small brahmin bag would increase carry weight by 10 lbs backpack by 50 lbs and pouch bag for 25 lbs. [gustarballs1983]

NEWmake more post end-game content for example after finishing Trish-Saul quest in Junktown, have the ability to take part in boxing fights with random enemies for small cash/exp rewards instead of just betting money on the fights [gustarballs1983] from nma

NEW - I'm surprised this wasn't posted here already; merchants could restock (or at least have an installer option to enable restocks) basic supplies over time -- healing items, explosives, ammo, etc. I'm hesitant to say bottle caps because caps are plentiful in the game already. --Sduibek

HINT merchants do restock caps already.. restocking ammo has a point as merchants trade with the Brotherhood and with Gun Runners for it.. so in theory gun runners should restock ammo evry day not sure about weapon restocking :p

PLANNED - Allow interruption of invasions after master/vats are destroyed. Quote from NMA: "i.e. have the followers and Necropolis destroyed but so Junktown and the Hub stay uninvaded indefinitely since the master and Vats have been eleminated?"

NEW - [from Vault11 at No Mutants Allowed] - "The following list isn't based on any mathematics or harder ideals on balancing, I simply put in values that I thought would give me a tough choice between all of them when it came time to pick the perks, and make it worth it for such a scarce resource (only 7 of them per game). Some effects of the perks (such as Friendly Foe) have nothing to do with their original/effects values, since the originals were so underwheming and not helpful at all, i.e. totally worthless. A lot of the rebalance is just dividing the same end result of three perk levels into two, such as 3 ranks of perk x for 10 each turning into 2 ranks for 15 each. I felt the creators were close enough on the final number to make a good investment, but dividing it into three ranks made the investment way too high to go to the end.

I also tried to make it so heavy investment would leave you bare in other areas, for example, if you wanted to make a tank character you would choose 3 ranks of Toughness for 45% DR and 2 ranks of Lifegiver for 50 health, but you would have just two perks relating to all of your various skills and abilities for the entire playthrough. Master of defense and nothing else. Or, you could have largely diversified perks to be the jack of all trades and master of none. Or a 3/4 split. Just depends. As we all know, maybe 30 of the perks are extremely marginal and never worth the choice unless you are roleplaying with high detail to your character. I was hoping to change it to the model of every single perk is worth it, and therefore careful consideration must be taken to choose. And I didn't choose these new values to make the invincible character of my dreams; I would still probably never use about 10 of them simply because they would never fit my values and playstyle (Swift Learner for example). And some, a lot of players would probably never use - my change to Fast Healing to make Doctor and First Aid use less time is useful to my playstyle in which I make heavy use of both skills constantly, and I would greatly benefit to cut down on the passing time... though most would fail to see the point, I believe. In any case, the goal is that they are powerful in the right hands that desire them.

The one I can't think of a new use for is Mental Block, I simply draw a blank when it comes to making anything relevant to it's original use."

Perk list
(I have a little objection: Crafty has released an unofficial version 1.19 of Sfall, it allows setting the maximum level in-game from 21 to 99. Unfortunately I have not tested it, but it might keep the perks available! --Breakin'Benny (talk) 14:10, June 15, 2015 (UTC)

