These are limitations of the Fallout 2 game engine that have been encountered by modders thus far.

Tile LimitsEdit

4096 tile FRMs

by dude_obj:

" appears that we can only have 4096 tile FRMs altogether. I started working on a 3rd set and bumped into the maximum limit. In the mapper, the FRMs show up right until the 4096th spot, where it says "reserved" and nothing works after there. That's a familiar number, and it means they didn't allow much FID (file ID) addressing expansion for tiles Sad Perhaps some of the old spots could be reused. FO2 has 3101 tiles. So only approx 1000 more can be added."

Dialog LimitsEdit

1769-1774 dialog (.msg) files

by MIB88:

" appears as though I've found a dialog limit while modding. I have been trying to add another mod to the Megamod, and couldn't figure out why all scripts related to it kept crashing the game. Everything seemed to work fine in the Mapper, but not the game. The scripts seem to work fine in the game, until it tries to retrieve dialog from the dialog folder. I'm getting around this by just combining dialog files. This error seems to occur at dialog/script 1774 (though it might be a few before this, occurring at 1769)."

The game has a limit of 1450 differently named script files, which has been adressed and changed in the Sfall version 2.15.

Animated Objects LimitationEdit

19 animated objects per map

by Jesterka:

"The only thing I currently recollect is 19 (it might have been much less than 19) animated objects - restriction (powered by the script, like air vent or smoke, not water bank tiles and stuff working on the same principle) for one map file, or maybe just one map floor. The rest of animations were just not running, so at least no crashes were present. This happened when working with the fires."

This issue was adressed and changed in the Sfall version 2.10a.

World Map LimitsEdit

100 world map tiles

The names of the tile frms have the format 'wrldmpXX.frm', so there can be at most 100. The maximum linear dimensions of the world map are unknown.

100 cities

In city.txt, cities are labeled in the form '[Area XX]', which indicates a limit of 100.

1000 maps

Entries in maps.txt are labeled in the form '[Map XXX]', which indicates a limit of 1000.

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