NEW - Since moving to Fo2 engine where follower NPCs do have a carry weight limit on the contrary to Fo1 there is a potential problem of having to travel back and forth from raider base to nearby city (eg. junktown) because after killing all theese raiders there is so much loot from them that even with 10 str and IAN in party one is not goint to be able to carry it all at one go. to counter this eigther make theese two slaves You rescued a temprary party (eg. two battered scarred girls left aroud a pile of bodies in a middle of nowwhere could be escorted to nearby city [shady sands or junktown] and they'll help You carry Your stuff. Or alternatively there can be additional npc at the raiders map in already closed prison cell #2 next to the one where tandi is held hostage. this NPC could join Your party after the fight and be a permanent party member. As of how he could be like he could have 10 STR so carry weight limit would be 275 additionaly as he levels up new proto files could have carry weght limit further pushed upward (it could simulate picking of carry weight perks or pack rat perk by that npc) so he could max out at 475lbs wich is a legit in game limit of 10str (275lbs)+3x strongback perk (3x50lbs)+pack rat perk (50lbs)=475lbs he could specialize eigther in unarmed/melle or energy weapons (yes there would be finally a use for that second turboplasma rifle found in game [as if nobody knows one of the super mutants in master's vault has it - level 4 where the nuke is] as of how could he look like I thought that he could use a black male model in game his name could be for example Jo (as this falls in nice in the southwestern folklore) not to mention black male model is fully supported in terms of graphic (be it armor and/or weapons) by Fo2 Restoration project (sgt. Cat Joules uses this model) so all the frm's are here just need to put them together. As of how Jo could behave well Jo could be a mercenary for hire so to hire him we'd need to pay him in caps this may sound wierd but a script for such a person already exists. it's probably never been used but belive me it exists it's a part of cpt.Corpse cheating tool for Fo1 there are additional scripts to use with this mod and i fiddled with the cheating tool way back when there was no FIXT yet there was an option to pick a script from a number and attach a proto to it so i i tested those scripts one by one and on a Super Mutant Lieutenant proto and i actually got myself a lieutenant mercenary for hire canYou belive it!!! so I'm quite sure this can be retrofitted into a black male model to have that extra carrying power we'd be missing in Fo2 engine.. gustarballs1983 @NMA (I see a problem with this, the fact being that you can get leather/metal armor way earlier than intended before traveling to the Boneyard. It could be solved by giving the raiders leather jacket dude appearances, firstly to fix the problem with massive profit using the dead guys' armor. ---Breakin'Benny (talk) 08:05, April 7, 2015 (UTC))(wait.. Boneyard?!when i reach Boneyard i already have Combat Armor from hub merchant... or by saying Boneyard You actually ment Junktown?! besides raiders have tons of stuff that should be carried in one go to the Junktown so eighther adding a mule NPC to the game or reduce amount of stuff raiders have -the latter option is dumb since after engine conversion Sduibek can fix bartering so that shopkeepers actually charge You more instead of less for any goods they sell when compared to the value of what You have to sell- besides raiders sepose to be well armed a.k.a."a tough bunch" so i see no reason to reduce the amout of stuff they have.. not to mention purists would freak out..)

NEW - Jennifer (Brotherhood of Steel Paladin) was planned to be a romantic interest for male player characters, and although her dialog is preserved in the game files, the romantic subplot was never finished and is not accessible in-game.

NEW - If we move to the Fallout 2 engine, will it be possible to add those new character models that are made for Fallout 2? I mean, for example, the long hair dude, and those that are in the RP for Fallout 2.

NEW - Do you plan on adding Scrapheap or Burrows to the game?

I doubt the Burrows would be implementable, as there is no map or anything about it around except in the Fallout Bible. Scrapheap can still be done though, its map file JUNKDEMO.MAP still exists! --Breakin'Benny (talk) 14:23, July 12, 2014 (UTC)

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Garl says you can win Tandi's freedom by knocking him out. Landing an AP reducing blow to a leg has the same effect and is easier to achieve. If you disable Garl there's no advantage in letting him live. You lose 50 XP for the rescue quest but gain 275 XP for the kill. I suggest either:

  1. Changing the 'knock me out' line to 'disable me'
  2. Change the fight to a death match
  3. Change the fight to a Fallout 2 Reno style boxing match
  4. Have Garl continue the fight even with an injury, (which probably requires 1 more AP)
  5. Have the Raiders immediately turn hostile if you killed a defenseless Garl.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. There's no option to capture Gizmo alive. Killian and the Vault Dweller make an effort to do things by the book rather than just kill Gizmo. Ideally Gizmo would have more, (and better armed), guards but he'd surrender if they're all killed and he's outnumbered 3, (or more), to 1. (Potentially this could lead to a break Gizmo out of jail quest from the Skulz...and a new way to implicate them for Lars).

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. There’s no option to lock doors. I understand this could change if and when the engine is converted.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. There’s no option to help the bruised and battered women in the Raiders camp without killing the Raiders.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Some female raiders in the Raiders camp have only 15 HP, (less than the bruised and battered women). That’s too low.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. The Raiders don't pose a great enough threat and there's nearly 40,000 caps in booty to be had. I suggest either of the following:

  1. Upgrading the spear to range 22 and replacing throwing knives with spears
  2. Replacing spears with throwing knives which are revalued at 30 caps
  3. Sticking with basic pistols, knives, crowbars and clubs.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. There are no dogs in the Raiders camp. It would be nice to have some dogs on the same team as/helping the raiders.

Alpha 6.7.3 Win XP. Rescuing Tandi is too easy. Picking the cell lock and running avoids any confrontation with Garl. If allowed the lock pick check should be higher. The 'I represent a threat you don't even understand' check is too low. I recommend a re-write that makes prevents the lock pick option without the threat of damaging/losing the lock picks. A description stating: 'The lock is beyond you. A cell key is required' would be better. I'd replace the lock picks in the fridge with a cell key in the desk, which also makes the rest of the game harder. This allows a steal option requiring a very high steal skill. (Placing a key on Garl or another raider creates the possibility of that character leaving the screen and not returning and thus preventing a quest completion). You shouldn't get any quest points until you return to Shady Sands. XP for a non-violent conclusion should be higher.

NEW - Would you please incorporate part of the Fallout Update Mod? It includes the possibility to actually search for the Children spy amongst the Followers with Neil, Peter, Jake and even Heather (but between two bookcases instead of near the "Stuff" on the right), then we have that quest involving Romero & Julianna, becoming a Blade and gaining Fire's including other Blades' respect...too bad they are quite hostile, like the Tandi-alike lady in the top-right who can turn hostile with just a few wrong dialogue choices. Wouldn't it also be nice if you could restore anything Nicole'd say regarding the Rippers? Morpheus was of course a Ripper before he left in search for power.

Yes really, that was the old name before it became today's Fallout 1 Restoration Project, so why did some of its content not get carried over, like the cut Followers or the possibility to do the Romero & Julianna quest? --Breakin'Benny (talk) 18:16, May 24, 2014 (UTC)

PS: You can find me on Skype as lampison, mail me at or (mail adresses).

CONSIDERING - it just seems more realistic that an explosive trap would only go off once, an electrical trap would be different, and I could even see the spear traps in Fallout 2 resetting a few times. Though I suppose if you came back after a day or so the traps in the Thieve's Circle could be replaced. Same thing in the Glow if you leave an active robot behind the first time.

PLANNED - is there will be a possibility to fight the invasion off? But I guess that might be too difficult to implement into the game. Considering that there is a mention: invasion of V13 -> end of game.

CONSIDERING - Have option available to change in-game font colors.

PLANNED - Traps: make more dangerous, add more, etc. Make the Traps skill a more useful and utilized skill to invest in.

NEW - When will someone have the courage to decompile the .exe files of Fallout 1 and 2? Several, if not A LOT of problems, could have been solved if this was done a long time ago. Honestly, I don't understand the fear that the developers feel about Bethesda, I doubt the company will do anything about this as long as everything keeps being free and even if Bethesda had a problem with it the company surely would send a cease/desist message about it. Also, regarding the difficulty of the decompilation, i believe HEX-RAYS IDA DECOMPILER generates C data instead of the feared ASM data what obviously makes the task easier. I REALLY hope the developers have some courage to make this go forward. Stop feeling fear.

[Oh wow, a decompiler that generates C code? That's actually really cool, I'll check that out. Thanks! --Sduibek]

ALMOST FINISHED - BROTHERHOOD ARMORY ACCESS - enable player to trade with Brotherhood's bunker stash on first level, without player being attacked after. (like make a new NPC or edit a script of an existing one so that he/she opens a selectable trade window of every box within the stash (the place north west to the entrance of the bunker/facility). there's a ton-a-stuff there ammo stims and additional 2 sets of power armor which is crucial to equip party npc's when having TeamX's npc mod (one from saving initiate from the Hub, one fixed from the knights on lvl 3 and there are two in the stash) so total of 4 power armors 1 for the player and three for party npc's npc mod looks kind of unfinished when one has to do the old save-mod trick/cheat to have them equipped for decent survival-ability.

-Yes it could be good to be able to open the doors in the brotherhood bunker, even if someone behind is hostile, OR be able to use the lockpick skill in combat to open the doors :p

NEW - BARTER BALANCE - write some scripts to all the traders that control their barter skill level so it's always equal percent level higher than players like player barter level% +10% or 15% or whatever amount is appropriate. Because, in Fo1 when player barter lvl > npc trader barter lvl than player gets to rip-off all NPC traders' stuff and it's like barter 60% that is required to do it.

   HINT I second this the main difference in Fo1 and Fo2 bartering is based on scripts of bartering npc's ( for example there is a proof for that as in Fo2 in gecko junkyard there is a trading ghoul that is lame in barter skill and does not have enhanced bartering script and you could literally rip him off of his stock just by having higher barter skill (same with all Fo1 merchants) although if player has lower barter than merchant the prices can be outrageus so it's a double edged knife. The best way is to implement bartering modifiers in merchant's scripts (take any Fo2 merchant scripts as an example of how to modify Fo1 merchant scripts) in Fo2 if you max out barter merchant still offers the goods at a higher rate than you sell them to him, the rate is only lower than before the barter skill increase. gustarballs1983 from nma.

IN PROGRESS - NPC RESTORATIONS - A lot of characters (cut from the vanilla game and who would be added by your mod, I presume) with dialogues in the dialogue file are missing in the game (like Amber). Is it normal ? (alpha 5.3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Steam version in French but Fixt put it in English).

Not a bug or anything like that, it's just because I haven' gotten to restoring many characters yet. There's so many neat things to add, and fix, and bugs to squash, that restorations are pretty much on the back-burner at the moment. First restoration to be worked on will be making the invasions better, next will be quests and characters. Sduibek (talk) 07:15, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

CONSIDERING, WAITING FOR ENGINE UPGRADE- "200 steal does not guarantee success though, even with 10LK - which is lame"

Yeah steal definitely needs to be reworked. This can be done fairly easily in Fallout 2's engine.Sduibek (talk) 08:57, October 10, 2013 (UTC)

NEW - Getting access to Brotherhood Armory peacefully (without Sneaking or explosives). Maybe you could use your roomie (Jerry) as a patsy. Trick him into opening the door, then as he's being arrested use the distraction to sneak into the room. You might be able to trick Vree into signing a requisition form if you distract her with something neato and scientific.

I've always thought it would be cool to have a "quest" at the Brotherhood that allows a player to become either a Scribe or a Paladin. Similar to the above-mentioned requirements, this would require them to have completed all possible Brotherhood quests, and have a decent Reputation/Karma (getting Power Armor from Talus requires 16, so let's say this one would require something like 20 or 25).
It wouldn't necessarily give you access to tons of better equipment, but that would allow you access to the armory (per the statements of the armory guards) and maybe could boost the pertinent skills or something. The problem with that is, talking to Vree/Maxon about that wouldn't be very cool because of course they don't have dialog for it. Which means the only way to have it be "seamless" is if you have to ask the Elders. Because since they aren't talking heads you could add the dialog without it being obviously player-implemented. Hmm.

NEW - Did you change the way gambling works? It is a lot cooler than it used to be, but the fading out animation seems a bit too slow. I guess I could speed it up in the ddraw.ini, but then it would accelerate all the other instances of fading out, which is less than ideal.

NEW - About the invasion timers. In the vanilla 1.0 the time limits were supposed to change based on your decisions. Hiring the water merchants made mutants find your vault faster (by 100 days), and every time you used the services of the Followers, the invasions would speed up by 1 day. Is this feature still in the game, and, if not, are there plans to restore it?

NEW - Last time I played with the invasion mod, I notice that it had a catastrophic impact on game balance because the items on the characters remain intact. I had collected 70 Stimpacks from the Boneyard maps (yes, I counted them), as well as the highest-tier weaponry, for free, no later than 90 days in the game. Most of the stuff came from the Regulators. I suppose you didn't change anything in how the invasions were handled, did you? The issue can be solved by removing the items from the bodies.


"Maybe on killing the shopkeeper his inventory should be accessible on the table he used to stand next to. This might regard all traders anyway." -- ziemeck [I agree, for realism/cointinuity this makes sense for many shopkeepers/shops in-game. --Sduibek]

PLANNED, WAITING FOR ENGINE UPGRADE - "Is it possible to restore the good endings for the Hub and Followers Of The Apocalypse?"

PLANNED - Make armor drop less, or not at all, or always based on their appearance, upon critter death. Can be implemented via sfall. Check existing mods as this should already exist.

PLANNED - "Would it be possible to make the installer output a log that would contain the options that someone chose during installation? It'd probably be convenient for reporting in case a mod you add later on makes an important NPC explode for some reason."

PLANNED - "It also seems a lot of the objects and characters simply say, "You don't see anything unusual" or however the line went, I always thought more things had decently descriptive lines."

[This is a valid point. I've added some already but adding more in the future sounds good to me. --Sduibek]

CONSIDERING - "I always felt depressed about taking Zimmerman's quest and in the end watched him being shot by his guard. There should be a way to save him, like a dialog note during the final conversation with him that the Regulator behind him prepares his weapon and then give the turn to the player, so that it is possible to take this guard out and help Zimmerman survive, of course a Zimmerman-Razor conversation after all the fighting is done would be nice, and all the apologizing and forgiving. [and that fuzzy feeling up Dweller's toes]" [gustarballs1983]

PLANNED, MULTIPLE REPORTS - scripts checking if player is messing with their stuff, and to get mad at / attack player accordingly "There are some characters, such as the doctor in Shady Sands, who get upset if they see you going through their shit. I always wished that script was enabled in more characters, because it really adds to the realism if you can't simply steal what few items these poor people have without them bating an eyelash." [Dravean] -- "I second that - people should give one warning and then attack the PC if attempts to steal their stuff...this should cover all the merchants, etc." [.Pixote.] -- "Yup. I agree. It's silly in both games that you can walk into people's rooms/houses and rifle through their stuff. " [Josan12]

PLANNED - Unify text float colors. Red is usually used for anger, but isn't always, etc. Basically change the colors of the ones that aren't following the "rules" that most of the others are.

[example "Back while I was reporting bugs in F1 to Wasteland Ghost, she was about to fix the color of Shady Sands' defenders, changing them from red to yellow." ]

PLANNED -- "Have you ever considered adding some more wandering peasants/citizens? As is, there's hardly any people in the streets. The town just seems so empty to me; Shady Sands is comparatively bustling with all sorts of rabble, dogs, and kids roaming around. It would be nice to see a couple drunkards loitering outside the Skum Pitt at night, or some losers who lost all their money hanging around outside the casino. Just some life." [This applies to not just Junktown]

PLANNED - Information on the exact effect of the addictions. Consider adding to game or at the very least a readme/manual.

PLANNED -- more exit grids on certain maps "For example if you're at the Gun Runners it's quick getting there, but once you want to get back to the map you have to run a lot. It would be nice with more exit grids IMO."

UNSURE -- "Addict status from RadAway and Rad-X also doesn't feel right to me, to me they would be taken akin to the way we take asprin." [RadAway addict is from vanilla game, Rad-X is not.]

CONSIDERING -- "Would you kindly include Gauss weaponry in this super-mod of yours? Just a pistol and a rifle, with something like 100 or 200 limited ammo, at The Glow, will suffice."

^ Counterpoint: [abridged, this is a bad idea because] "Getting it at the Glow would make it available even before you get the laser pistol and stuff from the BoS. "
Support-point: In the considered suggestions, Big Guns and Laser Weapons (the weaker ones, anyway. [Laser Pistol for energy weapons. Maybe port the M60 from Fallout 2 with reduced damage for Big Guns?) would be available earlier on in the game for players who chose to tag those skills.

PLANNED - Make Big Guns more useful (esp early and mid-game) "Use Flame Pistol graphic from Fallout 2 in some kind of flame-pistol-ish weapon, as early BG weapon?" [Another option is that Fallout 2 has a "pistol burst" graphic. So there is a pistol flamethrower and pistol burst animation. Those should be sufficient for some "low-level Big Guns" weapons Sduibek (talk) 02:07, August 17, 2012 (UTC)]

PLANNED - Make starting skills generate better items (and get items from skills that currently give nothing at all)

PLANNED - Make Energy Weapons more useful (esp early and mid-game) (by making laser pistol etc more available and available earlier on, at shops, BoS, etc?)

CONSIDERING - Adding some extra spice to the scenery in some areas (rocks, trees, cacti, etc. a good example of this would be adding some of this "clutter" in the area outside of Shady Sand's walls)

PLANNED (EVENTUALLY) - Doing code edits in the executable (requires C++ and Assembly) for fixing various engine bugs. Some of these apply even if we begin using the Fallout 2 engine for Fixt. Tools such as OllyDebug will help.

PLANNED - Splash screens, new ones. some made by Sduibek and some by others. I have about a dozen on my drive, it's just a matter of implementing them into the installer in a way that the user can see thumbs of each and select individually which ones they want.

NOT POSSIBLE? - "Sduibek, is it possible to fix the script for the PC so they can throw a flare (or grenade) into an area without having to throw it at a target" [not possible without major code edits due to engine limitations, as far as I know]

PLANNED - "Sduibek, would it be possible to add dead Super Mutants after an invasion? I doubt the Brotherhood of Steel would've been breached without killing at least one of the Mutants." Yeah that's a really good point. Changed to Planned. Thanks! Sduibek (talk) 18:16, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

CONSIDERING - Time of day affects encounters: Ex. Raiders during the day and Deathclaws at night.

CONSIDERING - Regarding your proposed "Survival" mod: Weight affects traveling speed, the player character has to sleep (rest), including eat.

PLANNED - Make Tandi into a full NPC.

con point according to the lore Tandi was not traveling with the player on his journeys she was just kidnapped by raiders an rescued by the player and then returned to shady sands, so it stands in direct contradiction to the fallout 2 lore.[gustarballs1983]

UNSURE - "Do you know if it's possible to shorten the Vault Dweller's weapon animations when he interacts with objects/doors/etc? It's irked me from day one that whenever you do something as simple as opening a box you have to watch him twirl a pistol around, holster it, fiddle with the box, straighten up, draw the pistol again, THEN the screen pops up. In 1&2 I'm in the habit of never having both item slots occupied specifically for this reason. I know having objects magically fly open at your command or seeing your guy lockpicking with his hands full isn't exactly much better, but it really adds up after a while."

PLANNED, WAITING ON ENGINE UPGRADE - restoring missing endings in the ending slideshow. I can't do this now because it requires obnoxious code-edits, but once we go to the Fallout 2 engine this'll be easy.

OLD - You can edit weapon perks to give them abilites such as +20% accuracy, +40% accuracy or ignoring an armor's DT. This could prove a suitable replacement for the non-functioning AP/FMJ ammo choices for various weapons.

[Reminder to self: Files for this from user are in my email archive. --Sduibek]

Ignores armor DT:
14mm Pistol
5mm Assault Rifle
5mm Minigun
10mm Pistol
10mm SMG


20% Accuracy Bonus:
Desert Eagle
.223 Pistol
Laser Pistol
Plasma Pistol


Perception Minimum Range Bonus:
Sniper Rifle
Hunting Rifle
Laser Rifle
Plasma Rifle

Just for the sake of balance T'm not so sure wether to give minigun and other burst weapons ignore DT, as crafty's sfall changes the way "Bonus Ranged Damage" perk works in damage calculations previously it was adding +2 to the final damagge output now it increases the damage fork on all ranged weapons +2/+2 on lo/hi damage with minigun it already is an overkill doing 800-1200 criticals on deathclaws with minigun on avarage and that is from half screen away and with ap ammo loaded it's just ridiculous essentially the fastest way to kill deathclaw=1hit'em with minigun and i've loaded it once with just 8 bullets to see how it will fare and it did over 400 hitpoint crit also one shotting a deathclaw so i'm assuming assault rifle would do the same with 8 bullet burst it just would do more damage :p haven't tried 10mm smg but with bonus ranged damage they'd probably do the same[gustarballs1983]

@Gustarballs1983This is a very old post, long before I knew about Crafty's SFall1 engine changes. Also, which version of Crafty's do you mean?[dudejo001]

@dudejo001 sorry couldn't find date stamp on it However at the time of writing 10 Feb 2019 there's sfall1 v1.8 updated couple of times with the same build number it fixes tons of engine bugs so like more than 50% of this bug wiki related to engine can now be safely deleted. You should try v1.8 yourself.

OLD - To make the nightstick melee weapon actually see some action (seriously, who fights with that?), I suggest that either the player's starting knife be replaced by a club or that the knife collection in Vault 13's weapon storage room be replaced by clubs. Basically, the idea is to make clubs available earlier somehow.

NEW - When you start Fallout, and then press Load Game, the default-selected save slot is always slot 1. How about you make it so, that the default selected save slot would be the last changed savegame, that is, which date is closest to current date? That way, it would be easier to determine which was the current savegame. I always keep forgetting that.

NEW - If you take Ian into the Maltese Falcon, he mentions live music. Maybe the bar should have a band.

NEW - In Junktown, when you complete the optional objective of eliminating Gretch, Doc Morbid, Flash and Cougar further halt Iguana Bob's operations, you do not gain any karma points for any of the kills. Instead you lose karma points for killing Flash and Cougar (Note you seemingly do not lose or gain any for killing Doc Morbid or Gretch). This to me seems silly, as they are evil characters to me since they do help chop up people and sell them. This has annoyed me each time I played the game. To see a +1 karma point for the player killing Gretch, Doc Morbid, Flash and Cougar - either the player or his party members that is - would be what I suggest here. (I also notice the Junktown guards do not care if you kill them. Maybe it was just something left out?)

Another idea would be to report it to maybe Larz at the guard station (of course not Killian, since he is a floating head and all) so that they all can be thrown into the towns small prison. Maybe when you walk by and have also busted the Skulz, they can start ruffing these two up with some serious taunting, maybe cornering them (being Gretch & Doc Morbid). And if Flash & Cougar are alive, maybe the player can go down and help arrest them, giving they might put up a fight. However, I would suggest being able to talk them out of fighting to. So that way maybe Gretch & Doc Morbid do not get ruffed up as mentioned. ... Maybe a few taunts thrown back and forth instead between the Skulz and Cougar maybe, as well as a bit from Flash. And a XP gain of either 100 or something up to 400 would be nice for completing this as well. Peaceful still earning more as usual I would assume. Also, if the player does not help in the arrest, Flash & Cougar vanish AKA are dead. And when the arrest is taking place, maybe a mention of them most likely going to be hung if combat starts? Thanks for reading my big idea. My apologies. ~Nuka-Social

NEW - For some reason Vault 13 is completely empty of NPCS at the start of my game. I tried going to Shady Sands and back and still vault 13 is devoid of human life. I tried making a new character, same thing. Next I will try re-installing I guess.

To make an optional feature for random spawn at the start of the game. so you will spawn not in the vault 13 cavern or arroyo, but in one of the game's locations, or just in the random spot on the world map. there's no need for any rationale why the chosen one or vault dweller ends up there, just "you awake in an unknown place, your head hurts and you don't know how you get here." will be fine. this idea is implemented in a new vegas mod "Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas" in that mod there's even stuff like - you almost Are the person you choose to spawn as, for example if you choose to spawn as an enclave trooper you will have better reputation with the enclave etc. it's not that plotbreaking for new vegas, cause the courier is just a guy and don't have a strong alliance or important mission or something, so I think "you awake in an unknown place, your head hurts and you don't know how you get here." will be sufficient for f1, f2.

The second problem that kills replayablity - I always know where the good stuff is. where I will get vertiberd blueprints (exact same locker everytime), where I can get tesla gun easily (leather guy in a tanker) etc. so why not make it more interesting, and make a list of these "easy fixes", easy to get items that you get first every playthrough, and randomize the location of them or even make something interesting, like (F2 examples) blueprints are with some guy on a random enclave patrol (he just took it by mistake) or - you need to buy advanced power armor from some guy in the base for 99.999? or for example - the power armor in navarro - in a random locker of the entire base? same with blueprints. same with every super-powerful item in the game. tesla gun with one of several specific characters in the tanker. for me - it will fix the replayability of the game tremendously. I know you're more about Fallout 1 modding, and I would love to see these features in fallout 1 and 2 equally. I just couldn't make of Fallout 1 examples for getting powerful stuff easily. Just so you couldn't be uber-powerful in the first 15 minutes of the game just by knowing where good stuff is.

It would be interesting, if it was possible for the addiction status to appear only AFTER the drugs' effects have worn off. This way the player wouldn't know beforhand if the character got addicted or not and that would eliminate save-scumming.